Barcelona: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’

From Barcelona Indymedia

The 5 anarchists arrested Wed 15th have been imprisoned without bail. They appeared in Madrid court on ‘promoting terrorism’ and other charges, that is, just saying things in favour of ETA separatists on their Facebook identities pages.

According to the police on Facebook they are: ”Kete Follen, Pakete Bomba, Cadenas Libertarias, Eskupe Metralla and Indio Apache Barcelona”.

Of these we only found 'Eskupe Metralla' still up on Facebook, this page seems like 1000′s of other radical young anarchists, supporting animal rights, prisoners, punk bands, occupy, anti-fascist action etc… Perhaps thism is another police ‘mistake’. We saw no threats to politicians or royals in his/her 1370 great photos, some do advocate violence, but were put on her/his wall by others, so the crime would be ‘not deleting a criminal photo from your Facebook timeline’… Eskupe has not posted since Wednesday when the arrests took place.

The second great crime they are accused of is a photocollage on Facebook of the King of Spain shot in the head, later modified to show various right and left Catalan politicians. This in the context of a ‘huge amount of anarchist propaganda’. The police document sending them to prison without bail listed their crimes as threatening the Royals, Politicians, and also the Security Forces and Financial Institutions (banks). We couldn’t find these images on Facebook.

More seriously the document says ”these threats have had a concrete outcome” in damage to National police vehicles in an ”antisystem” demo in Barcelona during the General Strike of 14th Nov 2012, as well as ”attacks against capitalist interests in the Barcelona area”. This seems like another vague accusation of causing others to make attacks.

None of them were arrested in the Sabadell Anarchist Center Raid or had anything to do with the place according to the various groups, including the 15M movement and CNT anarcho-syndicalist union who use the place, though all showed solidarity with the arrested. All agreed the police just used the excuse to raid and pillage.

Also the group Bandera Negra of the Madrid Young Anarchist Movement have zero connection with the arrested. (Though they too showed solidarity with the accused) The police said ‘Bandera Negra’ instead of ‘Kolectivo Bandera Negra’ who are those accused of the ”crimes”.

Finally the greatest crime is what they found when they raided their flats. See police photos. They claim to have found a ”storeroom of explosives and munitions” but the photos show some commercially available fireworks and rockets (firework season is approaching in Catalonia), a can of petrol, some plastic tubes they claim are ‘rocket launchers’, lots of punky black clothing, an anarchist banner, an anti fascist patch, etc.

Also two of the accused, the couple JJ and YF, are accused of having a large amount of Ecstasy (MDMA), this may be a plant to stop people supporting them. The police are corrupt, recently even a director has had to resign, and their political masters even more so, there are hardly any politicians left in Catalonia who aren’t implicated in rampant corruption. Ecstasy is not addictive and comes in pills, not 5 litre bottles.

The police also stated the group had ‘been detected’ travelling to the Nth of Spain to help the Miners Strikers a few months ago. this another great crime!?

The judge did gave their names, which we dont publish here till its clear they wish them to be publicised. They’re 3 men and 2 women.

The ‘Facebook Terrorists’ are charged under laws invented to suppress the Basque separatist movement, which are incredibly harsh and unfair, you can spend many years in prison just for an ‘thought crime’.

Whether or not we agree with all their actions, they are locked up for resisting repression, in a State with 60% youith unemployment, rocketing university fees, daily mass evictions, no unemployment or rent subsidies, huge new taxes on everything and everyday heavier police repression

Freedom NOW for the Black Flag ”Facebook Terrorists”



~using facebook

Solidarity to the Facebook 5, and all others who actively resist oppression!

I mean that sucks and I support them against this fucked up state, but seriously why are anarchists still using facebook? It doesn't just snitch on you, it snitches on your friends and their friends, etc. It's pretty fucked to even be using that.

this sucks, of course it sucks, that these kids are being targeted in this way. but let us all take it as a lesson to get the fuck off of facebook! how frustrating it is that still many anarcho events are primarily publicized through fb, making those of us who have chosen not to use it isolated.... and facebook is such a bad bad BAD idea! or a completely great idea for those money monsters in power....

Despite the fact that you might be able to get your lame, retarded, half-assed agitprop in front of several thousand eyeballs for free, if you don't understand how to use it anonymously, covertly or effectively then don't use it. If you are smart and know how to get around those things and don't then you're a lamer and need to go terrorize DGR

Methinks that if there is a circle A on your backpack, forehead, sig, hiking boots etc that Johnny Law will find a way to visit you, lamebook or no lamebook.

Is to try to work out your true identity and all your interests and sell them to the highest bidder. If you
have an account, they might be able to work out who you are from information on other people's accounts.
The only safe thing to do with Facebook-maybe-is visit unlocked, publicly accessable pages using Torbrower
with Javascript blocked. Their policies change so fast it would be a full-time job to securely do anything more
and keep it secure. If your organiztion MUST use Facebook, you do in fact need a specialized Facebook
hacker because of this. That hacker is then in a "hacker war" with facebook, I don't trust my own skills
enough to go head to head with them like that.

my 'true identity'?

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