2014 Kitchener-Waterloo Anarchist Bookfair Call-out

2014 Kitchener-Waterloo Anarchist Bookfair Call-Out

March 1, 2014


Location: TBA

Announcing the 2nd annual Kitchener-Waterloo Anarchist Bookfair! Taking place on March 1 2014 on Six Nations of the Grand River territory, we will once again welcome anarchists and non-anarchists alike for a day of workshops, presentations, info tables, book sellers and social events. With introductory discussions about anarchism in addition to deeper conversations around the ongoing relevance of anarchism and its implications for on-the-ground organizing and everyday struggles, the KW Anarchist Bookfair will be a space for radical ideas to thrive for curious folks, seasoned organizers and everyone in between.

Call for Workshops:

From the practical to the theoretical and everything in between, the Bookfair Collective is seeking workshop and presentation proposals. This year’s bookfair theme revolves around contemporary strategies and tactics that anarchists can use to engage and build social movements with a revolutionary aim in mind. We are particularly interested in proposals that focus on how anarchists organize, or how you think anarchist should organize in order to build a revolutionary movement that will cast away the chains of oppression. We are looking for workshops that aim to foster a growing anarchist movement, contribute to critical dialogue, and facilitate strategic discussion. This can include (but is in no way limited to) presentations and discussions on topics such as: intergenerational organizing, anarchism without adjectives, examples and lessons of prefiguration, white supremacy and anti-racist organizing, class-consciousness and intersectionality, queering anarchism, radical parenting and family inclusivity, ecology, gender violence and community accountability, prison resistance and abolition, anarchist decision making-models and political organization.

We want to hear from you! Please send workshop proposals, including title and description (1 page or less) with “Workshop” and your name and/or workshop title in the subject line to kwbookfair@gmail.com.

Proposals should be submitted by Wednesday, January 15th.


A central component of any anarchist bookfair, the event will host a room for infoshops, booksellers, activist groups and independent publishers to showcase, and distribute literature and goods.

There is no fee for tabling, however, we ask that 10% of sales is donated to the Bookfair Collective to help cover event costs.

If you’re interested in tabling, please send a description of your group and a list of the materials you will be distributing to kwbookfair@gmail.com. Please have in the subject line “Tabling” and your group name.

Tabling proposals should be submitted by Saturday February 8.


In order to make the bookfair a success we need volunteers! If you’re interested in getting involved, there are countless opportunities to help out with the event, both in the lead up to the bookfair and the day of. These include: participating in the organizing process, helping out with postering and general outreach, childcare, food preparation, and set-up and take-down. Email kwbookfair@gmail.com with “Volunteer” in the subject line for more details.


The Bookfair Collective is committed to making the event as accessible as possible. We realize that society is marked by structural barriers that exclude and marginalize people on a daily basis, and we strive to create an inclusive event that does not replicate such barriers. The bookfair will be held in a wheelchair accessible venue with gender-neutral washrooms, admission is free, lunch, childcare and family oriented programming will be offered, and ASL translation available upon request.

If you have additional accessibility requests, please let us know and email kwbookfair@gmail.com. We have limited resources, but will do our best to accommodate.




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...this seems like less of an issue in canada.

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