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I'll do a topic of the week. Cryptoanarchy ( of " crypto-anarchy") The struggle to stop libertarian thieves from stealing the good name of anarchists. I have 16 years experience in this area.

The only theft I know of by leftists is the SWP unofficially implementing prefigurative politics. The issue was raised at a discussion in London's Historical Materialism conference in November 2016.

“El Chapo”, Kingpins Informed of Public Official Dead Pool

Escalating Violence, Diminishing Tax Revenues Cause Forecasters to Predict “Free-fall”

by Jim Wood
Hemet, CA – Thursday, March 23, 2017

This is the first of a weekly newsletter sent to the media and the general public, and will continue on a weekly basis (Sunday nights), 10,000 recipients per week, and is sent from a foreign bulk e-mail friendly service. You are welcome to opt-out, but we are a very cutting edge controversial news-maker and news-breaker blog and podcast service whose status makes attention from our audience gravely critical.

“Escalating drug cartel violence in Mexico, coupled with a dramatic rise in murders and violence against U.S. law enforcement in the last two years, is now looked at only as a precursor to mayhem and something far worse in the near future, not only based on trends, but the emergence of anti-government movements sensing 'blood in the water',” says Jim Wood of AnarchyForever.com. Dead pools naming public officials, considered near death because of old age, bad health, or a dangerous occupation, are taking center stage, first on the radar in 2013 because of an unnamed Antifa woman who drew 90,000 followers to her social media and e-mail down-line, then quit because of pressure from the FBI.

The https://www.AnarchyForever.com public official dead pool at Wood's website performs the same task, try to draw publicity, and profit off collapse of government with Anarchy Forever's tax audit lottery, where you buy lottery tickets, go tax delinquent, which is not a crime, and in the rare event you are audited with penalties and/or interest, you win the lottery, playing into a psychology no one pays taxes, and no one gets audited, as the tax auditors will all be laid off, especially when the Federal Reserve is $20 trillion in debt. The Spanish language media has been informed in multitudes with mass reports all over the Western Hemisphere, and Wood believes when 'group think' sets in all will decide it is a very bad idea to pay taxes, for if your competition isn't paying taxes, they will take away your market share, put you out of business, and you're on the streets with no tax services. Wood also has lotteries for those convicted of victim-less crimes, collects donations for the Anarchist Party, sells products in a store, and sells advertising on a blog, discussion board, and podcast, while educating hundreds of thousands about International tax exemptions and domestic deductions where no one has to legally pay taxes. Half the profit goes to the dead pool winners. While Wood says he does not want anyone to die, “the intrepidation is already drawing an exponential rise in on-lookers.” Wood promotes privatization for better, friendlier, cheaper service, with a collapse in the misery index and a permanent good world economy.

“I sent 22 letters to the top 6 imprisoned drug kingpins, telling them about the dead pool, to raise awareness for an increase in physical as well as financial anarchy, that could get them out of prison as the site and dead pool goes viral, informing the masses about a tax revolt. These kingpins almost always run their cartels from behind bars, and traffickers who spread the word about the pool will warn all abut a 'powder keg' effect, where failure to inform the public of imminent overnight collapse of the state and chaos, those who are silent will be forever branded for doing an evil cover-up, and putting people, especially public officials, in harm's way.”

Wood says he is near the top of the FBI's most watched list and has been investigated many times in the last 4 years by California local law enforcement, but because he knows he is not doing anything illegal, and he is deathly ill and says he doesn't fear death, false arrest, or malicious prosecution, he will not back down like other Antifa members. Wood says, “I am so radical, even the New York Antifa anarcho-communist chapters, who have become increasingly violent in recent years, censure me online and will not have a dialog.”

Wood says he is also ramping up with his free press release subscriber-paid chain letter website http://www.PRGetPaid.com, and expects to be a major player in the high-volume Internet world, with what he calls “the death nail for black hat search engine optimization, so we can all go back to being white hats and use an honest, risk-free way of creating backlinks and encourage affiliate networks where other networks have always failed.”

Wood says he has been turned down by most advertisers and even other press release services, who had his releases based on trends analysis predicting an increase in terrorism and police homicide rejected, as PRWeb.com and PRNewsWire.com claims they were a 'violation of their terms of service', but Wood said he found no such language in their terms of service. Wood says “I expect to take away major market share from the major press release firms, a 10-figure industry, and as an advanced Web developer, PRGetPaid.com will be automated to seriously reduce the need for more than a few editors, with original content scores, and keyword relevance scores, designed to help a large plethora of advertisers finally have a competitive edge on Google's organic results, while giving news people and bloggers more of a reason to backlink, because of measured high original content, and guaranteed affiliate payment just for reading, re-transmitting and/or posting releases, as the team will benefit from purchases on other's websites.

Jim Wood
Sole proprietor
(Please do not publish below contact information)
175 N. Girard, #109
Hemet, CA 92544

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