The best homage to Bakunin for his bicentennial - Rio de Janeiro police register him as suspect to track and surveil

from instintosalvaje, translated by waronsociety:

Note from El Libertario: Of everything that has been said and written about the Russian anarchist this year which marks two hundred years since his birth, we are quite certain that for him the most precious would be the involuntary homage paid by a surprising source: none other than the cops of Río de Janeiro, who included him recently in the dossier of subversive persons who must have a close eye kept on them.

A report on this particular matter–which we have translated from the Portuguese–appears in the following paragraphs. We suppose someone–not ourselves–will have to thank the repressive forces for such a valuable record on the surveillance of Mikhail Bakunin.

An Article published on Monday 7/28/14 in the Folha daily of S. Paulo includes a revelation curious to say the least: the legal summary of over 2,000 pages–elaborated by the Civil Police of Río de Janeiro in order to accuse 23 persons as responsible for the organization of violent actions in the recent street demonstrations–mentions the philosopher Mikhail Bakunin as a suspect. Dead since 1876, the Russian is considered one of the fathers of anarchism.

According to the document, Bakunin was cited by a demonstrator in a message intercepted by the police. From there he went on to be classified as a “possible suspect.” Professor Camila Jourdan, 34 years old, one of the persons under investigation, mentioned this episode in order to demonstrate the fragility of the accusation. “From what little I’ve read, I can say that this legal summary is a work of fantasy literature of the lowest quality,” she said.

This is not the first time that dead and very well-known intellectuals have been the target of “attention” by the Brazilian authorities. During the military dictatorship, Karl Marx was on one of the black lists of the Department of Public and Social Order (DOPS), one of the primary apparatuses of repression of political and social movements, which identified him as a “subversive.”

Jourdan spent 13 days imprisoned in the penitentiary complex of Bangú in western Río. Known for her academic excellence in the State University of Río de Janeiro (UERJ), where she coordinates the postgraduate program in philosophy, she says she is a victim of the devices of the investigative police. “There is a need to fabricate supposed leaders for these demonstrations. And who fits well the role of intellectual mentor? The university professor. It fits like a glove, you see?” she said.

To refute the “role of leadership” that the police assigns her, the professor draws from the theories of the French philosopher Michel Foucault: “Foucault says that intellectuals have discovered that the masses do not need them as interlocutors. I have no authority to speak about the oppression of any other person. The movement does not need me to fill that role.”

Originally published in Revista Forum

Translated [to Spanish] by the editors of El Libertario.



An awesome homage for our toothless, but tough father. Keep it up Mikhail! You rock
IT hard.

The name is probably also now in some international database. Which is great. Rock on Bakunin, you crazy fucker.

the struggle to survive is an illusion, it's a distraction, it's futile and depressing. you don't see animals struggling to survive , do you? just simply in reciprocity with an attitude of acceptance and humility is the harmonious, healthy way.
certainly the violence of chaos can be frightening when we don't understand it, when we see it as different from our current condition- we fear it- this is illusion; a manifestation of our perception the pressure and void in the vacuum of nothing present a daunting notion, an opponent against which to struggle. but; really; MCsquared is pretty close to E. the universe has it covered… so, in regards to all the little things that we think matter; you're right! the best philosophy might be just to say ;"fuck it"value is not inherent but only made manifest through the intentional offering of a living agent, which is itself, but a cell within a cell of the omnipresent, singular spark-the cosmic organism-.the spark of "life" is created in the voice of friction between the concrete matter and the fluxuating current of that which is non-matter. either of which, without the other, would otherwise have no "value" or impetus/purpose/meaning/intention..the struggle for integrity..yes, perhaps the penultimate illusion which prompts the establishment of moral framework and ethical judgements… you suggest that the brain has no room for integrity as it is overloaded with society's constant stimuli; instant gratification,entertainment(ego, pride, worry, hope, depression-etc.). aren't all those things pushed by "society" just illusions?
if i aint got integrity i'm falling apart and i surely won't endure. if i can find a rock however, and stay on my chosen path; surely i will live forever.

nature is ruthless but, it is our nature to adapt and to rise up from nature- there is no state- the institution of such illusion must be resisted- anything is possible!!!

happy b-day ,mik!

not to get all theistic. It's not my fault the concept of God has been imposed on us to make you correlate my theory of an omnipresent singularity -that which is- in counter-balance to the equally omni-present-that which isn't- the sense of obligation to come to absolute terms with the concept is the illusion to be resisted.

that a single, mindful entity intentionally created all life. is a concept that has been developed over the ages and, finally edited, shaped and instituted by the ruling members of "society" , imposing "God's divine authority" upon all subsequent generations..

of course this authority is not legitimate, a farce…but, what about the underlying wisdom ; the sea and sun and collectivism , rebellion against caesar's rule.. stories of foolish leader, fear and pride leading people astray from their chosen paths?
fuck it

all the things and the great no-thing are sacred. if you've got some honest intention to offer; it's sacred too.
otherwise; fuck it-everyday!

This thread looks like a person with a mental illness arguing with themselves

This could be said about most of the threads on anews these days.


thank god for mental illness

survival is a convenience and a privilege, to thrive is the struggle

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