Anarchy After the Death of the Left

  • Posted on: 16 February 2017
  • By: thecollective

open public talk by Paul Z. Simons from Anarchy (a Journal for Desire Armed)

Saturday 18/2/2017 starts at 18.00

Free Self Organised Theater EMBROS (R.Palamidi 2 – Psiris- Athens)

The presentation will include a detailed discussion of post-left anarchism, one of the main anarchist tendencies in the United States. The historical context will be presented as well as the basic critiques on Left. These critiques include topics like the dead ends of leftist forms of organization, the persistence of the left to authority- hierarchy and governance, the role of the left political parties to the social movements, the fetishization of work, conceptual incoherence of the left intellectuals, empirical refutation, reification, the teleology of the Left and its resemblance to Christian ideas. The basic ideas associated with Post-Left Anarchism will be discussed including work as play, Critical-Self-Theory and the emancipated Self, anti-civilization, insurrectionary tactics for our era, Immediatism, Max Stirner, individualism and Nihilst Communism will also be presented. Finally, the possible lessons of Rojava and the social experiment in Northern Syria for a Post-Left perspective will be discussed, particularly as regards democracy, and the commune form of organization beyond the logic of the left.

Talk will be in English with Greek translation

organised by VOID NETWORK



I wonder if Simons will include a few remarks about the future of the social experiment in Rojava?

If I had read this post in its entirety, I would not have asked the question about Rojava.Rojava is not so much a post-left arrangement as it is a non-left situation,because it never had a left tradition with which to contend.Hopefully,ANEWS will post a transcript of this speech by Simons.

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