Anarcho-Nihilist Social Cannibalism statement by Sister Amazon of Gender Anarky

Sister Amazon
Gender Anarky

October 2013

Note: I have received inquiries from supporters of what can they best do in support and solidarity with us anarchists in the trenches of prison, specifically the Gender Anarky cadre. It is a heartfelt gesture and is received with heart. The first and most important thing such individuals can do is engage society in anarchy. That is more desirous, necessary, and pressing than any material or financial support. We are doing our part unleashing anarchy in the iron trenches of prison, constantly, always fighting, a never-ending war, with the mind, with the hand, with the weapon. Our girls are always in the hole and are serving more time for our resistance. Actions that don’t make the headlines or 5 o’clock news or the news of the prison movement but that are well known on the prison yards. We have now expanded our field of operations as of this autumn, escalating our confrontations, an all-out offensive against reactionaries, which means more battles, more girls in the hole, for up to two years and more. Anarchists in society are responsible for unleashing anarchy in the concrete trenches of society, on the offensive against the enemy. The following is our public response to the collective inquiries. – Sister Amazon

The short-term objective of anarchy is civil war. The ultimate objective of anarchy is nihilism. The objective of anarchy cannot be to overthrow a government. Anarchy cannot overthrow a government. The government will have its fate in the time between civil war and nihilism. The principle target of the anarchist resistance is society, not the state. Tit for tat warfare between social adversaries chips away at social integrity, introducing the degeneration of the organized, peaceful social construct objectively and subjectively. The division progresses by degrees, the coherence gradually disintegrating as the warfare escalates. Anarchists who hold, under any premise, that society itself is not the enemy or should not be attacked, that we must initiate a strategy of attacking the state, not the social integration that is the social order, are ill-informed, inertial, or agent provocateurs. The lessons of history instruct otherwise, supply the accurate precept, and a sober analysis of them makes it clear as to what must be done today. There is a difference between knowing history and knowing the lessons of history in observation of the present and foresight into the future course of things. Contemporary anarchists see what primordial anarchists did – viz, attack the state – and ape them, just because they did it. In doing so, they are playing by the rules of a social era of entirely different conditions than those of today and so will falter. Even if the conditions were the same, the precursor anarchists faltered and were defeated, almost completely wiped out by the state. Their resistance was nullified, set back, by generations. New thinking, new assessment, and new course of action must prevail for anarchists to be effective in deteriorating and splintering society.
Anarchists are not social revolutionaries as we know this term today. Historically, anarchists have assumed the tactics of revolutionary movements and have instituted them in romantic fashion. This has occurred whenever anarchists associated left revolutionaries, as in the beginning of anarcho-nihilism in Czarist Russia mid-1800’s. The neonate, nascent anarchists got sucked into the confrontation between the revolutionaries and the state, the accompanying ideology and political, and even though the revolutionaries obtained victory in their anti-state tactics and strategy, with critical assistance from anarchists, they then went on to dispense with the anarchists once the war was won and anarchists were no longer useful but dangerous in the new state, which was the dictatorship of workers and peasants. Anarchists must shake this association with the mass revolutionary psyche. Anarchists are not a mass; we are a minority. We are not a revolutionary movement; we are a social resistance. We are a social resistance more than we are an insurrection, because a classic insurrection against the state is not our strategy, nor will it work for us. Our strategy must be the splintering of society, to resist unitary society and to resist all forces that want an integrated society under any argument. As we have seen at the twilight of anarcho-nihilism in Czarist Russia, mass movements are a threat to anarcho-nihilism. Mass movements will only exploit anarchists to their advantage and then dispatch with them when they are no longer needed, because anarcho-nihilism is the purest strain of social resistance, the ultimate dread to our collective opponents, more dangerous to them than the state. This is so also of the so-called prison movement, which today is reactionary.
Civil war is only the preliminary objective of anarchy, because mostly and more importantly anarchy must necessarily evolve to blatant nihilism. Far away are revolutionaries from the anarchist creation of the social abyss, a social nothing. After the introduction of the social abyss, nihilism then explores the abyss and creates. Nihilism creates negation and creates within negation, within the creative nothing. But these are stages for another day. The immediate responsibility is to explode in civil war, a conflict by which society devours itself.
Let there be no question that the state is the enemy, absolutely. The enemies of anarchists are three-fold and the resistance must be three-fold: The enemy is the state, society, and the reactionary element within and without. While there is a connection between society and the state, the two are not one and the same, and the strategy and field tactics of anarchy must reflect this.
Today, anarchists must recalibrate and recontour anarchy under contemporary conditions and with historical insight, and plot and apply it anew. Anarchy must be the precursor to nihilism from the very beginning. The motive and action must be toward this end. Only then will it never waver or be misperceived and misguided.

- Sister Amazon 10/24/13



To try to engage seriously with this before the trolls show up--

This is one of the most developed overviews of the nihilist/anarchist perspective that has appeared recently. I have a few questions, though.

-About the critique of earlier anarchists... do you think that things would have turned out differently for them if they hadn't been "sucked into" the anti-state revolutionary movements of the time? Do you really want to base that part of your argument on *efficacy*? I think it's possible they were doomed no matter what they did, which is an argument for fighting for what you want regardless of whether you think it will "succeed," and an argument against Monday-morning quarterbacking.

-I'm on board about society as it stands being the enemy. But can we distinguish between [at least the potential of] the existing beings who make up that society and the society itself, or does making [civil] war on society mean making war on each other and ourselves?

-Do we have to buy into your weird religious poetry about The Great Sacred Nothing for the rest of your argument to be persuasive? Nihilism is never really defined here, which is fine if it's a religious enigma for us to ponder, but not so good if you mean something less ineffable by it.

Please assist, thanks.

if you want to write to her and ask her these questions you definitely should. i just disseminate what she sends me to disseminate.

Sister Amazon
(Eva Contreraz)
C45857 (B6-238)
480 Alta Road
San Diego, CA 92179

Awesome, thank you very much.

"do you think we should do it? do you think we should get together and strike out against the enemy?"

"who's the enemy, joe? who's our enemy?"

War on society to believe in nothing. Disavow social revolution or insurrection for what purpose? those forces are the best to create civil war as you say is the short term goal in the first place. Attacking oppression and ideology is much easier through solidarity and effective practices---

Attacking society, attacking the supporters of these oppressive systems is interesting. I feel it kind of reinforces the concept that society actually exists and people are part of it...
Through these mass movements their can be more people to attack say patriarchy capitalism religion teleological reasoning concepts of objective reality and the very real possibility of overthrowing the state capital and society (spanish anarchist attacked:church state capitalism).
What this article seems to have done is replace the word anarchy with the word nihilism. Nihilism isn't a goal it is a outlook, just as anarchism isn't a goal it is an outlook. Anarchy is a goal of nihilists and Anarchists. Anarchy was even the a goal of authoritarian socialists/communists as disingenuous as their leaders and methods were and are.
Is the point that warfare is somehow preferable to cooperative autonomy? Anarchy is integrated only so far as is desired by necessity--
Not like the nation where identity is swallowed by the state
So I'm confused by that point.

Lastly I thought nihilism was the realization that conditions are so bad that destruction for its own sake is desirable without a need for a constructive plan.

Secondly I thought that nihilism is the rejection of belief and faith that is the foundation of all ridiculous and destructive system that the world has seen. Instead wishing to find what clearly works through evidence after the idiotic obstacles in the way are gotten rid of.

Thanks for getting shit done in the prisons and on the streets.
Death to oppression

Anarchism is not a goal, either, it is an antagonism.

As long as we are piously obsessed with the overthrow of his majesties satanic government, we can feel holy and complete as contributing members of our order of the kingdom of nothingness!

Apparently, Somalia and Syria really are the shining beacons of anarchism er.. anarchy in action! All we need is civil war, and we've won our primary objective! Mass butchery of civilian populaces = the end goal of anarchists, duh!

Apparently, nihilists are also opposed to any Historical knowledge or truthful infos (coz the concept of truth is philosophically inadequate unless they themselves decide it is the truth). They probably should get a job for CNN or the BBC while they're at it...

I am highly suspect of anyone trying to defend "truth" as possibly forcing his /her views/wishes on others. Nevertheless i reject nihilism as an uncreative self-destructive worldview and political position just as the great anarchist philosopher Albert Camus did and Nietzsche also did. Nietzsche associated nihilism with the coming of the "last man" who was the contemporary arrival of mass society and as such of mass mediocrity in which individual lives are not striving for self-fullfilment but only in reproduction of social systems such as capitalism and state.

Let´s analyse what these nihilists say here:

"The enemies of anarchists are three-fold and the resistance must be three-fold: The enemy is the state, society, and the reactionary element within and without."

As all their pamphlet is written in a long praise of violence i will guess those who are opposed or not in line with "nihilism" will be "destroyed" or something like that. Since i and others within the anarchist movement dislike nihilism we will be seen by these people as "a reactionary element".

"Anarchy must be the precursor to nihilism from the very beginning"

So then the end of these people is not anarchy but in reality "nihilism" and anarchy /anarchism just a means towards that end. Maybe they should not waste time with anarchy at all and just get to the nihilism straight.

Or perhaps they could try to translate whatever views they have into action!?

knowledge doesnt just werks

Das okay. :)

And go to prison like they did?

Amazon isn't in prison for anything related to social war or struggle, if that is what you are implying....

Don't you get it? All prisoners are in prison for reasons related to social war. That's what prison is: an institution meant to "rehabilitate". If you are in prison you are in prison, you are either there under false pretenses or you've committed an act of social rebellion against the state and/or society.

"If you are in prison you are in prison [sic], you are either there under false pretenses or you've committed an act of social rebellion against the state and/or society."

Yeah, someone is in prison "under false pretenses," like they're just fronting that they committed such an act of social rebellion? Ridic. Also, a lot of prisoners are there because of, say, child molesting. I'm not defending prison, but saying that that is social rebellion against society is a motherfucking stretch. More like a microcosm of what our society does if you ask me.

child molesters are a very small proportion of people in prison. most people in prison are there for minor stuff like drug offenses, trying to find a way to survive. not social rebellion either.

As it is defined in this society might be somewhat misleading.

""The enemies of anarchists are three-fold and the resistance must be three-fold: The enemy is the state, society, and the reactionary element within and without."

Let's remember what the Iching says about never confronting evil directly. You can basically condense those 3 things down to society and from their opt for a strategy of undermining and avoidance as opposed to resistance(which really is futile when dealing with default interior belief)

please don't g

If someone told Nietzsche there was going to be people calling themselves "nietzschetian"...

...He may have replied 'There is only one Nietzsche and I'm it!'

it's unbelievable, the disappearance of capital from these discourses even when it's become the primary force of "social order" beyond and even arguably behind the state. markets, money, finance, ownership, employment, rent, economy... i see "capitalism" laundry-listed in the comments.

those who hope the market becomes the sole determinant/assigner of value are perfectly delighted at the idea of a social abyss.

Modern nihilism is actually self-destructive narcissism or suicidal selfishness!

narcisism? selfishness? if you are any of those things you cannot be an nihilist. to me "nihilist" sounds like a person who is either sad or angry or both things all the time.

Right Wing: Reactionary, furthering the goals of the status quo, maximizing the reach of white supremacist capitalist hetero-patriarchy...

Left Wing: Reactionary, furthering the goals of the oppressed, who sadly find their liberation in perpetuating the structures established by the oppressor, but with those of their ilk at the helm...

Anarchist: Autonomous. One opposed to all external authority and imposed structures... Thus includes capital, the state, organized religion, social norms, etc.

Nihilist: Neither Autonomous nor reactionary. The practice of destroying society, civilization, etc. as an end unto itself.

As an anarchist, a primitivist, a feminist and an afro-nihilist, i support Amazon's statement. it has given me more comfort and clarity than almost anything else I have encountered in recent memory...

you call that your feelings? sounds like rather narrow linguistic organizations, nigga

No need to use that word. Unless you're Black, I hope someone fucking stabs you to death...

man are you tolling though? judging by a lot of your posts you seem to lean towards black separatism, which is fine, I'd just prefer you'd be up front about it instead of couching it within anarchism. It's a subculture you clearly have a lot of problems with, rightfully so, and are vocal about those problems, yet you seem to want to mobilize that particular subculture because in Ameri(KKK)ca, that's (apparently) the most visibly militant and active subset of people closest to your belief structure.

I'm not denying there isn't legitimate organizing going on in black and brown communities, nor am I denying that popular media obscures those struggles, but are you looking to radicalize those communities while consolidating a more popular power/action base within traditionally "white" radical movements that are closer to your theoretical political beliefs; or are you looking to saber rattle among meek white radicals, completely disabled by identity politics, in order to validate what you think should be done?

if you're a real person, I'll bet you come off as very aggressive, and you probably scare more people into agreeing with you for the sake of not being called racist than actually convey your point in a way that gets people fired up behind what you are saying.

totally constructive criticism. I don't know you. I mean absolutely no offense.

also this post is totally off topic and the person that uses nigga real casual like in their posts is obviously trolling.

Despite all the CONSTANT aggressive arguing and violent posturing on this site, this is the only time Ive ever seen someone get patronizingly accused of "coming off very aggressive" and "scaring people into agreement." And it happens to be directed at someone who identifies themselves as a POC. Funny how that works.

that's how all the identity politicians operate, it's not a race thing. You can watch the same thing play out with middle class second wave feminists.

Not one of the people commenting here but I have said this exact thing about 100 times in regards to the NYC T situation. Which has been perpetrated by white dudes. So, just saying what you might think you are seeing here isn't really the case.

whoa what a rude nigga

To get back on track, what Amazon is talking about is something I have been about for a while; that anarchists must be feared again. Were someone using racist language online because they giggle at the pain of Black folk that might have problems with certain language to be in fear of having their address discovered via hacktivism, and someone using that info to end their miserable fucking life, maybe anarchism would be more than just an armchair ideology for hipsters and yuppie scum seeking to feel rebellious (or to delude themselves that they are not their parents)...

As to Black separatism; it should exist. I myself need not take part in it to respect the need for it. To suggest otherwise is to promote white supremacy (and if you don't agree with that statement, just shut the fuck up and do some reading on privilege).

either way, the idea that those that dismiss the validity of racial identity because THEY can't see it as compatible with anarchism (or because it calls them on their own bullshit and does not let the status quo reign) will die if there is any real revolution makes me as happy as it does that asshole who feels the need to needlessly use the n-word here...

It is a shame that the words and thoughts of great people have no forum but this shitshow to be featured on... worker should get off his cracker ass and actually fucking moderate...

For fuck's sake, not you again! I thought you'd taken your ball and left the field. Your racist-baiting nonsense is delusion piled on top of blindness. Not many people with the slightest critical ability could possibly take seriously your statement that Black separatism needs to exist (one question that can be discussed) and "to suggest otherwise is to promote white supremacy" (which is a separate but related question). It presumes that white supremacy is the automatic default position of anyone who disagrees with Black separatism, which is obviously not true; such algebraic so-called logic might be satisfying to demagogues and other idiots, but it is quite unconvincing to people who are interested in examining the interlocking pressures of institutional inertia (in this case, all of the legal and cultural manifestations of white supremacy, like the usual racist caricatures of non-white folks as inherently inferior, feeble-minded, and prone to criminality) and interpersonal adherence to those prejudices, which often affects people in noticeably different ways, especially in a competition-driven capitalist society, where ethnic (and gender, and class) divisions and distinctions are infused with specific meaning.

Separatism (whether based on ethnicity, gender, class, or any other arbitrary distinction) can be supported by anti-authoritarians only insofar as it is understood as a method of *self-organization*; anarchists certainly support that. But the challenge is to figure out that separatism is not the endgame. The perceived need for separatism usually derives from evidence of institutional and interpersonal attack, but a more comprehensive understanding of where those attacks come from -- and why -- might result in an analysis of what all such forms of attack have in common. For anarchists, that would be primarily capitalism and the state as institutions, plus all those who align themselves (either voluntarily or professionally) with either/both as individuals. Those are the racist, heterosexist, pro-business, misogynist, and otherwise reactionary folks who objectively maintain white supremacy -- not the anarchists who might have a blind spot around what *you* think racism looks like.

And once again, nobody needs your sort of moralitic pronouncements about what is and what isn't proper in this context. As has been shown by your previous unsuccessful excursion into anarchist discourse, you have almost zero understanding of anarchist theory, let alone practice. Telling people you disagree with to "just shut the fuck up" is certainly no way to make allies.

Anarchists don't "dismiss the validity of racial identity"; most of us question the basis of any kind of identity that is based on the Othering of those who dominate and exploit us (whoever that "us" is). What many anarchists question is the idea that a racial (or gender or class) identity automatically confers a particular way of understanding the world, a particular way of struggling against capitalism and the state, or that such an identity automatically confers anything.

And two incidental facts: 1) worker is not the only moderator on this site, and 2) saying he's a cracker shows only that you are ignorant as well as being deluded. Why should he moderate according to your whims?

Mister Grumpy: Are you white? This includes internalized whiteness and being white presenting (something with which I grapple)... If so, shut the fuck up. Seriously. Nothing is more scary to cracker men scum (because for some reason, I assume you are male identified, or at least male socialized) than the idea that their opinions are irrelevant at best and inappropriate at worst (yours are both). Scum like you are attracted to anarchism because it provides a context in which you have TOTAL power, TOTAL control, TOTAL "freedom," which is just the logical extension of the white supremacist capitalist hetero-patriarchal, ecocidal status quo.

I don't care what you say, I care about what your words would lead me to DO, and they, of course, lead to a world in which white cismen can dominate every fucking space and question everything they have no business or experience discussing (but I forgot, EVERYTHING is yours, right?). A world in which there are boundaries, enforced on the persynal, individual level by autonomous people, bothers you, because it means you'll be excluded and your need for total control be somewhat stymied.
Your arrogance, entitlement and ad hominem bullshit is not appreciated. Under anarchy as I glean it from Amazon's statements, there would be nothing stopping you from imposing your know-it-all, need-to-comment-on-everything ass from interjecting into Black spaces, queer spaces, wimmin's spaces, ANY spaces, but thankfully there is nothing stopping us from stabbing you to death for it. She has refined and cultivated her ideas in prison, where this armchair anarchism and name-calling bullshit does NOT fly without the threat of violence. In a world where one has nothing, sometimes your autonomy is all you can have, and asserting it violently against your oppressor might be the only joy one can know. Somehow, I think you not capable of understanding this. You are of the ilk that need to be purged (not on a state level, but on a persynal level) so that the oppressed might have some space to think without your bullshit in their ear.

As to worker, I know, he is the Blackest POC this side of Afrika. Ask him about Lorenzo calling him out at an APOC event, don't fuck with me...

For fucks sake, me again,
Agili Chuj

Ahahahaha, is this nigga real

It's clear that you don't know what an ad hominem comment is. Your death threat is really quite amazing for its transparent audacity; such authoritarian antics must be normal and acceptable where you hang out. You must be one hard motherfucker!

My need to comment on stupid posts on an anonymous internet forum has little to do with your imputation of some need you think I have to "impose" myself on anything. You are free to ignore my posts; I can't impose them on you.

Once again, your pontificating comes down to this: If someone dares to disagree with you about anything, that person is a white supremacist. That line of (false) argument might work where you hang out with those other hard motherfuckers, but among people who actually use our brains, it just won't fly.

Your favorite color is blue, mine is Black: That does not make you a white supremacist...

You like pop-punk, I like hardcore: That does not make you a white supremacist.

You like genocide pizza (pizza with dairy), I am vegan: That does not make you a white supremacist (it makes you a speciesist)

You think the state is a good thing: That MIGHT make you a white supremacist

You think that, as a white persyn, you can determine, judge or comment on the ways in which people of color organize for self-determination: You are a white supremacist

No line of false argument here, just very simple, justifiable feelings that one who "actually use[s his] brains" can "clearly" understand.

... As to the frequent (of course) anonymous "nigga" repeater: Unless you are Black (and I really doubt that you are), I really hope someone hangs you from a tree, like they did my ancestors, so you can see how funny that word (and the people negatively impacted by it) really is. As this is unlikely, I hope you die of cancer, and soon...

Signed a POC.

Now fuck off from anarchism and back to 1968 and your disgusting 3rd world Maoist/Marxist ethnic nationalism you inniggerate fool.

If you are in fact a real person you are a fucking idiot.

A. People who are not white aren't fucking incapable of hearing out a white persons thoughts. Racist.

B. People who are not white can handle being criticized. Racist.

C. Thank god for the vast majority of sane POC anarchists and comrades. Much more sane than white people generally.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with you personally. It must be hell.

I am real, very real, and far from "a fucking idiot." I didn't know I was a fucking idiot. What would I have done were you not here to inform me of this fact?

Non-white people can't go a second without hearing cracker's thoughts, and being made to live under their constructs. I wish I could forget this reality. Alas, I guess we aren't subjected to it enough for your tastes, such that to suggest a teeny-tiny space where they don't have to hear white bullshit is too much. Sorry to oppress you so, whitey...
People who are non-white are criticized constantly by white assholes. Again, I would love it if I were able to forget that for a second (thanks, again, for reminding me, though).
What is a "sane" POC anarchist - - one that agrees with you, welcomes your bullshit critique and appreciates your fetishizing / tokenizing accolades of being "saner than white people generally"? One persyn's "sane POC" is another's internally oppressed Uncle Tom. Who decides the truth? Why, white people of course!
I also feel sorry for the people that have to deal with me on a persynal level. It is not easy to be around someone actually dissatisfied with the status quo. Hell, though, is the world that shaped your fucked-up values, which you seek to perpetuate under the guise of anarchism. As long as POC people work "equally" with whites, discount privilege and let you have as much say as you want, all is right with the world... Fuck off and die. It is a shame that entire factories of garment workers in Bangladesh can perish in a fire for Western exports, that Afrikan rape survivors have to mine coltan for US iPods and that millions of Black and Brown folk in the US have died slowly inside concentration camps for just trying to survive white supremacy, while scum such as are on this message board have the privilege to live and spout bullshit. If only most of you would die, and create space for people who actually want something different.

I love this person. It is like emile if they started smoking crack, grew paranoid of whitey and started fetishistizing identity politics instead of indigenous cultures.

So what you are saying is that everybody including people of color who do not think like you are traitors. It sounds like you just hate everyone bro. Remind me when I can't talk to my brothers and sisters (literally) in regards to how I feel because of your absolute shit critique. I will remind them that I read a comment on anarchist news that equated POC needing their space with POC needing to never hear white people talk to them.

I will let my POC friends who have a critique of leftists like yourself thinking they represent "the oppressed" that in fact they are wrong. And specifically they are wrong to talk to me about it.

You are a fucking idiot. I find your ideas to be moralizing, essentialist and most of all worthless to any sort of liberatory framework. You look down on people who do not believe what you believe. Friends of mine, you would rather attack than be constructive or interesting or engaging. Let me know when my whiteness that translates through the internet tubes gets you to shut up cause trust me I am waiting for it.

If yyu're gying ty replace "o"s with "y"s, why nyt be cynsistent?

yvyn byttyr ryplycy yll vywyls wyth ys

Don't take no shit from anybody. Fuck every fucking pacifist and identity politician on this board trying to pacify us. Love & rage.

put your damn shirt on and shut the fuck up.

Most statements that contain "To suggest otherwise is to promote white supremacy" are dangerously dogmatic. People will always "suggest otherwise". You need to deal with it.

"As to Black separatism; it should exist. I myself need not take part in it to respect the need for it. To suggest otherwise is to promote white supremacy (and if you don't agree with that statement, just shut the fuck up and do some reading on privilege)"

Ahahahahaha, top lel

1) it sucks that this person is in prison
2) everything they write is insane

I guess the implication is, then, that it is "sane" to reform this society and maintain Western civilization (or lead "the masses" to some kind of coordinated "revolution")? , page 13...

Very interesting indeed. A refreshing ray of hope in a world dominated by snark and/or callous indifference. The only issue I find is that everything one could possibly garner from reading articles such as these always resolve to mere abstraction. I've never read any of these articles, in any case regardless of how much I agreed, and been able to translate the words to a concrete relational truth in what is generally, I think wrongly attributed as "the real world."

And I am not solely referring to superficial satisfactions such as not getting irate at the structures of harassment when taking a walk through the neighborhood or meaningful non-neutral or non-negative personal relationships or communications (+-, -+. -- or the sorely missing ++), but serious structural advances that are collectively satisfying.

Everything communicated these days seems to fall into three basic camps, whether overtly or implicitly: Insult, Threat, or Empty Promise. And I would say that the article in question falls into the third.

Another form of communication is the cynical truth however, it is treated differently as it is not mutually exclusive to the three aforementioned empirically validated forms that I tend to experience pretty much exclusively. To this I would point to the recent advances in Psychological research that use brain activity patterns, data processing and statistical predictions not to "read" one's thoughts but actually to predict them.

The neuro-nobility seems to be hung up on the special little cells that control our thoughts but the reality is that any correlation will do the necessary work just fine provided a high enough coefficient of determination.

As for Agili, I've noticed your posts here and you tend to speak truth to power in a much more impressive way than most. This coming from the resident anarcho-crypto-Leninist that prefers to post anonymously.

A SINCERE thank you to you, whomever you are. Fist Up.

Dunno, just made me think of this. :?

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