Anarchists Express Grief over Huerta’s Death, Gratitude for Protesters’ Courage

A Statement from Organizers of the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair

Organizers of the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair express our grief over the death of Jesus Huerta and our admiration of all who took action in Durham last Friday to confront the police in whose hands he died.

Early on Tuesday, November 19, 17-year-old Jesus Huerta, known to his friends as Chuy, was killed while handcuffed in the back of a police car in Durham, North Carolina. He died of a gunshot wound. The Durham police have refused to offer any further details, but Chuy appears to be the third person they have killed in four months.

Chuy’s death is an irreparable tragedy. No investigation or justification can rectify this loss, nor break the systemic pattern of racist harassment and repression of which it is a single example. In a just society, the Durham police would submit themselves to the judgment of his family, rather than presuming to judge guilt and innocence themselves. Instead, in the initial coverage, police and corporate media reported previous misdemeanor charges against Chuy in an attempt to discredit him, even though all of those charges had long been dismissed.

On the following Friday night, hundreds of people gathered at CCB Plaza in Durham and marched to the police headquarters, displaying signs, banners, flares, and firecrackers. Several windows of the police headquarters were broken, as well as the window of a squad car. Police officers physically attacked participants, arresting three and verbally threatening many more. Of the arrestees, one was released with no charges, an indication of the lack of precision with which the arrests were carried out. The other two are 14 and 19 years old, close to Chuy’s age.

The News and Observer and other corporate news sources have presented blatantly slanted coverage. According to one article, “Officers came out from the building to help defuse the situation” by trying “to push the crowd back.” Another News and Observer article reports that, “as the group reached police headquarters, protesters wearing black hooded sweatshirts, ski masks and bandanas joined the march.” This is blatantly dishonest: a cursory review of photographs of the demonstration available on the News and Observer’s own website shows that protesters dressed thus were present from the beginning of the march. The intention behind this wording is to give credence to police claims that the confrontation was the work of “a few ‘outside agitators,’” the same language once used to delegitimize civil rights protesters.

This effort has not succeeded. As an organizer of the march posted afterwards on Facebook, “I refuse to condemn any actions during the demonstrations, and my heart was full of fire seeing so many young brown and black youth leading the march and expressing their anger with the police.”

Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue, famous for supervising a controversial attack using military equipment and tactics against an unarmed building occupation in 2011, appeared in the News and Observer a week after Chuy’s death, speculating that anarchists were responsible for the escalation of Friday’s protest. For our part, though the politics of all who engaged in conflict with the police are unknown, we praise their courage, determination, and willingness to put themselves at risk for an honorable cause.

It is typical and despicable that the Durham Police Department is investigating Friday’s protest while evading responsibility for Chuy’s death. It is typical and despicable that corporate media are parroting police rhetoric in hopes of dividing the public and delegitimizing popular outcry. It would be despicable, if sadly typical, if local liberals decried the course of Friday’s protest without doing anything to support the young men who were seized by the same police department that has Chuy’s blood on its hands. Like the bereaved, Friday night’s arrestees know it was not handwringing proponents of timidity who responded in their hour of need.

As for what it would take to ensure that no one ever dies at the hands of the police again, it would surely be more dramatic than the breaking of a few windows. Those who have no real plan to ensure this should not criticize others’ efforts to deter police from taking lives lightly, unless the maintenance of today’s “law and order” is more important to them than the lives it costs.

This ongoing tragedy is yet another example of why anarchists desire a world without police or any of the other institutions that impose white supremacy and inequality. We invite you to join us in the struggle to abolish them.



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As much as such police killing is disturbing and infuriating, the response...

"marched to the police headquarters, displaying signs, banners, flares, and firecrackers"

...appears ridiculously pacifist and self-victimizing. Unless more intense stuff was done and wasn't reported in this article... but why?

In other news:

Israel Hernandez-Latch, killed by tazer for spray-painting:

Danielle Maudsley, a beautiful young rebel, tazered and beaten to brain death by a police thug:

This is violence that needs to be answered properly.

The next sentence is "Several windows of the police headquarters were broken, as well as the window of a squad car." You read poorly. And if your point is that other things should happen, well, as they say in school, show me, don't tell me.

This article is clearly not intended for an anarchist-only readership. The inability to speak anarchism except to other anarchists is a hindrance to anarchists.


Israel was equally as beautiful. Why you gotta gender some shit?

P.S. Fuck beauty as a measure of value.

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Fuck State lies and violence as measure of justice.

you say justice like its a thing

You talk of brutally-repressed people like they are things

English makes everything into 'things'. See the delishus 'circularity'?
'like its a thing'... don't take it so literally

Repressed people, so what, fuck your liberal justice, any kind
And once you start talking about 'brutality', anything goes, so fuck that too

yeah yeah, when you're on the "right" side of the batons and the prison doors, you can pretend being so clever and self-righteous. I know ordinary cowardice and piggery.


Who's the coward, liberal

Can we get some moderation up in here? This is sub-police-provocateur level trolling, and there are people trying to have real discussions.

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ha, and yes, fuck being able to communicate with anybody outside this virtual milieu, too! let's make the way we talk about our politics so obscure and orthodox that nobody can even tell what we're talking about when we address them!

not talking bout justice and brutality and other such useless things doesnt make anything 'obscure and orthodox'... except maybe if your talking to liberals
but then, why would you talk to liberals? and its not like liberals are the only ones to talk to

pretty sure the folks in the street for chuy weren't liberals, but they were definitely demanding "justice" and talking about police "brutality." if you respond to that language by being like 'fuck you liberals,' you'd be immediately putting an abyss between you and the other people looking for a confrontation with the prevailing order.

you seem like an asshole, so maybe you'd find a way to alienate yourself from them anyway. but i do think it's important to be able to understand each other across and despite different language and conceptual frameworks, and also not to confuse ourselves by making the word 'liberal' so diffuse it can't properly designate anything.

You are so embarrassingly stupid that you didn't even read ONE SENTENCE past the one you criticized. You were just like, "OH SHIT, an opportunity to be a tough-guy internet commenter" and rushed down to get your make-believe-militancy headrush. As if demonstrators are out to please your taste in internet consumption, anyway. And, as far as what you think should be done instead, if only it could be said once and for all: PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR FUCKING MOUTH IS you dregs of the milieu, clown-twerp. I wish "eat shit and die" wasn't a common figurative insult because that's what I really, really suggest you do: shit in your hand, take your foot out of your mouth, stuff the shit in your mouth, and keel over.

That last paragraph could have been avoided.

So it's all about White supremacy and inequity... so suddenly all the other proles being beaten or killed by pot-bellied swine is lesser important.

People repressed by the State deserve support no matter their ethnic/cultural background, ok? Keep maintaining the divisions, even for terrible events like these, and you'll end up with easily-controllable ghettos and your liberal ass resting in a safe suburban enclosure. We need a people united against State repression, damnit!

Dear god, I have been trying to figure out how to arrange for my "liberal ass" to "rest in a safe suburban enclosure" for many years without any success. If only I'd known it is so easy! All you have to do is admit that there is such a thing as white supremacy (for example, in a case of several youth of color being killed), and you are immediately whisked away to a lovely gated community! Homeownership, here I come!

Thank you anarchistnews!

Waaaah my white ass can't support people rising up against the police bc they said they're opposed to white supremacy, waaaah, we need to be united against the state except when you're struggling and i'm upset that you're against white supremacy, then i will just stay at home at cry on the internet because white people are oppressed too you know so don't take our supremacy away, sniffle

No, of course, there is no such thing as "white" people being abused, beaten or killed by cops, or held in jail. This is all racist right-wing propaganda. Doesn't matter how the author just used a police murder and turned it into an issue of White supremacy and inequality.

You are a troll of the 1/10 variety. All the police murders in Durham lately have been people of color. Saying that this is an indication of white supremacy does not mean that there are no other forms of hierarchy or state violence, or that they are not a priority. Anarchists oppose every specific form of oppression by fighting against the infrastructures that impose them. In this case, it would make sense for anarchists to cite white supremacy as one of the things they are fighting, since the struggle is an opportunity to connect with local Latin@s and others for whom that is a concern.

Out of curiosity, what do you think of "National Anarchism"? That would explain your absurd attempts to change the subject here.

you think I'm that Thaddeaus wingnut? Funny.

Now look at the background color of this comment section. Which "color" is that?

Then try to find someone who's got a skin TONE the same as this.

So ok, perhaps there's only dark-skinned people in this town that get killed by cops. And yes, that murder is tragic and it shakens me like every other police murder. But this sort of unaccountable violence by State forces existed for a very long time between fair-skinned Europeans. Irish people were massacred and tortured not long ago by the British pigs. Like with that group of State-sanctioned psychopaths who roamed the streets of Belfast to hunt down and killed unarmed, defenseless proles just for the kicks.

White supremacy isn't really about skin tone, rather blood lines and gangsterist "Us Vs Them" racism. Yes, natioalism fuels it.

OK, just because it seems you desperately need to hear this from somebody, yes, police kill (and oppress!) people of all ethnic identities. Nobody is trying to erase that.

One of the reasons I think it's important to name white supremacy specifically is that it is one of the many lines along which people who are oppressed are divided (for example, in prison, white prisoners are encouraged to see themselves as sharing some privileges with the predominantly white power structure that incarcerated them, so they don't join with black and brown prisoners in revolt). There are sadly far too many cases of white folks decrying the oppression of white people but ignoring the oppression of others.

Are you seriously suggesting that the reason we have segregated ghettos is because people recognize systemic racism and white supremacy? Wow. You need to learn some history.

There's no such thing as white supremacy

I know you're not meaning to troll, but I give this a IGTT 1/10 anyways.

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It's a rough world out there. Did you know there are starving kids in Africa who have NEVER been able to troll on @news?

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yall are so right, i cant believe these anarchists dont care about being against when the cops kill white people, racism sexism classism homophobia heteronormativity transphobia ableism ageism leninism marxism authoritarianism totalitarianism fascism heteronormatvity patriarchy feminism sexism women hipsters Israel gentrification maoism stalinism trotskyism naziism fascism democracy anti-democracy non-direct-democracy hierarchy social stratification, exploitation, cultural appropriation and reappropriationg, miley cyrus, domination, ideology, religion althusserianism gramsciianism the university the institutions, the banks, the left, the right, the banks, the banksters, the gangsters crime, anti-crime, cops, wallstreet, and fucking jesus the occupy movmeent. also language is definitely the 1st apparatus, ideology is the second one, and omg fucking materialism.

There is a bit of a disjunction between the bulk of your text and the last sentence which makes no sense. The bulk of it is you making fun of identity politics, which is cool with me, and then at the end you also attempt (poorly) to make fun of a non-identitarian method of identifying power (the apparatus).

An apparatus is anything that limits the ability of forms-of-life to wander. It is the thing that creates an identity. It's what makes a Self. Language was the first apparatus which produced all sorts of ideologies. That being said, I don't know anyone who actually believes you can destroy language, or most apparatuses for that matter. So it's never a question of "abolishing language" or ideology - which usually leads to academic or lifestylist escapades. I assume this endeavor (specifically the birth of "political correctness" in the 1970s) is what you're trying to critique because you don't know what you're talking about. It is a question of rendering these apparatuses nonfunctional in their attempt to create identities out of our behavior. What this means for a practice is not so clear but the intersection here with materialism (which you also try and fail to make fun of) is to attempt to discover if there are apparatuses that create the conditions of existence for a large bulk of the other ones. I think yes. I think that the commodity and it's spectacles and the wage and racial ordering are some apparatuses that create all sorts of other apparatuses. The apparatus is what governs behavior at the level of everyday existence. It's effects produce legal and illegal subjects. Turnstiles produce fare-hoppers. Property produces thieves. White produces black (and vice versa). Citizen produces immigrant.

Basically, you either don't get it or your joke was too convoluted. What you are covering with irony is potentially a real perspective. "What is an Apparatus?" by Agamben explains some of this in relatively simple language.

In fact, here it is, it's short too:


And no language, languages! People can be enslaved by languages of the kind of english and such, but not necessarily, and it's not the languages themselves that enslave. Languages of that kind are largely 'cultural' organizings of kaleidoscopic fluxes of impressions; they don't 'limit ability to wander' nor 'enhance it'.

Also, fuck you liberal

do we think that the project of rendering all apparatuses inoperable is analogous to the project of getting out of ideology? it's hard to think about a life that is wholly unconfigured. for instance, so long as there's buildings - walls - doorways - any sort of transit route for getting between them, i believe there will be apparatuses. no?

You seem to have a far too wide definition of "apparatus". If you can't see a difference between having your life managed by an orwellian totalitarian capitalist regime and using necessary, collectively-produced routes or buildings, you gotta perhaps mind about your mental heath. Not sayin' mine is in perfect condition...

There are devices and systems of social control (the "apparatuses") posing as necessities for daily life (i.e. maintaining production within the social factory and resulting accumulation of capital), and there are amenities and infrastructures that ALWAYS have been around, no matter the social order you got. Even wild animals make routes in the forest, as natural convenience, and some wild rodents build lairs to be reused by others later. Beavers make barrages to catch fish, while allowing tons of other life forms to enjoy a wetland milieu.

fuck your shit about mental health, dont understand at all where that came from - but also, from what is an apparatus: "It is clear that ever since Homo sapiens first appeared, there have been apparatuses; but we could say that today there is not even a single instant in which the life of indvidauls is not modeled, contaminated, or controlled by some apparatus." so yeah it's a wide definition but also im not limiting "apparatus" to "things that make us do stuff we dont like", which i dont think is as useful (or is maybe too pragmatic, and shies away from critical understanding of our environment as one shitty environment of many possible, some perahps non-shitty environments.

beavers DO NOT catch or eat fish they only eat plant matter. the dams they build are to create the wetlands to defend against predators and move wood.
go outside and learn something

Wide-open beavers catch penises!

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