4 Years on radio: A conversation with Crimethinc. Ex-Workers, Submedia, John Zerzan & Free Radical Radio

Streaming at AshevilleFM from 3AM EST on Monday, 05/12/2014 for a week, then podcasting later at radio4all.net and airing on KOWA-LPFM in Olympia, WA, KWTF in Bodega Bay, CA, KXCF in Marshall, CA, and WCRS-LP Columbus Community Radio 98.3 and 102.1

This week's show features 4 conversations. For the fourth anniversary of the Final Straw Radio going on the air, we took it upon ourselves to have conversations with other people doing similar and different anarchist audio projects.

The first non-me voice y'all will hear is that of John Zerzan, the second is Franklin Lopez, the third is a member of the Crimthinc Ex-Worker Podcast collective and the final two are Rydra and Bellamy. Introductions will ensue momentarily. We'll be speaking this hour about the projects they work on, about the medium of radio and podcast, about what folks have learned while doing this work and about how we feel it fits into the anarchist project of the abolition of hierarchies, the state and capital, if not civilization.

Check out some other radio/audio projects linked on our show website: http://thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org/links-to-check-out/



wasn't AshevilleFM the nonprofit that got wiped out by a flood or am I confusing it with something else?

AshevilleFM wasn't around for the 2004 Frances/Ivan flooding as the station was founded in 2009. The flooding last year didn't affect the station, which is well above the river in West Asheville.

i'll listen to the final straw when you put it on itunes podcasts. get out of the 90s man.

Wish I could escape them. But, really, we're working out the details on how to post to itunes podcast while using linux (even wine won't run itunes correctly because the program's such a pain in the ass). Suggestions? Email thefinalstrawradio(at)riseup(d0t)net

download windows idiot. you'd think you'd do what you can to get your show out there since you take the trouble to make it in the first place.

That was nice.

Windows: A shining beacon of Marxist vindication, the proverbial relations of production in conflict with the productive forces. FTW!

Do you know why people still use windows on PCs? Because people still use windows PCs.

And I actually sold this little tidbit of empirical theory for $20.

Here's a few things:
The show's being syndicated on 4 terrestrial FM stations that we know of in the U.S., possibly 2 pirate stations (awaiting confirmation), occasionally on one LP station (in Champagne-Urbana, IL) and others we don't know, plus streaming online from the websites. It's getting distribution. The show is meant for Anarchists, so if they read this site (or others where it occasionally gets reposted) and like it, they'll find a way. If they don't know of it and you like it, tell them.

It's been suggested that we post the show on youtube. It's a small (mostly 1.5 people) crew of folks producing and Bursts is the distributor at this point. He spends too much time online as it is. When someone suggested posting it on youtube, Bursts suggested (with that prior info in mind) that the person help with distribution by posting it themself. No response, not on Youtube so far as we know.

My suggestion for you is the same, Anonymous. If you like the content, post it to itunes and stitcher and wherever else. That'd be a huge help on to an unpaid project that devotes about 12-20 hours a week on production/research/interviews/distribution. Thanks!

On windows: PC's come with Windows. Bursts has had duel boot windows/linux computers before but Windows 8 made that near impossible. We can't afford more computers. Plus, Windows sucks. For anyone minimally concerned with security and somewhat familiar with operating systems, you'd bash your head into a wall before running Windows. The control from command-line is minimal and everything is so damned Mac-like that it makes Bursts wanna spit in the wind. ow. s. Windows are for breaking.

Thanks for the input, though.

gnupodlinux might do the trick. It is mostly command line based but there is a graphic UI.

itunes won't work under WINE. You have to run it on a copy of Windows under VirtualBox. Or... fuck walled gardens, even if they have the prettiest flowers.

Everytime you put out a show I ask myself the same question: where is the exact link to the current episode?

Hey bud. It's in the first paragraph where it says "AshevilleFM". Also, here: http://stream.ashevillefm.org/finalstrawstream.m3u works for every week's new show, refreshes Sundays at midnight pacific to the new show.


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