A Black Seed is About to Arrive: In Print and in Your Town

From Black Seed

Black Seed #1 is heading to the printer this week. Black Seed is an anarchist paper in the tradition of Green Anarchy magazine (RIP) that will state, by essay, image, story, and poetry, perspectives of a green anarchist perspective. In our first issue we have short stories, interviews, and essays by John Zerzan and many others. Black Seed is a 32 page newspaper format biannual publication and we hope you are as excited about the results of as we are.

In celebration of our first issues publication we are going to take Black Seed on the road with free copies and a presentation on the possible intersections between anarchism, decolonization, and indigeneity. This tour will begin in the Bay Area on May 1st, pass through NYC for the anarchist bookfair on the 17th, and then head back to the West Coast. Please contact us if you'd like a visit and are somewhere in the area of Denver CO, Des Moines, IA, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia PA, or Upstate NY.

We look forward to meeting you.

-The Black Seed Collective

(Pre)order copies at Little Black Cart
Mail us at PO Box 68271 Grand Rapids, MI 49516
Email us at blackseed@anarchyplanet.org
Website: http:



Arsenio's got a show again too

accusations of 90s nostalgia are more boring than 90s nostalgia. real critique please.

seems like the critique of technology and industrialism are more relevant than ever.

great then you will surely enjoy the contributions of jz who has been writing the same essay every two months for 20 years. have fun at your next prehistorical reenactment society 'gathering'.

Which essay is that?

the one about how everyone needs to be a hunter-gatherer.
you've never read his work, have you?

the point of the magazine is to create non-anthropological anti-civilization thought, to specifically contrast from the 'let's look at how the hunter-gatherers did it' primitivism.

you've never read anything about this magazine, have you?

false critiques sure are relevant to liberals

short stories
essays by John Zerzan

John Z. interviews novelist J. Zerzan about his new novel "Sticky Finger Slothman"

32 pages, twice a year?? wow, don't bite off more than you can chew

It's a start. I'd rather have quality over quantity(a lot of "fill"). Let's" judge" it
as to whether it provokes us into good dialogue and outlining useful attributes
and practical tips on doing stuff.


thanx to you for rescuing word that got sidetracked "just a bit"

Ugh, Grand Rapids Michigan? Gross. More projects should be based out of the Bay Area.

perspectives of a green anarchist perspective. srsly? get in editor

get in editor! editor hungry! editor punish you for bad sentence! editor eating you right now! editing you out of existance! now you in editor.

The moby dick of ANews. I lol such hards.

I hope the Black Seed tour can make it to Chicago. Maybe an event like that could help revive the anarchist scene here.

The problem with the Chicago anarchist scene isn't trouble getting it off the ground, it's PC Cointeltrolls kicking it to the ground over and over again (ie, smack a white boy crew). And with Rue/Kat taking that game national against Tar Sands Blockade and Earth First, I'd say the PC-ointelpro shit show is just getting started.

not that there is any possible way to verify this, but i've known them for a long while and i will say that Kat is almost certainly not some COINTELPRO infiltrator. it's important to note this because while it's very possible that such a program does exist... it's also clearly possible that just regular ass people can regurgitate the same kind of nonsense too.

-a non-identity-politician POC

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