8 Days of Anarchy 2013

Every year (for the past eight or so) we have tried to make the time period around the bookfair and the BASTARD conference more of a celebration than it had been previously. This was in the context of the SF bookfair organizers demonstrating that their definition of autonomy meant expansion and hostility rather than cooperation and dialog. Our feeling was that the best way to respond to this was to throw a party. 8 days of anarchy started and continues as our celebration in the face of their increased "big tent" celebration of commerce and... what exactly? Not anarchism, that's for sure, because for all that the word is still used on the posters and banners the ideas weren't really in evidence at the Hall of Flowers in the past nor will they be at the kink.com Armory this year. Instead we get from them (if we are generous) fellow travelers and anarchist authors. There is little of the explosive energy that anarchists have been presenting to the world over the past few years. That is not the goal of the anarchist bookfair. It never was. We don't know the goal of the event (for the organizers themselves), but we can guess, and some of our friends have guessed out loud. All we really know is the face they present. We leave them to their project. Our project is to celebrate the spirit of anarchy, in us and in our new friends. In that celebration we build trust and connections. We still believe in that possibility. This year we will do this with cultural events, meals, a remembrance, a series of autonomous events, and the 14th annual BASTARD conference.

Day One - Tuesday, March 12th

• A discussion about the influence of ethics & aesthetics with readings by Hakim Bey and Renzo Novatore. There are people who choose anarchy because it is beautiful, and there are people who choose anarchy because it is the right thing to do, and then there are the rest of us, people who try to do both. What is the relationship, how do we negotiate between these not opposite but orthogonal principles? 8-10pm The Long Haul Berkeley CA 3124 shattuck ave, near Ashby BART

Day Two - Wednesday, March 13th

Movies about youth gone wild. Bring popcorn and soda pop! • 7-11pm The Long Haul Berkeley CA

Day Three - Thursday, March 14th

The anarchist celebration of the life of Audrey Goodfriend (1920-2013)

Audrey Goodfriend was an anarchist her entire life. Born to anarchist immigrants in New York, Audrey grew up speaking Yiddish at home and lived in the Sholem Aleichem House; a radical cooperative housing project in the Bronx. She was a girl when Sacco and Vanzetti were executed in Boston in 1927 and their letters were instrumental in shaping her anarchism, continuing to move her throughout her life.

Audrey attended every BASTARD conference of the past five years. We will miss her presence very much, and plan on celebrating her amazing life with a potluck (bring picnic type food-- bread and cheese, desserts, these were her favorites), video, music, and lots of small group face-to-face conversations, to acknowledge the many facets of her interests. • 7-10pm Humanist Hall Oakland CA

Day Four - Friday, March 15th

• An anarchist picnic, the anarchist cafe (nearly the 20th year!), and the international day against police brutality. Picnic @ 1pm Ohlone park Berkeley CA

Day Five - Saturday, March 16th

• The first annual alter-bookfair. Anarchists will invade the Mission District with a series of venues and activities planned. More information as it develops. <a href="mailto:altbf@8daysofanarchy.org">Drop us a line if you'd like to take part</a>.

Day Six - Sunday, March 17th

The 14th Annual BASTARD conference: Ethics & Aesthetics. This year, the Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development (BASTARD) conference is interested in the relation of ethics and aesthetics to our ideal; are we trying to make the world more beautiful or more ethical? If we are hewing to an aesthetic vision, how does replacing the -good- with the beautiful prevent us from recreating the problems of moralism with different language, if we are retaining some concept of ethics, how is it distinct from christian or liberal morality? How does the interplay of Ethics and Aesthetics shape our tactics, relationships, projects, and conceptions of ourselves as anarchists? How is this question related to the broad strains of anarchist thought? UC Berkeley, rooms and times to be announced

Day Seven - Monday, March 18th

•The conspiracy of brunches (find the one closest to you!) this is the day for people to meet and conspire with friends, have uncensored conversations, assured that only the most clever and subtle moles are among us.

Day Eight - Tuesday, March 19th

• What is a good job for an anarchist? - a discussion. Traditionally the reading group after the conference is a time to reflect on it and have the hysterical reading of the survey results. As well, we will be in for a loud and controversial (and we hope funny) conversation on work and anarchist principles. Join in if you dare. ;) 8pm The Long Haul From 8 days of anarchy



This is great stuff! I really realllllyyyyyyyy hope the Saturday turns into something pretty awesome.

yesyesyesyes saturday night party/dance/fun in the mission please!!!!!

why don't you just say you want an excuse to break windows then run away from the cops?

I was thinking more like meet some fine anarcho babes but whatever?

the babes will be at the bookfair, simulating rape and torture!

I can help with providing sound for the dance party

how can i get in touch? Email

that email acct should now be disabled and never used again. this is a terrible site to post your email to publicly as it is definitely watched by the enemies.

who the fuck says soda pop. damn mid westerners!

Typo. Both Sat and Sun are listed as the 16th. The events should span from the 12th-19th of March, not the 12th-18th.


I've never had a chance to come out to this because of distance issues....but it sucks to hear about Hakim Bey's welcoming to the event..
how come everyone just ignores his hypocrisy in preaching the end to domination while at the same promoting pedophilia? (which could never be construed as not exploitative...i don't care how you rationalize it.)

makes no sense imo

Give the guy a break. Children, well at least piglets, is so cute!

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and defender of Truth Justice and the American Way)

Wait, what?

makes about as much sense as the book fair being held in a rape porn studio.

The kid in me really likes the kinky porn...
But the adult in me is totally into that other thing I will not say but starts with a "p" and ends with "edophilia." Did you know that just saying the word can get you arrested?

It's true, especially in a airport.

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