3 arrested in Denver direct action against The Casualties

*trigger warning* sexual assault discussed, rape discussed

An Open Letter to the Punk and Radical scenes,

On November 5, 2013 a woman named Beth wrote a blog post for putyourdamnpantson.com describing her experience of sexual assault by Jorge Herrera of the popular punk band The Casualties. Since then many other folks have come forward with their own accounts of his shitty behavior.

I've noticed a number of reactions to these revelations. Some people immediately believe her, and stand with her in solidarity. Some ask where's the proof. Some decry her words as a cry for attention. Some ask why she didn't report it to the police. Some blame her for her experience with Jorge.

It's been very troubling to me.

I decided to protest their show when they came to Denver, CO. Not only to try to get people to not support this band with a known assaulter for a lead singer, but to address the rampant nature of rape culture both within the punk scene, and society at large. Our tactic was a two pronged approach where some of us would show up at the space earlier on in the day to try to talk to the promoter, and stop the Casualties from loading in, and some other folks later in the evening would show up to protest and talk to passers by and folks going to the show. We knew before we went that Marquis Theater had 2 entrances that bands could possibly be loading in from. Ultimately the decision was left up to me, and I decided that if we remained mobile we could just go to whatever door folks started to load stuff toward. We moved around to the front to see if anyone had arrived yet and saw a van. We went around front and I positioned myself in front of the venue doors while an older punk dude (who turned out to be in Negative Approach) milled around. The dude who decided to film this part of the action handed him a flyer citing statistics and the guy started flipping out on us. "Oh you guys are here for this bullshit?! You're so gullible, you'll believe anything you read on facebook. Just because ONE girl comes forward and says she was assaulted you believe her?!" About then is when he started filming the conversation that you can see here.

The punk scene and especially radical communities are to be held to a higher standard than society at large. By reenforcing the status quo, of silence, victim blaming, misogynist behavior/language, and apologism we aren't moving toward anti-oppression but away from it. And when punks advocate calling the police or involving the courts as a means to prove assault happened it just blows my mind.

When someone gets called out for rape or sexual assault it is not a comfortable thing. We can't just choose to not take a side. There is no such thing as neutrality in this situation. We have to choose what side we're on. I chose the survivor's side. I believe that a survivor's words are proof enough. People can never know the truth of a moment if they were not there to observe the moment. It's just an impossibility. So you have to choose.

We in american culture, have been raised to be severely fucked up individuals. Men are raised to be tough, to have anything they want, to view women as objects for fucking, and to not see their own privilege. We all need to look at ourselves and see the ways in which we are what we have been raised to be. As a white person how am I perpetuating white supremacy? As a man how am I perpetuating misogyny? As someone with white dreads or a mohawk how am I perpetuating cultural appropriation? Does my behavior and do my words reflect what I say/think I am, or am I just doing what everyone else does and calling it something different? As men and women how are we perpetuating rape culture? People need to see how they are the rapist, and change the things that make them that way. The rapist isn't just the person in the alleyway with a knife and a mask. They're the person standing next to you at the bar who keeps getting that other person drunk so they can take them home. They're the person that has problems with asking for consent before touching people. They may even be you.

I feel that if we truly want society to change, we need to change as well. We need to recognize the ways we're fucked up, and see how the folks around us are fucked up too, and call it out when we see it. If people aren't willing to see the flaws in themselves they should be made uncomfortable until they're willing to change. We shouldn't have the option to be able to choose to be assholes without repercussion from our peers and our communities. Also, those of us willing to call it out shouldn't have to be nice about it. We're fucking pissed that the rest of you don't do shit, unless it makes you feel good. The amount of times I've been told that someone is just trying to have a good time, and they're not trying to be political right now is fucking sick to me. You can't choose to not be political when every single thing you do, right down to your very existence is political.

As a radical I have to stress the importance of social insurrection. Without this, things stay the same, and I for one just can't sit with that and not try to make things different. If we don't force uncomfortability upon people who maintain a fucked up status quo nothing will ever change.

To the bands who are playing shows with the Casualties right now: You are directly supporting someone who has been over and over again accused of sexual assault and sketchy behavior toward women. Instead of worrying about money, contracts, and your jobs, why not have a larger concern for women's bodies and your political ideals. Saying one thing and doing another makes you an enemy. I'm asking you to take a fucking stand. I long for a day when being principled means as much as money, having a good time, or doing your job.

In solidarity with survivors and other people willing to do things to affect change,

Bailee Elizabeth




don't directly confront the problem of rape, something that these folks did.

there, i finished your sentence for you :)

except via the police…oops.

i don't know why identity politicians are always acting like we live in some kind of 1950s dark age where rape accusations are never taken seriously….they are front page news almost every day, and in the anarchist scene especially they are taken deadly serious…. oh wait, yes i do….

Except going through the police and courts is not DIRECTLY confronting the issue, it's going through the state...oops.

Rape accusations in my town are NEVER, EVER taken seriously....so I don't know what you're talking about. But go on and tell me more about how trying to deal with rape makes you an identity politician.

what town? and what does direct mean to you?

Because of the constant blog posts, personal stories, write ups in the Guardian newspaper, desperate cries etc. If you really haven't picked up that sexual violence and the same attitudes exist in certain segments of this community (subculture, until you take this seriously and act with empathy this is a subculture) what can anyone tell you. Maybe you live in a better part. But I've seen too many con artists and sexually fucked up white boys with drug problems who only care about that pit of despondency they call a self esteem from which they work out of to take anything here seriously. Maybe you really have an awesome innercircle. And it's not across the board like this. but I've heard too many horror stories to think that emo rockers with bad habits and shitty attitudes towards themselves and each other have any viable alternative to this piece of shit world. It's not the ideology, it's not the vast majority of this community (weak and fickle as many of us are), it's people like the casualties and too many people with their thumb up their ass. Until you can get dirt bags like this out, it's not radical. It's the same bowl of shit as out there, and its morally wrong to take it seriously as a viable way to dismantle patriarchy. False hope. Jesus will destroy patriarchy, not people taking a stand and saying "no. You're not welcome."

Is it going to be perfect? No. Are you going to make mistakes? yes. Is it up to you to act as ethically as possible? When you take a stand. But to not take a stand and leave it to some pseudo religious belief is just plain wrong.

"Jesus will destroy patriarchy"
Wait what?

So some NSA-produced bot has determined that it gets our hackles up when someone accuses an anarchist of being "liberal." Or else it's some pimply, sunlight-averse would-be insurrectionist trying to propagate a single-word meme at the expense of discourse. In either case, it's interesting that the people who maintain this site consider it worth retaining, since in theory they have a policy against one-liners. Are they getting old and tired? Or do they think it's a good idea to sling the word liberal around so... liberally?

s-shut up liberal

fuck punx

of binary thinking.


always beware or never beware?

good for you!

Survivor: I was raped!
Rapist: No you weren't, shut up.
Dot: Let's not be so binary. Maybe you're both right!

wow thanks

Ok, well let's just admit language has broken down completely then. What do you propose we do? Regardless of the words...

First of all, the phrase "someone saying that they were raped", is an unreal, generalized situation. Discussing on the basis of such generalizations is a mistake.


well, are you?

if you haven't been in situations where one person thinks they were raped but isn't entirely sure, and there are many people (not just the person who would be called the rapist) who are saying that that person might or might not have been raped, then you are living in a simpler world than the one i've been in.

so, congratulations?

always beware short, vague, jargony posts.


fuck the haters, dot, i'm with you on the binary thinking. it predominates, and it is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Sooo where's the part about people being arrested?

I watched the entire video and read the original statement. I am glad to see people confronting the bands. I think the yelling dudes should question why they think it's okay for them to define a woman's sexual assault as one thing when she clearly defined it as another. Rape is a powerful word but it's not okay for men "standing in solidarity with women" or not to tell women what their experience was.

After the most obvious part about this that's awful, the second saddest thing is the realization of just how little of the punk scene amounts to anything except more empty-headed fashion bullshit.

'fashion' is such a unfortunate word too... but clothes are fun so fuck you liberal

Social Insurrection isn't being "civilly" disobedient. Social Insurrection is in part political spectacle. Where is the spectacle in sitting down and letting the cops drag you away hours before the show even happens, impacting no one, Jorge or Hot Topic Punx alike.

Admittedly, this is confronting rape culture. Okay.

As a survivor of rape, assault, and abuse at the hands of a number of people this actually ends up bumming me out. This is the best anarchists can do to confront a serial rapist? Please don't say "don't like it? do something yourself!" Which sounds an awful lot like "if you don't vote you can't complain!"

Not all of us have the luxury or privilege of handing ourselves over to the cops.

Wishing and working towards a spectacularly insurrectionary end to goddamn rape culture forever.

please don't generalize

Generalize in what way? That civil disobedience includes the very word "civil," within it? Rape is pretty dang uncivil. That social insurrection means more than acts of civil disobedience?

"This is the best anarchists can do to confront a serial rapist?"

Does the word "terror" ring a bell? A population terrorized will do its best to shut anybody up. So who's the rapist now, Mr. policeman?

Some problems:
The politics and the facts don't always cohere. The rapist may be the loudest anti-rape voice.
The facts are ultimately unknowable. I've heard of lookalikes being used by the NSA to frame people.
I'm not going to say anything about the police because they are listening to me now because of this bullshit. Yeah, you. Who's the rapist, Mr. policeman?

Jorge, is that you?

For your sake, I just hope there's more Mexicans and black people in this subculturual clique or you're going to look stupid no matter what that asshole did. It wouldn't surprise me to learn of another round of blame the token taking place here. And you know, with Zimmerman, it's clear that shit never ends well for anybody.

This subcultural clique looks stupid regardless, so it's a moot point. By the way what "subcultural clique" are you from where people tiptoe around criticizing rapists for rape if "there aren't enough blacks or mexicans" around to make their dumb white asses feel good about it?

"I've heard of lookalikes being used by the NSA to frame people."


Are you saying I've never heard of this happening or it's never been true?

First off, I would encourage everyone to check out the link that is presented at the top of the post. A lot of people writing about similar experiences and it appears that this is nothing new.

In response to an anonymous poster:

"As a survivor of rape, assault, and abuse at the hands of a number of people this actually ends up bumming me out. This is the best anarchists can do to confront a serial rapist? Please don't say "don't like it? do something yourself!" Which sounds an awful lot like "if you don't vote you can't complain!"

Not all of us have the luxury or privilege of handing ourselves over to the cops."

So, because this isn't 'hard' enough this is a problem for you, but you're saying you can't do XYZ action because you're not priviledged enough. Okay, fair enough. Can you at least think about some sort of actions that people could do instead other than just complaining about someone actually doing something on the internet?

When did anarchy turn into everyone being a whinny middle-class hipster? This sucks! It's not hard enough! I refuse to do anything!

Coming out right in the heals of this?

and with this ongoing story?

We winning, bitches! (Wake me up when you need me)

"I believe that a survivor's words are proof enough. People can never know the truth of a moment if they were not there to observe the moment."

the cognitive dissonance between these two statements nearly gave me whiplash.

Scientific rapism, I would guess. Look at pictures of kitties and shut the fuck up.

this is a commonly-held position among 'radfems' et al, usually on the grounds that 'no one takes these accusations seriously so therefore we must always take them at face value'; this premise is not true and this conclusion doesn't even follow from it. whenever people say this sort of thing i think about the history of lynchings of african american men. i don't think anyone would dispute the vast historical evidence that this sort of charge was extremely common grounds for a lynching (similar history in europe with anti-semitism, by the way) and that more than once it was even fabricated by a white woman trying to disown a socially unacceptable relationship. anyone who claims that a certain species of accusation is intrinsically indisputable is advocating some really scary shit, regardless of how 'good' their intentions/other positions may seem. there are always more questions to be asked, no matter how ugly or uncomfortable the particular situation, before taking any sort of drastic stance on it. the various attacks on anarchist males by non-anarchists using this kind of claim as a justification in the past few years couldn't fail to have made it clear that in certain circles, there is a very easy way to get rid of guys you don't like, as zine after workshop after blog after etc promotes a hyper-subjective definition of 'assault', which seem to amounts to little more than the feeling of being wronged in some way, that has nothing to do actually with consent or any particular event. i know it feels really good to instantly and militantly take sides against people who can be easily viewed as monsters, but i just don't agree that anyone's words ought to be taken at face value. none of this is really supposed to be a comment on the incident in denver, more on people's reactions and the overall 'radical/anarchist' discourse about this type of thing.

This is pretty cool. Always trust the survivor is the language of lynchings not of liberation.

I'm kind of surprised anyone did or still does listen to this horrible band. Nonetheless, If these pathetic geriatric motherfuckers want to join up with a few other musical giants for their midlife crisis for the cash tour 13-14, I'm sure we can think of the right examples to make of them.

Here's a hint: Shepard farey thought he could step to those who found meaning in undgomhuset.

I'm not sure punk ever was a demarcated space of anti-patriarchal ethics, but there's no reason we couldn't misinterpret "firestorm" and get all hyped to smash on some elderly spikey haired rapist losers.

Either way, cultural shit is a space, it's never safe, and we could make it even more dangerous for rapists. Who cares about the weinery punk ethos critical of "self-righteousness" and being PC. These are discourses of worthless comic book collectors in their 40s, who still are as pathetic as they were in their 20s. Let's make these idiots into a symbol of rape culture and ruin their little bachelor party.

Strike fast while they unload, cut power to venues, throw objects from the mosh pits, slash their tires. And if you're going to block the doors, only do it with 50+, and let the fights that ensue with the fans be the thing that actually shuts down the shows. Etc. Have fun, and blog about it.

Fuck Jorge & Casualties. Nice to see how much of douchebags are the Negative Approach guys but this action is EPIC FAIL! Oh, let's try everything to show up on the Internet dressing in black, covering our faces with bandanas and be arrested by the police. Yelling fucking pigs, nazis, etc. after the cops tried to talk with them and explaining them how they don't want to arrest them and give them a chance just to go away was fucking hilarious. Now they're proud of themselves for being arrested, more anarchist points for their activist CV. "Dude, I was arrested protesting the rape culture, fuckin' pigs handcuffed me".

it freaks me out when cops are nice to me, it makes me feel so impolite :(

Police are not needed in N Korea, because everyone integrates the notion of their personal order outwards into the communal sphere of influence!

Police are not needed in N Korea, because everyone integrates the notion of their personal order outwards into the communal sphere of influence!

yes yes! North Korea is a very anarchistic place actually. Our comrade Dennis Rodman -who's a boozarchist too- validated it!

everything about this sucks, those screaming dudes are bullshit. needless escalation. JB calling the cops is garbage also. It'd make more sense to fuck with the casualties, if you're trying to get NA to listen to you you're probably better off approaching them as neutral rather than enemies.


are you saying


that was a negative approach?


Let's just ignore rape and how fucked up everything is. Carry on. Don't resist.

All these people talking about how stupid it was to get arrested are making the same argument those cops were. Stand tall and proud against oppression. It's all we got left, because of the left. Heh.

Standing proud? Against oppression? Where did you see the oppression when the cops tried to talk calmly with them, asked them what are they protesting, etc.? The cops weren't aggressive at all while the stupid kids were shouting at them "fuck you", "fucking pigs", "nazis", etc.

" I believe that a survivor's words are proof enough. People can never know the truth of a moment if they were not there to observe the moment. "

so, while nobody that was not present can possibly know the truth, the survivor's words are proof enough for you. now THAT is critical thinking.

>>>> Please don't say "don't like it? do something yourself!" Which sounds an awful lot like "if you don't vote you can't complain!"

fucking absurd! telling someone to take direct control of their own life is the very antithesis of "if you don't vote you can't complain!" and taking control of one's own life does not necessarily mean doing everything solo.

Rape - the act of IMPOSING, COERCING, FORCING - sex on another - is a terrible experience. It is an intensely PERSONAL experience for the victim. There are no easy solutions to this long-standing problem, in no small part because the motivations and psychosocial context of the perpetrator is so poorly understood. This is typical in the discipline-punishment society. The various extensions of this absurd strategy is played out online in forums like these as well as in real-life, obviously in self-described radical communities, as well. If I actually considered myself belonging to an Anarchist Movement, I would be continually embarrassed by the shallow, reactionary responses to such important issues. This article is just one more in a long list of similar, it is hard to know where to begin with a serious critique> Indeed the article itself is simply not worth it. However, there a number of points worth looking at:

Believing the victim/survivor Without first-hand experience, witnessing, or having a very trusting knowledge of the mind and motives of the person making the rape (or other assault, rape is one of many forms) claim, how can one "believe" that what they say is accurate? Anyone can claim anything at any time for any number of reasons. However, given the potential trauma surrounding any assault, it would be be useful and compassionate for friends and comrades to listen, be supportive, and begin to get a clear handle on the entire situation. This is not the same thing as "believing" though the friends and comrades may reach an understanding of cogent facts and experiences. Any reponse would then be informed by a wider range of realities and subsequent actions more pointed.

. . . the rampant nature of rape culture
The word "rampant" means something unwelcome/unpleasant flourishing or spreading unchecked. According to RAINN ((Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, the US "largest anti-sexual violence organization") sexual assault has fallen by more than 50% in recent years. Of course, they might be lying or exaggerating to serve their own ends. But, other information sources seem to support this possibility. Given how much more attention is paid to rape, bulllying, and other attacks by innumerable institutions - combined with the even more important increases in the practice of self-awareness and self-defense - it is quite possible these numbers are in decline. Consequently, when people write articles such as the one above, we are left pondering the writer's strategy that includes intentionally misleading information using inflammatory language. Tactically, a particular sort of propaganda.

"The punk scene and especially radical communities are to be held to a higher standard than society at large." This statement, short as it is, familiar as it is, carries more inconsistencies than meets the casual eye. Starting with the seemingly benign “standards”, a not-so-clever disguise for morals and moral order. Who determines this order? Who enforces it? These are not rhetorical questions, the responses (which are not the same as answers) are crucial to the assessment of the situation and especially of the players who continue to promote and reinforce this core tenet of “society at large”. “. . . punk scenes and radical communities”, are these rigid organizations of people who know each other well, have developed strong trust? Have they discussed and agreed upon a specific set of acceptable behaviors and attitudes? Or are there presumptions and expectations in place that were not and are not accurate or obtainable?

But these are the meta questions and deserve a much more thorough evaluation. Taking the statement at its intended superficiality, I ask: if radicals, punks, anarchists, and other intentionally anti-authoritarian individuals were to have a better response than the state and society in dealing with infractions of all sorts, wouldn't they want to use a response more aligned with those who fight for some version of freedom? Is this poster's response the best way to handle this sort of situation in general? In specific? For me, fuck no! I would hate to be in their court of justice just as much as I would the state's.

“If people aren't willing to see the flaws in themselves they should be made uncomfortable until they're willing to change.” I wonder why this triggered an instantaneous and terrible picture: barbed-wire fence, sniper-post, massive block of cement with the tiniest of windows, shitty food, anger-mixed-with-sadness-mixed-with-desperation-mixed-with-resignation, 24-hour surveillance, and the endless hammering of some do-gooder or another trying to make me change my evil ways, baby. Why did the thought, Yammering Panopticon, flood my brain?

Those who impose their version of order usually do not include themselves as part of the problem they thik they are trying to solve. Somehow, though they may say “we are all fucked up”, you get the feeling that they are just not quite AS fucked up as you. Therefore, they are appropriately self-appointed to make sure YOU get your shit in line with theirs.

They're the person standing next to you at the bar who keeps getting that other person drunk so they can take them home. I will end my woefully insufficient response by jumping directly into the thick of the shit storm named, BLAMINGTHEVICTIM, that will undoubtedly follow.

Each one of us has to take PERSONAL, DIRECT responsibility for our own well-being. There is no safe space, total security is a dangerous illusion. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have the kind of awareness and focused response to the ever-changing circumstances around us, when our minds and bodies are diverted elsewhere. This can happen through many circumstances in modern life. Including with many substances, alcohol being the most readily available and well-accepted as a social lubricant. So much so, that people actually voluntarily imbibe beyond their ability to maintain their - probably fragile - limits of self-awareness and self-protection. Consequently, they are SUBMITTING to the control of that substance. Thus the control of others.

I can totally get how this might be a pleasurable and welcome circumstance now and then given a world heavy with responsibility and shallow of pleasure. However, if a radical by even the most superficial definition, you know danger is all around you. Especially if you are a known radical, enemies abound. Why would anyone choose to get obliterated it in the presence of strangers WITHOUT trusted backup?!

Sure, maybe it would be AWESOME to live in a world where we could get shit-faced and stupid whenever we wanted and know we will be just fine wandering around clueless. No one would harm us, maybe they would even place a pillow place under our soon-to-be-aching head and place a handy bowl for us to puke in. The next time they saw us, they would chuckle at our silliness and give us a big warm, fuzzy hug. Really, is that what your activism is going to bring? Cool, I always wanted a pretty painted unicorn pony of my own.

One more question to the OP and their ilk: how does someone else “keep getting them drunk” in a bar? Do bars now have the technology to inject alcohol into unwitting victims – its been awhile since I've been to one, so . . .

Those of us – and our numbers are legion – who have suffered violent attacks of any sort, imposed by those we deem stronger (physically, intellectually, morally, institutionally, spiritually, . . . . . . . . ) are survivors only when we are no longer victims. This takes more than a community, more than a scene, more than a group to deal with. It takes each individual to pay attention to their own needs, their own slave-like behaviors and focus on what might lead to their own well-being. That doesn't mean NOT being involved in the well-being of others; it does mean understanding the many-faceted interplays that lie between each other. You know what I mean, the indescribably encounters that makes our ongoing adventure to circumvent, cripple, and destroy the ideologies, systems, and institutions - whose goals, history, and trajectory are enforced through various coercive means – who are supported by collaborators in defining and imposing values, standards, morals, and expectations.


But your argument seems to point towards never doing anything because you'll end up acting like a cop. Which is bullshit.

Woefully insufficient is right!

This response is a perfect demonstration that the op is correct.

What about the rights of men?

Talking to the cops is always a bad idea, but the woman's reasoning at the end (near minute 25) is kind of beautiful. Not an action I would have participated in, but I hope these people get some support. Good for them for standing up for something.

i think it is good to be nuanced about rape and have situational responses to it. in this situation multiple women across the country have stories of non-consentual interactions/ assault that are all eerily similar--- this is without knowing one another. clearly this person is a scumbag. he should get what is coming to him.

as for the rest of it- all the internet commenting in the world will not reach consensus about what to do because each scenario is different. always believe, always be skeptical, always support, always be critical. it doesn't matter only small circles of trusted friend will ever be on the same page. look to other resources. get thee to a therapist and try not to dwell on the myriad of @s who will always say the wrong things. there are infrequently "right" things to say when you're feeling so raw and have been hurt.

So what do people think of the official statement released by the band? Which can be found here http://sfmedia.com.au/the-casualties-issue-official-statement-in-relatio...

This part is particularly interesting 'Multiple people with direct ties to the accuser have stepped forward to tell the band why they know this accusation to be complete lie. One even went so far as to offer to step forward and to speak to attorneys or law enforcement if need be to clear Jorge’s name.'

Actually I think it's perfectly possible to be neutral in a situation like this, and that is the default stance that should be taken by people who don't personally know either of the parties to the (alleged) rape or know someone close to the situation. The idea that every person on the entire internet and everyone in the community who's heard about the situation fourth or fifth hand must immediately take a stand is absurd. I think it's stupid to condemn the accused or to dismiss the accuser(s) without intimate knowledge of both.

I was raped when I was younger and lots of people didn't/don't believe me. I also know for a fact that my great-grandfather got two black men he didn't like hanged by accusing one of them of raping a white woman and the other of stealing a horse. I know a girl who said she was raped after she got an STD in junior high and her parents found out even though we all knew she'd been sleeping with the guy for months. My best friend was molested by her step-dad and her mother refuses to believe it to this day (the asshole is dead now). I have heard people talk about their rapes, and I have believed some and not others based on how they talked about it, my knowledge of them and their personalities, etc.

I understand the desire to say "always believe the survivor, no matter what" because being in that situation and not being believed and feeling like nobody has your back is one of the worst feelings in the entire world, but it just doesn't work that way. People are more nuanced than that, and being a woman does not confer magical truthiness powers when it comes to rape.

The idea that real rape victims do/should go to the cops or they aren't legit is total bullshit, though.

Actually I think that potential rapists within anarchist movements should be treated a lot like potential cops. There's often no way to know if someone's a cop or an informant, and snitch-jacketing people is a well-known and horribly divisive tactic used by the cops and often perpetuated by paranoid or self-aggrandizing anarchists as well. Even when you get a first hand account saying someone's a snitch, hell, a lot of the time it's an actual cop who's saying it to divert attention from him/herself. And we all probably hate undercover cops about as much as we hate rapists. But we don't have a policy that as soon as someone's accused of being a cop/snitch, we automatically side against them, because you always have to believe the victim. This would 1) be obviously contrary to the facts--we know that not everyone ever accused of being a cop is actually a cop, even though cops definitely exist and definitely invade our communities to spy on and hurt us and 2) make it horribly easy to isolate anarchists when they need support most, like when they're looking at prison time or when they're carrying out a major action and 3) assist the powers that be in effortlessly destroying any anarchist movements or communities or what-have-you.

Basically, there are people I know and trust well enough to know 100%, stake-my-life-on-it for sure that they aren't rapists or cops. There are people that I know for certain are telling me the truth if they say they've been raped or abused or something, and I will take action against anyone they accuse and I'll defend them from any action taken against them based on accusations I know are false. Then there are people I get a bad vibe from, that I have no trouble believing are rapists and that I will avoid and dislike, and I won't interfere if people want to fuck them up, maybe I'll even help if there's enough accounts against them. Some people fall in between. But it makes no sense at all to draw battle lines saying "he definitely raped her" or "it's definitely bullshit and she's making it all up" because of second and third hand information, and it's stupid to demand that everyone who encounters the situation take sides immediately.

Rape culture does not exist in N Korea! The regional people's council ensure that the family and communal values of genderless mutual respect [supported by our united sister's ability to use tae kwon do in self-defensive scenarios ] ensure that the brutish conquest motivated values inherit in the capitalist mentality are beaten out of those who attempt to oppress the freedom of fellow comrades!!

Rape culture does not exist anywhere.

The perception of the casualties and the punk community as a whole are completely misguided and couldnt be any farther from the truth in terms of both the actual accusations made against the casualties and the morals and principalities of the punk community that they hold within themselves.

Before u decide to categorize the punk community And the musical wave known as Emo together, and try to further criticize and mislead the public from these groups, realize that punks themselves are activists and both victims just like any other person. In fact, punk is actually highly abuse of any form to any sex, race or breed. Any shape or size.

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