Bloomington, IN: Police and private security vehicles attacked

Last night, we attacked police cars and private security vehicles. Six vehicles at the Deputy Sheriff's substation had their tires slashed, their exteriors spray painted, and their windows covered in glass etching solution. Three detective vehicles parked at the Bloomington police station and four private security vehicles in a separate lot had their tires slashed.

There is no question: the police are the absolute enemy. Everywhere, their role is to defend this social order based in misery and exploitation. As those exploited, and as those who refuse to accept this misery, we have only one option: to attack the police at all times and in every way possible. It is easy. No great technical skill or complex methods are necessary. One only needs a little courage and a will to live.

As we sit and watch the rebellion in Ferguson, it is easy to become pacified by the media spectacle. Distance - geographical and cultural - can cause us to retreat into tired rituals or inactivity. Last night, we chose to break the social peace, as a gesture of solidarity to the fighters in Ferguson, and as an attempt to reclaim our own lives from the state and its dogs.

Solidarity with the revolt in Ferguson!
Full force against the cops!



Wonderful blows against the murdering coward pigs. You are the best; deepest thanks and respect. If anyone has any lingering illusions about the scum check out the video of the black 23 year-old getting blown away on Monday in St. Louis....John Zerzan

Yo, Jay-Z is that you forreal?!

Thanks for actually explaining what you mean by easy.

Hell fucking yeah. No wasting time with sectarianism or stupid ass meetings or whiteboys talking for nonwhiteys like me with identity politiks shit, just attacking these fuckers.

Yes but first we must wait, and talk on Deleuze's take on the post-left.

Sounds like yall were pretty thorough! Fuck ya

No anarchist that has visited Bloomington or Chapel Hill hasn't thought about how easy it would be to attack the pig's vehicles. But these folks did it. How easy would it be to attack the pig's vehicles in your town? Brake fluid, paint, hammer, window etching fluid, or any of countless other easily available materials and a will to live is all it takes.

Mad respect to everyone on the attack.

You mean adding brake fluid to dry chlorine? Now I gotya.

Brake fluid is extremely destructive to paint but attracts far less attention than paint remover. You can even write slogans on a painted surface with it. What cop wants to drive a car with the words "Fuck Tha Police" written on it in foot-high letters nearly to the metal?

Also, brake fluid is safe for humans to handle. It is essentially just oil.

Thaz true, tried it and it's a damn good paint/sticker remover, but the comment above yours is equally true. Adding brake fluid to pool chlorine does a powerful blast of fire magic after about 50-60 seconds... enough time to run away from the scene. It's going to burn almost anything that can burn, even stuff a normal fire wouldn't burn.

I also put brake fluid on my salads at lunch. It's a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Keep it up

use barbecue lighter cubes to couse toatl loss of the vehicle by placing it on one of the front tires. it burns slowly and gives you planty of time to walk away, no need of runinng.

This was tried once and all it did was deflate the front tyre. Is there some nuance to it so that it causes a total loss next time?

This is a response to the communique and not the action, but "the police are the absolute enemy" is about the silliest anarchist analysis I have ever seen. What about the CEOS and politicians, and/or their neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideological advisors? The fact that the cops deliver the most visible form of state oppression does not make them the "absolute enemy" -- what about the ones who are deploying the cops for their own benefit?

The word absolute means total or unqualified. The sentence in question means that the police are, without any qualification, or totally, the enemy. You seem to be confusing "absolute" with "ultimate." Maybe there would be less ambiguity if the authors had used the more common adverb "absolutely" than the less common adjective form of "absolute," but the matter is truly a trifle and you seem intent to nitpick, anyway. In any case, the intent of the authors seems clear and the misunderstanding is yours.

"the misunderstanding is yours" what the fuck does that mean? misunderstandings are misunderstandings, you don't place blame and ownership on them, you clarify them and move on. And the intent of the authors does seem clear -- just more children whose idiotic idea of anarchy is rebelling against their parents (with the cops as a stand in)rather than having any idea more complex than a slogan about how authority and society functions.

Means you got overly focused on semantics and misconstrued something … which angers you when someone points it out because you're a pompous ass. You should post less and think more.

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