AADC Report-back from the NYC 7th Annual Anarchist Book Fair 2013

As the common phrase goes, “There is not other place like home”

On April 6th 2013, New York City, anarchists from different cities including Washington DC. We gathered to share, learn, give workshops, present documentaries, art, music and more. With three different locations close to each other, which made it easier to go into the different workshops, but when the anarchist family get together it is always full of surprises.

Among all the activities the workshop “Creating A Safe Space, Conflict Resolution” was supposed to be about ways and techniques in creating those safe spaces, but the workshop took an interesting twist when a conflict between some of the local members of the NY anarchist community arrived creating confusions and discontent. In the end, as most of us had experienced in other cities, when dealing with similar situations, avoiding conflict doesn’t improve the relationship among individuals therefore at this meeting the issues were talked about and an agreement to follow it was put in place. It was somehow although controversial, the workshop did provide a space for open discussion in the end. Complaints were heard and this is an important step when creating a safe space. We hope attendees and organizers took it as an experience to learn from.

There wasn't much of a police presence, besides the security that was left to search people's bags. The Anarchist Alliance DC workshop Called "The Anarchist Involvement with Occupy DC: Tactics, Theory, Practice & Conflict. Speaker: Nancy Munoz was given on Saturday from12pm to 1pm., it gave us the opportunity to find the relation between the experiences of anarchists at ODC and other Occupations from other cities, the struggle of anarchist's permanence at the occupations. Other DC anarchists came along with a great workshop Why Anarchists Should Care About The IMF, World Bank, and G20?: where people were able to have a better understanding of the importance of radical approach to this topic.

Anarchist Book fairs and others anarchist events are crucial for the continuity of the anarchist community and the involvement of individuals in our communities. It was a great opportunity to network with others. Thanks to all the organizers of the NYC 7th Annual Anarchist Book Fair, Our DC anarchist community will continue organizing and growing, we will not step back, So stay tune!

NYC Anarchists Book Fair 2013 Link http://www.anarchistbookfair.net/
Photo Album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.156535301173673.1073741831.100...
Poster: http://dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/154389/index.php
By Anarchist Alliance DC https://www.facebook.com/anarchistalliance.dc
Anarchist alliance DC facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/anarchistalliance.dc?ref=tn_tnmn


This is the most vague reportback ever. And it reads like it was run through Google Translate in some places.

Wait, what about thadeus?

Thaddeusss was not there.
I wish the so-called "Safe Space" people had stayed away as well.
I do not feel safe around them.

Thadeeousss was not there. The "Safe Space" mafia however did show up.

THAD did not show. But those horrible counterrevolutionaries Sipport NY or their gang were lurkin sbout the premesis.... chain locking doors etc.

What about cornflakes? ???????!

Wha?t about Margie ?

Shut the fuck up. Targeting survivors who stand up for themselves is repugnant and so are you.

calling out is not targeting. surviving is an empty ideology. and you is crazy, margie. get help and move on.

"surviving is an empty ideology" what teh fuck?
hope yr balls get cut off

Whayte wott aboot thadeauuuuuu?????
What about crazy Margie?

Wait what about

Cool opinions bro.

i can only LOL about photos being hosted on facebook. when will we learn?

"There wasn't much of a police presence, besides the security that was left to search people's bags."


Oh, well that's okay then as long as they had some sort of uniform on. Is that a NYC thing- stop and frisk? West coast @ would told those Mall Cops to fuck themselves.

Just too easy of a target.

Curiosity compels me to ask: Whose decision was that? Was it the organizers or was it some other external agency.
Were they requiring people to meekly submit to searches for entrance or would you say that the submission was strictly voluntary?

surprised that more people have not mentioned searching of bags, as roller cleary stated.

welcome to nyc, lemme check ur bags for NEFAC literature because that is not allowed here.

- NEFAC chapter of online posters for bag searches that have been ruled injust by gov. and NEFAC ex-workers living just outside nyc

thanks for wasting everyone's time

You're welcome

"besides the security that was left to search people's bags"

what the fucking HELL

The venue hired the security. This occurred after yhe " safe space" assholes put chains on the foors. Organisers had to make compromise in order to not have the thing closed down.

safe spaces nyc had put a lock on the door saturday morning, lockng out the other community organizations that are based in the building, so the building managers required the book fair organizers to allow their guards to be on premises. no bag searches though. they just hung out outside.

incorrect. they check everyone's bags. and no one took claimed the locks, so who knows? i doubt it was safer spaces, that's not really their style.

It was the "Support New York" safe-space people. Scum.

Support -New-York suck anyway

I am pretty sure this was written by someone from out of town and English is not their first language.

English is over-rated anyway

I met the AADC people at the Bookfair and they seemed cool and had some sweet literature. Nice meeting some of y'all.

The bag searching thing may have been due to NATA threatening to come. Or yeah, because someone locked the bookfair gate shut, because that really helped smash the patriarchy.

What happened to all the bash Derrick's penis trolls?

ikr I was hoping to get a laugh

>_> can't tell if cointelbro or drama.

Now. Just imagine boozharchists trying to run an airline!

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