The Triumph of the Destroying Genius

  • Posted on: 15 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><em>A translation of a text by an Italian nihilist-egoist anarchist about the Operation "Ardire" raids and arrests</em>

Ah! The odor and the stench blend.
Climbing the peak requires sharp nails and hands ready for the most painful wounds.
While you climb the peak of a decadent humanity, they fall, the rocks that crumble under your fingers fall.
To act boldly! To dare! Here they are, raging, the popular fears blended with Ressentiment toward our individual sovereignty...
I have encountered Filippi’s dreams and nightmares...
An indomitable devil rises above the multitude, born by chance.</td><td><img title="most, moster, mostest sovereign" src=""></td></tr>...

A devil who doesn’t accept being brought to judgment by your nearly-finished authority...
From your orthodox churches you have issued arrest warrants against us, vagabonds of thought and action, we devils of terror, the ones who spit and vomit on your sacred statues...
we devils of terror, nameless, illegalist nihilists and revolutionaries...
All that is born rightly falls! So Goethe thundered from his peak!
Your union of the weak that you call state and society is not immune to this law of things...
The triumph of the Destroying Genius is what awaits you...
The excommunications and stakes set up by Sister Manuela Comodi’s servants will not be enough...
“A state answer” has been given... a sacrilegious laugh echoes through the cells, for everyone arrested there will be a new revolutionary nihilist ready to attack.
The fire doesn’t burn us, we come from a place much hotter and have trained ourselves for hell.

Greetings to the kindred, the comrades of the nameless Black International and to those arrested and investigated in Operation “Ardire.”

Total conspiracy of silence and no delegation.
For anarchy and the triumph of the I.

The triumph of the Destroying Genius – Maurizio De mone


reading this made me feel gross


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