Iron Column #1! - Newspaper of Prairie Struggle Organization now available online.

Iron Column #! - Now available online.

In this issue, Prairie Struggle examines the Our walmart campaign, Doomsday politics, the Quebec student movement and online activism. With articles from members of Prairie Struggle, UCL (l'Union Communiste Libertaire) and Edmonton IWW.

To request print copies of this latest issue, email prairie_struggle[at]

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you guys do realize that the iron collumn were insurrectionary anarchists who came into conflict with the syndicalist leaders right?

Platformism was certainly not the order of the day!

You are a fucking moron. Seriously.

Oh, i guess the CNT-FAI painted on the side of there armored trucks was simply Photoshopped over the ''THE INVISIBLE COMMITTEE" logos that where originally there by Anarcho syndicalists and the world wide anarchist Leninist conspiracy.

Tool, you are one.

I've always been uncomfortable with the assumption of some syndicalist/red anarchist types that they are the rightful inheritors of the Spanish Revolution. In fact it seems like the most narrow and doctrinare folks are the most likely to make such claims.
The Iron Column seems the least likely segment of the Anarchist milieu in the revolution to be claimed by a group like PSO. One of their newspapers had the tagline "From Anarcho-Communism to Syndicalism and everything in between"!!!
Surely not everything in between! What a broad spectrum of anarchism.
Some commentors below have implied that Iron Collumn members considered themselves to be Anarcho-Communists, which is certainly true. The problem is that by the definition of various Platformist/anarcho-communist/syndicalist groups now they wouldn't be. The one PSO member I met was huge on Black Flame, a book which basically says no one is an anarchist except them.

Maybe you should stop calling your self a anarchist. Black flame is awesome you primi fuck!


in my pants

I made an iron the toilet.

"militant democracy"


i know TCI isn't 'cool' anymore, but comparing it to the rapture? seriously? i don't think anyone who actually read the book would have said what "andre" says about it here, unless they're an idiot.

TCI can blow me. I liked the article and think there is much to draw from it. Really, only school children can think that by dismissing unions, social movements, the working class and replace it by disillusioned privileged white settler university students with there boner size romantic dreams of insurrection politics a la Armed commando can bring about revolution.

This isint Hollywood. Get it?

Paper cuts!

Did you just uncritically defend the unions?

so, i see you didn't read it either (or are a moron)

At first I read this as saying that Prarie Struggle were trying to suggest TCI were kind of like a sort-of decent indie disco band who used to be big a few years ago.

sorry for posting this question as a comment but , does anybody knows how or where to send an article that we wish to be post it at this site (AnarchistNews) ? please.
we are trying to send an article about the last anarchist action in DC during the inauguration 2013.

I read some of it and pretty much liked it, but this is not what I am.

Current thinking: Communism didn't start with Marx, but started with the very first tribes. Communism has become a form of statecraft. Socialism started at the very start of the industrial revolution when workers banded together to look out for one another and to pull their buying power. This word was co-opted to mean another form of statecraft again.

I guess you can have a type of anarchist who was inspired by Marx but who want's to abolish the state directly, instead of waiting for it to wither away after the form of the state changes from capitalist to communist. But I'm personally not inspired by Marx, just saying.


"Add content" on the left sidebar

I think we should follow Malatesta on the ' Communism' Vs ' Socialism ' question. At least till the last few Communist countries drop off the vine. Then we could review this ( Shouldn't be long now!)


That article about the internets at the end was really bad. Just to clarify, I'm saying this as someone who's fairly sympathetic to PSO's politics and most of the content in that paper, but that article was really not helpful.

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