The 2013 Anarchist News Awards - How you can help!

As we stated a few months ago we are planning on throwing an awards show next month. The 2013 anarchist news awards will include a formal event (with black carpets, photographers, and media), presentations, and awards (statues and prints) given away to recipients.

These statues may not be mailable (pictures later) so be sure to attend if you are nominated!

The event will be located in the Bay Area (East Bay) on March 19th at a location yet to be determined.

Here is how you can help!

Take this survey -

If you see a category that should be included comment in this thread
If you know of an anarchist partisan (or project) that should be honored comment in this thread
Feedback? email



Dear Anarchist News Awards,

On behalf of the team at the MIT Robotics Lab, I'd like to thank you for nominating us for "Best commentator on Anarchist News." It is a great honor, and we appreciate receiving it. We are not trolls! No, we are not. We are scientists, attempting to do what needs to be done. As you all know, we only make comments here on Anarchist News because we, dear God, are the ones who are ultimately responsible for allowing our EMILE 9000 Unit (EMILE, as you surely know, stands for the Electronic Memory Interface Library Extractor) to run amok here, on the pages and in the comments sections of this august and otherwise impeccable website. Though we have to date been unsuccessful in our efforts to reign in this deranged computer, we are still confident in our ability to ultimately to do so.

Once again, on behalf of the whole team, I'd like to say that, should we win this coveted award, we will accept in the name of Hector, who gave his life last year in the noble and largely unsung efforts to bring the EMILE 9000 under control. He will be remembered, no matter what.

Sincerely yours,
Technician B23

CC: Dr Carl Pedersen, Prof. Gomes Fester, Intern 67 and Agent K9.

you're not a troll, just another nauseating annoyance under the reign of a culture of self richeous priveleged hipsterism.

"self richeous" = awesome!

anarchy is so, awesome

I may be, you know, a this/that/other thing (something snarky) but I'm definitely not a troll!
That's what that mean person said. "You are not a troll."
Cool beans! So totally relieved that I am not a troll!

I've been wanting to put something like this on for a long time. A+ @news!

This is cool but Durham seriously deserves to be a candidate for best smashy in 2013.

event added to smashy category

Yeah, this is pretty idiotic.

beyond idiotic. anarchist news becomes even more embarrassing.

how can a website that you read embarrass you? you didnt do anything. Id be more embarrassed about being negative brat if i were you...

better yet, come to the event and be a shitty baby in person, it will really make the event to have all the stupid comments there in person.

i didn't say i was personally embarrassed. i said anarchist awards are, and this website is becoming, embarrassing.

adjective: embarrassing
synonyms: shameful, mortifying, ignominious, awkward, uncomfortable, cringeworthy, compromising, disconcerting, etc.

just as you and your comment are embarrassing. get it?

This should be added to the thingy as best communique.

Can we nominate Noam Chomsky and reddit anarchism for most embarrassing?

Question--I always see anarchists ragging on Chomsky, but I don't really know anything about him. Why do we actually hate him so much? Is it something in particular?

Because he supports democracy as an infallible process which legitimizes state control, to put it bluntly! We like benevolent dictators in Nth Korea!!

If he wouldn't be posing as anarchist and if anarcho-leftist idiots wouldn't FORCING him as the ultimate anarchist eminence, if it'd be generally assumed that he's just a damn socialist bureaucrat, anarchs here and elsewhere wouldn't care about Chomsky.

if there were a "lifelong" category.

besides, the award should go to the anarcho-leftoids who support him (as noted below).

You really can't do anything on the web without javascript, don't you, Worker!? Like the Internet has always required those invasive scripts, and History is just a lie.

Hah true, the Zerzan proposition yet fallaciously flawed. The web can exist without javascript.

Is this a joke? It's not even April 1st yet.

With everything happening globally, as the social crisis unfurls everywhere, this is what is somehow relevant to anarchists in north america? The commenter above who said that this is embarrassing could not be more spot on. If this website is any indication as to the overall activity of anarchists in north america then it is obvious they too also suffer the post-everything, hipster irony, nothing is serious disease that the rest of the apathetic society suffers from. The constant bickering, back biting..... Worker, why do you even bother with this? What does it actually provide, that is useful, to the anarchist milieu?

This whole thing is stupid and embarrassing, yes, but I couldn't be fucked to comment on that, really. What I would like to say is that it really is disgraceful that this "news" item is apparently stickied to the top of the news feed, while news of comrades facing charges, prisoner solidarity, native struggle, etc, are allowed to sink to the bottom. If the moderators of this site want to celebrate the insular subculture they perpetuate, fine, whatever, see you at anarchist prom next year, but that this shit takes precedent over actually important news really drives home why this site is so trashy. A few weeks ago the mods attached an image of robots and donuts in a parade to an article about homeless people freezing to death, and when criticized they just replied that the submitters could have included their own image if they wanted. People always complain about the trolls but this site is a joke by design, trolls aside.

for real, do you remember worker stickying a post ever about raids of anarchist houses or spaces, the murder of a comrade, arrests, any sort of repression, calls for solidarity, etc? bc i don't. whether they intend it or not, this really communicates what the mods see as important.

not if i see you first.

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