Anarchists: We need to talk about Facebook


For several years we have provided servers and communication infrastructure for the left. We have done our best to keep the servers safe and have resisted requests for user data by the authorities, using various means.

In short: we try to offer a liberating form of communication within the capitalist internet.

We have always seen the internet as a resource for our struggles and at the same time recognised it as contested political terrain, and we have acted accordingly. We thought that most on the left saw it the same way. But since more and more people on the left have been "using" Facebook (or Facebook has been using them), we are not so sure any more. Instead, our political work has been seen as lacking and exhausting. Encrypted communication with autonomous servers is not perceived as liberating but rather as annoying.


We just hadn't realised that, after all the stress out on the streets and all those lengthy group discussions, many activists seem to have this desire to prattle at length on Facebook about everything and with everyone. We hadn't realised that, even for the left, Facebook is the sweetest of all temptations. That the left along with everyone else enjoys following the subtle flow of exploitation where it doesn't seem to hurt and, for once, not having to resist. Many people suffer from a bad conscience. While this may lead them to anticipate the fatal consequences of Facebook, it does not seem to translate into action.

Is it really ignorance?

Just to give a short outline of the problem. By using Facebook, activists do not just make their own communication, their opinion, their 'likes', etc. transparent and available for processing. Instead - and we consider this far more important - they expose structures and individuals who themselves have little or nothing to do with Facebook. Facebook's capability to search the net for relationships, similarities etc. is difficult to comprehend for lay people. The chatter on Facebook reproduces political structures for the authorities and for companies. These can be searched, sorted and aggregated not just in order to obtain precise statements regarding social relations, key people, etc., but also in order to make predictions, from which regularities can be deduced. Next to mobile phones, Facebook is the most subtle, cheapest and best surveillance technology available.

Facebook users as unwitting informants?

We have always thought that the left wants something else: to continue our struggles on the internet and to use the internet for our political struggles. This is what it's about for us - even today. That is why we see Facebook users as a real danger for our struggles. In particular, activists who publish important information on Facebook (often without knowing what they are doing), which is increasingly used by law enforcement agencies. We could almost go as far as accusing those activists of collaborating. But we're not quite there yet. We still have hope that people will realise that Facebook is a political enemy and that those who use Facebook make it more and more powerful. Activist Facebook users feed the machine and thereby reveal our structures - without any need, without any court orders, without any pressure.

Our Point of View

We are aware that we're talking from 'above'. For us, having worked for years - and sometimes have earned a living - with the net and with computers, system administration, programming, cryptography and lots more, Facebook comes as something like a natural enemy. And since we also consider ourselves to be part of the left, this adds to the analysis of the political economy of Facebook, where 'users' are turned into a product, that is sold, and become consumers at the same time. The jargon for this is 'demand generation'. We realise that not everyone deals as enthusiastically with the internet as we do. But for activists to allow this Trojan horse called Facebook to be part of their everyday lives is a sign of ignorance on a critical level.

We urge everyone: close your Facebook accounts! You are putting others in danger! Act against this data monster!

Also: Leave Yahoo! mail and co. Down with Google! Against data retention! For net neutrality! Freedom for Bradley Manning! Long live decentralisation!

Fight capitalism! Also - and especially - on the internet! Against exploitation and oppression! Also - and especially - on the internet!

Get on your comrades' nerves. Point out to them that by feeding Facebook they have chosen the wrong side!



What is a good secure free alternative email provider to use? I've been wanting to close my yahoo and google email accounts but I don't know what to use aside from these.

but yer right!
facebook is stupid, alternatives are available.

How do I know riseup is not run by the CIA? What if it's a giant honeypot? never allowed me to get email at them, they ask for recommendations and in that way they compomize my security, I don't care to tell them whom i know among anarchists and even I could ask other anarchist to give me recommendation, I don't want to do it. first it is capitalism in which people stay privileged from middle age till today (children inherited status of parents in the middle age and parents today have connections to employ child, it means, people without connections stay poor, get no or bad jobs, etc), so, riseup is the same as capitalists, they function in capitalist way. one more time, system of recommendations allow them to find out any user who appear to be terrorist (put bomb to the government for example and has email at which he used to communicate). therefore I use tor network and google and hotmail. is the same case as, I tried several times to register email, I never succeeded.

Try fastmail.

I don't like Facebook myself or any social media for that matter but I use Twitter to follow anonymous and I only use Facebook to keep in touch with people I think have potential to 'open their eyes' but how do I spread the word without talking about or giving too much information?! I want to do more!

"how do I spread the word without talking about or giving too much information?!"

Real life.

paint circle-As in the streets

Real life and painting circle-As in the street and back patches.

1. Get
2. Download Thunderbird (free e-mail software like Outlook)
3. Install GPG (Encryption software, free alternative to PGP)
4. Read guide on how to use GPG e-mail encryption for 20 mins. There's guides on
5. Encourage others to do the same who you communicate with.

BTW, riseup is just an e-mail provider in this list of things to do. If you're sending encrypted e-mail, it doesn't matter what e-mail provider you're using because it's encrypted so they can't read it anyway.

I avoided doing this shit for many many years because I thought it was annoying and too complicated and nobody used it. It's seriously way simpler than you think, takes like 30 min to setup (including learning how to use it) and if you communicate with at least one person using it, it's totally worth it. Seriously, it's unfortunately in many instances safer than speaking to someone in person at this point.

Are you so certain the feds can't read encrypted e-mail? That changed with them making major breakthroughs in 2010. Yeah, they have stuff going back to 1987 in storage waiting to be decrypted if they think it's worth the effort. Admittedly the standard local cops may not have such tools, but Uncle Sam does. It's not like they're going to tell you they do either. So where would a fed concentrate their attention/effort?'s patrons would be a good place to start. The whole idea of utilizing such obvious repositories is like putting all the scorpions in a bottle. The art of avoiding detection involves becoming invisible, not wearing a suit of armor. Encryption will slow them down, but it's not a sop. It will slow down the local Mayberry police even more, maybe even stop them, though the feds will help them if asked. Anarchists are especially attractive targets because they're so secretive and paranoid. That will attract attention as quickly as a fleeing burglar to a Doberman. Yeah, avoid Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and the internet. Stick to communicating with 2 tin cans and a string. How comical. Instead of working for change, you'll end up burying yourself before you're medically dead.

Fucking Leftists! Of course facebook is dumb, but it's dumb because it's yesterday, just like the left, all the post-left nihilists are on iphones and snapchat. So yeah, fuck facebook, it's basically the left off the internet.

This is quite true. Also, tumblr.

"but it is effective for organizing"

buttz it iz affective for oranizing.

Activists??? The Left??? Fuck off and figure some shit out first, true FB is dangerous but enough out this activist left bullshit, get a clue

Parody of post-left zealot, or real post-left zealot. Always difficult to tell

Why not? Do not use your real name. Do not upload recognizable photos of yerself. Put your most incendiary language into text pasted into graphics jpg and gif files. Use a proxy to mask your originating IP address, or change your login IP address frequently by going to internet cafes or wi-fi outlets. Use various and many accounts with different names, aliases, photos and identities. Post in different languages. Attack racist, monarchist and exploit groups. Don't cut your own throat by going to the FBI page and ranting about Hoover's pink dresses and sadism. Only "like" and comment on radical groups and pages like Bakunin, Proudhoun, Goldman, Godwin, Black Bloc, Nat Turner, Luigi Galleani, Black Panthers, Franz Fanon, Russell Means, etc. or groups like IWW or Anarquista Overthrow Uber Alles, so that all your friends get recommendations to these pages rather than the standard capitalist BS. Distribute your edgy agitprop to 1000s of unsuspecting and credulous people who need to know better. Educate and organize. F-k Z-kerberg.

Use FB, don't let them use you. Cheers.

i bet you have a lot of friends

Friends only come from facebook, anyone without facebook has no friends. Also why does is matter how many friends you have. I can't believe that this was posted on a-news(no really I can). Anarchists and social capital, it is insidious. The more friends you have the more anarcho-power you accumulate. The future looks bleak.

There's truth to your sarcasm. I left Facebook for a few months and it was like I no longer existed to my friends. Didn't get called to hang out... Didn't get invited to shit. Haven't seen folks in months. Back on Facebook... No problems.

That's the problem. People don't socialize in meat space the way they used to or at least use the Internet to mediate those interactions.

The more you walk, act, and quack like a duck, the sooner the fox will pay you a visit. Aliases and other obvious, but futile, efforts to hide your identity will only draw attention. Besides, the only real leverage for change Anarchists have (or don't) is the power of persuasion. It's not like they're going to successfully foment a guerrilla war and march out of the hills to take Washington. They may break a few windows, slash some tires and assault a few unarmed citizens in the streets before being hunted and fleeing like rabbits. The violent anarchists are a totalitarian's wet dream. Violence is the one thing at which capitalism excels. It has become easier to kill 12 million people than to control them today.

Some years ago (80's) a guy was busted who sat in the college's computer lab and made indecent overtures to an underage teen online. Similarly, a guy who promoted producing unauthorized license plates and a tax dodge had fled to Costa Rico, a country without an extradition treaty with the U.S. Naturally, the feds wanted this guy badly because he'd f**ked with the $! The money from his U.S. clients continued to flow to him through the efforts of a gal living in/near Hoodsport, WA. She'd regularly go to various internet cafes to communicate w/him and make business arrangements. The feds had no trouble taking her into custody. They eventually paid off some Costa Rican authorities in order to kidnap this guy and bring him back to the states. He'll never leave federal prison alive. All this hooey about 'being careful' or stealthy isn't going to do any good any more than it does soldiers on the battlefield. You won't survive by 'being careful', only by being lucky. You simply don't have to tools to evade detection that way. Even Bin Laden was found. And he was unable to communicate effectively. Better to be like the cactus that resembles a pebble or stone. Invisibility is best rendered beneath the very nose of the predator. When you lose the ability to speak out, you lose the ability to persuade, then the battle, and ultimately the war. Ironically, anarchists are among the worst arch enemies of 1st Amendment principles. It's like choosing whether to root for the pigs or the maggots.

Congratulations! You are now totally out of the Anarchist club. That's totally saying something because I'm still in it and I'm a Marxist-Leninist!!! Hahaha, I kid. But seriously, I just wanted to point out that your little reference to the first amendment is an obvious vomit inducing boobie trap since as a political scientist (which I'd imagine you may liken yourself to be) you cannot be faithfully adhering to the constitution in a cultural sense (science is meant to be acultural i.e. universal). But if science is universal then the constitution is nothing but a document that is given special significance in a cultural sense and so not abstract and so not scientific. But then you have violated your claim to rational discourse since it too presumes to be guided by universal truths.

In short, this is just a cynical ploy professionally crafted to do more than provide a shallow propagandist skew on the anarchist idea, the abolition of the state i.e. not any state but every state, to in the first instance present the scientific conception of the world and history, the dialectical view of history i.e. the glorious and wonderful all encompassing theory of dialectical materialism, as a philosophy in need of policing. The irony is thick thick thick. The material forces of society violently organize to shut down the idea that it is the material forces of society which have the real power.

In the second instance it reminds you of your status as an entirely dominated individual. The violator does not allow you to see his face, the brutal material social forces do not permit the only philosophy that describes them accurately.

"We have always thought that the left wants something else: to continue our struggles on the internet and to use the internet for our political struggles."

We have always thought that social life and all of the means to communication ought to be subjugated by our ideological positions and reduced to spaces of cardboard flavored sociopolitical whining. Don't expose our propaganda structures by presuming a relationship of friendship not only in real life, but also on the internet... Especially on Facebook. We can only see through the pinhole perspective of activism and if you have desires outside the confines of leftist organizing, we are just waiting for the right time to stop merely annoying you and start claiming you're aiding the enemy. Most importantly, don't give in to the offers of conveniently friend-sourcing information related to your tastes in sex, non-print media, food, art, sports, gossip, fashion, or anything else that makes it worth the bother to liberate these things from the commodity form, waged labor, environmental negligence, capital and market-based exchange, fixed and hierarchical identity, etc.

...for how much there is to smash Facebook for, these nutsacks choose to come at it because it reveals relationship structures of usually above-ground, entertainment oriented social networks (plus whatever more personal, likely not ideologically steeped relationships). I don't know about many people but I don't approach my social life and social media like some sort of flat, single-minded politico that would rather annoy their friends for some lost cause than use whatever is available to stay in touch with friends and collaberate on the project of enjoying life (without sacrificing revolutionary [sic] activity).

"I don't know about many people but I don't approach my social life and social media like some sort of flat, single-minded politico that would rather annoy their friends for some lost cause than use whatever is available to stay in touch with friends and collaberate on the project of enjoying life ".

ok so i agree that this piece is fairly single minded - theyre using some seriously outdated and stale generalizaitons in re: to the assumed audience (the left). but thats not the main point of this article, obviously....

on anther note, its kind of depressing to hear that FB is your method of not approaching life like a politico, to stay in touch with people. thats not really any one individuals fault, just what a fucking bummer, right? personally, i dont really think that social media does much to contribute to meaningful 3 dimensional interactions anyway. call me crazy and old fashioned.

thas tru though skype should probaby get 3d, snapchat too

The most important thing about facebook isn't to find information but to map networks. If you really wanna use facebook, use a fake name and create an account using tor or tails. Only login through the same means (make sure you know what yr doing).

This shit is a big threat. So many people have gotten rounded the fuck up because of their adventures on facebook. Don't be another one. Don't get your friends vanned because of your arrogance. Seriously, even just the "who knows who" function of FB can be soooooo condemning during...I don't know...GRAND JURIES!

Stop acting like it's just paranoia. You know you've already thought about deleting it anyway...

Like any number of other "anonymous" communication channels, it's all fun and games until you contact someone who isn't anonymous.

On the real, I've deleted my Facebook and like most people I know who have done the same, eventually came back. Show me an option that other people actually use that isn't hideously ugly or unusable (I'm looking at you, Crabgrass), and maybe I'll actually leave. But at this point a lot of people don't log into other chat programs anymore or invite people to events any other way, so if you want to get ahold of people that way or hear about things your alternative not be able to? Yay for annoying your friends or whatever, but realistically, most people aren't going to want to do that.

This is But at this point a lot of people don't log into other chat programs anymore or invite people to events any other way, so if you want to get ahold of people that way or hear about things your alternative not be able to? This is sad. You'd rather willingly display a map of your social network to nefarious individual, potentially endangering yourself and your friends, than simply not use social networks. Awesome, this is merely a symptom of the reality that most NA anarchists don't even care about the struggle.

Well, yes, clearly most people would, and continue to do so even when they know it's not a good idea. If we want NA anarchists to get off of social networks, public shaming has not been shown to be an effective tactic; a better way would be to address the reasons why people feel the need and desire to use them, such as the erosion of offline social life.

But if it makes you feel better, sure, no one cares about the struggle and your cock is bigger than mine.

"; a better way would be to address the reasons why people feel the need and desire to use them, such as the erosion of offline social life."

in my experience the best way to address this is to just straight up do it - cut off the damn thing, and re learn how to find out about social events and gatherings and information via old fashioned networks - knock on your comrades door on the way home from work, go to an event cus you saw a flyer for it, hang out at the infoshop to find out about shit, live with likeminded people, go out to parties and ask proactively about shit going. um.....not really too hard. never had FB, and honestly dont understand the problem. there are occassionaly things i dont hear about - whatever.

Who said that I had a cock, and why should I care how large it is? No, it makes me feel largely frustrated knowing that if people can't not use facebook to be safe, they also likely wouldn't give up a few years of their life in prison to stay quiet. Shit like that makes me feel like working with people in NA is dangerous, and people in NA are full of shit when they talk about anarchism or any sort of societal critique at all.

But yeah, I'm glad that you seem to fall in to the same "don't give a fuck, don't criticise me" camp as most of this place. Fuckin' NA anarchists "me, me, me, me" fuck you all.

Smoke Signals? Hand couriers? Clandestine radios? Flashlight Morse code? heh Wake up and smell the coffee. While you're wiling away the hours about your mythical revolution, your pals and classmates are figuring out how to be...bourgeois? There's about...oh, 20 anarchist. The rest are pretenders hoping to impress their girlfriend and get into her pants. Let us know how that's working out for you.

fucking patriarch why cant women pretend anarchy hoping to impress their boyfriends and get into pants

that's all anarchism ever is. that's why they call it bottom up :P

So if an anarchist is truly committed to the 'struggle', they can't have any friends, at least on FB? They should hide in a cave, only come out after dark, and never expose their face or identity?--because that's what it would take given the level of today's surveillance. And for what? The illusion that all the juvenile vandalism is going to change the world? Live your life as though you were already 'free' and lead by example. You can't do that hiding in a cave. Though communication comes with the disadvantage of possibly being heard, it offers the upside of possible persuasion. It also offers the appearance of having taken the high road while the totalitarians slink around in the dark looking up people's dresses. The choice is really that simple, that obvious. In Animal Farm, the pigs, as they acted more and more like their previous human masters, ultimately began to dress and even look like them. This was more than metaphor, more than artistic license. It's a fundamental truth of the human condition. Act like a pig, think like a pig, and risk becoming one in the end.

" If you really wanna use facebook, use a fake name and create an account using tor or tails. Only login through the same means (make sure you know what yr doing)."

And make sure you post pictures of yourself and make public links with all your known associates the same day! As long as you're using tor, it's safe!

WWSS? What Would Sabate Say?

In all honesty, it really depends on how you use facebook. If the networks you're forming on facebook are people who you don't live in the same city with, and whom you've never done anything with, or people you know through your job, or your band or whatever, then i'm not sure it's worse than any other technology. obviously, you need to be smart about what you say and what you post about. are there really many cases where people have been popped through fb use? cell phones and text messages seem much worse, imo.

There are many, many cases where people have been popped through FB use. That is verifiable fact.

This is true--especially where they've confessed online to a crime. So don't do that. And, given the time, local detectives, et ux, *do* gather intelligence by perusing the internet/FB. But so do regular people. The most common pursuit, however, stems from anarchists committing CRIMES in public. So if you're argument amounts to: Don't do FB because it will lead to them getting you and your friends, consider the obvious. Committing crimes in public will lead even more directly to them getting you and your friends. In fact, many folks don't want anarchist 'friends' who do such things because they don't want to be dragged into it. Seen Kteeo or Matt Duran at any anarchist events or hangouts lately? How about Leah Plante? The inconvenient fact is, anarchists rat out each other when it suits them more often than covert agents for the government. It's a major strategy government uses for penetrating circles of miscreants. The strongest argument against using FB or even communicating with anarchists at all is the airheads will bring you down with them. You won't have to root around in the dumpsters by night to find a straight up anarchist worth knowing. Besides, whoever said you had to wear your heart on your sleeve? Just live your life like it was meant to be and don't hide your light under a bushel. If you're successful, people will notice.

Actually, it is worse than many other technologies. And in the "old days" of more than 5 years ago, we had convergences in different cities to ostensibly form ties between anarchist groups. And if you think you're forming equally valid ties and networks by someone "liking" your anarchist group on facebook, you're dead wrong. It's an illusion. There's a reason the best you can hope for in terms of event turnout with facebook is 50% of the numbers that said they were definitely coming. Because the internet is bullshit and isn't real. You can say whatever you want on it. If all of those same people said to someone in person "Yes I'm going" I'm not saying it would be 100% but it would be a lot closer to it.

Sure, maybe some connections that have been helpful have been made through Facebook at some point. Does that justify everything else about it that's undesirable? Is it worth it? Of course not! That's like saying going to jail unnecessarily is worth it because you might meet someone worthwhile inside or engaging in a strategy of recruit potential anarchists at a Republican convention is worth it as long as you get one person to change their mind. No, all the negatives outweigh the positives. Stop doing unpaid Facebook PR and just get the fuck off it for your safety and everyone else's.

And we don't have those convergences anymore, so what are you suggesting as an alternative?

I don't know how important it is to form ties with groups in other cities if we're just going to go back to our own cities and do our own thing afterwards

That sounds like a recipe for provinciality, feedback loops and minuscule dating pools.

Dating is consumerism applied to human merchandise.

Boo hoo girls don't like me, sniff, ok time to get a hold of myself, dating is just consumerism, yeah, so fuck it because i'm like against that.

*goes on living necessarily consumerist lifestyle*

Case still open.

Insults based on me being sexually or relationally under-productive are irrelevant and funny at best. Changes nothing to the valid theory that within the current totalitarian, cybernetic capitalism, dating IS consumerism.

Within the "current, totalitarian, cybernetic capitalism", what ISN'T consumerism? It's "funny at best" when you pick out dating in particular to gripe about, because it's a special anarchist dude jargon response to being butthurt over trite, unrequited love.

No, it's not. It's just being aware of our social conditionning. What causes the butthurt is all the social obstacles and repression keeping me from talking my desires openly, with people who are not necessarily of the other gender, or the same age than me, no matter if younger or older. And society IS extremely repressive to that regard.

Bookfairs happen all the time. But they're way more fun to make fun of an @news than to attend and improve.

re organize them. its not that hard, and just because something stopped happening means its was an "inevitable" march forward.

To make new convergences, damnit! I Why is it so impossible compared to the pre-Obama years? You'll just be having more gun-happy post-conservatives instead of the hippie leftists begging with slogans for a position in the Democrat Party.

again, you don't seem to be understanding my point. i agree you shouldn't use facebook for actual activities you're involved in. but if you're simply connecting to people you don't do anything with, or you do only legit stuff with, then really, tell me, what's the danger? that the state will know you're an anarchist? that's not really fucking hard to find out..

Labels, including 'anarchy' are so yesterday. Without them, people might be forced to genuinely discuss ideas and rationality.

Anarchists engage in labeling more than any other self described group I've encountered. Labeling reveals extremely lazy thinking. The truth is, virtually everyone is a mixed bag. Labels are misleading at best, or worse, disingenuous. The government labels people with a social security number. Why follow suit?

It's really really embarrassing that this conversation is necessary, but it's really very necessary. I never got Facebook but literally everyone I know has it, which of course makes it very seductive.

But seriously, cut the "I know it's fucked up but we're fucked anyway so who cares!" mentality. No, every post you make on Facebook makes your security situation worse incrementally. You are actively right now giving the state unnecessary information that they would have hired people to get only a few years ago. Just stop it and get out! It's never too late to quit smoking.

Until you delete your facebook and myspace, you're just playing revolutionary. You may be playing revolutionary in other ways too, but this is definitely one of them. And no, this is not tantamount to "going underground" and it not only necessary if you're part of some clandestine cell living on the edge of society. It's necessary for EVERYONE engaged in any sort of (anti-)political activity, period.

Wahhh wahhhh, but Egypt, wahhh, twitter and facebook liberated the Middle East, wahhhh. NO, burning police stations liberated Egypt, or at least attempted to. If their general strikes weren't organized through the internet they would have been organized by posters, flyers, everyday interactions and human networks. What happened there would have happened with or without the internet and probably would have been better without the internet so people wouldn't be so fascinated with online porn being denied to them instead of staying out in the streets. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

um, as a matter of fact shit really kicked off in cairo when the web and mobile services were shut down by mubarak. so yeah, to your point yes.

there are no facts, only interpretations

"Until you delete your facebook and myspace, you're just playing revolutionary."

So posting on @news is like totally different? They'll never find you if you post on @news, right? By posting here, you defeat your own argument. It's naive to think the feds have no effective means of determining who posts. That's what they do. That's what they get paid for. They don't just monitor @news posters, they monitor EVERYBODY! There is no way off the slide or out from under the microscope. Privacy is dead! Get over it and start making a difference by some other means than looking for a cave to crawl into and die.

Show me where Anews is being run by an NSA-tied big corporation, and developped some bourgeois sucker from Harvard, and where, especially the data on and their networks is collected on some NSA server, you tool.

"Privacy is dead" is exactly how cops and collaborators think.

Show you where? What? Do you mean "how"?

English language... what is that?

we should totally make are own social networking site with better privacy policies and non for profit. call it butt book.

Facebook is for Trotskyists!!!

It's true!
Trots like facebook because their idiotic study groups they constantly put together, where only their own isolated clique of confused Marxists attend, make great use of the events features.
Stalinists tend to go for Twitter. This is so that they can blame their theoretical shortcomings on the character limit. They'll usually just tell you to read marx or lenin.
Anarchists use @news. duh.

"Stalinists tend to go for Twitter. This is so that they can blame their theoretical shortcomings on the character limit. "

LoL... True, so true. That was the Quebec student strike, last year.

"The Red leader has spoken! Just who are you to even ask him to substantiate his one-line... #Gandhi #Stalin #Anarchopanda #capitaleftism #recuperation #politics #GGI #SPVM #Policefriends"

That never happened. You should consider blaming things on finance capital. It's a perspective that totally changed my life. Dirty is as dirty do.

Finance capital... was that the reason why CLASSE was in bed with La Presse and Radio-Canada/CBC?

"...orangutangs are skeptical of changes in their cages, and the zookeeper is very fond of rum." -P. Simon-

what does that even mean? My favorite Paul Simon song is "The Eugenics Project to Annihilate Short people." What a dumb comment though, seriously. Pandering, meh.

I created a troll account to shit all over Facebook and dicourage people from using it this one time. People don't talk to me anymore. lol

Delete your account and use the 10 minutes a day you'd be looking at your friends dumb pictures to interact IRL with people in your community. Fuck Facebook and its spectacular representation!

10 minutes a day? Your estimates are way off. If anarchists only spent 10 minutes a day on Facebook, we'd probably have won by now haha

Why not like in the capitalist movie "Argo" peeps just communicate as if it were a script for a movie, then, its fiction, which it might be anyway, but just being a writer or director grants one legal exemptions, artistic licence still has some punch through bureaucratic process. But anyway, I've got nothing to hide, I'm more concerned about identity theft than having feds accuse me of having anti-statist beliefs. And anyway, for the authority to decipher and translate 20 billion emails per day, even with software which isolates key word equations which narrows it down to say 1 billion ,( this is just an approximation, statistics quantitatively are never accurate anyway, as if permanence exists), the society's apparatus would overload and become self-negating.

You don't need to be an invisible underground mole person to Play revolutionary. It takes a certain number of people to be totally out in the open, saying I don't give a rat's ass, I am an Anarchist you pinko t-rdf-ks. When the police open up your mail they see a giant F.U. finger pointed directly at them. This is how I came to it, when a nice old man like Howard Zinn claimed "I guess I'm an Anarchist", I stood in stunned silence. How could it be that an old lovable grandfathly type was using the dreaded A-word in public? So, yeah. There needs to be a certain percentage who stays firmly and proudly above ground taking a black cirlce a flag to all the BarBQ's, Cookouts, PTA meetings and soccer matches. The one who has the rhetorical chops and knowledge to lay waste when the oinking starts. Out, open and a clearly visible example to the young ones and others on the fence who are paying attention. That doesn't mean cracking starbuck windows or lighting pigmobiles into flames. It means knowledge and courage. Get me drift young whippersnappers???

Second, William Bliney, former NSA, now whistleblower outlined his methodology for cracking, following and breaking TOR streams in the latest Hackes on Planet Earth conference last year.

Howard Zinn, indeed, sings with the angels and is likely conspiring on how to kill God. But a rhetorical master such as he speaking to the violent mob who calls itself anarchist in America today would be like reading Dylan Thomas to a bunch of crack addicts. They've got no intellect, no theory of government, and operate on hormones instead of common sense.

Ok, I agree with all of this, only that anarchists are not part of the Left.

ugh, I'm listening to my funkadelic jams. Yeah, we get it, french revolution, the liberals sat on the left, and liberalism generally stood for challenging nobility and mercantile trade in favor of a "bourgeoining" property owning class of city dwelling former peasants, who's development in production and subsequent wresting control of the means of production away from the nobility resulted in today's capitalism and industrialization. Back then, liberalism was opposed by reactionaries who sought a return to stronger patriarchal god given rights of nobility over the state and subjects.

So you're saying anarchists support feudal monarchies?

No wait... You don't get it. You see post-left is post all of that. It's beyond left and right. It defies description... duh.

Technology shall prevail against primitivist mysticism! We are winning!

^ Sad troll has head so far up ass can no longer read threads. Posts unrelated troll.

That's not a troll, this is a troll

Ah yes, I had nearly forgotten about the post a random comment from an unrelated tread troll. Never got much play, but then maybe that's because it's dumb.

No, much worse than that. Even kings were a welcome alternative to roving bands of vandals, pirates, vikings, and pillaging armies raping, murdering, burning, and laying waste to everything civilized. Anarchists want to return to those halcyon days where might makes right. Their most violent elements are the modern equivalent of what led to the dark ages. And like the pirates/vikings of old, common people will band together, organize, and give up autonomy for safety, to eliminate the scourge and locusts. Violent anarchists invite the most repugnant forms of totalitarianism, and they'll get it in spades. It is proceeding apace.

Hey! Vandals and Vikings were REAL anarchists! As opposed to the modern genre of Wussarchists!


"Until you delete your [cellphone], you're just playing revolutionary."

As someone who has a facebook account, I've always struggled with the fact that you can't just delete it. Might as well use it then (much to my chagrin). But while I was reading this, I got a great idea. Why not create dissonance for the machine before you delete? "Like" a bunch of random incoherent things, post contradictory comments or something, I don't know. I'm no tech genius. Any thoughts on that?

I judge that writing Zuckerberg death threats on your timeline to be seriously lulzworthy.

You absolutely can delete it, they just don't make it easy for you.

Actually, you can't. I have tried numerous times, and it leads to a dead link.

Actually, you can. Here is the link, you have to be logged in:

You can't log in or do anything involving your Facebook account (facebook connect, liking things on other pages, etc. for 14 days after this, and after 14 days of no activity it will be permanently deleted. Have fun!

nope. all permanently deleted means you can't log back in. you can still reactivate your account, just have to contact them, not simply by logging in. facebook isn't stupid enough to actually delete all that valuable user info. that's just dumb. noone's gonna do that without a court order (or a couple of islamic dudes and a hijacked plane, but that's history!)

I don't know where you get this stuff. Really, you are like that kid in middle school who tells all the other kids "facts" about sex, like how you can get pregnant from toilet seats.

Facebook says this in the link above:

"If you do not think you will use Facebook again and would like your account deleted, we can take care of this for you. Keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added. If you would still like your account deleted, click "Delete My Account"."

And if you don't believe them, here, have an Ars Technica link, which says that deleted data doesn't leave their servers immediately, but shouldn't be there past 90 days, if not sooner.

that's a trivial detail. the issue has very little to do with whether you can activate your account or not. you have basically no control over that information, legally speaking. that's the issue and that's true. you raise a marginal point that is mostly irrelevant in this context. really, i would hate to think that it was relevant in this context. it would make vomit red blood.

Seriously, deleting it is plenty good. There are plenty of guides that will walk you through the steps out there like . Yes some of your information may be stored on their servers for a while still, but unless you're wanted by interpol you probably don't have much to worry about. Anything shy of international crime and it'll be hard for anyone but the government to find your old information. (and if they did they probably would already have a copy of it before you chose to delete your account anyway)

Facebook is only as dangerous as you make it. are a good crew but they can still give up your emails to feds if forced.
Encrypt things that are personal.
Don't record things that you don't want repeating in court.
Compartmentalize your activities and comunications, if one is breached you don't want the whole tower of cards to come down.

*It's not just your self you endanger when your careless it's your friends*

They have their own in-house snitches who troll the site for material they think the pigs would want to see and hand it over without even being asked. For your email the pigs have to ask, mabye even get a subpeona or an NSL, but Facebook gives them things they'd miss on their own. Years ago, when Myspace was still strong, a police gang unit spokesman said Facebook and Myspace were the best things to ever happen to him, because he could get in minutes in his office what used to take days of pumping snitches on the street. It appears that Facebook got started doing this when they were a "school achiever" site concerned with being trolled by pedophiles.

I've seen protests run into walls of cops after being snitched on by Facebook, and I saw Spill into Washington in 2010 (Gulf Coast residents to camp out on the Mall) fail because they organized over Facebook and their account was deleted/locked at a strategically chosen moment. This was done with less sucess to a protest against torture at CIA headquarters that same year.

Also, remember that Facebook logs friends, and THEIR friends, and ties ALL OF THIS to IP addresses. Then, using "like" buttons on other websites, they list the entire portion of each person's entire Internet history that comprises pages with Facebook "like" buttons, and they include that information too. If just ONE person is ratted out by Facebook, from that information cops can get a large part of that person's entire Internet history, plus all their contacts that themselves use Facebook, their Internet histories, and go on the their contacts, and soon everyone in the network is exposed. Never organize ANYTHING over Facebook, consider them a malicious website.

At the very minimum, you should not have a Facebook account and should block 3ed party cookies to make it harder for Facebook to track you on OTHER sites containing their "like" buttons. They do this whether or not you have an account with them. They might use supercookies or browser fingerprinting, so I don't trust just blocking 3ed party cookies to stop them and I go to the trouble to directly block them in the browser. If I ever hear of Facebook getting a workaround to beat NoScript rules or Ghostery, I will then block them in /etc/hosts by 'ing them out!

Here are my overall recommendations:

CLOSE accounts with Facebook, Google, Youtube, MNS, Yahoo. At least dump Facebook, they are the one most likely to send you and all your friends to jail.

CLOSE Twitter accounts, or if you must use them to keep track of Occupy actions, avoid posting from them, and do nothing else while logged in unless blocking 3ed party content!

BLOCK 3ed party cookies. Anyone can do this right now as you are reading this, it MIGHT disable those sharing buttons.

BLOCK all social network sharing buttons from all sites. Both Ghostery and NoScript can do this.

BLOCK all adservers and tracking servers, from all sites .Ghostery is good for this. Haven't tried Adblock, I don't get ads with my /etc/hosts list of blocked adservers and spyservers.

DO NOT USE Google or Youtube except through Tor, and don't trust flash with anything sensitive, we don't know enough about it

BLOCK Javascript on unknown sites, learn to use NoScript to protect yourself.

ENCRYPT your computers-all of them-in case a raid, a "burglary" or a stolen laptop ever score your hard drives or flash drives.

Here is some code you can drop into NoScript, in "advanced" in preferences, in the "ABE" tab to also block Facebook and Twitter content
on sites other than your own. You can still read Facebook announcements, those that do not require a login anyway, and Twitter using this,
but they can no longer read you on OTHER sites using these. Someone else posted the Twitter version online somewhere, I added the
Facebook code but someone needs to test this when not blocking at other levels as well. I have Ghostery also blocking this same shit.

# User-defined rules. Feel free to experiment here.

# User-defined rules. Feel free to experiment here.

# Allow Facebook scripts and objects to be included only
# from Facebook pages
Accept from

# Allow Twitter scripts and objects to be included only
# from Twitter pages
Accept from

this motherfucker thinks he discovered oxygen!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!

Oh, Luke. You are almost as much of a long-winded wingnut online as you are IRL.

You must have me mixed up with another Luke. Yes, a technical post will always be long, especially if code is included

Well, then you share a name and city with an infamous wingnut, and if you don't want to be mistaken for that person you might want to choose a different name. Just saying.

NEWS FLASH! jumping through all of these electronic hoops is a waste of time for two reasons.
1) Snitches are their best source of information. The proof in the documents. If you look at cases after case in the Greenscare, Scott Crow, SHAC 7. RNC 8 etc.
2) None of you is engaged with anything that is really a challenge to the state. If we end up in civil war then go underground. Otherwise get out of fantasyland its annoying.
That is all.

one liner

"Suck my cock dude"

Lot of sexual tension going on in this room.

Must have something to do with the ban on sex in the anarchist scene.

Too many fucking rules.

"Don't look at porn."
"Don't masturbate"
"Don't think about sex."
"No males allowed unless you are gay or identify yourself as a woman/homo/trans".

Why are the males who like women made out to feel uncomfortable within the anarchist scene when it is perfectly acceptable in society for all men to love women? It's the total opposite. It makes no sense. What are the males who like women supposed to do? Just hold it in and hide their natural manliness just to fit in with feminists and homosexuals?

Following anarchist principles is like being locked up. You're always honery and feel like you're going to blow it in your pants and never getting any within your circle and always going else where to find women who put out and are always walking on eggshells to make sure you don't say anything to offend women and gays all the time and pornography is sacrilege. What the fuck kind of a backwards world? WTF is this?

What about women who watch naked men while jamming personal sized dildos up themselves? They hate men so much, they got to be getting off some how, or sleeping with men outside their circles so no one hears about it. How long can you hate men for just for identifying themselves as a male? There's a lot of hypocrisy going on in the background and everybody acts like they're better. Almost like they're trying to make straight men feel uncomfortable with being straight. Seriously fucking twisted world anarchists live in these days. They're not even fucking normal.

You literally have to lie about your private life just to fit in with anarchist circles and the fact that you are being dishonest. In a world where everyone human being on earth followed anarchist principles, every male would be castrated with nothing left to populate the earth and everyone is a prude when it comes to sex that they don't produce anything. Explosions of rage would rock the earth far beyond anything history has ever seen. Violent outbursts from sexual frustrations built up would be the norm and would contribute to record breaking levels of rape if you haven't been castrated yet. You have to be realistic when it comes to any movement because most people will not live up to your unrealistic expectations and will break the rules with or without you knowing it. We're not supposed to be fucking Christians here. We're supposed to be anarchists.

It was simple under Bush when everybody knew who the enemy was. which was the capitalism, empire, colonialism, prisons and the police. Now, we just fight each other over gender and racial politics and it totally dominates the main objective.

That's what the anarchist movement has been reduced to. A STEAMING PILE OF SHIT!

funposting on =! 'the anarchist movement', whatever that is

this is not a spaceship. it's a dumb box and i can't get out :(

It makes sense if you're a misanthrope/anthrophobe. Religion attracts prudes. Religion doesn't require God, per se. Communists have a pantheon of their own deities while denying God exists. Anarchists follow suit. It's hard to ignore how those forced to deny their nature/sexuality become twisted. Religion is like that. Stop treating anarchism like its a meaningful/serious philosophy as it exists in the U.S. It's nothing of the sort, but a social club, an extension of the Punk culture on steroids. Hooliganism isn't going to change the world for the better and very few young anarchists have a clue or theory of government. Like the radical gay scene, it's all pseudo-political. Every fringe group has its own mantra it demands be often repeated. Anarchists are no exception.

No disagreement there except for the "no way out of here" part.
I can come and go away from here whenever I please. And i'm not so sure if i'd rather be in a spaceship unless it was handmade by ET himself. Earthlings build a lot of great things but because of the human element, safety is always a very big concern. The ship might blow up in orbit with you in it. I'd rather be safe at home on my laptop coming and going from here to there in vastness of cyberworld. But yeah, Anarchist news is full of optimism about the future and everyone seems so enthusiastic when they first start out and a big war just started or the birth of a new movement all while ignoring the errors in humanity before them and just living like they're free feeling free all the time. But then something happens.

As something always happens later and the movement dies and whoever or whatever is left of it always turns to shit like a love relationship gone sour.

No longer bound by anarchist news or its faulty religion. No longer bound by its faulty default political issues concerning women and gays either. I don't have to adhere to shit anymore. I'm totally free and it fucking feels great.

There is no political solution to anything because life lacks purpose when there is no explanation for the existence of anything or the origin of existence it self. In other words, who gives a fuck anymore. Nothing matters but scrounging up whatever time you got left to do what makes you happy because most of your time belongs to someone else. Be it in the schools or on the job. Used to come here with a serious motive for radical change with the best of intentions and hope for everyone. Now I just come here to kill time when I run out of interesting shit to do.

please don't reference y posts with this condescending drivel.

Anything that questions the rationality of your religion is to be taken as condescending drivel and nothing to gain something from or learn anything from and nothing is gospel to you but the words of your own anarchy. You must have not experienced enough life, otherwise you would know how uncompassionate human beings really are in the real world and how impossible it is to get them to act in a compassionate way and maintain their acts of compassion toward one another. That is what anarchy is basically demanding and it's not humanly possible.

Human beings are not cooperative or voluntary or understanding about dick jack squat unless their status is in jeopardy or their careers are at stake. Those are the things that get real peoples attention in life and shit that threatens them with discomfort and death. Without those things driving people up a fucking wall, NOTHING RADICAL EVER HAPPENS! That's why you philosopher types are always scratching your heads at why no one ever picks up on your anarchist theory. Again HUMAN BEINGS ARE DRIVEN BY PRIMAL INSTINCT, NOT A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY! Your fucking books and buttons don't mean shit to the dark world you want to change. No system will ever work without the use brutality to create and maintain it because humans can't co-exist without a hierarchical structure that uses and abuses them and teaches them to learn to love their abuse and become an abuser. "Human = garbage". This is the reason why humans instinctively treat kindness with disrespect. They instinctively equate ones kindness for weakness.

They always feel that way deep down inside regardless of their intelligence or political opinions and they lie about it constantly. Everyone is fucking corrupt. Without playing the asshole role in the real world who is dishonest and doesn't care, YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING IN LIFE! And the women repel from you as fast as they can or don't last very long with you because number 1 it's too good to be true and number 2, where is the fucking challenge in a man that gives a women everything she wants whenever she wants it including his heart so easily. This is why the woman is always the first one to leave most the time leaving the man broken off her for months but 2 weeks later she's already got a new cock rubbing between her legs and loving it. Women are heartless bitches in that respect and some how men are supposed to bow down and their feet just for having a fucking vagina. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON X10!!

That's why anarchy will never work. It is a fucking fallacy to ever think shit could work out for the better. It all falls directly in conflict with human nature itself which is to fuck other people over in order to love and that's how great things get accomplished in life by fucking people over. otherwise nothing great ever gets done in this life. It's all about putting up that shell of an obstacle around yourself for protection so no one can get to you and making people believe they are getting close enough just to hurt you and when they fuck you over, you pull that rug from underneath them at an instant because you always can when you never truly opened yourself up to begin with.


True...well mostly, though there's not so much difference between men and women as the comment alleges. The war between the sexes is an ancient one. Neither gender is holy. Nothing straight was ever carved from the crooked timber of humanity. Or as grandma used to say, "Everyone cheats to the best of their ability." It's refreshing that someone gets that and realizes all the anarchist rhetoric in the U.S. is little more than the mental masturbation of 20-somethings.

Obviously Self Referential Troll is obviously referring to his self.

First of all, this is taken from Nadir, Germans, they hide themselves in holes, even at protests they are not open to the people, they are simply paranoid. before 14 years I was in Basel, german part of Swiss, I met girl in punk club, she brought me to her friends and nobody wanted to speak with me, they were arogant because they didn't know who I am. simply paranoia people, I concluded they must be drug users therefore they are afraid from new people. Anarchists are the same, in Germany, in Swis they are open in squats, anyone can come there. But not in Germany, in Germany you must have recommendations.
It is the same when they make activism online.
I believe that warnings about Facebook is OK, but not to say that anybody who use it is counterrevolutionary or snitch because he gives information to CIA. I am agreed that behind big companies stand businessmen that are connected with intelligence agencies, founder Zuckerberg is even unimportant, he has only 24% of ownership, many other investors (rich people) are connected with FBI and CIA. The same case is with google and gmail, microsoft, etc. We must leave choice to the people what they will use and offer them alternatives, we should not put finger on them and produce conflict, we should speak, explain and not to attack each others. So, what alternatives offered author of topic? Nothing, ruseup and that's all.
First, there is not so big choice when we choose email providers, anarchist servers are unknown to us the same as gmail, we don't know who is behind autistici, boum, mutualaid, etc, we don't know what they did to secure our communications, how much they are professionals, etc. they just expect from us to believe them, the same as gmail expect from us to believe in their server admins and management. there is still no anarchist alternative to facebook and it is question how many people would use it even if there is. we are anarchists but many among us are theoretical anarchists, in daily life, many people don't follow anarchism, in the west europe most of anarchists make happy communes and not anarchist communes, they criticize the whole world but they don't have self critics, it means they just make excellent actions in the city and they don't change themselves, they stay children of capitalism with anarchist theory. if somebody criticize their behavior, he will be marked as enemy or unwanted person. that's happened to me in Berlin 2004, I asked for sleeping in 3 squats and was refused, while in squat in my country, we accepted everybody from abroad, so, when I criticized their behavior, I became unwanted person. that's reason why we have anarchists who follow trends, and facebook is trend, simply many anarchists are still unchanged children of capitalism with anarchist theory but they don't want to follow anarchism in daily life. I don't expect form people to be perfect anarchist but there must be something to make us different from capitalists and it should not be only theory than practical behavior in daily life. when people start to make self critics and they start to use their brain instead to copy what other people do (consumers accepted new theory in their life but didn't change themselves, so, they consume habits, behavior of other people in anarchist groups, therefore there are no changes and movement is frozen), when people try to follow anarchism in their daily life, we will have less trendy anarchists, less patriarchy, maybe our own facebook, mutual aid and not only verbal solidarity with people in problems, and our groups will become bigger, more people will involve themselves when they see we are human and not people who just follow some interests.
I never succeeded to get email from, from, etc, and why I should believe to them more than to facebook? try to use libcom with to network and they mark you as spammer and you can't publish anything, simply they want to know your IP address and your way of thinking, for me, libcom is honepot, admins collaborate with secret service. I can't believe that anarchist website don't allow us to stay anonymous when we publish/comment something. ask any webserver if they will abolish your website if you promote armed resitence against the state, you will see that most anarchist server admin will tell you: you will endanger other projects and you can't have such website. instead to protect each other, they will be against you. for me, such people collaborate with secret service, if some server host 1000 anarchist websites and one website promote terrorism (prosecutor would say so), all other should support this one website and not to demand abolishing of this website, even if server is shut down, they can rent another server and people can upload back up of their sites, although majority of hosting should have their own back up of the whole server. simply, admins of servers can be collaboratos or secret service, or simply they are not militant people and they don't want to let you to publish such things, everything is possible. I just said, it is my personal opinion that admin of server or admin of website can be collaborators, for example libcom is for me honeypot.
for the end, back to facebook, if you really want to keep it, never publish pictures from protest without blured faces, even when you blur it, take out internet cable from your PC, maybe you are spied and better to be offline, login to facebook and gmail and even riseup with tor network or some other proxy solution, etc, take security measures and protect yourself and others. I believe that facebook is good for CIA, so, americans should be careful, but I don't think CIA care so much to spy who are friends of anarchists in Slovakia or Poland, etc. CIA like to gather info about anybody all over the world, but they will not really use it if you have nothing with USA. most east european anarchist don't have money to travel to USA, only western people travel there very much. domestic intelliegence in my country spy people through ISP and telephone company and they follow people, they know already who is anarchists and who are our family and friends in present time and frinds from the school, that's what they can see also in facebook, there is nothing secret in facebook, all info from facebok they had before I started to use facebook. as I said, tor network and bluring faces is important, and it would be nice that somebody make tutorial how to blur faces in videos, people are moving so it is hard to blur faces in videos. But surely author of topic should have less attack tone in his writing if he doesn't wan't to produce resistence in people against his idea. he is not discussing than attacking people and people will automatically create self defence. as I said, germans are paranoid and they can be violent in their trying to push people to be the same as they are, for example at protest one autonomen girl told me to stop to use my digital camera, while crowd of people from the pavement make private videos with smartphones. so, stop paranoia and share flyer at protest with explanation how to blur faces in photos and videos. you can't jump from person to person all over protest to tell them to stop to make photos and videos, even people who are not part of protest make photos and videos and they will publish it at facebook, blogs, etc. in my country, anarchists don't hide faces at protests, we are open to everybody and of course we know snitches can come to us but we will not become closed because of such possibility, germans hide faces even when protest is peaceful. hide faces when you plan to do something against property/banks and enemies/cops, don't jump to stop people to make photos and videos. it is the same about facebook, risup or gmail, educate people, don't put finger on them, give them alternatives. riseup, boum, etc are not alternative, they don't offer email to the people without recommendations. black market reloaded in onion world even has sellers who sell invitations codes for riseup. that result of their stupid system of recommendations, I am not crazy to tell them info about me, if anybody recommend me and I have militant/terrorist communication, I can be found, I don't like such idea. and I don't know if their server is in their house in the bunker or at some data center where secret service can access their server. So, I don't believe that their server can't be accessed by political police, therefore advice: use GPG.

I just remembered, even this people in basel who were afraid from new people, they were germans (not swiss) who came to basel in punk club Hirscheneck.

I would hate to see everyone give up the internet completely, I don't miss the days of trying to connect a single line BBS run by a local power hungry dateless teenager.

I'm alienated from the anarchist scene so if I didn't use the internet I wouldn't have anyone to talk to about this stuff. I started using it about 18 years ago to dial up BBS's until I got a dial up connection and then cable. I guess I'm boring and talk too much because I suck at social networking. Maybe my look is lame or there's yucky stuff in the background of my pictures. I agree the whole internet is compromised by the NSA supercomputer but people aren't going to stop using it unless there's a crackdown and they round up anarchists en masse into FEMA camps. Probably won't happen so complacency rules the day. I wouldn't blame underground activists for not wanting to talk to unknown people, stranger danger.

FEMA CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!


i2p!!!! Tor is dying.

Also there is

While were on social media lets all have a laugh at how embarrassing the anarchism Reddit is.

all of you fucking condescending know-it-alls need to just shut the fuck up.

there is only one thing you need to understand: CONTEXT! all of it!

i would suggest educating yourself on the benefits and drawbacks and limitations of any medium and location you choose to use for commumincation, understand the full context of what you are using and how, and use fucking common sense! there is NO ONE ANSWER, dipshits!

use facebook, or don't. send texts, or don't. use a cellphone, or don't. write letters, or don't. meet people in real life, or don't.

telling others what is best for them (safest, securest, most useful, etc) DOES NOT WORK. i'd think anarchists of all people would understand that. how wrong i am. thanks, @news.

My! You know how to use foul language! You sound real intelligent!

Governments own the infrastructure. Their access is pretty much unlimited. It's at the service provider level. If you want any true privacy, then don't post sensitive information online. Beyond that, just be careful; but don't bother hiding. It's like trying to hide in the closet, while the gov' owns your house, land and rights. It's silly.

Nice costume, I can't decide if you are a sidewalk commando or just some white cat with really bad taste

Looking for alternative social network (not using that other doodoo)
found diaspora
are there any others?

There's more if you look around the internets a bit. Try searching for "secure social networking" or "facebook alternatives" or some such.

Of the above, i'd say crabgrass is the best choice for now if your needs are activist type-ish (organizing, internet security, collaborative writing, shared file storage, etc), although it might be a bit rough around the edges technically (E.g: for years, there wasn't any way of kicking out misbehaving group members, but that's possible now).

Friendica is quite like Diaspora (i.e. a facebook replacement): probably of more use for general quasi-socializing than for collaboration/organizing. Like with Diaspora, there are many servers, and you need to be on the same one with your friends in order to be able to connect. (I think there's a way to work around that, there's some amount of technical documentation about 'federation', but i never managed to figure out how to break it down to something easy & practical for average non-technical Joe). I have the impression Friendica gives user security a wee bit more priority though, whereas Diaspora is just about being a 'Suckerborg-free alternative'.

N-1 seems ok and might even be technically a bit more mature than Crabgrass, but getting the relevant instructions in english instead of spanish can be a bit of a bother. Also, Crabgrass handles Tor and other proxies better.

Kune is... a bit weird. Also, it seems to be the weakest in terms of internet security, so until that changes, i'd say it's mostly useful for 'nothing to hide' types.

Also, if you look around a bit in the various "darknets" (Tor, I2P, etc), i think you'll find some social networking services in there. At least there's chat services and forums. (BTW, Tor is not dead/dying at all, but the Tor darknet (i.e. hidden services) has seen some massive govt cracking of late, so thread carefully. I2P might be safer in itself or it might not, but most of all it's just more marginal, so OT1H less govt scrutiny but OT2H less hands working on keeping it safe & working. Then there's Freenet, but that one i'd say is more interesting for sharing static content (its focus is on making content takedown, i.e. censorship, impossible) than on interactive communication. Also, it's small & marginal like I2P.)
Then there's syndie, which is a category of it's own (and might require some serious nerd skilz):

...AFAIK is fairly ok as a platform, anon-friendly, etc (and developed by a liberal martyr!). Just some sub/r/'s are full of idiots/offtopic.

Privacy is Dead.

talk of privacy is talk of rights

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