The Ex-Worker #8: Prison Abolition

A mere week late, the eighth episode of the Ex-Worker is our longest yet, and wraps up our series on prisons and police, as we look at ways to dismantle the prison industrial complex and to address harm directly without the state. We interview members of Critical Resistance and Support New York to learn about how prison abolition and community accountability processes play out in practice. You’ll also hear also a review of a new collection of writings from political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoats, responses to listener feedback and anarchist perspectives on gun control, plus a letter from revolutionary Tom Manning about his transfer from solitary confinement. And of course we’ve got news from struggles worldwide, event announcements, Contradictionary entries, and plenty more.

You can download this and all of our previous episodes on our podcast page. You can also subscribe in iTunes here or just add the feed URL to your podcast player of choice. Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to A new episode is supposed to be released on the first and third Sunday of every month.

A note for our open-source enthusiast listeners out there: we’ve added an OGG download alongside the MP3 for this episode as well as for all previous ones, and will make it standard practice for future releases.



If we abolish prisons, where are we going to put you and your rich parents?

And a-news troll trash like you and Kevin Keating? Presuming you're not the same person.

Worker, I think we got cops... from the RCP!

Where are we going to put you and your rich parents? Answer the question!

You should tell my rich parents to come out of hiding and give my poor single mother some money.

As for where to put us: dancing on your grave, I guess.

No kidding. Same story for my mother, actually. I'm imagining this like the end of some Charles Dickens novel, in which the poor angry anarchist had an aristocratic family looking for him all along.

On a side note, fuck the original commenter for tastelessly, uncreatively perpetuating the 1990s allegation (though it must be much older) about anarchists with trust funds. I have yet to meet one outside the Bay (and that's just statistics).

fuck rich kids.

The vast majority of us are poor as dirt.
This jab would be funny if it wasn't absolutely insulting.

What does "fuck rich kids" teach us about how to deal with the fact that a huge percentage of revolutionaries and insurrectionists are among the middle and upper-middle class? It fucking doesn't teach us shit. It's a statement that grows out of leftist ressentiment and lazy thinking. Let's be critical about our access to resources and use them all instead of trying, endlessly, to pretend like society is divided primarily into two hostile classes. The poor people of the world depend on the rich ones to survive. It's a basic truth that revolutionary movements all over the world have realized for hundreds of years. It's the reason the workers brokered a peace treaty with the bourgeoisie and why the peasants continue to fight for autocracy to this day. We need to navigate these confusing dynamics in a strategic way. If you are unwilling to do that because of your silly romantic ideas about class then just be explicit about it. "Fuck rich kids" tells us little about capitalism in the same way that "fuck white people" tells us little about white supremacy or "fuck men" about patriarchy or "fuck straight people" about homophobia.

Maybe you can start a poor peoples separatist group and just exclude all of the "rich kids" if you think that's a good way for you to move forward. I somehow doubt you do, though.

^butt-hurt rich kid

Yep, by these standards Kropotkin and Bakunin would have been excluded from the anarchist milieu based on their aristocratic pedigree

The requirement though... should be spectacular and total squandering of personal wealth, as these two managed, by the end of their lives

"The requirement though... should be spectacular and total squandering of personal wealth, as these two managed, by the end of their lives"

If you're born with it run with it, just don't prop up the ideology.

Don't care.

Not saying rich kids can't be revolutionary. I'm sure some are even if they are entitled sacks of shit.

All I'm saying is: "fuck rich kids."

"There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else."

fuck them all.

Who cares if their parents have money? Like do you really want a revolt of only poor people? Are you so deluded by marxist mythology that you've come to accept the doctrine that the "revolutionary subject", in all its glory, will save us all from this society in a few god-like moves and then BOOM anarchy? Have you no concept of history to understand that revolutions are extremely complex?

The boozharchist denial of the class struggle reflects the bourgeois origins of the boozharchists, and of boozharchy.

the new anarchyfagg.

Any credible site would ban garbage like this. I'm trying to use the comment sections here to discuss important issues with other anarchists, and they're cluttered up with provocateur nonsense.

you just have to ignore him, I'm guilty of countertrolling him myself, however this guy is just a scored loser who was let down by a particular ideology, he will post and post but eventually he will go away like the anarchyfagger before him.

I think obvious anti-anarchist haters like him should be banned. Anarcho-curious types come here and are totally demoralized by the comments, which present a dystopian vision of what it is to be an anarchist and interact in anarchist spaces. That itself is a material factor affecting anarchist efforts and struggles today, especially in view of how few online spaces like this there are..

"I'm trying to use the comment sections here to discuss important issues with other anarchists"

You must be new cause you're on the wrong website for that.

naw. keep the silver spoon types around for punching bags.
That's all they seem to be good at anyway.

You forgot bayonet practice!

Can the LPFM user from last time comment on the quality of volume/compression this time around. Feedback helps.

yeah seriously lpfm guy you're like the one useful commenter on these boards

can we get some fuckin service around here!!!

I totally agree with this. Why passively accept the tons of crap?
It may amuse you, but come on.
You're no liberal; no responsibility to dutifully publish shit, eh?
Cynicism is the tag for just going along.

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