Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair is all PM Press

The 2013 Bay Area Book Fair speaker list is in. 15 of the 19 authors are PM Press authors. At least five, probably closer to half, of those PM authors do not self-describe as anarchists. With the Bay Area Book Fair being organized by Ramsey Kanaan, co-founder of PM Press, I suppose this doesn't come as much of a surprise.

The Bay Area Book Fair exists, then, to promote PM Press and its authors, a fact that is clearly visible by the overwhelming dominance of PM authors in the lineup. So who is PM Press? While PM press presents itself to anarchists as an anarchist press, publishing a wide variety of anarchist books, it is not an anarchist press. It is a traditionally run, hierarchical business with bosses and owners. Ramsey and Craig, the owners, are using their years of work in anarchist publishing to continue to market to us without doing the hard work of not being bosses and minor capitalists who profit off the work of others. (In fact, despite being a traditional business, they continue in the anarchist practice of using volunteer labor.)

Ramsey presumedly left AK Press because he found collective process too stifling. He preferred to just be in charge. But the anarchist market is one he knows well, so he continues to market to it. It's possible he still identifies personally as an anarchist, but he has made it clear both in his press and his decisions that PM Press is not an anarchist publisher.

There are anarchist publishers in the US, willing to practice what they preach: AK Press, CrimethInc., Little Black Cart, Eberhardt Press, and Combustion Books, to name a few. I'm certain they don't work the same way as one another, but each has shown a commitment to non-hierarchical decisionmaking and a world without bosses. To being anarchists, not just selling books to them.

I know Ramsey has been an organizer of the Bay Area Book Fair for a long time, and I do think he deserves credit for that work, but it is inappropriate that he has stacked the speakers entirely from his own ranks. It is inappropriate that PM Press is welcomed as equals in the world of anarchist publishing, instead of being seen as a traditional press that publishes books of interest to anarchists.

So, the 2013 Bay Area Book Fair authors:

PM Press authors:
Terry Bisson
David McNally
Kim Stanley Robinson
Joshua Kahn Russell
Eddie Yuen
Chris Crass
Scott Crow
George Katsiaficas
Jay Kinney
Vikki Law
Sasha Lilley
Paul Mavrides
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
James Davis
Leslie James Pickering

Non-PM Press authors:
Nick Riotfag
John C. Clark



i was thinking the same thing about last year's bookfair

I'm pretty sure that last year the group of speakers was 50% made up of PM and AK authors, this year's is drastically different, in favor of PM. Kind of surprising that it would be so blatant.

Just saw this.

It was even more blatant last year. See the comment I posted below.

By which I mean about 65% PM Press authors, 8% AK Press authors, 26% neither (though about a third of those were on panels about PM books).

and from even further down:

At the 2009 bookfair (the first time PM had any authors to stack the schedule with) 7 out of 26 slots were filled by PM authors (27%)

In 2010 (based on announced speakers, couldn't find actual schedule) it was 13 out of 26 (50%)

In 2011 it was 23 out of 45 (51%)

in 2012 it was 39 out of 57 (68%), or 45 out of 57 if you count the non-PM authors who were on panels discussing PM books (79%)

This year the announced speaker schedule, which probably isn't final, is 16 out of 19 speakers (84%)

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That would make a good slogan!: "Steak and Revolution!".

of course no steak, the rev is vegan.

Who says? I LOVE barbecued pork!

Not this year, Lierre Keith is a PM press author

yes, comrade! must get Out and Purge

Thanks for, lack of a better word, exposing. Sure the dude is putting on Anarchist book fair but damn way to be a fucking capitalist -- I'm looking forward to the BASTARD conference which is coming up soon right?

sorry, The Rev. (tm) is vegan. Otherwise pork out.

yeah, this article is correct, there were lots of PM press speakers at the east bay book fair. Good job worker!

You mean the San Francisco bookfair?

Or maybe you are making some attempt at a joke? hmm... try again?

whatever dick. This article is crap. of course those who put on bookfairs staff the roster with their own authors and ideological friends, why are they beholden to promote egoist "nincompoopery" or obtuse french theorists? if that was more radical than another boring talk about zapatistas or wueer poetry. Either way it's pretty irrelevant and some comrades whiny insistence on being included by people they hate bores me to tears. I thought this was a news site?

Way to miss the point. PM Press publishes mostly dorkfest drivel, and is run by slave-labor positive capitalists. Why are they running the SF anarchist bookfair to begin with?

don't like who organizes the bookfair? don't go! or else go and talk to ramsey et al about it. or go and carry around posters about how fucked up it is. wining online just shows how winey you all are.

whining about how whiny every one on the internet is, just shows how whiny you are

I feel like a comment almost exactly like this is on almost every article I've ever read on any anarchist or indymedia type site. This person is perma-surprised by the lack of things they find news worthy. One day you'll find it, buddy.

Except that Ramsey isn't "putting on the bookfair." The fact that you think he is kind of proves the article's point, right? Ramsey has simply created a position of power for himself, from which he can make sure his stable of non-anarchist authors dominates the event.

Ramsey Kanaan is not an Anarchist. What he does is so unethical and is quite disturbing. I've always had a hard time with the idea that AK Press workers are way overworked and now PM Press with its owners and unpaid volunteers model of operation.

Now he just owns a straight-up for-profit business being propelled by unpaid labor.

i'm guessing that "unpaid labor" is actually ok with being unpaid. or else they wouldn't fucking do it! if they are not getting anything out of it (i am sure they are getting SOMETHING out of it or they wouldn't be doing it) and they STILL do it, then they have made their bed, so let em sleep in it. go help them form a union, or rebel, or rob the fucker blind.

PM Press is not a worker collective nor is it a volunteer collective. They use volunteers to make a profit.

As to the whole idea that the volunteers "choose" to volunteer for them. Are you familiar with the whole idea of Cult of Personality, where people will volunteer their services for the "Cause" ? Many of those unfortunate volunteers may or may not think they're sacrificing themselves for a Greater Good in their young years not knowing Ramsey's intentions.

and that changes nothing about the point above. i don't care if they choose to do it for "the greater good" or any other fucking reason. they made their own choice, they can live with it or change it. anyone else wining or worrying about how poor them are being taken advantage of, is just patronizing and a perpetuation of the victimization syndrome that identity politicians seem to love to impose on anyone they perceive as being "privilege challenged".

get over it.

oh ya 2013 is gonna be another year of sweet sweet anarchist drama.

is it still anarchist drama if it is about someone who isn't an anarchist?

Well, DGR was never anarchist, but that sure as hell didn't stop us...


it is when we're the ones posting this bs

Is this the same thing as the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair?

Yes, the two are used pretty much interchangeably, even by the organizers.
old site: which links to the new site:

Isn't Nick Riotfag in the PM book Sober Living for the Revolution? If so, it appears to be 16 out of 19 authors. An interesting post, thanks for bringing it to light.

Their piece was used in there, but they are not a writer for PM Press.

makes spending the whole of Sunday at the Bastard conference that much more inviting...

Has the schedule for the BASTARD conf gone up yet? I haven't been able to find it. I'm guessing it will be preferable to the Ramsey-fair this year.

I hope it is stacked with LBC authors

I don't know the specifics concerning the book fair, Ramsey, AK, or PM, but, with all the damning of each (not so much with AK) I would like to read where it's all coming from and where people get their information and views. I remember CrimethInc. being trash talked constantly a few years back but never saw any evidence for the accusations. Maybe it is a bit biased that there are a lot of PM authors on the roster but it also seems that AK and PM are the biggest anarchist publishers so of course they have a lot of authors under their belt. I am surprised that there isn't some sort of voting system for who people want the speakers to be and that it seems to be decided by a board. Like I said, I don't know all the details but if someone would like to fill me in on them and direct me to articles I can read on the issues then please do. And for me, I recommend that if you don't like what's going on then you get out from behind the keyboard and do something about it. Or, I guess you could do a big thing online, just stop with the lame comments cause that doesn't do any good.

The big point of the post is that PM isn't an Anarchist publisher.

Also, anarchists don't vote (or 'create voting systems')

"I would like to read where it's all coming from and where people get their information and views."

It seems to be coming from the speaker list posted on the bookfair's website...i.e. read the list and count how many speakers come from PM Press.

Well obviously the list is straightforward and needs no explanation. What I had written was concerning what was being said about Ramsey and PM along with AK. Maybe the full intent of what I had written was lost on you a little.

Sorry. I thought you were asking a pure technical question about the article itself (which doesn't really extrapolate much). I don't know where the info about Ramsey being (or not being) an anarchist, or him running his business with volunteer labor comes from. Without "evidence" that stuff certainly seems dismissible. But the fact that the line-up is dominated by non-anarchist authors published by PM Press does seem obvious.

"And if AK lies about something so easily checked, why believe its claim to be an egalitarian self-managed utopian collective where Kanaan takes his turn mopping the floor and Crusty the bicycle messenger decides what to publish?"

Uh-oh. Bringing Bob Black into the discussion. I think Ramsey's a conniving bastard, Bobs critiques are ridiculous rants of mostly unsubstantiated vendetta. With friends like Bobby...

everything bob black wrote is the most hilarious thing ever

"AK’s relation to Noam Chomsky, as to Chumbawamba, is corrupt." ...

Correct on all accounts, thank you!

Bob Black is a cop-calling misogynist


The hell with your moralizing. I am the best known anarchist writer in the whole English speaking world. What have you done?

Bob Black (pig ffffucker and side dish of potatoes)


Bob Black contacted the police after someone threatened him with a gun (you could call it "wild justice")

Bob Black is extremely critical of Feminism, which many people use to promote the idea that things would be better when women take over bureaucrat and hierarchical positions in the State, Capitalism, and other authoritarian structures

Jon Bekken and other anti-Bob Black types are boring leftists (and some right-wingers)

C'mon! I did more than that: well after the imminent threat was gone, I sent a letter where I specified Jim Hoshire's use of narcotics to the narcotics squad. Get your facts straight, sonny. I'm a goddamn hero in the war on drugs.

Bob Black (pig ffffucker and designer of accent rugs for the home)

This is more than a little bit disingenuous. Most of the authors listed have only had a small percentage of their total output published by PM. Calling Kim Stanley Robinson or Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz a "PM Press author", with the implication that they're somehow in lockstep with Ramsey Kanaan is just ridiculous. How many anarchist bookfairs have had a speakers list stacked with writers who've had something published or distributed by AK?

It's all well and good to be a purist about collective process, but the fact is that a significant amount of activity in the anarchist scene happens below the lofty heights of your doctrinaire imagination. Many so-called collectives in the anarchist scene aren't even real collectives, ferchrissakes! They're one or two-person operations with a shifting cast of volunteers who rarely, if ever, go against the will of the founders. What undermines the collective ideal more? A hierarchical model that's honest about what it is, or a structureless tyranny that slaps a lot of collective-this and collective-that rhetoric on its process?

Let's try being realists about the world we live in if we're going to try to destroy and remake it.

“Most of the authors listed have only had a small percentage of their total output published by PM.”

Nobody said otherwise. People have only pointed out that a huge percentage of the speakers at the book fair are people PM has published and whose PM books will be sold at the PM Press table. The point isn’t whether or not it’s proper to refer to them as “PM authors” or not (nice attempt at distraction there): It is whether they are at the book fair as “PM authors” because the capitalist owner of PM controls the selection process of an event that supposedly represents anarchism in the bay area?

“How many anarchist bookfairs have had a speakers list stacked with writers who've had something published or distributed by AK?”

That probably depends on how you define “stacked.” Somewhere further down in this thread, is the figure that AK had 5 speakers at the last book fair (which is about how many I’d say they generally have at big events, maybe a few more). It makes sense that authors from a large anarchist publisher will probably make up some part of the roster. 5%? 10%? And hopefully they’d be, like, anarchist. PM is cramming the roster with it’s authors, most of whom aren’t anarchists.

According to this list 85% of the speakers are associated with PM. You’re really working hard to deflect attention from that fact. Why?

" event that supposedly represents anarchism in the bay area"

uh, "represents anarchism in the bay area"? wtf? could there be a more obvious contradiction in terms?

word. a publishing collective isn't going to change the world so maybe we can drop the purist antics.
At least its not fucking microcosm!

"What undermines the collective ideal more? A hierarchical model that's honest about what it is, or a structureless tyranny that slaps a lot of collective-this and collective-that rhetoric on its process?"

An excellent example of a false dichotomy. What goes conveniently unstated is that "structureless tyranny" derives from the construct of an explicitly hierarchical ideologue (Jo Freeman, a shill for the left wing of the Democratic Party). The so-called tyranny was affinity group style decision making, which took place outside the strictures Freeman and her cohorts wanted to impose on the grassroots feminist consciousness raising of the early 1970s.

Another interesting statement is that a collective (presumably anarchist?) ideal could be hierarchical as long as its members were honest about the hierarchy. Seriously? What the fuck dude? Are you really that craven?

Sure, rhetoric is cheap, and there are plenty of collectives that are run with an implicitly dysfunctional process. But the PM model is not exactly honestly hierarchical, nor do they slap much collective rhetoric on their business. Their use of volunteer labor (primitive accumulation in Marxist jargon, which is used by many at PM) to make up for what would be intolerable operating costs was perfected by Ramsey when he was at AK. There is something rather despicable about a self-described radical anticapitalist project relying on corvee.

In terms of the organizers of a book fair using their own stable of authors, well, sure it makes perfect business sense; they are already on tour for book signings, interviews, and other appearances. Why not add one more event? A little trouble arises when you examine the political perspectives of said authors. PM doesn't even pretend to be anarchist, and its authors reflect that. So the question naturally arises: What are they doing at an anarchist event? There have been some pretty disgusting non-anarchists blathering on at various SF bookfairs over the past decade, and this year epitomizes that trend, with an unembarrassed majority not having anything to do with anything recognizably anarchist, while others (most notably Yuen and Crass) having at one time professed to being anarchist but who clearly are not anything of the sort any more (if they ever actually were).

It is insulting to anarchists when the organizers of an event that's supposed to celebrate anarchist literature arrange to present featured authors/speakers whose ideas and publications have so little to offer to anarchist knowledge and literacy. But again, it makes perfect business sense. Especially since most anarchists are cash poor, but liberals and salon Marxists are not.

Long live Market Leninism!

here here mister grumpy

Mister Grumpy! We've been lost with out you!

I just checked the speaker schedule for last year's bay area anarchist bookfair to see how many PM authors Ramsey booked. It looks like this:

37 of the speaker slots were filled with PM Press authors (some of them speaking in multiple slots)

5 by AK authors

15 by speakers associated with neither press (though, of those, 6 were on panels about PM Press books).

It's impossible to know how every person identifies, but I'd estimate that half to two-thirds of the PM authors last year were not anarchists, and it looks like none of the "unaffiliated" people on PM panels were.

"Whining" about Ramsey isn't really going to do much good, and he really isn't the point. Nor is it the fault of the speakers themselves, who probably don't know what a scumbag Ramsey is. What we need to do is figure out how to make the decision-making process more transparent and democratic in the future. That will probably mean that Ramsey and PM Press shouldn't be involved.

kind of weird it is being held this year at a space that is owned by and houses a porn studio that specializes in gang rape videos

Why? Are anarchists not supposed to enjoy gang rape videos? Shit, I didn't get that memo... I thought it was ok to enjoy heteronormative smut. After all this kind of porn is scripted and by definition consentual. Why, why not just skip the bookfair and actually jerk off? It sounds more fun than most of those panels.

yeah, sex is liberating.


a lot of anarchists here make good money starring in those videos

we work at a lot of places, that doesn't mean they're cool. What kind of fucking reasoning is that?

who? I want to wank off to anarchists!

I agree that at the very least it's kind of weird.

If PM Press isn't anarchist, sure the fuck isn't. Gang rape porn being an extreme symptom of late market capitalist sickness.

Plus I would sure rather hang out with folks in Golden Gate park than on 14th and Mission streets.

Agreed. You really would think this to be a major issue. There's less hypocritical degradation in throwing a book fair at barens & noble or fuckin' wal-mart . Anyone who says its to late the back out of the venue is a fraud that's in it for the money.

After all gang rape porn is the ultimate ejaculation to everything wrong with this society and the debased way of living it reproduces.

I don't really know details of how this venue was secured, but The Armory is a historic building in SF that is open to tours, owned by kink dot com. You might be surprised to learn that working at wal-mart or barnes and noble could be more oppressive than being paid fairly to act out fantasies on film.

It's cool if the workers are being treated fairly or whatever, but rape porn is still pretty fucked up. Anarchists you used to fire bomb places that distributed rape porn. Now we host our bookfairs in places that produce it. Cool!

People who aren't rapists have fantasies about rape. What are you going to do about it? First of all you'll need to open your limited world-view to that fact.
People who are actual rapists and oppressors, who have no moral compass whatsoever, are bosses at 'respectable', 'un-theatrical' ie "real" jobs. Same question.

I know what I'll do about it! I'll host an anarchist bookfair at a rape porn studio!

The second point you try to make has nothing to do on whether it's appropriate to have a bookfair at the armory that produces extreme gang rape porn.

Being considerate of closet sadist who fantasize about gang rap is not opening up a "limited world view", it's endorsing/commercializing the dominant world view you fucking moron. People fetishize about fucking children, do we open our world view and accommodate them?

Seriously, if you don't see anything wrong with the commercialization of brutal sexual violence against women (or anyone) and the debasing of one of the ways we connect with one another then fuck off. You're probably some lame libertarian hipster anyhow, cuz like the other poster said, @'s use to torch the shit not make excuses for them, let alone use their space to host our events.

What about closet, or indeed open, masochists who fantasize about being gang-raped? This shit is complex, it's not completely one-sided.
And as for people who fantasize about fucking children, once again it's important to maintain the distinction between people who fantasize about doing horrible shit and people who actually do horrible shit. If they have fucked-up fantasies, but they don't actually do anything that hurts people IRL, then yeah, we should accommodate them. We're anarchists, not fucking priests seeking to cast judgement on the contents of people's souls.

Does Bound Together Books the organizers of the fair still promote the pro-pedophile NAMBLA bulletin? Personally, I don't want to 'accommodate' these fucks.

there is also a question of what those who fantasize think about whether it is ok. I mean if someone is sick and fantasized about children, and knows it is wrong, but has trouble stopping, and doesn't know where/how to get help.... that's a lot different that Hakim Bey publishing books describing "the beauty of naked farm boys covered in pond scum" and his sick fantasies about filming 'feral children' or leaving porn on playgrounds.
I have sympathy for the people who know it is wrong and don't try to justify it, who it is simply an illness.
I don't have sympathy for those who justify wanting to rape children, or try to make it normal or acceptable.

having a fantasy, and having the desire to REALIZE that fantasy, are 2 very different things. step out of your binary black-n-white box.

here here!!!

next they'll be trying to legislate peoples' thoughts. imbeciles.

Holy f-ing 2nd wave feminism. Rape fantasies do not equal rape. All sexual exchange involves power exchange and scripted porn is by definition CONSENTUAL. Its labor under capitalism and therefore involves some market driven cohersion just like any other job. Get off your high horse, take a straw poll of your friends and discover how many anarchists enjoy the BDSM scene. Moralizing, essentializing and paternal do not equal anarchist.

BDSM and Gang Rape are two different things. Yeah? The site also experimented with stalker porn and other shit. Is this shit really being produced for the BDSM community? I'm not worried about the workers so much as the products of their labor's effect on the world.

Sex workers are no more responsible for patriarchy than anyone else. And actually gang rape porn is BDSM. Its pre-negotiated group sex in which people take on dictated roles to play with power for others sexual gratification. And the consumption of rape fantasies is not rape. Statistically those concerned about rape culture should be against monogamy and marriage as many more rapes happen as a result of those institutions than because of the consumption of kink.

finally, a liberal view with the clarity to point out that as long as someone is "paid fairly" for being degraded, that capitalism isn't all that bad. In fact you know what, you have convinced me that fuck abolition, we need to fight for fair pay for wal-mart, and b&n works, so that their degradation is well compensated as well.

by the way liberal douche, have you ever heard of a porn star/sex worker with a pension plan? Of course not, cuz their only good as long as they're young, pretty and willing to get fucked anyway the director says....once their all "used up" (to use the non-oppressive industry term), they get kicked to the curb.

you people are pathetic...

You're a fucking moron. Pointing out that sex work is not uniquely shit because all work is shit =/= saying that capitalism isn't all that bad.

no, I would say that saying sucking dick is less oppressive than stocking shelf's make you a fucking moron. Especially in light of how rampant sexual abuse is in the sex trade and how entwined with sex slavery it is. But hey, if you want to endorse the worse aspects of our culture then go right a head you liberal fuck.

I can't believe their is some moronic schmuck actually defending the venue for this event. But like they say, there's no cure for stupid.

Tell you what, find me one porno that refers to the woman as a beautiful intelligent being or even a woman for that matter instead of a "dirty whore", I'll shut up and stop making you feel like a dirty little misogynistic boy as you watch two girls and one cup.

you are the problem we're trying to rid ourselves of.

Stop calling me a liberal you fucking liberal. There is actually an argument to be made that sucking dick is less oppressive than stocking shelves, as we can see if we compare the amount of people who really enjoy sucking dick with the amount of people who enjoy stocking shelves. But whatever, that's not the point I'm making. The point I'm making is having to suck dick for money in order to survive is bad, and having to stock shelves for money is also bad, because capitalism is bad, and arguing about which one is the lesser evil is kind of pointless. I would have thought this was pretty basic stuff.
Yeah, I'd prefer it if the venue was a self-organised squat. Not living in the Bay Area, I can't really comment on how possible that'd be. But if it's not in a squat, and I can see why you would want to not do that, then you're going to be renting it from a business. That is inevitably going to involve giving some money to our enemies, because we're against capitalism. So, having said all that, I can't see how it'd be OK to rent a warehouse from Walmart but not from
And no, I'm not gonna help you find a porn that you can masturbate to without feeling like your precious moral values are being undermined. Do your own fucking googling.

See here you liberal douche, you said... "working at wal-mart or barnes and noble could be more oppressive than being paid fairly to act out fantasies on film"... so you do realize that it was you who first introduced the argument that one was more oppressive than the other, right?

Sorry that sarcasm is completely lost on you but I wasn't seriously suggesting wal-mart as a venue (duh) and I was talking about the hypocrisy in ways beyond the liberal values of "if the workers are paid fairly, then its okay". Not to mention that the space is extremely uninviting to a lot people. You know, like survivors of gang rape or those who live with the fear of it every fucking day. If you don't think that supporting a place that makes a spectacle of gang rape because all capitalism is just as bad, then I suggest you stop getting high off your own farts and pull your head out your own ass.

as far as trying to cut me with the whole my"precious moral values", nice try but no cigar. You're talking to a debaucherous drunk with the moral compass of a junkie in a poppy field. My beliefs and understanding just happen to not come from being shaped and molded by the verbal ejaculation of other people. They came from a little thing called real life experience, and all the beauty and tragedy that that entails.

On a final note, what do you think came first, patriarchy & domination or fantasies about gang rape?

a) That comment was a reply to you saying "There's less hypocritical degradation in throwing a book fair at barens & noble or fuckin' wal-mart", so you were the first person to introduce this degrees of oppression bullshit
b) I didn't make that argument, there's more than one person arguing with you. There's a lot wrong with this site, but thankfully it has at least two different posters who don't believe in this distinction between legitimate and illegitimate businesses.
Anyway, so, we've established you don't think it's not OK to rent space from cos it's a bad company. Would you please be kind enough to give us a list of the nice, normal companies you think it is OK to rent space from, so I can get back to laughing at you for being a liberal.
Just to be clear, I look forward to the day that all porn companies are destroyed, because I want to see the end of this economy. As a step towards destroying that economy, I think it can make tactical sense to target specific companies to achieve specific goals, but I'm not convinced it's that productive to arbitrarily declare that some sections of the economy are un-kosher, while it's OK to co-operate with others
On a final note, what do you think came first, patriarchy & domination or the internet?

wow! 'anarchist' apologists for capitalist gang rape porn!

don't you think some of our comrades may have had experience with actual rape and may find rape fantasy profiteering traumatizing?

what was wrong with having the fair in the park?

and yes, the internet is part of the problem

I don't agree with that other person but I think that it is possible to enjoy types of porn without being an apologist for them

I don't agree with any of the hypocritical clucking of the anti-porn liberal feminists here, but I do think the bookfair being staged in the belly of kink dot com is an unfortunate, accidental metaphor for north american anarchists being too situated within and dependent on rape culture.

"On a final note, what do you think came first, patriarchy & domination or the internet?"
sorry but your superior wit evades me, I was asking a legitimate question to better understand how intellectually inept you are. But nice to see you dodged it anyways and again, I was being sarcastic about wal-mart, if your not sure what sarcasm is, let me know and I'll explain real carefully at pace good for you. Especially now that i realize you're a bit slow.

So your superior logic dictates that......

Buying a beer at a dive bar is the same as buying stocks at Monsanto, cuz after all capitalism is capitalism right? And renting a space used to host birthdays and bar mitzvah is the same as renting a space that profits of commercializing and normalizing gang raping women, right?

wait wait wait......let me think about this......

You know what, you're right! All I needed was a little douch bag liberal with mommy issues to tell me so. Gosh darn it you little rascal, you really opened up my world view. I'm going to quit my job swinging a pick axe and become a pimp, cuz hey, ones no worse than the other. but don't worry, I'll split the profit with my bitches in a collectivist know 50/50... so how bout it college boy, you want say fuck your education and come work for me?

Oh shit sweetie I forgot, you don't get sarcasm.

But hey baby cakes, patriarchy and domination exist outside of capitalism. The fact the venue is a business is not really the issue and a bit of common sense would tell you that, so how bout you try exercising a bit of it, instead parading around like an intellectual coward with a dirty little secret they don't want anyone to know muffin?

Genuinely interested here: are you objecting to the fact that it's a building used to produce porn, or specifically the fact that it's used by Would another, fluffier, more vanilla porn studio be OK, or is it the fact that they make porn inherently a problem in itself?

For me it's the rape scenes, specifically the extremely violent gang rape scenes

There's some great amateur cam vids where the couples just talk about their day and crack jokes. Want em?

A) I would like to see some actual evidence that what is doing is somehow supporting trafficking. Porn is legal, and highly regulated. That's not to say there isn't lots of underground or amateur porn that may be benefiting from the labor of trafficked workers, but in my opinion that's the result of government regulation creating an underground market.
B) How rampant is sexual abuse in the sex industry? Well in criminalized sectors of the industry definitely higher than in those that are legal. Sex workers doing illegal work have significantly fewer resources for recourse when attacked or exploited by their clients, than say the performers at
C) Find you one porno that refers to the woman as a beautiful intelligent being? Well, there are a lot on Indie Porn Revolution (formerly NoFauxxx) also has tons. There's also lots of really awful disgusting porn out there, just like all media.

Sex work is not inherently less oppressive than any other industry, but it's also not inherently more oppressive. All labor under capitalism is violent and awful, material conditions can be different, but certain forms of alienated labor cannot be more "humane" than another.

I don't live in the Bay Area, and really don't care where this bookfair is. I also really don't like defending a company, but I think it's silly to not want to use the space because porn happens there.

blah blah blah...... sex slavery exist because of government regulations....blah blah blah.... sexual abuse wouldn't be as bad if it were legal....blah blah blah... thanks to the free market there is good porn out their too....blah blah blah ....

I'm glad to see you added something bad about capitalism at the end otherwise I would be likely to suspect you of being a right wing libertarian instead of just a half-hearted anarcho-liberal

Good, mature comeback. Are you seriously trying to deny that working in a legal, regulated industry (like most jobs, or legal areas of the sex trade) is less dangerous than working in illegal, unregulated areas (like criminalised areas of the sex trade)?

A)No one said it supports trafficking, I will say it supports rape culture
B)No one is talking about the workers
C) If there are good ones that cool or whatever. However it also used to make creepy stalker porn and extreme gang rape porn.

I'm glad to see anarchists critiquing porn. All the anarchists in my community use postmodern liberal bullshit to justify the distribution of patriarchy with markets. More criticisms of postmodern hipster misogynists within anarchism please.

If that's true, mother fuckers best fuck shit up. Otherwise, fuck anyone who goes there and doesn't.

It's a fetish site, and one of the more responsible ones at that. It pretty explicitly depicts people acting out consensual BSDM scenes, not "lol U wath this bitch git raped, fucking biches."

Bullshit. i have seen some of this fucking crap and it is exactly that. Violent gang rape. There is no way to claim that is responsible. If you want to watch this shit, go ahead, but you have serious problems. Unless I hear some really compelling reason why the fair is being held here, this anarchist will be staying away this year.

Do everyone a favor and skip the bookfair by all means. If you can't distinguish between consentual kink and sexual assault then hanging around the anarchist scene is not a good idea.

Yes, cuz there is nothing wrong with glorifying/marketing sexual violence for the benefit for fuckers who rape if they can get away with it.

So tell me, do you see nothing wrong with our media and entertainment today? Are you really that fucking stupid that you don't believe this shit has an effect on are way of thinking and our actions? Beside what role does gang rape videos play in your ideal future? Provided you and not I were to win of course.

or are you only concerned because you have a booth at the fair?

i am not sure if there is much point in responding thoughtfully. i don't have a booth at the fair- i don't live in the bay. i think that BDSM practices teach people about communicating their boundaries and needs and the kink scene generally helps people learn and practice explicit consent. The level of trust required for hardcore scene can actually be really healing-. a gang rape scene in which all parties have negotiated what will happen beforehand is functionally the opposite of rape itself. I don't think there is anything wrong with getting off on gang rape porn- its heteronormative sure, but its consentual and its hot. in my ideal future- and actually in my present- people don't get politically taken down for their sexual desires as long as they involve consenting adults- no matter how offensive other people may find them.

You're confusing a few things here. What consenting adults do is one thing and hosting an anarchist book fair in a capitalist business that makes extreme gang rape porn is another.

my point exactly.

Consenting adults make gang rape porn!

^^^^^^^ Missing the point

"Are you really that fucking stupid that you don't believe this shit has an effect on are way of thinking and our actions?"

so, what exactly is the effect of "this shit" on you, personally?

do you think it might effect anyone else differently?

is the way it effects you somehow more valid than the way it effects anyone else?

do you really think of yourself as an anarchist, while trying to moralize on the universal (to you, apparently) effects of media?

Yeah, i think i will pass on hanging around you and the 'anarchist scene' you fucking hipster. My idea of anarchism has nothing to do with any kind of 'scene' but has to do with community. A community that respects my friends who have actually had traumatic experience with real rape and might feel a bit uncomfortable hanging out in a rape porn studio. If you want to watch rape porn (or whatever) in your private life, fine, but this is a fucking lame place to hold an anarchistic book fair.

Has it ever occurred to you that many of the people who have rape fantasies and watch gang rape porn are actually people who have themselves EXPERIENCED sexual trauma and are using things like this to overcome and find mastery over their trauma, through putting themselves in those same shoes (those of the one(s) being raped) but this time in a consensually established fantasy world? That not everyone has the SAME RESPONSE to trauma?

Fuck yeah this comment! Fuck the survivors of sexual violence who don't get off to gang rape porn. I only support survivors of sexual violence who get turned on by gang rape porn!

ignorant fucking comment. not the only one, but one of the top ones on this thread.

yep, it has occurred to me. it has also occurred to me that some people whom i know and love have been traumatized by by rape, including gang rape, and do not wish to be exposed or surrounded by those who wish to profit off of rape fantasy. if you want to jack off to rape porn, go ahead, but having a rape porn studio as the location for the book fair is fucked up.

this is the issue. not if violent gang rape porn is alright (that is another discussion), but if the anarchist community in the bay should be holding their book fair at a rape porn studio. sadly, it looks as if they are.

All due respect ... will they be filming rape porn during the book fair? Are organizers required to vet buildings for all oppressive activity that ever occurred on the premise?

^^^^^missing the point

You know they will not be filming "rape porn" during the book fair FFS. Could you be any more dramatic and fear mongering? It's conservative feminist Fox News in here, jeez.

This seems fair enough. I am kind of surprised that they picked this place rather than a less controversial location.

I've talked with someone who worked at, and they were telling me about how shit really goes down in that place. There's always this promise that the folks who agree to do more extreme stuff are going to get some kind of bonus, or more hours, or better pay, or whatever, and even if you keep doing more and more extreme stuff, often the threshold you need to cross to get those better working conditions just keeps moving further and further away. It's an enticement that often always remains just on the horizon, just out of reach. If you assert your boundaries firmly and refuse to do more and more extreme stuff, then you won't get the hours that you need, or you'll never get any kind of raise. The whole system materially constitutes a veiled form of coercion to get people to do things that they don't feel comfortable doing. People have been seriously traumatized working there -- I've heard one story of somebody who was traumatized working there to the point that she couldn't do anything for a month.'s supposed feminist/sex-positive/pro-consent/BDSM credentials are a bunch of hogwash. Sure there are folks who work there who never got traumatized by that shit, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who decide it's worth navigating the coercion that goes on to make a living, but at heart is a capitalist enterprise, and it has a strong incentive to apply coercion to people to get them to do the most extreme things it can possibly get them to do. Sure, most workplaces also employ coercion to get their employees to fall in line with their bottom line, but I just want to be clear that when we're talking about we're not talking about BDSM in and of itself, but about the capitalization and exploitation of BDSM for profit. It's a whole different ballgame. I think BDSM is awesome, and I think is fucked up.

PM Press has made me pretty uncomfortable for a long time. Ramsey still has all of this cred in the milieu, so PM gets a lot of anarchist material like all of Gabriel Kuhn or Paul Goodman or whatever, but there is also a lot of crap in their catalog from the authoritarian left like David Gilbert and DGR and CLR James forfuckssake. This is - at best - opportunism. This by itself could be written off as low (non-existant?) standards, if it wasn't for the unapologetically capitalist business structure of PM. I'm sure there are plenty of worthwhile critiques of the decision-making structures AK used/uses, but at least they are showing an effort. Y'know I've always wanted to go to the bookfair in the Bay, what with that area having the gold standard for North American anarchy, but this sad state of affairs makes me not so regretful after all.

David Gilbert and DGR can fuck off, but CLR James is well worth reading. I mean, what, somebody has to call them self an anarchist before you'll consider their ideas? I can think of tons of people who would never have identified with the anarchist tradition that have way more interesting politics than a whole bunch of famous anarchists. If you're only reading anarchists, then I feel bad for you.

you feel bad for me son? I got 99 problems but a Lenninist aint one

not to split hairs, but clr james was really a trot who split off from the orthodox marxism of his time to expound on a range of theory and cool histories of anti colonial era rebellion in the western hemisphere. Ditto for his (now ex) partner Selma James, who grounded some brilliant thinking on women's unpaid labor and the nihilist trajectory of 60s and 70s urban riots.

dont get me wrong - fuck trotskyism, and fuck selma james' backpedaling and expressing support for chavez and castro later in life. but both of these authors' ideas have contributed some interesting and courageous counterpoints to the orthodox marxism of their day, the vast majority of which is perfectly adaptable and intersting to a more explicitly anarchist point of view. I would make Caliban and the Witch an example, by silvia federici, as it draws largely on Selma James' writing in particularly useful ways, presenting a critique of the marxist linear view of history and on primitive accumulation that is particularly cozy with much of early anarchists' involvement (in contrast to communists) in peasant struggles in industrializing europe.

so yes, to the earlier commenter who s encouraging people to not be so closed off to any writer that doesnt have a circle attached to their name. (which i might point out could also be said about a whole array of the more contemporary continental philosophical thinkers that many of the IAs seem to find useful)

"Selma James, who grounded some brilliant thinking on ... the nihilist trajectory of 60s and 70s urban riots"

Could you give some references to this? I'd like to follow up.

I like Ramsey. Never met him, just dealt with him on a dozen or so occasions when he was at AK and now at PM. He's been nothing but generous with me and a strong supporter of anarchist authors and ideas. Sure, some criticism is good to stir things up and perhaps get authors from a broader range of places — but stoking a legitimate criticism with a personal attack feels a bit too much like talk radio and Washington politics. It's hard not to tune out as sour grapes at his success.

And are you aware of any anarchist authors who could've attended and would've wanted to who were rejected in favor of a non-anarchist PM Press author? If so, name them and maybe they can be added to the schedule.

Also, if you think Ramsey's really doing such a horrible job, then by all means do the hard work and start your own book fair or publishing house. I'd love to see what you come up with.

lol neoliberalism as the solution to anarchist drama

Uh, except that it *isn't* Ramsey's book fair. The fact that you think it is is pretty telling.

So whats the plan? Is everybody all not gonna go or are we gonna trash PM presses shit in protest? C'mon fuck PM press anyway, I say we trash their shit and if they call the cops its game on


Vikki Law is *not* a shrill, paranoid, professional victim. OK?

If Ramsey has moved away from the anarchist "movement," then good for him. It's a grotesque swamp. Some of the most unethical, unprincipled, dysfunctional people I've known have been anarchists. Many of them I suspect frequent this website. Despite whatever personal and professional flaws he may--or may not--have, in my experience Ramsey has never hesitated to donate books to anarchist collectives and activist groups. I've never seen him be anything but decent to people on a personal level; something I can't say about many of his critics. And, I'm sorry, but as somebody interested in anarchism, Marxism, punk rock, radical ecology, etc, I think PM Press publishes some great stuff; better than anything coming from any of the other publishers mentioned in this article.

What are you, PM's PR person? I mean seriously what kind of lame comment was that?

If you're not here to pimp PM's books and you don't like @'s, then get the fuck off the site you flaming douche bag

I agree that PM has published some good books...and some good anarchist titles as well. I also agree that there's plenty of great material out there that isn't written by anarchists and that anarchists could benefit from reading (which I assume is obvious to everyone). But that is a completely different thing from saying that a single person should stack the speaker list with his own authors, and that the speaker-list at an anarchist bookfair should be dominated by non-anarchists simply because one person has situated himself to profit from the event.

AK Press has been publishing for 20-something years, which means they've published a lot more anarchists--and a lot more writers period--than PM. But they never dominated a conference or bookfair like this, even when Ramsey was there (which one assumes is because Ramsey's avarice was somewhat held in check by AK's collective structure). They'd have maybe 5 or so slots.

Little Black Cart largely pulled together the East Bay Anarchist bookfair and, other than a bit of advertising on the FREE lunch bags they gave out, stayed admirably in the background.

The issue isn't what flavor of anarchism you like--or how broad your reading interests are. The issue isn't whether Ramsey is or isn't a nice guy--or whether the speakers have something worthwhile to say. The issue is a structural one regarding how the bookfair happens...and, more broadly, how a specific businessman positions himself to skew bay area anarchist scene in order to expand his business and increase his profits.

Actually, the EXACT same arguments were made against the SF Anarchist Book Fair and AK Press (when Ramsey was involved in it) for years. People complained the Book Fair didn't have enough authentically anarchist speakers; they were all just tame anarchists, or "anarcho-liberals," or whatever, mostly affiliated with AK Press. Maybe Ramsey and the Book Fair organizers chose the same people to hear speak that they would want to publish. People they actually have access to and won't charge big fees. Big deal. The anarchist community is such a joke. It doesn't even want to be anything other than a joke.

They may have been the exact same arguments, but we have to be able to distinguish facts from hysteria, right? There are some differences between what Ramsey can pull off now and what he could when he was at AK. I'm not sure why.

There have been 4 book fairs since Ramsey started PM

At the 2009 bookfair (the first time PM had any authors to stack the schedule with) 7 out of 26 slots were filled by PM authors (27%)

In 2010 (based on announced speakers, couldn't find actual schedule) it was 13 out of 26 (50%)

In 2011 it was 23 out of 45 (51%)

in 2012 it was 39 out of 57 (68%), or 45 out of 57 if you count the non-PM authors who were on panels discussing PM books (79%)

This year the announced speaker schedule, which probably isn't final, is 16 out of 19 speakers (84%)

Back before there was a PM, the AK presence at the bookfair looked like (for the years I could find schedules for):

In 2007, 11 out of 53 (20%)

In 2008, 7 or 8 out of 33 (21-24%)

Any one group having even 20% of the speakers probably isn't a good idea, but at least almost all the AK authors were anarchists. Whether or not they were the right "kind" of anarchist in everyone's eyes.

It just seems like things have become totally unhinged now that Ramsey doesn't even have the pretense of a collective to hold him back.

What's the answer? How about every year 3 different bay area *anarchist* groups create the speaker schedule? Preferably three very different groups, who then have to sit down together to come up with a schedule. We could sell tickets to watch the arguments. And each year the groups change. Or if that's too much of a fantasy, at least an open call for proposals. Anything has to be better than what we have now.

"And, I'm sorry, but as somebody interested in anarchism, Marxism, punk rock, radical ecology, etc, I think PM Press publishes some great stuff; better than anything coming from any of the other publishers mentioned in this article."

You capitalized Marxism...ha ha. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from.

Viva Haymarket Books !!!

Well done, Anarchist ! Sarcasm happens.

There seems a number of people on here who dont really grasp the way authoritarianism functions in a social context....

So this dude gives out free books? Good for him...he owns a publishing company. He's got the money, and isn't paying anything like market rates for them. It isnt like he bought a box of books for a distro, more like bringing home a box of pencils from work then kicking them down to his friends.

It's called "leverage", and capitalists love it. By using your power and privilege to hook people up with resources they couldn't access on their own, they become beholden to you, and join the list of people you can call on in the future. Is that what we aspire to be?

Ohhh... that explains why the dude down the street use to give me free drugs until I became addicted.
now I'm broke and jonesen.

ummmm kim stanley robinson may have had writing published through PM but it's ridiculous to identify him as a "PM press author." he's an extremely well-known sci-fi author and his contribution would have very little to do with having some piece published by PM

This same point was raised above and I replied:

"Nobody said otherwise. People have only pointed out that a huge percentage of the speakers at the book fair are people PM has published and whose PM books will be sold at the PM Press table. The point isn’t whether or not it’s proper to refer to them as “PM authors” or not (nice attempt at distraction there): It is whether they are at the book fair as “PM authors” because the capitalist owner of PM controls the selection process of an event that supposedly represents anarchism in the bay area?"

god I really hope this is all just some fabricated beef to make the feds think we're totally incompetent so that they stop caring about us and throwing us in jail. as someone who doesn't live in the bay, I can tell you objectively that this is some very stupid shit and that there are plenty of people who deserve real accountability processes for being abusive or raping people, not for packing a speaker list for the book fair that they organized. organize your own book fair collectively like other cities do and focus on real shit that doesn't bum out every other local anarchist scene who reads this site.

Hopefully, what you're reading is the start of people figuring out that they need to organize this shit collectively like other cities. But that requires folks identifying the problem, discussing it, and figuring out what to do about it. If that process is too much for your delicate sensibilities, then I suggest you stick to your grown-up local scene and not read this thread. ☺ Although, I do agree that much of the way it’s getting discussed isn’t very productive. Hopefully, people will figure that out too, reduce the name-calling, and focus on practical ways to make sure this doesn’t happen next year.

I dunno. As much as I agree that this is far from the biggest accountability issue we face, I don't really see any harm done by making it public. This has all been pretty tame by the standards of anarchist sectarian infighting, and it's calling out an issue which would have been obvious to anybody who showed up. As much as I'm not much a fan of "public image" debates, we really can't afford this kind of bad press. Pretending to be a "movement" to hock books for some corporation is the kind of thing that puts people's cynicism into overdrive - at least as "terrorists", we've still got an ounce of street cred and mystery.

As for rapists, abusers, snitches and others who menace our communities, I agree, there should be more accountability, but I don't know that 'calling people on shit' that's less serious detracts from that. I see a lot of parallels between this situation and far more personal/serious ones I've been involved in. Like usual, there's a dude here who's got a whole lot of privilege and 'friends' who are willing to back him up because he's "nice" without any actual consideration of what he's accused of doing or whether he actually did it.

you're right, I just wish that that process took place on a local SF website or listserv instead of an international site that a lot of radical communities across the world look to for news and maybe even inspiration.

No one looks to the comments section of @news for inspiration. Vouyerism, petty in-fighting, intellectual pissing contests, one upping, snarkiness, insults and jaded paternalizing negativity. But not inspiration. The political context is different but the emotive and discursive levels of exchange here are just as depressing and pointless as any other troll filled news website. Content can be decent but the comments section is juvenile at best and deeply disheartening at worst.

pretty sure the petty infighting here started with the article, not the comments.

pretty sure the petty infighting here started with the creation of PM Press, not the article or the comments

I heard that bloke Ramsey shat on a kitten when he lived in the UK

Won't somebody please think of the kittens?

With the thousands of anarchist publishing companies in the US I just can't imagine how so many speakers from one company were on the list.

"With the thousands of anarchist publishing companies in the US I just can't imagine how so many speakers from one company were on the list."

I think you're confused about the article. Its talking about PM Press, which is not an Anarchist publishing company. There are Anarchist publishing companies in the Bay Area that could have influence on the Bookfair author list.

"You're not anarchist and I'm telling everyone"

Agreed. We need to reevaluate what is "anarchist." Terry Bison and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz have been the real anarchists for years, since the 60's. PM Press has been consistently been publishing the real anarchist material, while Little Black Cart and those types have been publishing this bizarre individualistic, anti-state, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian stuff that doesn't make sense and is way too extreme. Give me Cindy Milstein and Andrej Grubacic, not emma goldman and max stirner..those nutcases.

thousands? Really?

I have a solution:

Next year, invite all the @'s you're down with to a meeting to plan the bookfair. Do it together.
Until then, kick yourself in the ass for not stepping up to help make the fucking thing happen.

I hate when people complain about how other shit runs. Is PM Press using scarce resources to do this shit? Probably not. Based purely on the comments in this thread, it sounds like this initiative on this event has been bottle-necked. Probably, that happened because everyone is busy doing other shit.

That's everyone's fault.
Yes, it's silly for PM Press to turn this into a promo for their shit.
But don't wash your hands. Make shit work through autonomous organizing, not whining and guilting.

We aren't slaves. Ditch the morality.

I believe something alternative is already being planned for this year. Details to be forthcoming, I guess?

NEPoTISM is inherently anarchist

This years anarchist bookfair brought to you by capitalist shit bag Ramsey and his shitty PM press panel of wonderful Ron Paul voters for the revolution. Also sponsored by mcdonalds, starbucks and rape porn. Wooohooo we gonna make so much money from them anarchists.

I hope this comment was also brought to us by Ramsey, trying to make people who slag off the bookfair look like idiots. "Also sponsored by mcdonalds"? What is this, fucking 2001? Sounds like you need to get yourself to a bookfair so you can read something that's not No Logo or Adbusters.

seriously, what is this, the 90s? use Chipotle or Quiznos

If anyone is keeping score, Jen Angel (did PM publish her too?) has posted an updated book fair speaker list.

PM's percentage of authors dominating the book fair is now 62% (18 out of 29), down from 85%. Although, in past years individual PM authors spoke in two or three separate time slots, so the percentage might go up.

I'm sure they're trying to quickly dig up some more non-PM folks so this won't look as bad.

Here's the list:

PM speakers:

Terry Bisson,
John Clark,
Chris Crass,
Scott Crow,
Jim Davis,
Andrej Grubacic
George Katsiaficas,
Jay Kinney
Vikki Law
Sasha Lilley,
Paul Mavrides
David McNally,
Cindy Milstein,
Leslie James Pickering
Nick Riotfag
Kim Stanley Robinson,
Joshua Kahn Russell,
Eddie Yuen,

Non-PM Speakers (I'm pretty sure)

Beehive Design Collective
Manolo Callahan
Hugh D’Andrade,
Josh Harper
Angela MacWhinnie,
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz,
Annie Paradise
Shannon Williams
Nadia Winstead,

You can read the speaker bios here:

Some of them helpfully provide links to buy their books on PM's web site.

If you're going to include Nick Riotfag as a PM Press author, you should also include Crimethinc. Both of them contributed to Sober Living for the Revolution. (Crimethinc contributed one essay, Nick Riotfag two.) I personally don't think either of them should be listed as PM Press authors, because they aren't being billed as such and I don't think they're going to be used to sell books, but probably both should be considered as such if either is.

How cute! The 2013 poster for the SF @ Bookfair is done in the tradition of the IWW symbolism and has a flag with "The World to the Workers" and "We are the 99%"!!

I, for one, and as a 100% confirmed and validated capital "A" Anarchist, want to be a Worker, I believe in the concept of "The World" and would like to 'have' 'it', and I am most certainly part of the top .0001% of the 99%.

You fucks are trying to water down, make digestible and putrify anarchism.

Well, whatevs, I've always been more interested in anarchy anywho..

our consumer choices are very important! PM Press is not a business that true anarchists support! anyone who shops at PM Press is a sellout! true anarchists support other businesses!

You miss the point, I think. Any anarchist bookfair in the US has (and will have) a mixture of speakers from different publishers (and from publishers with different ways of "managing" their relationship to capitalism). Any anarchist bookfair will also have a range of activists, artists, organizers, etc speaking at the bookfair.

The bay area anarchist bookfair is the only one where a single person has for the past four years taken over 50% to 75% of the available slots for speakers--speakers he has published, and whose books he is selling at the same bookfair.

It's a bookfair, almost everyone there will be selling things, almost everyone there will be engaged in "capitalist" activity of some sort. The question is how much should we let one person control the event for whatever reason. And in Ramsey's case, his reasons are profit-driven: The people he publishes don't seem to have any sort of political line that he might be pushing--shit, most of them aren't even anarchists. So I assume he's coloring the whole nature of the event to make money, not to get his brand of politics heard. Which is even grosser.

Please somebody protect me from being exposed to any thinking that is not Anarchist. Pleeease!

yeah seriously.

what's the point of even having anarchist speakers at an anarchist bookfair...its pointless ! There are way too many anarchist events anyway.

don't much care if certain sex negative fucks boycott it. go see if the catholic church will roll out the red carpet for you.

For the record, I have pulled out of the program for the 2013 Book Fair, for some of the reasons stated, the nearly secretive, small group that has always organized the program, but now distilled to 3, two of them being PM (Ramsey and Joey Paxman) and Jen Angel, who is a publicist and
does pr for PM Press. This tiny group chose a controversial venue for the Book Fair this year, in San Francisco. I was asked to take a stand against that corporate venue and did.

"the nearly secretive, small group that has always organized the program,"

The bookfair is organized by the BoundTogetherBookStoreCollective..
BoundTogether is a volunteer run bookstore & has been for it's 30something years in existence.
They meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month @8pm in the bookstore.
To become a collective member, one must simply attend a meeting & then volunteer at the store for eight shifts, each of which is 4 hours long. During those first 8 shifts, along side a collective member, one learns how to run the store--which is the primary function of the collective: running the store.
After that point, you are a collective member and are only asked to volunteer for a few shifts per month.
The Bookfair raises money to support the store. Without the Bookfair, the store could not exist.
It's located at 1369 Haight Street,San Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 431-8355

Go there. Become collective members. Get on the committee(s) you're talking about.
Effect the positive change you desire. Make a difference if that's what you really wish to do.

There is/are NO secretive group(s) involved with this Bookfair.
All decisions are achieved through consensus by the collective.

That there are only 3 people organizing this event can only be attributed to one thing:
APATHY (from both the members & non-members of the collective)

The next meeting is Wednesday, 13FEB2013 at 8pm.

This is now feeling a bit out of date having looked up the speaker/workshop listing as it now sits. Would someone be willing to update the above list to reflect it as it currently sits so the conversation continues with the most up-to-date- info?

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