Brazil: kidnap, abuse and torture of Anonymous, Black Block, or “vandals”.

Brazilian Military Police is feeling comfortable to kidnap, abuse and torture people who are in protests that end up in cases of vandalism. The targets are people with even 16 years old. Check out these two cases in two states governed by the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB):

1. Fortaleza: overpasses, state violence, broken windows and torture.

“We were already surrendered when they ordered we to open our mouths and pepper sprayed it inside us”, said these two brothers, 16 and 17 years old, who took part in a demonstration for Urban Mobility that ended up with 4 broken bank’s windows in Fortaleza and also lots of graffitis messaging “vandalism is deforestation”, “out the dictatorship”, “penguin out” (local mayor looks like Penguin). Local news reported with sadistic ecstasy the broken glasses, but silenced about the human abused.

Tortured kids image:

The new City Government wants to build overpasses in a traffic jam area around a non-legalized local park, killing 94 trees for it. They have no environmental license to do it, the company that will build the overpasses sponsored the new mayor political campaign and was choose to build it without the legal process.

Overpass project: Check NO HUMANS and No BIKES, only CARS!

Since more than a month, individuals and groups are camped inside the park, asking for it legalization, proposing alternatives to the overpasses that wouldn’t kill any tree and wouldn’t degrade the environment (since overpasses are being demolished all over the world), asking the city to build cycle paths (the city has only one) and prioritize public transport over cars in the project and for the future city urban plan.

The City Council hostilized the camp constantly with psychological and physical violence, reaching two peaks: when trying to evict for the first time and during the demonstration these kids were tortured. The eviction happened without legal trial, at 4:00 AM, while people were sleeping and throwing gas bombs inside barracks. In 15 minutes they were out of the park, but during all day conflicts were registered between those who support the camp and police forces. Police destroyed a car from a protester because he had images of police violence, arrested and beat from journalists to anyone in their view. At the end of the day, Justice said the Mayor couldn’t build it and had to take out its tractors.
After a day of battle, the park was took back by its defenders.

Here you have pictures and videos on the city police brutality:

A demonstration was marked to call the city to discuss urban planning, the overpasses project, bicycle as a transport. The day before the demonstration Justice turn back and said campers would have to leave. The night after the demonstration these two young had the worst experience of their lives.

2. Recife: public transport, covered faces, kidnap and torture.

The city lives a day of clashes between rioters this Wednesday (August 21). The protest was asking for free pass for students in public transport and against the rejection made by the City to investigate bus companies, their contracts and profits.

When the riot starts:

The conflict started after the police shot people in the face with rubber bullets. Using firerockets and stones, Black Block took the front of the demonstration. Glasses were broken, bikes sponsored by banks destroyed, a bus was burnt, and graffitis spread with words like “peace is anti-capitalist”, “love is ended”.

After it, Government reacted forbidding people to cover their faces in protests and today media timidly reported that people related to Anonymous and Black Block were being persecuted, kidnapped and tortured by black cars. One posted on facebook: “police is in my house, spread it”. He disappeared for hours and when found was all beaten and traumatized. Another guy was also found in a highway unawake and all beat. He said he received electrical shocks and was asked if he was the leader of Black Block and to give information about it.

Rubber bullet in the face:

Media isn’t giving attention to it. Please spread it and if possible act with solidarity to those who fight back.


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