ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Clashes at 12 hour anti-police protest, teargas, vandalism


The link at the top of the article contains video and pictures.

A protest over the Albuquerque Police Department's use of force stretched late into Sunday night.

The protest finally ended just before midnight.

Around 9 p.m., police used tear gas in an attempt to put an end to the demonstration. Albuquerque police arrested at least six people and charged them with disorderly conduct.

At least one officer was injured during the protest. Mayor Richard Berry said another officer was spit on and hit with a rock, while another was trapped in a patrol car.

Berry said he was proud of the job APD did Sunday.

"APD has done an exceptional job this afternoon of deescalating situations when we have protesters who obviously are in a situation where they want to escalate the situation on numerous occasions," Berry said. "We want people to be able to protest, obviously they have their First Amendment rights to do that, but what it appears what we have on our hands now is a smaller group of individuals whose main goal is not to protest but to put the public and themselves in danger."

There were several instances of property damage and graffiti along the protest route.

Protesters made their way back to Albuquerque police headquarters. They said they wouldn't stop until the chief is fired. Another round of tear gas was used to clear the remaining protesters.

At its height, around 500 demonstrators marched through the streets, holding up signs and traffic in the process.

The protest made stops at APD's headquarters, Civic Plaza and the University of New Mexico's main campus. The protest started around noon.

Around 5 p.m. police officers ordered the group to clear the area near APD headquarters, calling it an unlawful protest. There was a standoff between protesters and police in tactical gear for more than an hour before protesters retreated and resumed their march up Central Avenue.

Police briefly closed the northbound lanes of Interstate 25 after protesters started marching on the interstate around 7 p.m. They were clear of I-25 within 15 minutes.

The original protest started as a more peaceful demonstration outside Albuquerque police headquarters. At that time, a couple hundred people were there to call for changes in the wake of the James Boyd shooting.

During the portion of the demonstration in front of APD headquarters, the group chanted for justice and accountability. Family members of those killed by APD officers also spoke.

Amanda Chavez said police shot and killed her brother Santiago Chavez in 2012.

"I was disgusted because I've seen that first-hand," she said of the Boyd shooting video.

A man carrying an AK-74 during the protest explained why he was out there.

"They shot first and asked questions later ... unarmed civilians, civilians who didn't even show a threat," he said.

Officials said the protesters did not have a permit.

"I think the government, and the police department and the all of powers that be are not listening to us and if that’s what it takes to get them to listen to us, then I’m pretty OK with it," protester Sotya Simmons said.

Boyd, a homeless man, was shot and killed by Albuquerque officers on March 16. Police said Boyd was armed with two knives and was illegally camping.

APD said officers fired flash bang rounds and Tasers at Boyd before using lethal force.

Officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez were involved in the shooting and both are on leave. While Perez served as a Marine, Sandy has a long, law enforcement history with ups and downs.

On Friday, the FBI announced it was investigating the Boyd officer-involved shooting. Berry said that six agencies are now investigating the shooting.

Demonstrators Sunday were also asking for citizen oversight of the police department.

"You're asking police to police more police, and I think that's just asking for corruption," one protester said.

The U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating the use of force in APD since 2012. DOJ officials haven't said when their inquiry will end or when they will present their findings.

Protesters handed out fliers, asking for citizens to voice their concern at the next City Council meeting.



Awesome to see shit popping off in ABQ, such a corrupt rough town

This is fucking awesome.

There is an article on CNN. It sites that this was a demonstration called for by Anonymous via a YouTube video. Only 6 arrests too which is really great all things considered.

Oakland - Portland - Seattle - Atlanta - Anaheim - New York - Durham - Santa Rosa - Albuquerque...what does this mean???

The becoming-real of the Imaginary Party is simply the formation—by contagion—of a plane of consistency where friendships and enmities can freely deploy themselves and make themselves legible to one another.

bodies without organs;
in immanent moments of
emergent striving.
warming up?
bringing it on.

what does bodies without organs mean?

without -organs:
A holistic view of the human person who avoids, resists, and refuses subjectification,
who is in the flow of his habitat.
one whose attitude allows infinite
"recordings" of in-put of external stimuli
in equal exchange with internal desires of expression, freedom,, explorations.
this is distinct from breaking down the mind- body-person
into component parts which tend to congeal into
segmented and fixed internal signs that limit
interaction with the habit.
the body -without -organs is of virtuality,
which goes with the flow, able in a supple way to therefore
express the potentialities within vs. being defined,limited, disciplined,
"captured" and picked apart by fascist/ paranoid type impacts from without.
we , therefore, hopefully allow the former and resist the latter. My take of
A concept of gilles Deleuze.

what does it mean? that depends on what happened in Portland, NYC and Santa Rosa that you're alluding to. i am drawing a blank.

Portland 2010: in response to some officer involved killings, a few demonstrations blocked traffic, smashed windows, clashed with cops, and rolled dumpsters and newspaper boxes into the streets. Several people were arrested and the news reported about the anarchist black bloc:

East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NYC: In Spring 2013, this time last year, 15 year old Kimani Gray was killed by NYPD. In response, around 100 teenagers marched to the police precinct and started hucking bricks and bottles at cops. This sparked 3 days of protest in which squad cars were smashed up, a Rite-Aid was looted, streets were blocked with trash and debris, people were beat by cops, and this section of Brooklyn was placed under quasi-martial law as cops mounted rooftops with sniper rifles and arrested journalists.

Santa Rosa, California 2014: After 13 year old Andy Lopez was killed by police, residents held several demonstrations against the police department. At one such demonstration, family and friends disrupted a city council meeting and two people were arrested. Around 100 people were outside holding wooden crosses. Some people began shoving police and the front doors of the city hall were smashed by a few people, including children 4-10 years old, according to police.

I was there. Very confused by the cops actions/response to us. We were peaceful, voicing our concerns, calls for justice, resignations, the usual protest vocabulary. They seems bent on a confrontation, we kept the protest roving meeting with police blockades then roving again. Eventually, they showed in force and repeatedly announced it was an unlawful assembly, while they surrounded us.Because of this,I do not disagree with anyone in the crowd expressing themselves or being antagonistic, because I understand and believe in diversity of tactics. Tear gas was deployed, the protest did not disperse, but unfortunately some journalists and reporters from the local TV were gassed as well.

this has made all kinds of national news. that is awesome. why, though? did the Anonymous linked folks who organized and participated in this blast it to national media to get their attention???
also, how come there were no event announcements on ANews? is this website that irrelevant to actual social struggle that there is no one here who is connected into Albuquerque organizing or Anonymous organizing? this is embarrassing for ANews that something like this could pop off without any ANews announcement about it or anything.

please don't tell me i have to go start looking at again to get information relevant to the real world.

Folks in ABQ should immediately call for another protest in like a week or two or maybe next month. do it on the same day of the week, same time, same place. see if people show up. if no one shows up, the APD will look like fools anyway because you know they will bring out the SWAT/riot gear and shit.

learn from the recent lessons anarchists learned in North Carolina protesting the Chuy Huerta murder.

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