Anarchist-antispeciesist demonstration was fiercely attacked by cops

From Contra Info

On Saturday, December 8th, by 12pm anarchists and antispeciesists held a gathering at Syntagma square against the fur industry and the animal exploitation machinery. At 13.30pm they began a protest march downtown.

A relatively small demonstrator bloc, with some 150 participants, chanted slogans walking on Mitropoleos street with momentum. They then took to Pandrosou street, in the tourist area of Plaka. The comrades carried out direct actions, spraying graffiti and stencils on the walls, and throwing paints on windows of fur trade shops which are located in the district.

href="" target="_blank">The demo was fiercely attacked as comrades tried to head back to Monastiraki, amid a consumerist and indifferent crowd. When they approached Aiolou street, the repressive forces blocked access to Ermou street beforehand, which is the main shopping zone downtown. Specifically, cops dispersed the antispeciesist bloc by excessive use of tear gases, stun grenades and physical violence.

The fascists in uniform chased people on the surrounding streets. Several protesters were assaulted savagely by cops. No detention was reported, however some comrades were beaten so heavily that they were evacuated to a hospital, while at least three protesters suffer head injuries.

The State/Capital shows no mercy, neither on people, nor on non-human animals, and once again its mercenaries protected the interests of exploiters.

They are skinning all of us, every living being, to warm the pockets of our killers. We are at war on all fronts.



antispeciesist is not a really buzzy name for a movement. can you think of something catchier like "the beavers" or something....i don't know, just putting it out there man.

whoa, whoa.... "putting it out there 'man'"?

y u default to male in your language, bro?

A woman is a man with a womb, a WOmbed-MAN, so really we are all men.

Really? Wow that's where it comes from? I guess I never put two and two together until now but of course it just makes perfect sense now. Looks like I learned something about language today!

Get the hell off my planet.

I can see how this might be disturbing to someone heavily invested in the male/female dichotomy but there really are more similarities than differences between men and women.

animal lovers

i agree ^

beavers sounds nice. that, or the weasels, cept spell it like this: "the weezillz"

Sometimes I wish I had an internal beaver which didn't have to be fed!

welp, maybe this will help the americans not to idolize the greeks so much

why? should i be outraged that some greeks view themselves at war the fur industry and all other fronts. got 99 problems but the fact some anarchists are into a struggle i'm not ain't fucking one. i'll take anarchists into anti-speciesist over anarchist snitch apologists and conflict mediators any day.

Also, if there were people at that demo who weren't down with broader anarchist struggles in Greece, then it's likely this might have changed their minds. Getting beat by cops tends to make you see cops as a problem at the very least. If any of those folks were single issue animal lib types, many of them likely aren't any more.

yes, because everyone came into anarchy the same way you did (getting beat up at a liberal demo)

heh! Not everybody. But the pigs laying the bootfuck to liberal demos DOES swell the ranks.

Some people only wake up when they get the shit beat out of them. I call it a christening.

in europe animal liberationists and especially anti-speciesist are already anarchists, it's the animal welfare people who need to be transformed into big happy anarchists.

is it bad to say i'm glad the cops beat the vegans?

yes. asshole.

Yes it is, and YOU might be next in line. Cops are COPS, don't forget that they love to divide us against each other.

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