Announcement by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire about the beating of G.Naxakis

It not the first time that an attack of slander is directed against the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. Some people are lying against us in an attempt to gain recognition and fool their insignificance. This is what Giannis Naxakis did as well. Giannis Naxakis is a measly sycophant and nothing more. There is no need to say much about this subject.

By copying quotes of the anti-juridical arguments and adopting macho attitude, he is trying to present himself as an anarchist. In fact, however, he always moves on the boundaries of personal benefit and safety.

As he mentions: “my opinion is that a two-year disciplinary penalty is withdrawable as it does not cost me anything except from extreme hazard in relation to the outcome of the trial”. He pretends to be a revolutionary only where it would benefit him. In order to form a better image of himself for the comrades abroad, who don’t know how potty he is, he mentions that he supports the informal organization. What relationship, however, is possible for a liar and slanderer to have with the insurrectionary spirit of an informal anarchist organization?
Then, he criticizes his comrades regarding the beating of a jailer and while he makes an artificial political approach; his true aim is to steer clear. His behavior inside the prison was highly ironic towards people and situations (out of service), taking advantage of the informal immunity we offered him.

There were not a few times when he avoided getting beaten with our intervention (not by the prison authority, but by other prisoners).

We had repeatedly explained to him that prison is not a circus to play and joke around. Struggles of fire and blood were given to earn things inside prisons and prisoners respect the anarchists, while the prison’s authority fears them because of the retaliation that may occur outside the prison’s walls. However, he behaved more like a spoiled child rather than a “insurgent prisoner”, as he likes to identify himself.

Aggressiveness and insurrectional attitude are a matter of actions, not words.
His critique on us is therefore based on falsehoods and fantasies.

This person wanted to create some noise about himself in view of his trial and to strengthen the anti-CCF hysteria which thrives nowadays. Besides, the judges and the cops are not indifferent when someone, shortly before his trial, reviles against the same informal organization that he is accused of being part of. Especially when this someone is a slanderer with a first and a last name: Giannis Naxakis.

In his letter, using an offensive language of vagueness and perturbation (referring to some anonymous comments on the internet without specifying which are these comments, simply saying “those who need to know, they know what I mean…”) he ends up unleashing a torrent of insults and vituperations against us (disgust, despicability, authoritarian behavior and attitude). Not a single reference to any real events.

And if the events around his transfer in wing D were the cause for this recital of lies, what are the real facts and, above all, when did the CCF start to “hold a negative stance towards (their) anti-authoritarian stance”? We want facts, not innuendos of dirt and mud. Everyone knows, both friends and enemies, that when we want to say something, we say it openly and in public. Maybe this is the reason why we often become unpleasant to some, but we are never liars.

It is ridiculous, even for the biggest slanderer to think that we disagree, generally and vaguely, with the beating of a jailer, of a person that locks up people. We have done it once (during our escape attempt) and a new trial will start soon against us for this case. So we spoke not of e obvious (of the beauty of rumpling a uniform) because then we would have to talk about different strategies as well. About the strategy of beating the enemy with the aim of escape and the strategy of beating him because he “violates the privacy of your space (your prison cell)”. We do not wish to compare these 2 strategies using criteria of superiority, considering the one more important than the other, but we place them away from each other. This is the distance we wanted to make clear through our stance. Besides, the most important was that we knew that not a single hair was hurt of those involved in the incident and we had made clear towards the administration that there would be a problem had things been different. So what is the fucking matter?

The bigoted and slanderous downfall of Naxakis, has reached the point of making up “dirty” agreements, between the leaders of the prisoners (in which he has clearly included us) and the prison management, concerning immunity when it comes to cells’ searches. It is widely known that there have been numerous investigations in our cells by both the prison guards and the police’s special forces (EKAM). It is obvious, that here the limits between stupidity and unconscious snitching are getting mixed together.

If one thinks that his strategy has failed, he’d better start introspecting and not blaming his imaginary enemies for his failure. Also, it would be wise to do some self-criticism regarding the imaginary of the delinquents’ community in prison, that one may have in his mind. And if he considers his strategy to be successful, he should follow it to the end, away from the ones he disagrees with or the ones he doesn’t like.

We don’t have a problem with public criticism. Even if its rough and intense. But this requires the use of arguments even when we disagree. We answer to texts with texts. As we did in the case of Mihailidis and Politis and their (inaccurate as far as we are concerned) critique towards us and their correct remark considering the vagueness of one of our previous texts (though without calling them names or slandering them in the way Naxakis did to us). This is why, although Mihailidis was present in the beating of Naxakis, we didn’t touch him and we only prevented him from interfering.

What is more, the time one chooses to make criticism, is also important, even if its polemic and abusive like when we verbally attacked to K.S. and his “hunger strike”. Our text was published after the whole procedure was over and with him being already released. What was written there, regardless if someone agrees or disagrees with it, was based on actual facts. But when someone shamelessly slanders people in public, calling them ill names without presenting actual facts, the things are different.

When everyone knows that during the years we have spent in prison nothing was simply granted to us, we have coughed up blood and loneliness through disciplinary transfers in all prisons (comrade Giorgos Polydoros had been transferred to 5 different prisons in a six-month period for disciplinary reasons and several of us to 2-3 different prisons), having clashed with jailers (Domokos prison), being sent to isolation (Olga had spent 50 days in isolation in Diavata prison), with hunger strikes, with ructions (even symbolic ones), with an escape attempt…

When everyone knows that almost every single anarchist who entered the prison, while we were here, we never let him alone even if he was in another prison (try to deny this, even the ones who don’t like us), instead we had always tried so that he wouldn’t have any problems, tried to bring him in contact with other prisoners who would help him, made sure that he had everything he needed…

When everyone knows that, even if we are not the most polite, even if we don’t have the best of manners, we have almost daily helped countless prisoners with issues concerning the prison’s administration and with material needs of the prison’s everyday life..
When everyone knows that the respect and some friendships we have earned in here, we managed to do so for what we are and not by pretending or by trying to pose as leaders.
When even our worst enemies (cops, judges, journalists) don’t dare to slander us in the way Naxakis did, dialectic IS OVER and there is room only for TOTAL VIOLENCE.

We haven’t apologized to the judges, but we reached a point where we have to apologize about the dirty tricks of that shithead.

We have chosen to withhold our violence within prison and to only express it against our enemies and the tyrants of our lives. This is our desire.

But Naxakis, with that shitty piece of paper of his, made us violate this agreement with ourselves. He slandered us, he called us names and he spread unbelievable lies about us in public. This why we cracked his head, in the prison’s hallway. In order to put an end to this public downfall. Choices and strategies that don’t fit together, should keep their distances between them. The is no right or wrong, everything is subjective. The same goes for criticism. But whoever chooses slandering, libeling and insulting in order to smear our history, our values, our personalities and our path of struggle won’t end up like Naxakis. This time we will end him permanently….

In order to put an end to the syphilis of introversion, which poisons us and leads us way from the real attack…




Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF (Prison Cell)



lol nihilists against lying

oh i forgot they're "revolutionary" nihilists

once again the vanguard (these revolutionary nihilists) hides and distracts from the true manifestation of nihilism

which is hooligans who do meth before protests and then go around punching anarchists in the back of the head with brass knuckles

the idea of these rev.nihilists will be employed over and over again by those outside and within greece to distract from this specific energy, tendency, etc

LoL... Liberal FOR lying and slander politics. I suppose you support your Emperor Obama as well...

LoL... Bourgeois-Christian moralist FOR believing in the sacredness of truth-telling! I suppose you pray to Jesus as well...

Bourgeois-Christian moralists are actually very good liars, as they've kept the proles in the dark for several centuries. Wanna perpetuate their tradition? I see...

Whilst the practice of bourgeois-christian moralists often contradicts their avowed ideals, they only get really upset when the proles contradict or reject those ideals. You perpetuate social domination by obscuring it under noble abstractions such as 'honesty'. Very good...

They often are being upset when some proles reveal truths... à la Chelsea Manning/Snowden. That's because ideology is a conception of the world which only validates the information that doesn't contradict its premises (as in the flat-earth belief). Ideology is self-referencial and self-reifying. It has its own set of pre-conceived problems and solutions, of questions and answers. Such as the question of the existence of god, or the State's supremacy over our lives.

Elites are thus kept in power through censorship, hiding facts that are incompatible with their system of belief and reinforcing make beliefs, so the proles keep working for them without screaming "BULLSHIT!" and the parasite and their dogs aren't being forced to flee. This is a very, very old pattern in politics.

I'm confused - are you calling meth-charged anti-anarchist hooligans the "true manifestation" or "energy, tendency" of of nihilism? What is valuable or interesting about this tendency?

hey i'm asking the questions here buddy

I for one, wish that these "meth hooligans" would show up to demos more often and I barely care who gets punched. Whatever, swell the ranks and make the pigs sweat.

"The is no right or wrong, everything is subjective. The same goes for criticism. But whoever chooses slandering, libeling and insulting in order to smear our history, our values, our personalities and our path of struggle won’t end up like Naxakis."


Must be a typo, otherwise doesn't make any sense.

"This time we will end him permanently...."

its literally right next to what you quoted nigga

"The bigoted and slanderous downfall of Naxakis..." lol Translation error or psychological slip? They probably meant "the downfall of the bigoted and slanderous Naxakis", but this communique makes these folks sound a lot more like bigoted and slanderous maoist nut cases than inspiring revolutionary nihilists.

"There is no right or wrong, everything is subjective. The same goes for criticism. But whoever chooses slandering, libeling and insulting in order to smear our history, our values, our personalities and our path of struggle won’t end up like Naxakis. This time we will end him permanently…." What am i missing?

They're going to kill anyone they think is slandering or insulting their personalities or path of struggle!!?

yep, "there is room only for TOTAL VIOLENCE…. he called us names... This why we cracked his head… In order to put an end to the syphilis of introversion, which poisons us and leads us way from the real attack…" reminds me of the logic of "less thinky, more smashy" and intra-anarchist violence which became so popular with "insurrectionists" in the states in the past few years. although really it is not that clear to me what they are talking about or what this person did, aside from an obsession with slander and insult…??

"the invocation of an insulted code of honour or an image that got damaged cannot have any relation with the iconoclastic character of anarchist critique, which promotes perpetual dispute and desecrates the sacred"

indeed, and responding to insults with brutal violence seems to betray an obsessive fear of the weakness of the ideas having been insulted...

no thats just what liberals like to say

dat doesnt makes them maoist liberal

Hah nihilists into identity politics. Incredibly absurd and destructive!

Identity politics?

Do you even fucking know what you're talking about?

Yeah, nihilists relating to 'the nihilist movement' thus identifying themselves as a minority group deserving social acceptance. This goes against the basic nihilist tenet.
So wtf are you talking about, liberal nihilists?

Wait... nihilists have a tenet!?

CCF seeking social acceptance? Major LOL. Do you ever read anything, cop?

My reply--Everyone has a tenet or else they are brain-dead. The nihilist tenet is 'total destroy' and 'I don't care'!

Your anticipated reply goes --- 'LOLOL you fucking cop! Are you illiterate? I'm proud to be an academic nihilist with a library!

My reply-- You got trolled moron psuedo-nihilist sympathizer. lulz

i negate your reply

Just the name CCF Conspiracy of Cells of Fire is childish and pompous! WTF do they think they can achieve with bombs, that's 20th century and predictably a tactic to attain the martyrdom these frustrated little dicks desire. I'm an anarchist, not a malcontented psuedo-nihilist with a Maoist leaning.

Get a life, you moron.

What do YOU achieve in life, keyboard warrior?

Yeah, minority groups deserving social acceptance do stuff like this:

Epic fail comment.

Yeah, sociopathic minority groups wanting 15 minutes of fame do smashy-smashy tantrum events. Lulz, trolled also!

And I thought I said: "Get a life!"

Good job, Worker, for standing up for all the reactionary trolls bullshitting Greek anarchists. Bravo.

These so-called nihilists, who appeal to the moralistic language of bourgeois law whilst aping the militaristic logic of the state, are the absolute antithesis of anarchy.

No, YOU are an absolute idiot who doesn't even read what this stuff is about, or perhaps even the text above.

Ah, see how militaristic as such are unfortunate words, and how liberals use them

Any bomb is militaristic, as confucious said, two wrongs don't make a right, but being too righteous makes a wrong!

What is militaristic? It's just a word. You can say that bombs are authoritarian or whatever, as if you were saying much by that.

Those who argue about right and wrong, are those enslaved by right and wrong.

I WAS saying that bombs are also authoritarian, which says a lot IMHO. Hey, I'm the good anarchist here, not the bitter nihilist!

The word authoritarian says a lot? In any case, that's something else. Saying bombs are authoritarian is what doesn't says much, as you're just making up a monstrous story...

Isn't that authoritarian...

Bombs are like Harleys, they are all noise but don't achieve any worthwhile aesthetic result.

Lets explore how stupid you are for a second.

(ie) I hate chainsaws because trees are pretty

Confucius was one wrong following two rights, Lao Tse and Chuang Tse. So stfu I AM the Truth!!!

"The beauty of rumpling a uniform". What sort of lame-ass childish tiqqinish crap is this!?

Well, this makes very clear how fascistic and horrible CCF are.

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