Banner, Fliers, & Smoke Bomb Dropped For May Day: Seattle

From PSA

This afternoon, on May Day, a banner reading, "Raise the Minimum Rage (A)" was hung at a busy intersection in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Fliers detailing the history and significance of May Day as well as a brief analysis of gentrification were also distributed and thrown. The slogan on the banner is in reference to the debate over the potential raising of the minimum wage in Seattle to a $15/hour minimum. An orange smoke bomb was also tossed into the street. The text from the flier is included below.

"On May 1st, 1886, 40,000 workers in Chicago--and half a million across the United States-- struck for an eight hour workday. Chicago police shot and killed four strikers. In response, a rally was held on May 4th at Haymarket Square. When police attacked the crowd, a bomb was thrown at them. The police then fired indiscriminately at the crowd. At least four demonstrators and eight cops lay dead.

Eight anarchists were arrested and found guilty for the bombing. Five of them were executed while the other three were sent to prison. Louis Lingg, one of the five murdered comrades, chose to end his life the night before on November 10th.

In the words of the Haymarket martyr George Engel, 'My greatest wish is that workingmen may recognize who are their friends and who are their enemies.'

May Day lives on in the memories of those rebels’ struggles and continues to thrive more than one hundred years later. In Seattle, the fight against capitalism is also the fight against gentrification. Gentrification is the social and economic process that transforms neighborhoods from mostly working class communities of color to wealthy white areas. It is made possible by developers, investors, business owners, yuppies, and politicians. The end goal will result in the erasure of collective memory, community, culture, autonomy, and the ability to even live in the Seattle city limits. Join together to fight against capitalism in all its forms."

Happy May Day!



Banner drop: CHECK

Smoke bombs thrown into intersection: CHECK

Fliers thrown into the air: CHECK

All this action needs is a Google bus to block

There was a short story in the Washington Post about citizen opposition to Google and other private shuttle busses being permitted to use public transit facilities. The reason stated was that they cause "highly paid" upscale workers to descend on the city and raise housing costs for everyone else. The word "yuppie" did not appear but the message got out.

The Google Bus campaign is an innovative "root force" attack on gentrifiers, seeking to remove a transportation link without which they will not be living in the areas now being targetted. This may be the most effective anti-yuppie campaign I have seen since the mid 2000's when a wave of street crime stalled Convention-center driven gentrification in DC's Shaw neighborhood for years. Didn't stop it, but sure slowed it down

media covered citizen opposition = success!

....kinda disturbed to hear there were no newspaper stands kicked over - and I'm a banner drop nerd too.

Kicking over newspaper boxes is soooo 2012.

Weed is legal now, so why even with the smashy?

We want it to be illegal again!

I'm so glad anarchists are engaging in more confilctual activity like banner drops, informational flyering and street theatrics, instead of liberal activism.

I was there, there were a handful of the usual shipped in crisis actors from Washington & no real activists let alone anarchists of any type. I also witnessed one of the fake 'black bloc' leaders sitting down for a meal at subway afterwards with two plainclothes cops.

really? Care to elaborate on this "black bloc leader", how one comes to lead a black bloc, and why aren't you naming them?

Unless of course you are yet another intellectually inept conspiracy theorist who feels embolden by making apologies for the violence of the state. If you wish to overcome your mental deficiencies so that you can understand state, capital, struggle, revolution...ect. ect., may I refer you to a neat little activity called reading and a great topic called history.

I think a more accurate report would be that thousands march from Judkins Park to West Lake Park in downtown Seattle. The group was diverse encompassing all races, genders and creeds. The focus was immigration reform and workers rights.

Later in the evening of May 1 a collection of white suburban males ranging between 16 and 37 walked aimlessly through Seattle committing random acts of vandalism and violence for reasons unknown to the citizens of Seattle. When asked why they were wondering aimlessly through Seattle street blocking public buses and screaming while dressed as a caricatures of a Hollywood inspired anarchist the only consistent reply was "all cops are bastards". Seven of the unwelcomed white suburban visitors to Seattle were arrested. Most were bailed out of jail shortly after arrest once they were allowed access to a telephone so they could call their parents and make bail.

Those arrested stated they were sure there wouldn't be any consequence for their arrest as their parents had agreed to hire the best attorney their families could afford.

Are you trying to cointelpro or just liberal?

more like worker wrongs. am i rite or what?!!

"Raise the Minimum Rage (A)"

Good to see anarchists lining their message up with the current legislative agenda of the Democratic party.

um, its a play on words. ???

Not too original, but still nette than most May Day marches around the world, who're usually full of shit and fun only from a drunk antagonist detached perspective.

admin please remove this false news item!

so, those pictures are fake? lol a photoshop conspiracy! i guess, "pics or it didn't happen," isn't good enough anymore.

And very poorly too I might add, and I'm a photoshop nerd.

Quiet May Day, huh? Enjoy the silence, it is the fruit of your purges and ignorance. Of your anarchist identity, a victim - once more - of its one success.


instant may day just add liberals

eh I hate to say it but they're right. being a little fucking identity politics crybaby means all those dangerous crooks that didn't eliminate words from their vocabulary means May Day never happens anymore. Thanks Occupy. Thought about going out and then thought why? Fuck "anarchists" and fuck risking jail for scene points that mean nothing when language gets salty.

it's the cure's disintegration's 25 birthday!

if I sat in handcuffs for two minutes under the pretenses of second wave feminism I think I would be completely deserved of a mercy killing.

handcuffing anarchists is pretty much what 'radical' feminists have done over the past 6 years of 'crisis' and increased activity. ever the bellwether, it should not be surprising that the expulsion of insurrectionaries from the first wave of occupations (on CA/NY campuses) under superheated accusations of sexual assault foreshadowed the reformist impotence of #occupy and the subsequent explosion of mainstream discourse about sexual assault, the appeal that the cops and other institutions should 'do their job' as protectors of women (or again, that in their place, feminists must be cops). not to mention the formation within the 'radical' milieu of such grotesque chimeras as 'insurrectionary feminism', or the anti-identity identity of 'queer nihilism', all too happy to drop the critique of capital and politics per se for a static critique of particular historical forms. all too happy to keep the void at bay, volunteering to do the work of western civilization in the production of subjectivities...

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