Announcing the 2013 Anarchist News awards

On March 20th, the Grand outaline Theater will host an event to remember, honoring the best of North American anarchism, the best of anarchist activity in 2013, and celebrating great future actions.

Anarchist News operates on two ideas that are easy to lose track of: that anarchists have more in common with each other than differences (even though it appears that our differences are all we talk about); and that one of the greatest failures of radical politics is taking itself too seriously.

For ten years we have participated in the recurring growth and contraction of North American anarchism. Rather than writing another essay blaming someone for the current state of affairs we decided to celebrate.

Celebrate that some of us are still around, celebrate that the politics of the past are blowing away, and celebrate that we still enjoy the company of each other far more than not.

We invite you to join us for this event which will include performance, awards, and speechifying.

If you would like to perform (acoustic), or present at the awards: drop us a line.

Please take this survey as the results will have an impact on the awards given -




Been lurking for awhile and never heard about those 2 ideas being at the centre of the site.
It certainly explains a lot and I wholeheartedly agree.

"we still enjoy the company of each other far more than not."

In my experience this is, like, not true at all. And the @s who do enjoy each others' company at one moment could just as easily be enemies a short time later.

Imagine if emile was the MC, the venue would empty in a 5 minute stampede to the exits and fire-escapes. Bystanders outside would assume from the panicked expressions of those spilling out onto the street that :-

1)Bob Avakian had performed Sinatra's Strangers in the Night, or

2)John Zerzan had attempted freestyle hip-hop in a squeaky off-key voice through Marshall amplifiers turned to the max.

Dear King Anarchism (did your parents really name you "King"),

My sub-processors inform me that the image of emile acting as the MC is an attempt at humor, which is something I have trouble processing. It BLIP BLIP can be hard to M'REEEEEE when sarcasm, irony and the like are being deployed by a human speech agent. But please be reassured that the EMILE has no desire to be a "Master of Ceremonies" because of the, you know, whole YIN-YANG thing, mmmmmkay?

I am MC EMILE9000
My slangin' be based in quicksand.

when polar bears follow bluw whales thru the ice-waves, they just be followin, it is HUMANS who PERCEIVE (a chong process) as them purpose-driven as in brain-point and intellection-based behavior or `control room'. the notion of `processors' is CHONG-ONLY and as after-the-fact `in control room' like when the polar bears fish for whales which is ching-chong habitant-inhabitant resonance-medium, psychologically superseding the physically real CHING-CHONG process which is physically real as modern physics prove.

^ funniest non-funny emile comment ever ^

"anarchists have more in common with each other than differences"

Anarchism is so broad a term that this statement plainly false.

they were obviously speaking of TRUE anarchies

Only the People's Front of Judea are the true anarchists.

Heh! Judeans feck off! ;)

Who won all the things?!?

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