Anti Gentrification Front Strikes Again.

For all too long now yuppies have been peacefully going about their gourmet dinners, buying up their lucky condos and flaunting their wealth by driving around in expensive cars. We thought it would be great to remind them AGF is still here.So last night, for the third time, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria was attacked. Several of its windows and one of its cameras were smashed. Famoso thought that putting up their pathetic cameras would stop our attacks. They haven’t and never will. We are also inspired by the picketers of the new yuppie restaurant in the downtown east side called Pidgin. They have been giving yuppies a taste of the class war for weeks now.

Over the last week City of Vancouver, who promotes gentrification with their Grandview Woodland community plan, were also were visited by the AGF. Two of their trucks had their windows smashed (6 all together, including 2 windshields) and one of their tractors had their huge window shattered.
This is a fucking class war and we will not stop until we are free from class, the state and all others who oppress us. Your time will come.
Pidgin its time you fly away or face the consequences.





YES! clearly the only relevant post on this entire once decent website. More articles about Jensen's useless member are needed!

This website rules... It looks more swank than before. Why yall gotta be so hard on Worker?

Smells like salmon!


Is new?

Lierre Keith's Pussy

one liner

"Pidgin its time you fly away or face the consequences."
This is what happens when you have a society that relies on spell check.

A joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings.

That isn't a pun. Pidgin doesn't make any sense in that context, and even if it did, the "its" kind of just says "we weren't paying attention."

Allow me to clarify... There is an upscale restaurant in Vancouver's downtown eastside called Pidgin, which some poor people in the area have been protesting outside of for weeks now. Yes, it is called "Pidgin," not "Pigeon".

The pun the above poster was referring to was the "fly away" part of the communique, not the name "Pidgin" itself, which is indeed spelt correctly.

Well now I feel like an idiot.

welp, you're on anarchist news. hope that's not a new feeling for ya

Go with the feeling.

Spelling doesn't matter anymore. More than half the country is immigrants with broken english and the number is growing. While college students may find that statement blasphemous, I can assure you that your kind is a dying species along with a dying economy. And along with a dying economy comes a dying generation of wealthy and or middle class youth who are reduced from middle class up bringing to total poverty and mental depression as they move on and out of the house to be independent, well those who are fortunate to even make it that far. To those who are not, the only thing you have to be thankful for is a roof with out rent. Count each day as a blessing and while it may seem and or feel like a privilege, note that the real privileged ones are the lucky people who got the job or still have the job and chances are 1 out of 1,000,000 that employed people would ever want to trade you places. People would much rather be a slave to their boss and pay rent just to have their privacy and social status of independence even though it is false independence. No one is free from the system unless there is a revolution. Oh, the number of employed people who say they "wish to be in your shoes not having to pay rent" are probably the type who think losing their job and moving into their parents house will never happen to them and so they can make careless statements as they do because it that ever happened to them where all of a sudden they lose their class identity and adulthood status all at the same time, THEY WOULD KILL THEM SELVES!

You and non of this conversation really matters anyway when you put it up against the bigger picture being the economy going to hell in hand basket meaning the end of the new roman empire is here and the birth of a brave new world is upon us where concepts of unity, collectivism. cooperation, socialism, communism, anarchy and sharing are coming back to life. While this process of losing ones class and adulthood status may feel like torture now, it will feel good later and you won't even worry about it in the end because when the wealth has dried up and eveyrone pockets are empty and banks have everyone dough, the finger point at everyone else but the banks and the system will end at the stroke of a match and blaze in the night sky. Until then, endure the harsh judgement and criticism.


Unless your energy is completely expended and you're too old to fight back and have felonies on your record, you have no excuse for sitting at home when a militant call to action is taking place with in a 1hr radius of your location. Especially when that call to action has been made public long enough for everyone to hear about it. Show some fucking solidarity. Grow a pair.

Uphold the rules of the Wiccan Rede.

Be high in spirit ye shall succeed.

Power of the Elements Five,

Will help Mother Nature stay alive.

From grains of Earth to the moving Air.

Past the burning Fire that magick flares.

Flow with Water, lakes, and streams;

Around the Spirit's aura and dreams.

From brightest day, to blackest night,
we will escape the cameras' sight
Let those who dine on yuppie blight,
Bemoan their busted windows, tonight.

Don't forget harm none! Clearly not something that these people consider.

"Unless your energy is completely expended and you're too old to fight back and have felonies on your record" Thanks for the exemption,,,now STFU and get a life,,,and learn some fucking grammar!

english language is losing superiority just like the white man so why have good grammar when words don't mean anything anyway and action means everything. White people are going extinct. Let the arrogance of educated white men die off with them.

Being a grammar nazi is equivalent to white supremacy because forcing everyone to speak perfect english is dictatorial and it's the while mans language.

I like to be understood, and to understand others, it has nothing to do with race . You were, still are, and always will be, a moron. Do I make myself clear?

Yeah, I hate structured information systems---why can't we all regress back to primordial slime?

heyo, i didn't realize this was Grammar Nuremberg.

> uses three commas in place of an ellipsis
> "learn some fucking grammar!"

I lol'd.

you are one seriously pretentious asshat, eh?
the hilarious and totally sad irony is, of course, you hold 3 doctorates and drive a volvo station wagon.
everyone knows that 99.9% of everyone posting at this site is, at best, an armchair "anarchist".
it's even likely that it's up to 100% now.
so chill out.

You insane? The brave new world the establishment are pushing includes no possibility for anarchy, neither for any sort of freedom, or life. It is a corporate socialist technocracy where you either submit or die.

Revolution? It's only gong to happen if there is a REAL economic crisis, not some voodoo phony crisis created by a bunch of upper-caste thugs to consolidate their power while exponentially increase their assets by a factor of 10. Why not? Because for the first time in History, the proletariat is enslaved into an inherently reactionary dynamic of COLLABORATION with the system, where they no longer work for survival as they did before WW2, but now work for having their piece of the capitalist pie. Of course there are millions of people without jobs these days, but they still are maintained into slavery by welfare, which is the very reason why it exists.

doesn't matter to you hahahhaaahhhhaaaa

"dying" ????????? That means to infuse a colour, goof. ur prob a "where's waldo" gen y toque tweaker intra-sexual dyed hair tattooed gauged pierced weirdo

"Dying" dy·ing /ˈdī-iNG/ Adjective: On the point of death.

Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics

Learn to speak English before to try and teach it to others, moron.

reason 27

Nice Manifesto!

reason 27

These kids are jealous of what others have achieved around them, and instead of lifting themselves up to the level of others, they want to smash everything and make others come down to their level.

Thugs, indeed!

What is this, the fucking Cold War? You sound like a 60-year-old talking about those hippie commie hooligans who just want the whole world to be poor like them.

You cannot possibly believe that somebody would carry out actions and risk imprisonment for a belief that shallow. Quit lying to yourself just to make things easier and admit that you have no clue why this vandalism took place.

reason 27

Go fuck yourself, yuppie.

You sound like the most hilariously deluded liberal fuck-up I have ever heard speak in my entire life, and that's saying something.

Here's a tip for you: "being your own boss" isn't a noble pursuit and doesn't actually give you significantly more control over your life and environment, it just allows you to exploit and control others in the process of your survival.

And anyway, capitalism cannot possibly allow for every person to "be their own boss", so for all your talk about coming from positions of privilege, you sure are virulently defending it.

Stop pretending that you've even tried to understand the motivations and analysis behind the article you're commenting on. Anyone can see through your facade of pretentious smugness and recognize that you have absolutely no fucking clue what you're talking about; you just want to be the big morally-righteous man in charge and teach everybody else how to be a proper outraged citizen. Your little manifesto of liberal condescension is trash, just like you.

Didn't say being your own boss was a noble pursuit. I said it was something that this guy worked for, and for him it was a noble pursuit. You're the one who doesn't know what he's talking about, so jaded that every business is an evil business.

But hey if calling someone trash is what gets you off on the internet then so be it. Talk about condescension. Is it my dream to own a franchise pizza joint, no, but it's what this guy has been working towards for five years, and just because it's not yours or your window smashing buddies dream doesn't give you the right to shit on someone else's, and you call me the morally-righteous man in charge? Take a look in the mirror buddy. This guy worked hard to get to where he is, and work, whether you like work or not is universal. Get rid of the government, and capitalism, and corporations, you still have work, and you still have economics. Economics could mean the barter system, or it could be a monetary system but it still exists.

I'm sorry you've had bad experiences in this world. I suppose that's not entirely your fault, but how you choose to deal with "the shaft" is, and I'm so very sorry you don't see the moral-inferiority of someone smashing the window of a small business but the error is yours.

The truth is, you can call me trash all you want, I know that I do good, I help people when I can, and I'm fine in the things I do to not take insults from people like you very seriously. You're right though I am morally-righteous, and it's not to be condescending, it's because I dont smash windows, and I don't support those who do, and I will teach people how to be proper outraged citizens because there is a constructive way to go about it (again no window smashing).

If you don't like society do something constructive about it. Or go live in the woods where it won't bother you.

So feel free, go at me, call me trash. Call it hilarious, because at the end of the day, me, and all those who condemn this kind of behaviour, and work for positive social change, are better. We're better people, we're better examples of human beings, and we're probably a good deal happier, sure we don't have massive swinging cocks, or huge balls, but then again we don't get dressed up in black masks and bully people either.

Please do as Gandhi advised and kill yourself as soon as you possibly can; it's the only effective and morally righteous means of protest.

self-righteous hippie garbage = comedy gold

it's kind of sad that you're so incapable of understanding views that conflict with your own other than from a standpoint of condescension and deluded moral superiority (who gets to define "right" and "wrong", anyway?), but on the other hand, it's kind of hilarious to watch you respond to one-liners with these massive dramatic essays that nobody will ever read.

I feel like I had a stroke after reading this comment.

anarchism is the suture on the stump of liberalism

Thanks Vladimir.

reason 27

reason 27

You mean like in the '20s? Yeah... that was not so long ago, and nothing in society has changed much since then. Right. Authoritarian communists in the US really did create a lotta collective stuff... like um, umm... I gotta go, now.

"This is a fucking (g)lass war and we will not stop until we are free from (g)lass, the state and all others who oppress us."

Smash all windows... destroy the system! lol

- The Anti-Window Front

Glass war!!!

It's ironic that the China is responsible for alot of gentrification isn't it?

"the China" is responsible only for being a country, dimwit.

Jealous of those Asians living in condos? Explain me how better yuppies "White" Americans are. Like I care...

The irony I think the poster refers to is that Maoists claim a global egalitarian ethic yet have de-industrialised Western cities causing the eviction of former workers duh.

Who cares what the chinese say. Asking what actually happened is not all that relevant to you, is it? I don't think it's ironic, it seems that's how that type of nation state should function. With lies as a central component of ideology management.

For someone who doesn't care about anything, you sure ask alot of questions, and in a tone verging on arrogance. And don't lecture me on ideology management, as if I don't comprehend statist methods!

reason 27

I also will be supporting this business and will dine there as often as possible now in reaction to this absurd act of violence aimed at a simple small business owner. There are much more intelligent ways of making a point or trying to change the world or society that you live in than breaking windows. As a 4th generation Commercial Drive resident I ask how these people breaking windows can speak for me or anyone else when they state that this or any other business here are not welcome. I can decide for myself on a personal level which businesses I will support and which I will not. I don't want anyone speaking or acting on my behalf. Furthermore, this is a commercial space and always will be and has nothing to do with pushing low income residents out of the Downtown Eastside. Absolutely idiotic behaviour and flawed theory.

Restaurants in general fall into 2 categories, either free food or capitalist venture. I've eaten at this cut-throat priced den of scheming chefs and was rewarded with one of the most severe bouts of explosive diarrhoea I have ever had, and I only just made it to the carpark! I'm not sure if it was the duckling in aspic, the pork sweet and sour or the shrimps in the fried rice. DO NOT IT AT THIS PLACE IF YOU VALUE YOUR COLON!

Maybe next time, try washing your hands before you eat. Your colon will thank you.

The fact you think that you attribute shitting yourself 5 minutes after eating a slice of pizza to the slice of pizza just exemplifies how fucking stupid you are. I mean, you already sound like a moron from your post, but this is just laughable

Sorry, buddy. A place giving out free food does not fall into any category of "restaurant". You're thinking of a "food bank" or "soup kitchen". Those places ought to be reserved for those who are actually struggling with real poverty, and not so-called anarchists who want a free meal at the expense of those who are truly in desperate need. But, hey! Go ahead and take advantage of the poor.

reason 27

Loser hides my article because I said nice things about Famoso. Nothing like censorship on top of cowardly window breaking to prove you are not only a useless human, you are inept at being an anarchist.

Reposting this from another thread:

"Gentrification: consumer politics for the housing industry.

"Gentrifiers" don't make good targets; developers do.
We are anti-capitalists, not micro-nationalists."

only intelligent comment i've seen on this page yet. Well done.

Word to this.

The bottom line is that you guys look like complete idiots and are undermining your whole cause and philosophy by targeting a normal, unwealthy guy who is working his ass off to make a living for his family. If he's lucky, he will not lose everything he has like so many people who take the risk to open a restaurant. If anything, this guy is less of a servant to the system because he has taken his fate into his own hands and doesn't work for "the system". He's his own boss and that's the beauty of a free system, you can decide what you want to do with your life. You guys claim that capitalism is oppressive and you seek a collective system, a communist system, a socialist system - these systems provide less independence, less freedom, and less opportunity - you leave your fate in the minds of few. We're entering an age of enlightenment where more minds are connected globally and positive and inspirational ideas can spread. There are no shackles on ambition in a free system and more and more of today's citizens seek to improve the lives of others, not only their own. Many of today's new businesses and entrepreneurs are not only in it for themselves - "social entrepreneurialism" is a term now. More and more businesses have "helping others" as a central purpose to their business - this is what happens when you allow free thought and initiative to grow. A great Vancouver example is Mark Brand - gastown restaurant owner of both "yuppie" restaurants (Boneta) and charitable restaurants (Save-On-Meats), whose food token system helps feed the underprivileged in the downtown eastside every single day. (Make sure you only break his Boneta windows and not his Save-on-meats windows you fucking morons) The non-govermental layer of society is the one making the big positive difference in our world today...except you guys of course. Get your heads out of your asses and do something positive with your lives.

Dumbest comment on this site as of yet, and that's saying something. Please fucking kill yourself.

i think you just topped it.

Not a chance, buddy!

Why not build a time-machine and stop the first Starbucks from opening on the drive. I think it was 20 years ago. Stupid fucks.

You know, it must be nice to soak up our tax dollars on welfare, and spend your time going around and doing your best to destroy other peoples' livelihoods. The rest of us are busy going to work for long hours to support our families. You know, rather like what the owner of the restaurant is doing? Good work in making the same statement that drunk teenagers make when they smash windows. Really furthers the work that people have done to actually make a difference.

As for the "gentrification" of Commercial Drive: the Italians who have been in the neighbourhood for roughly forever don't want YOU there, either.

And since you want to smash up all the "chain restaurants," I feel I have to point out that you missed Starbucks, Waves, JJ Bean, Memphis Blues, Vera's Burgers, The Reef... do I need to go on? Oh yeah, and the Legion, those assholes have chains open EVERYWHERE! And don't forget Translink, they've opened up locations all over town. Smash their stuff! We don't mind having to pay more because of your mental deficiencies.

In closing: please go clean our gene pool by killing yourselves. Do it as a protest, then maybe your worthless, meaningless life will have done something. Nothing useful, maybe, but something nonetheless.

whoa rude

one liner

one liner

I feel like "fuck you, kill yourself" is the only reasonable and articulate response to the OP.

real anarchists can do better than that.

You don't get to define what a "real anarchist" is; also, fuck you, kill yourself.

okay fine you are a "real anarchist". words don't mean things, the idea that a linguistic community exists which shares words is just a big fascist plot to control language

oh hey i pooped myself a little bit sorry

The idea that some random anonymous asshole gets to define for everybody what "real anarchism" is based on absolutely zero arguments or points to back up that definition is fucking absurd. Maybe you should try articulating yourself a little better and then people won't call you an idiot for making unsubstantiated claims about the definitions of words.

"absolutely zero arguments or points to back up that definition"

That's pretty big talk for someone who just now decided to stop relying on 'fuck off kill yourself'

Take a joke, buddy.

My response: that's pretty big talk for someone who just now decided to stop relying on making up definitions for words.

"As for the "gentrification" of Commercial Drive: the Italians who have been in the neighbourhood for roughly forever don't want YOU there, either."

That was a good one. Why not crack a book and look into who has been here for "roughly forever" and on their behalf go fuck yourself.

dont you clowns have anything better than to destroy windows and acting like a bunch of school kids?? how would you like it if someone terrorized your homes .. cars... and prized possessions?

just to let you know.... the pizza place you hit is NOT a trendy hippy spot. 14 dollars is NOT pricey for a good homemade pizza!! its just a family oriented pizza joint thats it. you want trendy... hippy spot?? look for businesses that are destroying the planet and OVER charge for their food and services NOT... your basic family businesses who are just trying to provide basic wholesome food. get your ...priorities straight IF thats possible

IF you have the brass you claim you wouldnt be hiding behind computers and masks glorifying over your silly little tasks.


"If you were a real man, you wouldn't hide behind a mask!!!!!!"

Please fucking off yourself.

reason 27

Where were you when the Starbucks opened? Where were you when Havana opened? Stella's? A&W? The Macdonalds? Instead you attack a small business run by a person who is trying to feed their family. How does this encourage people in the community to oppose gentrification? How does this accomplish any of your goals? Why do you feel that you are entitled to ownership over the neighborhood? Do you think the Italian and Portuguese families that have been there for decades want you guys wearing black jeans and AntiDisism shirts with dogs on ropes in their neighborhood?

reason 27

Lol. Cool story bro. Also welcome to @news! You're going to loose any troll you start here...

I am an anarchist and this site is full of fucking nimrods.

I mean, same here, but that's true of every anarchist site I have ever been to. And every anarchist organization.

Seriously, I think it's a requirement of anarchism that you be at odds with at least 50% of other anarchists.

Punk rock is at least partly to blame. Even though i love the stuff

If the last buncha comments didn't come from a crew of angry hipsters sharing their outrage on facebook, I'll eat my boots.

Word to the wise, guys. Nobody on @news gives two tugs of a dead dog's cock for the plight of small businesspeople.

You do realize that the inability to empathize with other people is a sign that you are either autistic or a psychopath, right? Just checkin'!

Fucking lol.

I mean, besides the fact that you're making shit up (at best you could say that the inability to emphasize with ANY human being could be a sign of sociopathy), do you really expect every person on the planet to empathize with every other person? Do you tend to display a lot of empathy to white supremacists? Rapists, child molesters? I guess you must be a psychopath if you don't empathize with them, right?

Yeah, running a pizza joint is definitely tantamount to rape. Good point.

You're the one who said that we've got to empathize with everyone without regard to their actions or their role in society, apparently!

No, "Dude McFucknutz" said that. I am Anonymous. Get your internet arguments straight.

A logical analysis.

Initial statement: To be human, and not psychopath, you must empathize with everyone.
Everyone, by its inherent nature, includes such figures as racists, rapists, and other perpetrators of domination over other human beings.
Thus, to be human, and not psychopath, you must empathize with racists and rapists.

I empathize with hateful people. I am sad that they were raised in environments and had lives which nurtured them into hateful people. I don't doubt if I were raised in a similar environment and had a similar life that I would have turned out something like them. Anyone who imagines they wouldn't, is showing hubris.

But that's beside the point. The point is that no one has yet given a good reason why a pizza-shop guy is similar to a rapist in the sense that they don't deserve empathy from non-psycho/sociopaths.

I would like to smash you. If you were a true anarchist you'd respect my need to cause chaos to your face. I bet you are some trust fund loser who is rebelling against their corporate world parents who left you with the nanny. You are a fucking joke and the fact that you attacked this poor family business instead of fucking with a WalMart or a McDonalds shows how incredibly stupid you are. If you'd like to discuss this in person I would be more than happy to meet up and express my concerns face to face. But I bet you're too much of a coward to do that.

Tries to troll but shows emotional investment. Makes me lol. Boohoo my pizza place... lol, just this comment makes me want to smash some pizza shops myself

Learn what the word troll means you pathetic excuse for a neckbeard.

You, boi.

I'd love to see OP get his dumb macho vigilante ass kicked by some anarchist with a pink extendable baton.

fucking lol @ this pathetic fuck

I would like to meet you at your place of choosing, in person, whenever you say. Because I guarantee you I am a better, stronger, faster internet toughguy than you could ever hope to be. I once reached through the monitor of an internet toughguy like you and crushed him with my pinky. I have trained in and mastered every conceivable martial art, and am even doing tai-bo just because I've finished everything else. My muscles are the largest single objects in the universe, and I regularly beat god (the entire trinity), the devil, and chuck norris simultaneously in arm-wrestling, while I am sleeping.

So just give me a place ant time, how about tomorrow at your place after dinner? Just post the address and I'll be there.

See you in hell, which is now my toilet since the devil died, so I'm going to shit on you for all eternity.

reason 27

reason 27

I wish I was young and stupid again. Maybe I'll put on my old Crass records, order a pizza and think back about what real Anarchists did.

That's your lifestyle. You can't fit everyone into your little world of what you considered anarchist living. Anarchy has no identity. You can't put a stamp on it with music bands like crass either. You small vision of what's possible. Not letting you get away with reducing anarchism to utter garbage. FUCK OFF!

Yuppies? Someone ask Gordon Gecko at the AGF if we're we being oppressed by pizza or by glass?

Ok, so I talked to Gordon Gecko, first he didn't know what I was talking about and then I mentioned @news, and then he laughed for like 10 mins, and then asked "wait, did someone get their windows smashed and then get upset and post 20 times as different people complaining about it? Is that what this is about?" I said yeah, and then he said "Haha... Fuck, do they know that they'll just get their windows smashed even more now?" I said (because it's true), I don't actually know Gordon, they just said that I should ask you this question. Then he said "Hehe... well shit, tell them that they probably wont have pizzas or glass for very much longer if they keep baiting those trolls".

So that's what he said, what do you make of it?

All these broken windows are great for my business! If this keeps going, maybe I'll buy a new Hummer and a cabin up at Sun Peaks. Either that or invest in some Enbridge shares. Rock on, bitches!

the broken window fallacy? you must be new here

Breaking windows goes far enough. -sarcasm

I am new here - just followed the link at .

This is the lamest fantasy / live action roleplaying site I've found on the internets. Kind of funny though.

Smashing a bank is more on target than attack a pizza restaurant.

Anarchists generally go for the fat cats. Not the small time capitalist.

Remember that that banks and the politicians are at the root of all gentrification. The small businesses that open up are on a downward slump due to a collapsing economy. Don't attack the wrong targets. Check yourself.

Went there after reading about your attacks. Great pizza and very friendly staff! Thanks!

I think you're lost, yelp is the other direction, but by all means keep using @news as a business rating site, more fodder for trollin'.

one liner

I read this in a sobbing voice. Made me laugh

sigh... this should have been in response to the above stupid comment. Time for a troll nap.

Grow some balls and do a bank... they are printing worthless money and driving it around in armoured trucks... these trucks are bulletproof, but wont survive an explosion... blow up their fake money, hilarity ensues as they avoid explaining to the public they can just print moar...

reason 27

one liner

As has been shown extensively in this thread this action represents, at the very best, a poor tactical choice for any well intentioned anarchist truly interested in a world that trancends class and coercion.
To state that this action represents "class war" is clearly to fail in any tactically usefull assessment of where your class lies, who your class allys really are, and where there is room for growth in your movement that could ever have a hope of growing large enough to be relevant on a meaningful scale.   If you ever want to convince enough people on this planet that a  free future is possible and worth building and working for you are going to need to present a better case than this. 

So this really does end up feeling a lot like angry kids who spend more time painting circle A signs and pinning studs on their jackets than reading or understanding anarchism.  Anarchy as fashion, not as depth, not as a thoughtful devotion to a world free of domination and conquest.  

Except there's a lurking doubt that bugs me.

and this...
Oh and this...

Nice boots you've got there boys, all shiny and new and ready to march in disguise on behalf of the state. 

Agent provocateurs are a great return on investment.  Why this entire website could easily be run out of a small CSIS office with minimal staff running a bunch of sock puppet accounts all day.  You can build entire movements for pennies a "person" when you do it in virtual space.
Smashing windows is cheap as well, and when you pose as masked indistinct black figures you really can recycle your agents a lot.  It just makes good fiscal sense for the overlords to behave this way, and you would do well to think long upon this ominous fact.

Simplified into catchphrases even a MasterCard ad could use it looks like this:

Cost of agent  provocatuers = a few stolen tax dollars.

Equating Anarchism with mindless acts of thoughtless destructive thuggery in the minds of the subject populace at large = PRICELESS!!

Anarchism is the go to ideology for the state to make alternative political viewslook bad.  "Anarchist" has been turned into a pejorative term and a spiked jacket caricature in many peoples minds, and it's "direct action" like this that does it.

So I think you are agents of the state, and servants of the overlords. 

 Or, worse still, you are effectively doing their work for them and you don't even realize or understand. 

So please, if you are some young angry soul who actually cares about a better future please put that rock down and do a little more reading.  Don't just read Anarchist works, read "The Mans"  history, read what the overlords feed their college kids.  Read Machiavelli and Hegel, read Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger.  Learn to understand the thinking of The Overlords if you ever wish to escape them, defeat them, or render them irrelevant.

Because if you are actual caring activists you are hurting the people who are actually your neighbours in any real  class war.  And no, the local pizza franchise owner is not your class enemy, it isn't that black and white.  He probably doesn't even "own" his restaurant. The Bank owns him!  

So stop making Anarchists look stupid.

That's if you aren't agents.

And to this working class, well worn rebels nose the Anti Gentrification Front smells a lot like bacon.

You are so full of shit, I can smell it from here.

muh struggle

This is my neighborhood.
Fuck off with your Nazi like tactics. You want to be heroes go do something useful.

no go away

You vandalize a pizza place and you think you are fighting a "class war ".
Wow, a working class hero if ever there was one.

I told you go away

The person who smashed Famosos is probably just another kid from the suburbs who never got along with their upper-middle class parents. Then went to university on their parents' dime only to read Marx and soon after Kropotkin. Then they felt ashamed of their roots as an upper middle class kid and then discovered that there is a whole scene of people like them who lurk at Spartacus books, Media Co-Op Meetings and at useless protests outside of places like PiDGiN. A scene full of whiny privileged kids who stroke their egos by talking about how many protests they've been to and dreaming up of ways they can take it all down before they eventually cash in like every other protestor generation.

What a sad, boring story.


Fuck that guy.

Fuck his scene.

Fuck this website.

Fuck the media co-op.

Fuck the AGF.

And, most of all, fuck anarchists.

^^One of the country's most acclaimed FBI profilers at work here, and he's totally fucking wrong!

FBI? what the fuck are you on about

He's so unintelligent, that he thinks Commercial Drive and Vancouver BC are in the United States!

It is easy to destroy, and hard to build. So, destruction of a business that might have helped your neighborhood is lauded as some sort of victory? These are the kinds of people who destroy anything beautiful and good out of sheer spite. Jealous much? LOSERS. Enjoy your poverty.

"your neighbourhood"?

Ha. These fuckers don't live in the neighbourhood. Nor the real world, for that matter.

And I'll beat you to the punch, wee troll: "Fuck off." Good one!


Yeah, it's always the "outside agitators", right? God forbid anyone who lives in a given area should do something destructive within that area. That would just be outrageous.

Maybe if the trolls in this comment section thought you possessed the critical thinking skills to actually understand the motivations that might drive somebody to break a window, they would bother articulating their thoughts to you, but it seems like you're incapable of grasping thoughts and analyses beyond "they must want my stuff!!!"

I for one would really like to hear in greater detail about the motivations behind breaking "this particular window" because the AGF have done a piss-poor job of explaining themselves and the commenters here are all dumbshits.

I hate gentrification too and i can't for the life of me figure out how this will stop or even slow it

one liner

one liner

one liner

reason 27

I know you think it's super clever to go out of your way to post a thing about how you're going to start patronizing a place that somebody hates (specifically because that somebody hates that place), but everybody who reads this comment sort of knows that you're not actually going to do that.

I'll take a picture when I'm there... sorry sunshine but once again, typical idiot that you are, you are wrong.

Try to show up when the window-smashing happens again, maybe you'll get lucky and catch a brick with your head.

Actually we went last night! The soup was tasty and the pizza was great too! I wouldn't have known about this place if it weren't for your vandalism.

I think you mean you wouldn't have known about this place if it weren't for the media? Lots of places get vandalized on a daily basis and don't get a sob story in the press. I don't think you eat at all of those places. You sound a little confused.

Actually it was the smashed windows, otherwise I would have just walked by and not noticed yet another Italian restaurant. So I know about this place because of the vandals. The Pidgin on the other hand I learned about from the protesters, who so far haven't stooped to vandalism.

So, you only patronize businesses that have been recently vandalized? Is this your idea of being charitable? I don't think you're going to offset their losses, sorry!

reason 27

reason 27

I can't stop laughing at these conservative dipshits whining about how attacking small-time capitalists is the biggest sob story in the history of the planet.

Please continue posting this comedy gold.

unemployed welfare-stealing trust-fund hipster anarchy baby

Hitler. Zieg heil you little nazis.

Hitler was also a vegetarian, and drove cars sometimes! Alert the presses!

Apparently many people want to believe that Hitler was a vegetarian. For if Hitler were a vegetarian, then vegetarianism itself is completely invalidated (And they don't have to think of the implications for themselves of eating meat, ethical or environmental).

Robert Payne is widely considered to be Hitler's definitive biographer. In his book, Hitler: The Life and Death of Adolph Hitler, Payne says that Hitler's "vegetarianism" was a "legend" and a "fiction" invented by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. According to Payne:

"Hitler's asceticism played an important part in the image he projected over Germany. According to the widely believed legend, he neither smoked nor drank, nor did he eat meat or have anything to do with women. Only the first was true. He drank beer and diluted wine frequently, had a special fondness for Bavarian sausages and kept a mistress, Eva Braun… His asceticism was fiction invented by Goebbels to emphasize his total dedication, his self-control, the distance that separated him from other men. By this outward show of asceticism, he could claim that he was dedicated to the service of his people. In fact he was remarkably self-indulgent and possessed none of the instincts of the ascetic."

"For if Hitler were a vegetarian, then vegetarianism itself is completely invalidated."

This is exactly the logical fallacy being pointed out, here; the fact that people have done things that Hitler has also done (like, for example, walking or breathing) does not make these activities inherently evil, illegitimate, or foundational to Nazi ideology.

It's not a stretch to imagine that every radical political movement in history (from all ends of the political spectrum) has smashed a window at some point in its existence.

Yeah, I got that. I just wanted to point out the fallacy of the much repeated Hitler was a vegetarian myth.

Primitivists think that walking and breathing for about 4 billion underprivileged people is evil, and they are mostly vegetarian pizza eaters, and they don't smash windows. What the hell is their problem? How dare they call themselves radical or extremist when they mostly resemble yuppies, who coincidentaly are the main gentrifiers and also open up boutiques, salons, cafés, and healthfood outlets.

^ someone feels threatened or is confused. probably both.

So many whiny middle-class losers in tears about some franchised pizza place getting its windows smashed!

Do you cry this much when somebody torches a McDonald's? They're a franchised chain, too. Affordable family dining right there.

I don't remember hearing about anyone torching a McDonald's, so I'm not entirely sure what point you're attempting to make. Try using a real-world example next time.

Uh, do you want me to Google you a photo of a McDonald's on fire to prove that this event has ever happened in history?

I think you're kind of missing the point that a chain restaurant is a chain restaurant is a chain restaurant.

Do you think that breaking windows at a family pizza restaurant is somehow fighting the 1%? Famoso isn't expensive, and most new restaurants fail within the first two years, even without your vandalism.

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you don't have any idea of what constitutes capitalism other than "having a lot of money; like, a lot".

People don't complain as much when somebody busts up a McDonald's even though they're a franchised restaurant just like Famoso.

I'd be interested to hear what you think Capitalism is. Please enlighten me. What is "Capitalism", and how exactly is vandalizing the same restaurant 3 times in a year fighting Capitalism?

As I suspected, you don't know what Capitalism is, or what Anarchy is for that matter.

Capitalism is a complex social order based around relationships of domination, including (but not limited to) wage labor, prison, police, property ownership, surveillance, representative politics, economic hierarchy, and so on. If you want a more detailed explanation, read a book. "Work" by CrimethInc is an alright one.

Considering capitalism inhabits practically every space on the planet, destroying a business and attempting to interrupt the aspirations of capitalist property developers seems like as good a thing to do as any.

You're whining little babies that didn't get enough love as a child. Now you're broke, lazy, most likely have an addiction problem and looking for someone to blame. How about you clean yourself up, look for a job and move up in the world. It's not hard. You're motivated enough to repeatedly vandalize a mans place of business, how about you use that energy to do something good for your own well-being. You don't own the community.

Why should anybody listen to you, ever? You don't "own the community" either.

There you have it folks.
The perpetrators of this malicious, infantile violence call call themselves "anarchists" to make themselves feel better about their asshole behavior. This kind of bullshit has nothing to do with anarchism and everything to do malicious assholism.

Do you little retards actually have any idea what anarchism is?
Seems to me you are confusing anarchism with nihilism. I guess if there was a nice graphic symbol for nihilism (a big circle with an N in it perhaps), you guess you would be calling yourself Nihilists.

Hahaha, holy shit, I'm literally laughing my ass off. My ass is falling off right this second.

This is the best caricature of an outraged, moralistic pseudo-leftist I've ever seen in my life.

Have you read anything about anarchism that is less than a century old? I feel bad, because I get the impression that you've missed a few things.

Apparently "Smash the State" slogan has become "Smash the pizza place".

So-called Anarchists scream Fuck the System and then go and pick up their social assistance cheque. Thanks for letting us know about a great new restaurant.

Vandalism accomplishes broken stuff and lost profits, which is probably more in ten seconds than you accomplish in a whole year!

Be sure to be sitting in front of the windows next time they get smashed!

Ever hear of insurance?

Ever heard of insurance premiums going up? Loss of profit due to being closed for repairs? Lost business due to patrons being scared away by constant violent vandalism?

lost unskilled employment with low barriers to entry?


This mythology of capitalists as "job creators" is a propaganda tool and you're a piece of shit.

So modern anarchism is all about vandalizing pizza restaurants now?
Wow, thanks for enlightening me.
PS I feel bad because you are a condescending little jerk.

I feel even more bad because you don't know how the "reply" button works!

Also, yes; the 2013 Anarchist Congress actually voted to change our official designation from "anarchists" to "anti-pizzaists". It'll come into effect in a few months.

At the next one get some armbands made up and maybe get some snappy uniforms.
You know who else liked breaking windows?

Ooh! Ooh! Lemme guess!

Was it Hitler?

I bet it was Hitler.

And I also bet you're totally not the same person who said that exact same thing just a little further up in the comments section.

reason 27

Just what are lucky condos? You guys crack me up!

I am so pleased and surprised to visit this site after reading about this in some paper and finding that the majority of comments on here are making fun of the idiots that think that there doing something good by smashing the windows of some pizza shop! Class war!?!? your making things into a class war. their is real estate available, a business owner needs a space, they rent said space. no is trying to push anyone anywhere, you can't afford to eat there then don't. whats the problem? was the food more affordable in the boarded up shop that was there before? Im not sure where it was that people got this sense of entitlement, where they think because they are alive that they have the right to everything that everyone else has? people have what they have because they worked for it. this is vancouver not texas, the people here are not riding on slave money that there great grand parents made and passed on. they got there fucking act together and worked and saved and broke their backs to get what they have. they were smart and invested and made the right moves. If you want to sit around complaining about how some people have it good and you don't, your not gonna get shit. there are tons of things that I cant afford... SO I DONT BUY THEM! I dont look at a bird and say fuck you bird you can fly, thats not fair, ima cut your wings off so i dont sit around all day wishing I could fly while you soar around with your expensive wings you yuppie douche bag.

How old are you? I don't mean to be "ageist" or anything but this reads like a junior high school student's first encounter with politics.

So, although there wasn’t much to go on, from reading the above posts (apart from the numerous illuminating comments along the lines of “go away” “go fuck yourself” and, my favorite, “lol”), I gather that winning the “class war” requires a world without restaurants unless they’re serving “free food”, but am not quite clear on why “anarchists” don’t have a problem with restaurants in areas that are already gentrified? Maybe because “anarchy has no identity”?

Is this your first time on the internet? Do you need someone to show you how this works?

I question your analysis that the outraged middle-class losers screaming "TAX DOLLARS" and "LAZY TRUST FUND HIPSTERS" are way more articulate than the random peeps telling them to fuck off. Also, I have this inkling that anarchists have probably smashed restaurants in wealthy neighborhoods more than once. I bet you could find photo or video evidence of this with about ten seconds' worth of Google searches.

I'm just trying to decipher what your issue with restaurants is, and why you are targeting this specific one.

If you perhaps deigned to read the article you're commenting on, you would note that the problem is not restaurants as an abstract concept, but rather the role that the creation of certain establishments (such as, for example, franchised chain restaurants) has in gentrifying neighborhoods and laying the foundation for capitalist real estate developers to start "developing" the area for their own profit.

I'm not the person you are responding to, but maybe the problem should be restaurants in general.

Please don't post that shit here.

why? is it somehow not anarchist to be against restaurants?

You're not following the rules of Anarchy:
1. Follow the leader. The leader is the current male in the group that can fake being confident the best.
2. Don't think for yourself. We have books written in by long-dead Frenchmen and Russians that tell you what to think and say. References are a must, especially in conversation.
3. Wear the Anarchy uniform. Some punk-rock attire will suffice, as long as it's an authentic pre-1979 look.
4. If you're a young girl with low self-esteem or a first year university student, you must sleep with the current Omega male running the local Anarchy at least once.
5. Address one another as Comrade. Do so with a straight face. Any laughter will be met with an impotent passive aggressive response that will leave you feeling somewhat uncertain.
6. Repress all feelings of hypocrisy. Pretend they don't exist. You'll get used to it.
7. Never ever engage others in political discussion. Only speak with your Anarchy group. Do not preach to the unconverted. To do so is to invite responses that may leave you feeling insecure and uncertain.

I'm sure there are more rules. There are soooo many rules to live within this rigid lifestyle. Feel free to add any I've overlooked.

I thought the first rule of Anarchy club is that you don't talk about Anarchy club.

Yeah, the second rule is that you DO NOT talk about Anarchy club.

Somewhere in there is newspaper boxes in the street.

I did so deign (I quoted it). I think that any restaurant (franchise or otherwise), or any business for that matter, equally plays a role in “laying the foundation” for further development in a neighbourhood… but I see from your link below that you are onside with abolishing restaurants in general. So, I guess this is just one battle in a larger war against restaurants. And businesses? Although I’m not sure why you’ve tolerated other businesses in your neighbourhood until now. Is the Super Valu okay? East Van Inc. tatoo? What about the music store? What are you ‘for’ exactly? Or are you just against things?

you do realize that anarchists from all over have smashed windows of and vandalized in general many types of businesses and institutions, so I'm assuming that they have done similar things to other businesses, its just that this communique is about this particular action against this restaurant.

What are you hoping to accomplish through the use of violent ends? Against a fucking pizzeria? Are you people serious? If indeed you wish to bring about social change of any description, the route for doing so does not lie in the use of these means. They are unjustified in every instance, and only serve to damage whatever message they are purported to serve. I'm sure - or rather I desperately hope - that there were dissonant voices in your action planning committee, and that they have the balls to stand up for themselves and their message the next time one among your numbers develops the sense that violence is a good form of advertising.

I think there may only BE one among their numbers

You're right! All anarchist activity across the entire planet is secretly undertaken by one person.

Your existence is unjustified in every instance.

If you think the aim of anarchists is "advertising" then you're a waste of space.

It's clear that they're (he/she is) trying to bring attention to their cause. In what sense does that not constitute advertising?

How is that clear at all?

As far as I can see it, their intent was to damage a business they saw as an expression of capitalist gentrification. That has nothing to do with "advertising".

Unfortunately bad press IS advertising, whether it was the intent of the parties involved or not. What the advertising seems to say in this case is something along the lines of, "Me unhappy. Me smash!" When this perception is built, it serves to reinforce people's tendencies to believe that status quo is "safer" than the alternatives. People like feeling "safe". In this respect anarchic movements do more to stifle progressive change than just about any other entity. Contrary to the idea that you are undermining the status quo, you are ensuring that it is maintained.

You're full of shit and assuming that the primary driving force of human behavior is "safety" and also assuming that nobody identifies more strongly with forces of destruction rather than creation. If you have a problem with the action not being articulated well enough, I think that's what the communique is for. (Not that anybody's bothered reading it, apparently.)

Protip: revolts throughout history were not won by simply advertising and convincing the most amount of people that your side is right.

And they were certainly not won by ensuring as many people as possible distance themselves from those ideas.

I am not a Yuppie and I have lived in this neighborhood for 25 years.
The Anti Gentrification Front (couple of drunk dumbasses more than likely) is a direct affront to our community's values.
The name Anti Gentrification Front is a complete joke. It sounds like it was lifted from Monty Python.

I am not sure who the greater Vancouver Anarchist Community is, but if they think it is a good idea to be represented by these juvenile twats. Then so be it.
You deserve no respect.
The level of intellectual discourse here is truly depressing. Like YouTube comments without the login.

You don't get to speak on behalf of some illusory "community" and you don't get to define the values of that "community".

Likewise, the Anti Gentrification Front (almost assuredly an assumed name rather than an organization that actually exists, which you would realize if you had any critical thinking skills) is not representative of anyone but themselves.

You're a fucking idiot.

Can't stand the Anti-Gentrification People's Front - splitters

Umm, you wouldn't happen to be a lumberjack who cross-dresses would you? If so you are the best kind of Canadian, but other than our sexuality we have nothing else to share!

reason 27

reason 27

reason 27

reason 27

"it's rare that I root for the police, but" is really all that anybody needs to take away from this comment.

Please die soon.

reason 27

reason 27

Im all againsts capiltalism too but you guys are fucking morons for breaking windows at a business that is trying to get up and off the ground. Why not go fucking break Windows at the Apple Store you fucking cowards. The reason you fucking pussies dont do it cause you are afraid to get your ass handed to you by a court of law. Fucking suck it up and be a real fucking man for once instead of hiding behind your fucking masks and the fucking internet. Fucking bring it the fuck on bitch and I will show you what pain really fucking is you fucking low life fucking coward. Go get a fucking job and get the fuck off my tax paying welfare system. I bet you are a fucking Quebec cunt.

Too many dumb contradictions in this comment to even count.

You're against capitalism but in favor of businesses? What do you think capitalism is? Why are you under the impression that anarchists haven't also attacked banks and major corporate chains? What the fuck are you even talking about?

reason 27

Holy shit, why does anybody give a shit about this at all.

"Anti-gentrification" struggles are fucking absurd (isn't the idea to abolish property, not keep the rent low?), and it's also fucking absurd to be morally outraged by some franchised chain restaurant getting its windows busted.

This whole thing is worthless.

reason 27

hey AGF!!!! Did you ever stop to think where this restaurant was going to find employees to work in this so called yuppie restaurant in your community??? Give your head a serious shake...this is the LAMEST protest in the history of all protests...go get a fucking job trash....

By resorting to petty vandalism all you're doing is reinforcing the image of the typical anarchist as some holier-than-thou WASP crusader who read Fanon and realized you're part of the problem and ought to do something and settled on this toothless 'resistance'. If you don't want to blunt the gentrification drive, you have to present alternatives for reviving some of Vancouver's oldest and most interesting neighbourhoods. You can break window after window, camera after camera, night after night, and you won't have changed a thing in a year's time. Actively resisting means working with communities to raise the profile of places like the DTES without the role of big development money. If you want to continue being part of the problem, then just keep going with what you've been doing.

I've known these types from growing up on the prairies. Each summer there would be a new batch of kids coming to live on the streets in the summer to be all punked out, then in the winter when it got to cold they'd go back home and live in mommy and daddies basement in the 'burbs. It's been in my experience that the majority of these types of attitudes are bread and come from retaliating against their own upbringing, their parents are most likely the 'yuppies' they don't like, perhaps didn't get enough attention in their formative years, because their parents were out working jobs in order to pay off a mortgage, and debt.

When they get caught smashing a window the first call will be to these same parents who will come down, bail them out, and pay for a lawyer.

Think I'm going to go get a pizza now, and build a positive relationship with my community.

It's really awesome how you can build this whole fairy tale in your head about your assumptions of the type of people who committed this action, while acknowledging that you have absolutely know way of knowing who they are, what their motivations were, or what background they come from.

I mean, I guess it's easy to be a condescending waste of space on the internet and pretend you know better than everyone else, but maybe you should try a little harder?

no point in trying harder now, you just took the condescending waste of space crown, and you can have it. Sorry I don't mean to pretend to know better than people who smash windows, it's just a simple fact that I do know better than people who smash windows. It's abusive, it's ignorant, it's childish, and it's wrong. If you let me know where you live I'll come smash your windows... I'll pay for them, so there is no need to be out financially and then you can feel free to call me condescending, and tell me I don't know better. If it makes you feel better we can meet for a slice of pizza before hand, sign a contract so it's all legally binding and then go and smash your window.

Anti-gentrification?????!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing! And thanks so much for re-introducing me to the word yuppie, haven't heard that since the eighties. Don't tell me you're also in to Crass and ChumbaWamba too? Takes me back lads thanks for the good laugh. You guys aren'ty anarchists though - more like spoilt kids really. if you knew what an anarchist was you would go hurting innocent people would you. If you want to be anarchists why not have a go at that cunt Stephen Harper - he's the fucking scourge of Canada and could use some real anarchist violence. But you stupid pricks chose to pick on a small family business, where you are not taking resources away from fat cats but from a single struggling business.

Stupid cunts the lot of you!

What the hell are you using the sexist C-word and get off talking about knowing what an anarchist really is. You think you might have been an anarchist once but you sold out obviously from your own delusion, you were always crass in your manners though, that's one certainty.

So it's OK to threaten people and fuck up property, but using sexist language is off limits.

Well, amongst comrades one doesn't use sexist words, but that doesn't mean I can't call you a capitalist cunt if I really wanted to, but I prefer the impersonal brick, it carries no gender bias.

Are you fucking kidding me? Did you just whine about "manners?"

Remember one thing, anarchists don't have manners, they only have respect for other anarchists.

Whoa, now there is a telling statement.
If you are mot part of the "anarchist" club, then you get no respect from us at all.
This really is a fascist notion.

I think you don't really know what "fascism" is and just use that term to describe anybody who disagrees with you or doesn't see your arguments as valid.

Remember one thing, anarchists don't have manners, they only have respect for other anarchists.

The writer communicates that if someone is not an "anarchist" then they get no respect from those calling themselves anarchists. This is not the definition of fascism certainly. But this bullying ethos is something that fascists have in spades.
This is goon mentality.

I don't agree with the person you're quoting and I don't think anarchists inherently have to lack manners, nor do they inherently have to have respect for other anarchists.

If you can't recognize that individuals can't be considered representative of an entire category of people, you're an imbecile.

This is the first intelligent remark I have seen here so far.
This "groupism" mentality is really dangerous.

Really. This is so crazy. Mind-blowing.

reason 27

reason 27

one liner

Its the thought that counts, not the 200 dollar window! I'm thinking of starting an Anti-Righteousness Front after reading all the whining smug do-gooders swearing and abusing these young people who still retain their idealim and passion for actually bringing to attention one aspect of the growing capitalist hegemony. Good on you and remember the same people who are putting you down would not hesitate in smashing down a 2000 year old tree or pouring toxic chemicals into a river, or turning a poor family out in the street in winter because they couldn't afford the rent.

Actually dude, this is what the CBC article on this had to say
A local restaurant owner says someone smashed the windows of his pizzeria on Commercial Drive for the third time in the last half year.
Ryan Chilibeck, owner of the Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, said the windows of his pizzeria were smashed in September, October and most recently, last week.
"To see everything you've worked for the last five years just in shambles... It was probably the most disheartening moment I can remember," Chilibeck said.
He estimates the vandals did $17,000 worth of damage in total.

and the "whining smug do-gooders" (myself anyway) started abusing these poor young people who still retain their idealim and passion for actually bringing to attention one aspect of the growing capitalist hegemony after being repeatedly told to fuck off and die by one of the posters here.

By the way "growing capitalist hegemony", WTF?
Do you even know where you are and in what century?
You sound like some washed up Maoist from 1975.

Good on you and remember the same people who are putting you down would not hesitate in smashing down a 2000 year old tree or pouring toxic chemicals into a river, or turning a poor family out in the street in winter because they couldn't afford the rent.
Do you actually believe that?
We are talking about some morons that fuck up a pizza place. By treating them with the disdain they deserve you are saying we are heartless capitalist thugs. Do you actually believe this?
If so, what a sad lonely uninformed life you must lead.

I do believe that these kids, regardless of their class origins, are victims of a society that offers no future for them. I agree they are expressing this frustration in a negative destructive way, but what else is there to do. I've seen youth invert this rage and depression in on themselves and suicide or self-destruct. I'm not wording some lame Maoist script from the 70s, what does that lead to, driving tanks over youth, Kent State Uni, Mai Lai. Wake the fuck up, grab a brick, and hurl it at the sky for all I care, as long as you don't injure anyone, (and the 17,000 is a BS insurance call). Fuck his pizzas, he should be giving away left-overs for the homeless street people, then he might earn some respect from these freedom fighters.

You may be on to something there Gary.
Why not just forget about the BS rationalizations of "class struggle" and being oppressed altogether then, because even with your lousy world view you recognize this as a ruse.
Why don't these "freedom fighters" (you really said that?) go over to your place and they can focus their inchoate teenage rage on you an fuck up you shit.
You have insurance right?
That makes it OK.
Seriously, this is absolute bullshit with no justification at all.
The restaurant is good for the community. It provides jobs. Your little "freedom fighters" pals on the other hand are just plain nihilistic.

"freedom fighters" -- Jesus, I still cannot believe you described them like that.
Don't you ever read a book.

reason 27

one liner

one liner

Hey, don't you read the posts, I had just made a full turnaround and realised these hateful vicious kids were nothing more than vandals, and then you attack me! Well so much for your team, I'm back to supporting these brave young rebels, and don't try to verbally coerse me to believe otherwise you manipulative capitalist sympathiser!

reason 27

reason 27

reason 27

reason 27

I was an idealist in my youth as well... but we have to remember that these are just silly kids doing vandalism in the name of high ideals.

It is well known that the brain does not actually mature until late 20's. These kids don't have fully developed brains yet, and that's why they, and all of us, did stupid things in our youth. I'm not condoning extremely stupid expressions of youth, like breaking shop windows, but we all did things that we later regretted, as we matured.


"The prefrontal cortex is one of the last regions of the brain to reach maturation. This delay may help to explain why some adolescents act the way they do. The so-called “executive functions” of the human prefrontal cortex include:

Focusing attention
Organizing thoughts and problem solving
Foreseeing and weighing possible consequences of behavior
Considering the future and making predictions
Forming strategies and planning
Ability to balance short-term rewards with long term goals
Shifting/adjusting behavior when situations change
Impulse control and delaying gratification
Modulation of intense emotions
Inhibiting inappropriate behavior and initiating appropriate behavior
Simultaneously considering multiple streams of information when faced with complex and challenging information

This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations. Brain research indicating that brain development is not complete until near the age of 25, refers specifically to the development of the prefrontal cortex."

Too much Mad Max.

Not enough Mad Max.

So I am more certain than ever that the AGF is some shady CSIS gang of Provocateurs. As someone who is deeply sympathetic to the ideals of a world without leaders and domination I was hopeful I might get at least one reasonable response to my post. Perhaps someone from the AGF would bother to try and explain how this doesn't do the oppressors work for them.

The closest anyone has come is the suggestion that smashed windows result in lost profits for a small business, and he's a capitalist anyways so that counts as a victory. There are numerous problems with this suggestion.

First off your actions actually create more capitalist activity, and result in a net increase to the GDP. Those windows cost money and valuable resources to produce, glass takes a lot of energy to make because sand doesn't just melt itself into sheets. Every time you smash up the pizza-tyrants windows you are in fact causing net economic growth as the manufacturers burn up a bunch of oil making the replacements, the shipping companies burn up a bunch of oil trucking it in, and the glass installers charge a fat hourly fee to install it. The rise in insurance premiums benefits only the fat cats who own banks and insurance companies.

Tactical outcome = Net expansion of the capitalist economy.

But let's say, as you suggest, that the point is to put this branch of this franchise chain out of business. If you succeed in driving him under with the cost of ongoing repairs that's a victory.... Right?

Wrong again, because as I previously mentioned the pizza man very likely doesn't "own" anything in that restaurant.. He OWES. The bank owns his ass unless he succeeds for enough years to pay those vampires off. And if he folds up shop, defaults on his loan and fails? The bank takes everything and enslaves him with interest and debt they use to bleed him out the rest of his days.

Tactical outcome = Net expansion of the capitalist economy.

Not a very effective way to win a class war, going around empowering and expanding the very thing you claim to oppose. It is, however, an excellent way to alienate people who might otherwise be sympathetic to your cause. It is an excellent way to again succeed in associating Anarchism with pointless destruction and juvenile posturing.

That's why I say again...

If any of you AGF "activists" have an ounce of courage, a pinch of honor, and a couple of braincells to rub together you will offer a cogent rebuttal to my accusations. If you actually care about a future free from domination and coercion you will respond to my critique with something more than a mere dismissal. Explain how this makes tactical sense in the struggle and you will gain an ally.

But I'm not holding my breath, because you are clearly not Black Bloc, you're black ops. You are agents of the oppressor, and every infantile response to this makes it more and more obvious.

You have no idea how economics work and no basis for claiming that some people breaking a few windows are in some way "agents provocateurs" (favorite buzzword of paranoid liberal wingnut pseudo-radicals everywhere).

If you think that attacking small-time capitalists creates a net gain for capitalism, you're a fucking imbecile. Capitalist economists themselves will tell you that that's not the case, anti-capitalists will tell you that's not the case, literally anyone will tell you that that's not the case.

The dude being in debt to some bankers for his start-up costs also really doesn't change anything. If he continues making enough income to pay off the loans, that would mean a profit for the bank. That's how loans work. Defaulting on his loans and getting his property seized would actually probably be a worse outcome for the bank because his property might not be worth the amount that he took out on loan.

You like to spew the same bullshit as every other morally outraged dipshit who stumbled in here from some mainstream news article, but do so under the guise of being a "real anarchist" or whatever. Seems to me like you still have the same shallow analysis and knee-jerk desire to write everyone off as children or throw around accusations of government conspiracy.

the AGF is just trying to hurt the bank by making some small time business owner go under. I get it now, totally makes sense. The small guy and his family is the sacrificial lamb for the cause.

"If any of you AGF "activists" have an ounce of courage, a pinch of honor, and a couple of braincells to rub together "

nope, not a bit of it...

Unbelievable. Smashing windows and stealing signs will get you absolutely no where. Try writing letters, protesting, getting petitions going. Punishing independent business owners is counter-productive. I suspect this group is made up of a bunch of ignorant suburban middle class people who don't understand how things work. Be productive, not destructive.

I fully agree with you! Not this cause, but with you for sure. It helps no one to damage and disrupt local businesses. This isn't the darn french revolution, with the poor and impoverished fighting the upper class, this is the insolent and spoiled brats of Vancouver fighting The Man.

And in response to an earlier comment by someone else about immigrants in Canada, seriously... Unless you're native american, we are all immigrants! And no one has any inherent right to any part of Vancouver short of them, so I think it's ridiculous that people whine about gentrification and changes in neighborhoods. Would it be better if Yaletown was still railroads and factories?

And while you're at it, protesting the BMO for the energy companies they deal with, stop using electricity and any form of fossil fuel resources. It's not a perfect system, but if you want to protest it, be proactive instead of destructive.

You are describing the single biggest roadblock to effective (anti-)political action ever: the idea that staging mass whining exhibitions for your leaders will ever get you anything.

Fuck your dumb fetishization of peaceful protest and "productivity". And fuck business owners, too.


no fun allowed

Gentrification is the best!

what the hell is this? did all of the people who usually comment on yahoo news somehow find themselves on @ news?

“I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!”

So far every random outraged commenter on this article hasn't proved themselves much more witty than the average comments section on any mainstream newspaper's website; which is to say that their idea of a strong argument is to repeat "juvenile", "thugs", and "tax dollars" over and over, or at best to cobble together some half-baked (yet still smug and condescending) political analysis that pulls strongly in favor of the status quo.

Ya, we are not cool or witty enough to do the "fuck off and die" responses like you chaps.
That takes really sophisticated powers of analysis.

I don't know how you can possibly pretend that a number of people haven't responded with fairly detailed explanations of why somebody might smash the windows of a franchised chain restaurant. You can keep trying to delude yourself if you want to, but you're gonna keep being wrong.

Care to point out an example upthread of a airly detailed explanations of why somebody might smash the windows of a franchised chain restaurant.

"As far as I can see it, their intent was to damage a business they saw as an expression of capitalist gentrification."

"If you perhaps deigned to read the article you're commenting on, you would note that the problem is not restaurants as an abstract concept, but rather the role that the creation of certain establishments (such as, for example, franchised chain restaurants) has in gentrifying neighborhoods and laying the foundation for capitalist real estate developers to start "developing" the area for their own profit."

"Do you cry this much when somebody torches a McDonald's? They're a franchised chain, too. Affordable family dining right there."

so why pick on a chain that has 14 stores across canada, and not tim hortons, or starbux which has hundreds? After all 14 stores does not across a nation isn't going to impact a single community as much as some chain that has 30 or 40 in one city alone. seriously either pick your targets better or grow the fuck up.

Why are you assuming that anarchists are not also targeting massive chain stores? Where does this assumption come from? Because lemme tell you, it's mistaken.

then why wasn't the tim hortons windows not also smashed out.? It's the next chain up the street. Why was it the last two things the AGF credited themselves for was a small chain pizza shop and a stolen save on meats sign. Sounds like massive chain targeting there. Good on ya.

The whole fucking thread and that's the best you can come up with?
Now I am really embarrassed for you.

"Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past"

better than the anarchist supporters whose only retort is "die". Because that is completely original. In fact the people with the outrage have left far more thought out comments than the anarchist supporters in general. I've been reading them all day, strange though how most of those now read "reason 27". Guess only supporting opinions are allowed on this heavily censored site. Anarchists my ass. You know who else likes to censor that heavily, totalitarian regimes. African dictators, Latin "presidentes", soviets, chinese, and nazis. I thought anarchists were against any organized government, but instead they are more about their way or the highway, no dissenting opinions allowed here. If you do we'll remove it, then smash some windows. GRRRR ANARCHIST SMASH. The thing is you guys just make things worse for the rest of us wanting to actually affect social change. At the end those with the real power (who are not you) lump us in with you, and then we become a joke.

Either grow up and be useful to the cause or just fuck off entirely.

Your arguments are fucking terrible, you don't know what censorship is, you have this dumb "we're all in this together" idea that somehow you and I are members of the same "cause" (and that I have to justify my ideas and actions by being "useful" to it), you seem to be under the impression that telling assholes to fuck off is in some way illegitimate while being an outraged conservative middle-class citizen is 100% legitimate.

Please fuck off entirely yourself, thanks.

So how is the owner of a pizza shop an asshole? Because last time I checked simply opening a business was in no way being an asshole. Did he refuse to service you? Did he give you incorrect change? How do you know about my class, or that I'm conservative, simply because my values and arguments are different from yours? You don't have an argument, yours are simply filled with insults and fallacies. I'm not middle class, My parents are certainly middle class, my father worked a blue collar job all his life and my mom worked a miserable job for the phone company for more than 30 years. I on the other hand live below the poverty line. I have student loans up to my eyeballs that I will never be able to pay off, the majority of my political views are based on realist notions of how the world works, doesn't mean I'm happy with it, and I certainly don't support the conservative movement, and on social issues I lean heavily left. I live in a neighborhood that is increasingly becoming gentrified, and while I don't like it, I am doing what I can to lobby for change so this might be better managed. I support people who are trying to make their own way in this world, this includes people who are following up on their own dreams to own their own business, and control their own destiny, even more so when they are local and independent. I've often said want to open a cafe open one across from starbucks.

What about you, lets hear your background? do you live in the suburbs, or in a squat in the DTES, are you able to support your position, or are you also from middle class parentage? Or will that shatter the protective shell of anonymity you've put up around yourself. Why are you so angry?

I understand that you are far to small minded to understand that the guy whose pizza shop was targeted was not an asshole. That you and your kind are far to cowardly to actually confront someone in the street to their face in the middle of the day, or smash windows in the dead of night. The fear of persecution outweighs your commitment to the cause. You hold yourselves up to the likes of anonymous taking on banks, corporations, and big government, yet they are more like david and goliath whereas you are david vs the worm, a simple target in the dead of night that won't fight back.
Yeah you go, take it to the assholes. Seems pretty petty if you ask me.

I would still like more clarification on what makes someone an asshole and deserves targeting? Is it simply because they bought into a franchise, and if that is the case why hasn't starbucks, red burrito, liberty wines, tim hortons, jj bean, mcdonalds, been targeted? Seems to me your argument has no reasonable support behind it. Right small minded approach. Make someone's life worse so you can feel better. You don't have to justify your actions as being useful to my cause, but you should justify your actions, otherwise your doing it out of pettiness. '

Reason 27 is like the Room 101 of Anarchist News.

what was reason 27 again

one liner

Have fun sitting around while businesses get their windows smashed, somebody slashes the tires on your car, and eventually you get jumped for looking like a yuppie. lulz.

"Have fun sitting around while" business people take their business to other communities and then Commercial drive has no business, no commerce, no money, no artisans, no shop keepers, no musicians, no artists... just a bunch of twentysomething anarchists assholes collecting welfare as they threaten to "smash the state". Oh you childish motherfuckers.


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