Anarchic Thoughts

Anarchic Thoughts on Our Fascist Situation

- The recent critique of violence and insurgency spoke nothing about the environment of competition and violence in which we are all raised.

- Occupy: “we have no enemies, it’s the system”…

- Paul Virilio: “…the history of humanity is the history of a lazy, wealthy and heavily militarized class attempting to exploit a mostly productive laboring class.” (paraphrase).

- It would be fruitful to look at how fascism, our contemporary fascist capitalism is generated every day, from the way in which we are socialized, to the business schools cranking out a management class, to industry and in the hierarchies of the economy. One of the falsehoods of America’s fascistic elite is their own belief in their right to rule, a superiority equal to any Nazi belief in a superior race. Meritocracy is class-based superiority in disguise.

- Psychologist Bruce Levine has said that living in the United States is akin to living with an abusive spouse.

- There needs to come a “push-back” against capitalist-fascism. The ruling elite believe they are beyond accountability to anyone. They are working 24/7 to ensure that this system continues in order to enrich their children and grandchildren. Peaceful protesters are slapped with enormous fines and jail. When the dominant class will no longer negotiate, the only avenue left to the vanquished is violence. To get arrested by the fascist police system is similar to committing economic suicide: you will pay what you cannot afford.

- No insurgency worth its salt targets people. It is in attacking the machinery, the offices, and the resorts of the comfortable elite class that they will begin to negotiate. This much was true of the Weather Underground: the elite sat up and took notice. Are the elite armies not mostly machines now? In 1871 in Paris, the French army refused to fire at its own people. Things have changed.

- If one reads Mike Davis’ Planet of Slums, one gets the demographic picture of capitalist fascism globalized. 23,000 children a day die from lack of basic technologies known the world over: clean water and basic antibiotics. It is because the system refuses to share its technology that these young ones must die of cough and bacterial infections. Mike Davis doesn’t hesitate to point his finger at the hierarchy responsible for the daily genocide of the untouchable class.

- In Mexico, the Yaqui Indians have fought three wars against the Mexican state. Each time, the state would respond by killing the women and children of the Yaqui. This genocide which is part of America’s history as well, is more significant than is usually mentioned. It is instructive to learn about Geronimo and the treatment of the Lakota. Today, as history arcs backward, as Dick Cheney advocates for the use of torture, as the peaceful protests fail, the idea of an anti-fascist insurgency rears its head. Needless to say it will be invisible to the surveilled internet.

- In Yaqui sorcery there is no hocus-pocus whatsoever: it is simply a practice of saving your energy. In other words, “Save your juice for something worthwhile!” The Yaqui still recall the efforts Calixto Muni.



With all due respect, the word fascism is overused here. Fascism has a specific meaning. Using fascism to describe a wide range of oppressive machinations of capitalism and the state can be unhelpful because it oversimplifies the related but distinct ideological and social organizations behind those situations of oppression. The complex of social and cultural factors powering oppression and horror in Nazi Germany is not identical to the U.S. today, just as the actual nature of the horror has a different flavor. Saying you are against fascism when you are really against all manifestations of state, capitalism and possibly civilization leaves one open to being laughed at, misunderstood or co-opted, or to become confused oneself.

only morons make these distinctions. Why should theory of fascism pander to your specific interpretation? How about you wake up and read Perlman?

You could have just written "I am a total MSM-brainwashed idiot who still believes Saddam was the Antichrist and blablablabla"

Read Castaneda and you'll realize Yaqui sorcery is superstitious mumbo-jumbo and peyote fueled and makes sorcerers resemble suburban dopers, saving their energy for their next hit!

Have you ever read Castaneda. It seems you have it backwards old chap.

I read all his stuff, even took the drugs he raved about,,,umm, that might be why I have it back to front Sire.

"No insurgency worth its salt targets people. It is in attacking the machinery, the offices, and the resorts of the comfortable elite class that they will begin to negotiate. This much was true of the Weather Underground: the elite sat up and took notice."

Uhhh, you need to read more.

The Weather Underground was a totally successful insurgency, I tell ya!

Or, like, an insurgency at all! It wasn't just ten people, or anything!

They sure did end up in the upper caste didn't they?

there are many commentators calling our present system "proto-fascist". A heavily authoritarian class superiority figures almost identically to a master race dictatorship. Given, the author doesn't mention that class superiority was already present in feudalism and our system is also being called "neo-feudal". But Mussolini called fascism "Corporate Governance" which is certainly what we have now.
Just sayin'.

`Violence' is such a crazy generalization. Or generalizations, I guess.

please don't generalize

Twitter comes to ANews.

History repeats, first as tragedy second as farce and third as a tragic farce. Fascism is the third permutation of this old adage, when the machinations of capital were laid bare through socialism, capital responded in kind, a reactionary dialectic or scientific socialism towards the end of domination.

My point is that I think the author is using the term correctly.

The oppressive dominant global ideology today is not fascism but a sort of technology saturated neo-liberalism, or a right libertarianism that is not totally anti-state, and whose primary values are private property rights, individual freedoms, and the free market.

Fascism espoused the goal of a central and all powerful state that would provide for all people of the correct background in return for obedience, while killing or enslaving the rest. It was a form of extreme statist nationalism.

The dominant ideology today espouses the goal of a minimal centralized state power and a dispersed network of power dispersed across a planet now entirely populated with electronically networked consumers, producers and economic competitors, whose every thought would be increasingly absorbed into the reproduction of this network.

The goal is very imperfectly achieved, of course. In fact achieving it might not be in the true interests of virtually any of the powerful -- it's certainly not in the interest of most of the powerful in the government. And so many privately run industries of all sort are so heavily subsidized even in the most "free market" countries that removing this would be impossible to achieve without a totalitarian change over. Also successful capitalist competitors usually want to remove the chance for others to compete by creating trusts and other monopolies to their benefit. These monopolies lead to some of the situations people mistake for fascism. But the global situation is extremely different in both actuality and ideology.

To say some aspects of fascism and the current ruling global ideological system are similar is valid. To say they are equally horrible in the manifestations is valid. To chart a course historically from one nightmare to another may be valid.

But they are not the same thing, and to say so is inaccurate and risks dangerous confusion. This is especially true in today's world, where Europe is now seeing the widespread resurgence of right wing populist, nationalist parties, some of whom idealize historical fascists, and many of whom are steadfastly against the international capitalist network dream of neo-liberalism, decrying multi-culturalism and austerity, and wanting to severely curb immigration while preserving the welfare state for those of the right ethnic background.

Tensions between nationalists and neo-liberals could well be the guiding principle behind the next step in the evolution of global political development, and the future is unlikely to look exactly like the last few decades of rampant neo-liberalism, or the Cold War era before it.

You don't know what you're talking about. Neo-liberalism is in itself the product of linguistic manipulation aimed at the make believe in some capitalist minimalist elite that simply doesn't exist aside from the Ron Paul/Alex Jones fringe. Corporatism is a negation of State power, but rather its consolidation into specific interests, who are the NEOCONS.

The reality is that State power, through corpocracy, has just got bigger and more globally-integrated. That was the true face of the "free market" doctrine, which hid a fascist, violently racist agenda.

The claim of the neoliberalist agenda is useful in denying the research on post-war fascism by people like Mae Brussel, Alex Constantine and Paul Manning. It is itself a leftist pre-scripted narrative that contributes in hiding the totalitarian fascist nature of the society being built.

...or else you can show us what a Police State, massive global profiling databases and super-national banking and trade meetings have anything to do with a minimal State.

"Corporatism is NOT a negation of State power..."

Also the quote from Mussolini referenced above is most likely not something he said, and though it may have been written by another Italian fascist (and may have been mistranslated) the way it has been used by liberals and others almost certainly misconstrues the meaning.


Another new quote

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." I know he said this, but I can't find the source. Does anyone else know? --Xhaoz 18:35, 12 February 2010 (UTC)


This fabricated quote has long been a favorite of two-bit propagandists on both the political left and far-right (the libertarian, free-market capitalists). Mussolini never made the statement and his economic program was not based on the notion of the aggrandizement of business corporations. Rather, corporatism is based on the specific inclusion of labor, state and other peripheral forces in economic structuring. The labour charter of 1927 also clearly stipulated that in instances where private initiative in business became deficient, or where state interests were decisive, nationalization would be utilized. This is not surprising, as nationalized enterprise continued to exist in Italy throughout the duration of Mussolini's first political order and became further cemented in his last order, the short-lived Italian Social Republic.

in modern physics and in indigenous anarchist understanding, the understanding is that we live in a continually transforming relational space.

Western society formulated the popular conception of the world as a base of 'things' and 'what things do' as if in an absolute space and absolute time reference frame seen as operating theatre for these independent things. i.e. Western society [both Western religion and Western science] has institutionalized the belief that 'inhabitants' reside in a habitat independent of the inhabitants [the condition for the 'independently-existing BEING' of the inhabitants].

“We enter a realm of crude fetishism when we summon before consciousness the basic presuppositions of the metaphysics of language — in plain talk, the presuppositions of reason. Everywhere reason sees a doer and doing; it believes in will as the cause; it believes in the ego, in the ego as being, in the ego as substance, and it projects this faith in the ego-substance upon all things — only thereby does it first create the concept of "thing." Everywhere "being" is projected by thought, pushed underneath, as the cause; the concept of being follows, and is a derivative of, the concept of ego.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

the understanding of community is thus reduced from a 'relations-first, what-things-do secondary' dynamic, to a 'beings-first, relations secondary' concept. this trades out relational organizing for'independently-existing reason-driven organizations' [organizations as 'beings'] and such reason-driven organizations have the fascist organizing topology; i.e. as Lafontaine observed,'la raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure' ('the reason of the most powerful is always the best').

in short, the inverting of the natural precedence of relations over reason to reason over relations [thanks to the reducing of humans and organizing as relational features in a relational activity continuum to 'independent reason-driven-systems' in a notional absolute space and absolute time reference frame seen as operating theatre], is the source of the fascist organizing topology.

fascism is an organizing topology that is rooted in 'ego'.

"fascism is an organizing topology that is rooted in 'ego'."
So are your comments

Fascism is a representative of the an " independent reason-driven system". each one, however, has its peculiar
constellation of attributes widely different from one another. Fascism has roots that include Statism;
Lest we forget,
Mussolini was chief of the Socialist Party of Italy for many years.
It also was influenced by Pareto, a philosopher who dealt in theory of elites.
The initial fasciae were in great part syndicalist by platform. The racial/national identity
went back to the "Glory of Rome." And of course , the Bourgeoisie were called upon for funding.
the final element was the Big man who was similar to a despot who ruled by Ego-image as a literal Bodily
representative of the Mass. this "representation "is one of a matrix of Political social Power formations
that have inhabited the human race. It is the most dangerous of them.
The proto - fascist Tea Party, Red Dawn, Le Pen , Pravy sect in Ukraine etc. are the biggest threats to our
libertarian movement world -worldwide, particularly due to their paranoid features, their apocalyptic/messianicfeatures
and their Ardor ( the most violent prone and loyal fascist formations were referred to as Arditti- the ardent ones.
To defeat this scourge, they must be identified, exposed, confronted and defeated.Period.
This Darth-Vader type formation is qualitatively the worst of a number of Yang-type identifications and
the one that cannot ever be underestimated or ignored or appeased.

you won’t find emile spending his energy on trying to shut up others in this forum, but there are plenty of ‘fascists’ that frequent this site that get outraged at content they doesn’t fit their personal preferences, and who would dearly like to control the content according to their own limited preferences. what do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

What a tyranny to have to obey oneself! everywhere we are forced to be egos. how do we get to relationality over rationality? Go emile!

for Reich there were four danger signs of personal or micro-fascism: rapaciousness (predatoriness), lewdness (sex without respect for the other), sadism (enjoyment of another's pain)and chronic lying. (Mass Psychology of Fascism).

I like some of his rantings condensed down to a paragraph or 2. I wish he read Reich to make him get off his repetitive narrow perspective on yin-yang organic inter-relationships. Reich dissected the functions of micro-fascism and saw it as the subjective rationalization of conquest as instinctual sexual motives.

Hah, Reich, real hippy stuff! I wish emile WOULD read some Ilya Prigogine, 'The End of Certainty'. A little indeterminism, irreversibility, statistical mechanics and probability may pull him out of his eastern religious determinism!

I'll take fascism over masturbating over images of one's mother anytime, which is what he admitted to! That's one hella mixed up gringo!!

(a) in terms of what things do in absolute space and absolute time [newtonian physics]

(b) in terms of relational forms in a continually transforming relational spatial plenum [modern physics]

in (a) the organization is understood as an ‘independent reason-driven system’ operating in an empty space [the participants actions are fully and solely intentional and deliberate] therefore those at the ‘reasoning centre’ are judged to be the ultimate creative authors of the productive results of the organization. the topology is the same as God-the-Creator [ego, the ultimate/supreme self] and this is what those who believe in reason-over-relations ‘believe’ (as in Ayn Randism).

in (b) the organizing source is understood as the relational spatial plenum of nature which includes the relational forms that participate in the organizing dynamic. they understand the organizing to be firstly relational; i.e. a relational network or web with sockets and plugs as is in a naturally evolving community, ... i.e,. there is a relational need, people have made a house frame but it needs a roof, inviting others to ‘rise to the occasion’, ... and this outside-inward orchestrating need shapes individual and collective inside-outward asserting development and behaviour of ‘roofers’ or etc. the participants in this organizing see their actions as weaving a relational web in which their dynamic relations are opening needs that they are at the same time fulfilling, as in naturally evolving community [in a crowd dynamic, passageways are continually opening into which people are at the same time asserting].

analytical systems inquiry can describe the naturally evolving (b) organizing in an all-yang-no-yin format so that the actions of each participant are described in detail as if he were an ‘independent reason-driven system’ operating in an empty space that exerts no orchestrating influence on him. in this case, there is no ‘rising to the occasion’, only ‘doing what needs to be done according to a reasoned/scientific model [the results of analytical inquiry].

Western society has put ‘reason’ into an unnatural primacy over ‘relations’ as in the analytical models of mathematical physics. In indigenous anarchist communities, relations are still in a natural primacy over reason. That is, every ‘system’ is included in a relational suprasystem which orchestrates the evolving of the systems [relational forms] within its continually transforming relational spatial plenum. system science pioneer Russell ackoff pointed out that analytical inquiry into a system like a ‘university’ was insufficient. While analytical inquiry can explain the university in terms of its components [faculties, departments, plant, etc.] and processes, the university ‘system’ is a relational feature in the greater suprasystem of community where it serves a need that is an outside-inward orchestrating influence that shapes its inside-outward asserting behaviour. as Ackoff observes, ‘analytical inquiry must be grounded in synthetical inquiry’ [inquiry into what need in the relational suprasystem of community is orchestrating and shaping the development and behaviour of the ‘system’ of university]

Compare these views of ‘organization’ dependent on whether one assumes (a) that the space that the ‘system’ resides in is ‘empty’ and exerts no outside-inward orchestrating influence that shapes the inside-outward asserting dynamics of the ‘organization’, or (b) that the space that ‘system’ resides in is a relational suprasystem with outside-inwards orchestrating need/influence that is continually engendering the inside-outward asserting dynamics of the organization.

Consider a culture that started off with people feeling that they were included in a suprasystem (nature) greater than themselves that engendered them so that it felt natural to ‘rise to the occasion’ in the presence of an outside-inward relational orchestrating influence and let it shape their development and behaviour. then, gradually, the individuals became somewhat narcissist and impressed with their own ‘productive capabilities’, and began to think more like ‘scientists’ in analytical terms so that they understood community in terms of a collection of individuals whose reason driven asserting behaviours were fully and solely responsible for the successful dynamics of community; i.e. they began to see the community as a machine whose powers jumpstarted from the ‘independent’ reason-driven participants who performed according to the overall reasoning that jumpstarted from the centre of intelligence of the system.

landlords and kings and other politicians could see the potential for unlimited power coming from such ‘independent’, centrally controlled and centre-of-reason directed systems, providing that the participants would see themselves as independent reason-driven systems with their own internal intention jumpstarting behaviour sourcing.

the rise in the newtonian scientific worldview is the source of the rise of fascism.

p.s. Reich was searching for a hidden 'animative sourcing' other than deliberate intention. it is common to harness 'sex' in roles like this since it is a basic and powerful life force. meanwhile, one only has to start from the full yin/yang influence and take away the yin [outside-inward orchestrating need] to explain how we get to all-yang-no-yin aka fascism/central control.

Reich was a working member of The Frankfort School.
This was a Neo-Marxist, Neo-Freudian Research
Center. They did produce good theoretical work
that had a far ranging influence on New Left
activists and theoretical debates in academia as well.
His main contribution involved with others the research
on the Authoritarian Personality
and its corollary in the reactionary psychological infection
of rigid, "unreasonable" self- identifications of the "working classes"
with reactionary elements and political reactionary forces.
His naive attempt at the Orgone Box was to relieve the tension bound up
by atavistic forces blocking the frustrated erotic desires of these limited
individuals incapable of accepting Marxist analysis / politics due to their
authoritarian Character structure.
The same frustration that we dismay in our 21st. century "working class"
in the West today: the frustration that cannot cope with the loyalty to
and participation in right- wing formations that are deemed to be "against their material interests".
Alas, nothing has changed in this regard well over a century.
The problem is that many potential "recruits" know that at least conservative memes, traditions,
and "uncouth" behavior at least offers some sense of comfort and sensibilities to compensate
for actual psychological, educational, and practical limitations that have affected them profoundly
and devastatingly so. Our appeals to these potential allies are all based on the arguments of Reason, which they know are
hollow at best or a Ruse to trick them into believing that a class -based society has anything resembling
a "better deal" for them. Hence, is it no wonder why so many of the working classes have disdain for our warmed over
Pseudo Marxist entreaties? No, they know in fact what politics, posturing, and darn near deceptions are all about.
Our only hope with these substantial in number yet "misguided" people have NO-thing to do with our sectarian B.S. regardless of our
supposedly "sincere", "avant-garde", "cutting -edge" blah, blah blah.
Reaching out to each other with care , concern, and utilizing a more cultural approach of those "soft" cultural mediums as art,
poetry, music, dance festivals, nature hikes, or just hanging out and learning as well as teaching skills and enjoying each other as human
beings. Even then, we cannot measure our efforts in terms of success or failure, but to "merely" enhance our real lives together.
As to where it leads, who knows? with luck all of us might someday "get somewhere' from this
forsaken catastrophe of every day life.

my view is that language-based thoughts are screwing up our understanding. call it the 'metaphysics of language' as nietzsche does or the 'economy of thought' as mach does. by sustaining dialogue and inquiry we may come around to straightening up our twisted thinking which has us, amongst other things, believing in science. scientific applications operate on correlations, ... more ddt less insects, ... science concludes that ddt kills insects. as nietzsche says, this is bullshit; it is just a language game where we play with correlations between quantitative measurements (variables) without ever understanding what is really going on but claiming to on the basis of the 'metaphysics of language'.

science and reason are screwing up our thoughts and then, because we are so enamoured with science and reason, we let our thoughts trump our relational experience which royally fucks things up.

Free will - there is no free will, only causation
Causation - there is no causation, only phenomenological outcomes of varying likelihood.
Phenomena of varying likelihood - below this level of abstraction, categories cannot exist, even fluid loosely defined ones.

Expect a story about submarines or the ocean in the near future.

Yeah, but 'which science'?

Modern science sees field [relational influence] as primary and matter as secondary ‘appearance’ [‘variations in the relational structure of space’ – Schroedinger].

In a relational space, we become PARTICULAR people once again, ... perhaps this was where Stirner was coming from.

Newtonian science generalized us, ... making us out to be a one-sided yang machine constructed bottom-up from atoms and driven from out of our internal processes, ... a bundle of neurons, as Francis Crick contended.

What makes such general people, ... people seen as independent reason-driven systems, ... different? Why, is the reasoning and intention that that they are born with and develop in their lives, ... the natural gift of their ‘free will/intention’ and the intellectual processes that driven and direct behaviour. oh, yes, ... and the genetic processes that driven and direct development as in ‘Darwinism’.

This is the one-sided, all-yang-no-yin view of the science of mechanics, ... which Mach warned us was over-simplified ‘economy of thought’.

If, as in modern physics, the world is a relational space, then ‘inductive influence’ takes over the primacy and we become ‘particular individuals’ whose inside-outward asserting development and behaviour is outside-inwardly orchestrated by ONE’S PARTICULAR SITUATIONAL INCLUSION IN THE CONTINUALLY TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL SPATIAL PLENUM.

Now, have you ever actually experienced an ‘outside-inward inductive influence’ as would associate with the relational space of modern physics? Have you ever felt outside-inwardly PULLED into an unfolding relational spatial situation? Watching two people in their futile attempts to push a car out of a snow-filled ditch, knowing that you as a third pusher would liberate the car from its stuck position? Have you ever doubted the ‘realness’ of this inductive ‘rising to the occasion’ influence; i.e. that what is stimulated in an inside-outward asserting sense originates from an outside-inwards orchestrating influence of unfolding spatial relations in which you are uniquely [particularly] situationally included in? Is this real, this outside-inward pull of the unfolding spatial-relational world in which you, and you alone, occupy a unique and particular situation within its web of relations? Did Stirner and his ‘ownness’ ever attune to poems like Mary Oliver’s ‘Wildgeese’ which suggest that our behaviour should not have to be yang-driven out of the interior of ourselves as general machine-people driven fully inside-outwardly by our atoms and neurons shaping our own behaviour with moral responsibility; i.e. that there was, in nature, an outside inward ‘calling’ that invited us, in particular, to take our place in the naturally unfolding spatial-relational scheme of things?

“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
...Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting --
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.”

Newtonian science does not allow this ‘Great Spirit’ in nature to ‘call to us’. According to newtonian science, we are ‘independent reason-driven systems’ that operate in an absolute fixed empty and infinite Euclidian space which is innately incapable of influencing our behaviour outside-inwardly like a relational space. Our development too, science says is Darwinian, driven by a purely-inside-outward asserting mechanics called ‘genesis’, ... oops! ... that’s right, stem-cell research has biologists now saying that outside-inward orchestrating ‘epigenesis’ takes precedence over inside-outward asserting ‘genesis’ and that ‘signals from the environment’ heard by cell receptors are outside-inwardly shaping cell ‘effector’ dynamics.

But science is unwilling to acknowledge [as yet] outside-inward shaping influence on individual behaviour. science says that individual humans are ‘independent reason-driven systems’ that operate in an absolute fixed empty and infinite Euclidian space, a ‘habitat’ which is independent of the inhabitants that reside within it, ... except, of course, ... modern physicists have been saying for over a century that ‘space is not Euclidian’, that it is ‘relational’ and thus that outside-inward behaviour shaping influence is primary, ... i.e. mary oliver is right, ... we are the outside-inward orchestrating influence that shapes our inside-outward asserting development and behaviour. as a matter of fact, R. D. Laing is right as well, ‘the life that we are reaching out to grasp is the ‘we’ who are reaching out to grasp it’, ... and Emerson is right as well, in saying that we are agents of transformation, like storm-cells in the atmosphere who ‘transmit influences from the vast and universal to the point on which our genius can act.

And after all, ...wasn’t this outside-inward influence the orchestrating source of naturally evolving community, the relational complexity of the oasis after a few straggling nomads came out of the desert and settled there complexified the relations and opening up new niche needs that attracted more settlers and outside-inwardly shaped the development of their skills and behaviours?

and then, as john locke observed, along came money and wage labour and removed the outside-inward ‘rising to the occasion’ ‘inductive orchestrating spirit’ and made the whole works into a pure inside-outward asserting yang machinery run by reason rather than by relations ['unraveled community']. science convinced people [Western civilized people] that they were ‘independent reason-driven systems’ with God-like jumpstart powers of authorship of ‘their own behaviour’ [no need here to impute outside-inward behaviour shaping influences in this ego-driven view of man];

in this science and reason based view of self, the individual is fully and solely responsible for his own behaviour; i.e. science says his behaviour is coming fully and solely from his independent reason-driven interior ... no matter that you hold him while you gang-rape his wife and daughters in front of him, ... science says that his behaviour must start from within him, from his internal reason and purpose, from his biochemicals and biophysics since he is made of atoms and neurons and he lives in an absolute space and absolute time reference frame seen as operating theatre. he is an independent doer of deeds and those deeds jumpstart from his own interior and from nowhere else, ... otherwise, ... why does Western scientific society have retributive justice [institutionalized vengeance] based on imposing moral judgement on individual behaviours out of the context of relational tensions that induce them to ‘go postal’? oh, that’s right, there can’t be any outside-inward inductive influence on behaviour for an independent reason-driven system that resides in an absolute fixed, empty and infinite Euclidian space, as science says is the nature of human beings and the space they/we live in. of course, there are some dissenters;

"“Everywhere reason sees a doer and doing; it believes in will as the cause; it believes in the ego, in the ego as being, in the ego as substance, and it projects this faith in the ego-substance upon all things — only thereby does it first create the concept of "thing." Everywhere "being" is projected by thought, pushed underneath, as the cause; the concept of being follows, and is a derivative of, the concept of ego. In the beginning there is that great calamity of an error that the will is something which is effective, that will is a capacity. Today we know that it is only a word.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

The boss class loves the newtonian science model because of its exclusive inside-outward asserting dynamic. it attributes the ultimate driving source of the organization [composed of independent reason-driven systems] to the centre of intelligence of the system; i.e. the boss because space is empty. if space really were relational as modern physics says it is then the continually transforming relational spatial plenum would be the originating source of dynamics, in which case the general populace or ocean of people would be the source of the relational form or ‘organization’ within it and the ‘centre’ would be like the eye of the storm, a ‘seat’ that was outside-inwardly inferred as the participants transmitted influence from the vast and universal to the points on which their genius could act.

Organizations are like communities, they can evolve from outside-inward influences, like storm-cells, ... and science can then explain them as if they were fully and solely inside-outward asserting based; i.e. independent reason-driven systems. Organizations can then be put together by using money and wage-labour and central reasoning based directives, as science would have it, ... and there is no longer any need for the Great Spirit outside-inward orchestrating influence which has us ‘rise to the occasion’, ... and no longer any role for mary oliver type thoughts of our attuning to answer some call to take our place in the natural scheme of things, ... we need only ‘do our duty’ according to the instructions of those ‘in power’ who are paying us to ‘take direction’ from them.

after all, this is how newtonian science says the world works, and the more of us that get a Western civilized education that strengthens our belief in science, the more we move towards this pure de-spirited mechanistic fascism where there is only inside-outward asserting yang behaviour; i.e. where man, organism and organizations are understood as independent reason-driven systems that operate in absolute fixed empty and infinite Euclidian space.

When does the dam burst? How will it burst?

'Economy of thought' desires a way of relating that will affix euclidean predictability over all of the earth, inside us, other organisms, and potentially other planets. The desired 'economy of thought' relations impose fixed notions via predictability of scientific 'nanotechnology' and 'automation.'

Some of us have no desire to maintain this belief/fiction/technique/means/economy, and yet such a way of relating eclipses space inner and outer in cartoon talk. Where such cartoon talk to shift after 'nanotechnology' and 'automation' will spatial-relations accomodate life?

Even in disbelief, i do not see what mechanism will accomodate a shift away from 'economy of thought.' The cartoon talk of 'economy of thought' suggests both a fear and desire (as 'inevitable') an orgy of death...

The notion of ‘predictability’ is a bogus notion that philosophers have spoken about, but no matter how often their stories are told, the number of times they are heard even when listened to, is very low. There is no predictability in a continually transforming relational spatial plenum [the world as understood by modern physics relational theorists].

As you say, we, the general public, accept the scientific concept of ‘predictability’;

“The desired 'economy of thought' relations impose fixed notions via predictability of scientific 'nanotechnology' and 'automation.'”

As Mach says, the cause-and-effect underpinnings of predictability in the sense of our being able to bring about a desired state of the world, is based on simple correlations of quantitative measurements;

“If we know all the values of, α β,γ,δ . . . . by which, for example, the values of λ,μ,ν . . . are given, we may call the group α,β,γ,δ . . . . the cause and the group λ,μ,ν . . . the effect. In this sense we may say that the effect is uniquely determined by the cause. The principle of sufficient reason, in the form, for instance, in which Archimedes employed it in the development of the laws of the lever, consequently asserts nothing more than that the effect cannot by any given set of circumstances be at once determined and undetermined. If two circumstances α and λ are connected, then, supposing all others are constant, a change of λ will be accompanied by a change of α, and as a general rule a change of α by a change of λ.” --Ernst Mach, ‘The Science of Mechanics’

the correlation between more DDT in the habitat and fewer insects is a verifiable correlation and that is the basis for the metaphysical language construct ‘DDT kills insects’. All would be fine if space really were an absolute fixed empty and infinite container but in the real world, there are a lot more ‘variables’ that are perturbed by our DDT spraying than we are not monitoring, ... just like we didn’t monitor the climate variables in making the cause-effect predictions between the activities of the farmer and the emergence of wheat crops; i.e. we said, ‘the farmer produces wheat’ but when the dustbowl conditions of the 1930s came along, all those other variable that we had assumed were constant showed themselves as not-constant and screwed up our nice neat cause-effect relation captured in ‘the farmer produces wheat’.

following up on [investing in] the predictions of scientists and the reason-using planners who now shape the operations of corporations [the intuitive-relationists are now ‘out’] is ignorant action that generates incoherence in the social dynamic.

the insect elimination companies can still make good money regardless of the real consequences of infusing toxins into the habitat, as can land ‘developers’ who develop insect-infested swamp and moose-pasture [nuke the insect infrastructure with pesticides]; i.e. they can deterministically bring about the predicted desired future AS DEFINED by the scientific ‘economy-of-thought’ correlations that cause-effect logic is based on. The general problem here is that the concept of cause and effect depends on simple correlations between quantitative measures; i.e. between α and λ [concentration of toxin in habitat and concentration of insects in habitat] when we maybe should have been monitoring the influence of α β,γ,δ, ε, ζ, η, θ on λ,μ,ν, ξ, ο, π, ρ.

the economy runs on science and reason. science and reason are the basis for predicting ‘desired futures’ and how to deterministically bring them about through cause-effect actions. that is the general m.o. of a free-market economy. what such activity does to the relational space we all live in is not predicted by science since the continually transforming relational spatial plenum that includes everything and is engendering us, is inherently not ‘predictable’. ‘prediction’ only applies to the idealized concept of an independently-existing thing-in-itself system as ‘it’ changes over ‘time’. it is inherently incomplete because it is modeled starting from ‘initial conditions’ and in a relational space, there are none, there are only relations.

when is the bubble going to burst? people are still reflecting on the philosophy of nietzsche and mach and others which points to how a confusing of science and reason for reality is screwing up our minds, but the free market economy is built on the implementing of the ignorance and incoherence of scientific predictions, and the free market economy is paying the salaries of scientists who continue to make more predictions and design ways to deterministically bring about desired futures such as ‘insect-free environments’, ... when the real world of our experience that we are in fact ‘tampering with’ is the continually transforming-in-the-now relational spatial plenum, not the idealized conceptual system models-that-be of science.

the bubble will burst at some point if we keep talking and reflecting on how thoughts arise in our minds, that we use to shape our views and behaviours. maybe watching television can be harmful to one’s individual and collective health. that is, the propagandists in our society certainly fight for their access to the microphone and advertising seems to work and generate lots of business, and planners control our working and regulated lives so there are plenty of cooks to stir our thought-broth and keep it within the fascist regulated norms.

So back to the beginning... I think, use of the term Fascist here--and in many other situations where it may not be the most accurate adjective--perfectly acceptable in so far as it was used to communicate an idea in a way that is understandable to a larger base of people. The idea communicated being understandable, regardless of whether to terminology was absolutely accurate. The point being it was understandable and to a wider audience. We live in a world of differently languaged, educated, and IQed individuals where I think for the dissemination of any social, political or other agenda the sense of the idea being understood is more important than the accuracy of terminology taken to an anally retentive extreme. Being minimally educated myself I cannot count the number of times I have been sent running to a dictionary because an author wanted to be overly accurate in thier terminology when a more simple generic term would have communicated the same. Not everyone has or wants to run for a dictionary, and to expect them to do so does not help your cause and often shows as an elitism that really does you or your cause any favours that said there is a reason words have specific meanings and times where to generic a term my confuse, obscure, negate or misrepresent a thought. When however that is not the case we should all perhaps look at how much time we are wasting following up on an analy retentive urge. Note I have this saved to a text file to reuse and as such waste very little time cutting and pasting this comment where ever I have the anal urge to do so.

I definitely agree with you here. At the very least, the poster should presume that if he uses unusual
language , elaborate terminology, or just a lot of "Big Words", he should clarify meanings as much as possible. Otherwise it comes across that the AUTHORITY of the AUTHOR necessarily insures that the opinions expressed seem
validated Not by the argument made, but by "Trust me, I know better". This is a Power TrIp,
no matter how or what is said. This closes off discussion and worst still allows many incorrect material or faulty reasonings to go "under the radar. " Not good for our attempt to make connections, inspire honest debate, and uncover interesting and productive responses. It also impedes a collegial atmosphere, and comradely feeling among and between us. Certainly NOT
good for this site's interpersonal and rhetorical culture.

Okay I should have proofed my post above, but you get the gist. And for anybody who wants to masturbate over my spelling or grammatical errors... go fuck yourself and get a life, you are who I am talking about.

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