On a late thursday night, a group of friends used a quogi board to try and communicate with a recently lost friend. What started as a night of sorrow and loss, became a whirlwind of drunken decadence. We were possessed by a force and found ourselves having filthy anonymous sex at the failing gay bar and wrecking everything in sight. When we awoke ravin left us a note saying they slashed the tires of a few cars parked outside the cop bar, and vomited on the courthouse building.

witches never die,
the possessed




i get it and it's pretty cool, but why be all obscure and chicago-y about it? fuck things up for dead homies! be proud!

"why be all obscure and chicago-y about it" is my favorite line posted in the comments section of @news so far.

when will I leave this terrible city? (oh right, when I have money.)

is this actually what chicago is like?

good, at least somewhere there's creativity and a sense of humor.
-not a chicagoite

uhhh... im from Chicago and ive never seen anything like this. WHY HAVENT I SEEN ANYHTING LIKE THIS I LOVE OCCULT SHIT. Where is this happening?

Not me. Big fan of the Macabre. I once went to Baltimore just to skull fuck Eddie Poes...skull.

Witches never die. We love you Ravin and you'll be missed like hell.

Ravin is everywhere.

this sucks. boring trend is boring.


How did they die? Was it suicide?

no rules for rompin'. <3

omgbro so cool what revolutionary poets u r

Oh I see. So my article is not @newsworthy but this crap is. Fuck you, I'm going to libcom. See, I would respect this more had it actually happened.

Off to the politburo are you? Really? You'll be back!

whatever, i don't care unless you threw newspaper boxes into the STREETS!!!!!!!!11

the night was young and so were we! and we had such haircuts! oh...such haircuts...

I miss them more than my own hair color!

a ouija board? seriously? were you all 14? sorry, I don't see "anarchism" in this. I don't even see any esoteric occultism at work either. move along please, you're blocking my view.

Oh, are you just watching the revolution through your computer screen, comrade?

Jesus was a homo

witches die. just like the rest of us.

a hater

Yes, despite all the botox , silicon implants and face lifts, yes, there is no capitalist spell to turn back the tide of time, corporate witches die amidst marble and gold- plated ornaments, whilst angels die in garbage strewn ghettos, yes they do.

marry the night bitches!!!

Boots here.

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