Building a Revolutionary Anarchism Speaking Tour

How can we build the popularity and influence of anarchist ideas in movements for social and economic justice in the United States? What’s the point in a specifically anarchist organization? What lessons can we draw from the anarchists of South America? What benefits would be gained by the development of a nationwide anarchist organization? What would that organization do and how can we get involved?

Building a Revolutionary Anarchism will share lessons and perspectives from activity in anarchist organization in the US and Argentina. Informed largely by the project and organizing model of especifismo coming out of South America, the presentation focuses on the necessity and current on-going efforts to build nationwide anarchist organization in the United States.

In 2007, Colin O’Malley traveled from Buffalo, New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn from workers that were taking over their closing-down workplaces to run worker owned and operated cooperatives. Coming from a city devastated by the loss of industry and the decades long rustbelt economic crisis that followed, Colin wanted to know what was so different about workers and their organizations in Argentina that there could be a such a drastically different reaction to workplace closures. There he spent time with some of the members of Red Libertaria, an Argentine anarchist organization.

On his return to Buffalo, he helped to found Buffalo Class Action, and with them built the presence of organized anarchism in Buffalo while advocating the creation of a citywide tenants union. Through BCA, he joined Common Struggle/Lucha Comun regional anarchist organization. In 2011, he moved to Rochester, New York and helped to found Rochester Red & Black, another local anarchist organization. As part of these organizations, he has been involved in the Class Struggle Anarchist Conferences, the In Our Hearts Network, and has recently been advocating and helping to build a nationwide class struggle anarchist organization.

Final Tour Itinerary:

Saturday, July 20th: Knoxville, TN 3pm at The Birdhouse (800 North 4th Ave)
Sunday, July 21st: Chattanooga, TN 7pm at a private house – comment with your email for details.
Saturday, July 27th: Austin, TX at Monkey Wrench Books (110 E. North Loop)
Monday, July 29th: El Paso, TX 7pm at Maternidad La Luz (1314 Magoffin Ave)
Wednesday, August 7th: Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, August 10th: San Jose, CA
Sunday, August 11th: Eureka, CA
Tuesday, August 13th: Portland, OR
Wednesday, August 14th: Seattle, WA
Saturday, August 17th: Salt Lake City, UT
Monday, August 19th: Denver, CO
Wednesday, August 21st: St. Louis, MO
Thursday, August 22nd: Iowa City, IA
Friday, August 23rd: Milwaukee, WI
Sunday, August 25th: Chicago, IL
Tuesday, August 27th: Buffalo, NY



National syndicalism? Lets just go all the way to national socialism

One thing that NEFAC got right was immediately trying to defy national boundaries to organizing. This fantasy about a nationwide anarchist organization is both impractical and politically dangerous. If it ever reached mass organization status - hundreds of thousands of members, a functioning federation - along national lines, it would end up reinforcing localistic, chauvinistic thinking within the anarchist movement. I'm not trying to make a big claim here, that it's nationalist or something, but rather that organization does matter to how people think, and that if your structure mirrors national borders, it'll tend to encourage atavism.

Yes let's advance into individualist anarchism it's so much easier to be singularly autonomous than being forced to vote for Chompskyists.

Was that some fucked up attempt at sarcasm?

If no, then yeah, individualist anarchist is far much better than crypto-socialist anarcho-librarians.

It was irony actually. I'll skip off to the library now, byeeee.

That's right! It's better to be disorganized, useless, and ineffectual!

Hm, strawman? A criticism was made that positively pointed to internationalist possibilities. But for you, there's only a choice between "useless ineffectuality" and going with the program (determined by whom?), which for some reason, ought to be a nation-wide anarchist organization. The hilarious thing is that it'd be easier to continue coordinating across the New York/Quebec border than develop an actually coherent program of action between Boston and the West Coast.

Yeah coz only through national-socialism we can get things RECHT! Usefully and effectively... like you know those arbeitenkamps.

historically, anarchist internationals have been composed of national sections. the idea that national organization is opposed to internationalism is silly - national organization is the first step to international organization.

Exactly this!

Anarchist internationals primarily operated in Europe and South America, which present very different challenges. The distances are smaller, it's easier to combat any real, underlying sense of national exceptionalism. What position are you even arguing with? Are you saying that NEFAC's experiment was an unmitigated failure? Because, yes, NEFAC failed, but in interesting and worthwhile ways.

I'm saying that if we plan to genuinely engage in the international anarchist community, we should do so in a way that fits with the norms that they've already developed internationally -- that is, with national sections of a larger international. I like how you simultaneously seem to think exceptionalism is a problem and then apply it to us.

Sorry, but you should read up on your history. Exceptionalism is a specific idea, that America is different in a magical and intangible way, that the melting pot guarantees a different kind of national community which doesn't require a radical opposition. Exceptionalism does not refer to the existence of factual differences between different countries. Thus, it's very possible to state that America is uniquely vulnerable to exceptionalism (a specific ideology). Likewise, I can point out that Barcelona is only four hours away from some of the historical centers of French anarchism and this, for very material reasons, has always made it easier to cultivate a cosmopolitan, internationalist anarchist community there than in the US where organizers have always come up against great distances between urban centers of any kind (except in the Northeast and now, to a lesser degree, the Pacific Northwest).

Quick aside: Very occasionally, the distances involved in the US have become real assets. I'm thinking mostly of the historic IWW's practice of trainriding and organizing on the move, reducing the ability of local authorities to interfere with resistance by migrant laborers, immigrants, etc.

All that said, I think your argument about international norms is bizarre. Part of the point of this tour is posing a specifist challenge to the existing international of federations of synthesis, because all these groups are so sterile and moribund. On the platformist/specifist side, there are also real problems with federations that are based more on ideological uniformity than real affinity. The currently painful example is the ongoing participation of OARS (Bolivia) in international organizing, despite their confirmed collective collaboration with the Bolivian state. Despite my differences with the rest of Anarkismo, I don't think platformism as a whole is at risk of collaboration, but there is a problem with accountability vs. the desire to throw up barriers against criticism. By the way, in response to other poster, why are you mentioning snitching in response to NEFAC? That's fucking bullshit.

1) them's fightin words about the OARS in Bolivia, so i'd like to ask for some evidence to back them up.

2) the OARS (as well as the FARV in Venzuela) are operating in a set of material and political conditions that are extremely different from our own and are in some ways historically unprecedented. so a little fuckin benefit of the doubt wouldn't be totally outta line from the (uniquely disorganized) anarchists of the country that's been colonizing them for centuries.

Worthwhile... as a magnet for potential insurgents to snitch on to the cops?

Coz I really can't see what else it achieved, concretely...

Sorry, but Brazil is almost the same size as the US. And Russia, which is part of the IWA, is way larger than the US.

"national organization is the first step to international organization."

No that's just stupid, pedestrian and disconnected from reality. Pipe dreams inherited from the typical historical review of '20s labor movement, which dismisses any post-WWII analysis. Moreover that reds exactly like some blackened RCP rhetoric.

btw, a black international is already being developed, you know? Why don't you fuck up society with those real-life contemporary anarchist warriors instead of building the Party?

can we get more info on this black international being formed?

Look on 325, War on Society, Act for Freedom, and here on Anews... All the info is publicly available. Global insurrection against Capital and the State has been happening for a few years now.

Ignorance is not your fault, only keeping your eyes shut on other people's struggles, and especially how you can be part of it.

Ah, yes, the Informal Anarchist Federation - Interantionalist Revolutionary Front. You are aware that some groups within of the IAF-IRF identify with their home country, right? And also, aren't these the folks that risked the health and lives of innocent, exploited postal workers in Italy by mailing bombs to various targets? That's a great way to get folks behind your cause. Anyways, it doesn't really seem to me that the IAF-IRF exist much beyond their various affinity groups, networks, and insurrectionary online web-pages and forums, and tend to be little more than a thorn in the side of local governments and business interests, as well as an embarrassment for synthesists, syndicalists, and platformists alike.

What's a crust palace like the Birdhouse doing hosting a talk like this? For that matter, who are the bigger lifestylists: crusty squatters or residents of the especifist ideological social club?

I'll give you a hint - dread mullets are not the most decisive factor in self-ghettoization.

I'm sorta surprised at that stop myself. We'll see how it goes!

the best part about this tour is that it was posted a day before it began in rochester without any information listed... because i would have loved to go. #superunderground

That post was just recently edited, that's why you're seeing that date. It was posted to Red & Black's site and spread pretty broadly (although not to this shithole of a site I don't think) over 3 weeks ago. It was mentioned to members internal to the growing nationwide organization months ago. Do you think we just magically ended up with 17 stops? Incidentally that is just the maximum that this time could accommodate, we've already had to turn down 4 others as well... But yeah, soooooo underground.

dude, i live right outside rochester, i'm an anarchist, and i'm not on your shitty mailing list. i would have loved to meet you and rochester red and black friends and converse about your sentiments. i visited rochester red and black website and it said there was a rochester date, but no listing of time or space. it was also posted like the day before, day of, or day after the rochester event - so that is what my comment was about.

also, this site isn't shitty, it's actually pretty awesome. perhaps you think that because it isn't conforming to a specific set of ideas?
solidarity and good luck building that organization with that lovely perspective of yours.

how about when you return, have a rochester gathering to discuss travels and more debate. i'd love to attend and have friendly conversations.

There will be a Rochester date in Sept. There will be a Buffalo date in late August. There are also on-going Rochester Red & Black events all the time. If we haven't seen you yet, I suppose that is our fault somehow?

Thanks for the good luck building organization, but we don't need luck, we need decent organizing skill and the ideas behind them. And, since Rochester Red & Black is consistently growing in both influence and membership locally, I think we're doing just fine.

If you're looking for friendly conversation, then I'm AMAZED that you like this site at all. I don't think anyone knows this site as one for friendly conversation....

I've been to Roc red and black events before, but not many so maybe we've crossed paths (I've been moving around a lot recently). Regarding the site, I'd say this is one of the most popular anarchist sites in the USA. While the comments can be terrible at times, anarchists need to have a thick skin and be able to look beyond all that jazz. I find this site useful and informative more often than not. There are many friendly people here if you look and don't assume that we're all out to make fun of nefac, however delightful that is. While I don't consider myself to be a class struggle anarchist, we can still be friends. Drive safe and strong comrade.
- Nefac chapter of mending ties and building bridges beyond the left

if you're really interested in getting to know Roc Red & Black, you should contact us (there's a Contact Us tab on our website) and we'll invite you to some events or just set up a time to meet and talk. we're not hard to find and we've got some pretty cool events coming up. look forward to hearing from you.

oh man, this dude really knows how to convince people that they should come hear him speak! i'm sure that all the shitty people who wouldn't have known about this shitty tour if it wasn't for this shitty website are about ready to shit themselves with excitement! and ya, you totally don't need luck! you got this bro! nationwide anarchist organization that does something other than maybe put out an occasional publication, make statements about things that happen in other places, and have incredibly boring weekend long meetings where we can discuss all the same things that we discussed the last three times people tried to do this exact thing, here we come!

Would you have ever joined such an organization anyhow? I don't really think that building an anarchist organization should start from the idea that we need to somehow position ourselves to be acceptable to people within the incredibly divided, entitled, and hostile "scenes" of anarchists. I think we find those that have some similar idea of where we're going and position ourselves to be useful and engaging with communities and movements of marginalized and oppressed people in this country. Honestly, that sounds more important to me than making friends on anarchist news. If you disagree, that's fine, we probably won't end up working together much anyhow... It sounds like you weren't interested in the first place, which doesn't bother me.

I looked at your group's website. The Platform page has a duplicate paragraph. The last paragraph, on Ableism, has been copied.

Uhhh ya dude. Spent several years putting a great deal of energy into a regional organization and here's what I learned: it's useless to have a regional group meant to coordinate and amplify local efforts if there are no local efforts or local anarchist groups who have their shit together. It's exactly like why it's hilarious to see rochester r&b putting out this huge statment on a state wide government initiative....maybe first build your power so that you are capable of having any influence in your own city before thinking your opinion on something bigger even matters. This is another reason that making comparisons between a national body in the u.s. and one in europe or elsewhere makes no sense. The contexts are drastically different in a ton of ways. And if your goal is to make connections with marginalized communities, then why are you trying to build a national anarchist organization instead of going to whatever community meetings are happening in your city around whatever issue is fucking people over currently.

I completely agree.
Platformist and mass organization types are usually backward. They start from a federation when there is nothing to federate rather than building from the bottom up.

the two aren't at all mutually exclusive, that's why. and RR&B's doing just fine. our membership's doubled in the past year, we've finally brought labor into the fold for may day (something radicals have been trying at for at least 4 years now), we're a coalition partner in a number of local efforts (including the women's equality agenda), and we've been instrumental in rehabbing and re-radicalizing the broad left organization in rochester that's been kickin' ass in our city since 1965 but experienced a decade or so of super sold-out liberal leadership (they're now doing anti-austerity and housing work in a grassroots way that's open to direct action, unlike before). can any of your organizations say the same? or even close? do you even have organizations? we're still pretty small, but because we're organized we're far more effective and powerful than anarchists in most places i've seen. the whole point of a national organization is to 1) provide greater resources for any number of projects our locals may engage in, and 2) to have an organization that can collectively decide on a strategy/direction based on all our combined experiences and then implement it.

who said anything about mutual exclusivity? it's a question of putting the cart before the horse. i have no problem with the idea of regional organizing bodies, it just seems that sometimes people who have nothing interesting going on in their own city would rather get together with other people from other cities that also have nothing interesting going on in order to talk about how people in other places should start making interesting things happen. when there is a serious need for large-scale coordination across a large geographic area, then by all means, federate, network, whatever, make it happen! but there needs to be THINGS HAPPENING in lots of places before an effort like that, otherwise it simply becomes a waste of energy. like i said, yes, this is from many years of experience.

as for rr&b, i'm glad to hear that they are doing more things than the handful of relatively useless efforts that get expressed across the interwebs. sounds to me like, since there's so much awesome stuff happening in rochester, people there probably shouldn't be wasting their time trying to federate with groups in other cities (assuming those groups are more than just one or two people who call themselves a collective and do nothing) and more time pushing the leverage that you seem to believe they have been building up (and i hope you're right!). if they hadn't waited until just before nean fell apart (partially for some of the reasons i've stated) to actually try to get involved in it, this might have been a lesson learned.

RRB and NEAN never co-existed. some of us (including myself) had some contact w/ NEAN as individuals before we formed RRB. my impression was that it was a total shit show that was just an excuse to have crusty lifestylist "assemblies" of a bunch of folks who seemed to engage in self-marginalization as their praxis. and i'd guess that RRB wouldn't have done much w/ NEAN anyway if we had co-existed. we might've affiliated if it'd been useful but even if it had been, it was a synthesist network. we're especifists, so we're less interested in that.

awesome. thank you for ignoring 99% of the content of the comment you were responding to, misunderstanding the meaning of the last sentence, and saying something that is unrelated and doesn't matter. thanks rr&b!

i didn't ignore the other stuff, just didn't have anything to say about it. i agree that "stuff happening" is needed. i think that to varying degrees it is for the organizations with which we're federating.

wait, are you going on this tour to tell people you've sorted out THE perfect strategy, instead of say, one good approach? how arrogant, good luck with that. totally what people want to hear when someone comes through town. please, by all means drive through the state i live in without stopping with your "can any of you say that or even close" attitude.

no one said anything about the perfect strategy. in fact what i implied is that we have come up with an approach that is working well for us so far. my intention was to challenge people not to conform to any strategy i hold, but to back up any proposed organizational strategy with some kind of basis such as, ya know, results. if other people can get real results from affinity groups and underground grafitti cells and zine distros, then i'm fine with that. but i've yet to see evidence that those things do produce results and i object to them on those grounds.

How do you spell "organizationalist" ?

Your arrogance and shitty dismissive attitude makes you the perfect spokes person for this little tour.
Please keep going.

You piece of shit leftists are all the same. Arrogant to no end, you act like know it alls even though you actually know very little about contemporary anarchism, dismissive of everything that isn't yourself, and acting as though you own anarchism.

I'm sure your national organization is going to successfully attract your typical contemporary american anarchist.

lol have fun at your five people meetings.

I'm guessing that things just got away from people in terms of outreach, especially since the tour got really large really fast. You should post on the article on the Rochester Red & Black website so you can get an update on when there will be an event locally.

It's going to be like mid September. So outreach for that will happen when it's more of a priority (I'd imagine about 3-4 weeks out). Right now there are other events that Red & Black is participating in that they are outreaching for. Have you seen the radical queer bloc stuff? Or the anti-Operation Save America work? I think both should be accessible from the facebook page. There's also going to be another education event in mid-August that'll get outreached for before mine.

Aghhhhh that's why I never know... Facepalm book.

Facebook is easily the worst way to organize.

I mean, do anarchists out there still have facebook profiles? What is wrong with you!!!

You do realize that you're anonymously posting online, right? There are certainly other outreach efforts happening with the people Red & Black organizes alongside on the day to day in mass organizations. There will definitely be outreach to the fairly long list of contact information that we've built of people that have come to past events and expressed support. I just thought, maybe, since you're posting anonymously on here, it would be silly to publicly ask for your phone number or address to try and talk to you more directly. But you're welcome to prove me wrong -- go publicly post that shit on this site. I hope that works for ya.

1. I really like speaking tours, seriously.

2. I have literally seen some of these people defending liberals and would love to ask them about that.

3. I like how as a commenter said it was posted one day prior to any news source that anyone reads. Very similar to how their new "federation" was set up with literally no input from anyone other than specific collectives.

4. I like how they go from El Paso straight to Los Angeles. The route being straight through Phoenix a place known to have a lot of anarchists. I mean honestly is anyone unaware that there's a bunch of anarchists here?

the tour has been posted on the RR&B website for weeks now with a form for anyone who wants to host a stop. also lol @ the idea that anarchistnews is either a "news source" or one that "anyone reads." it's true we're not purists, and so we do work together with liberals, progressives, socialists, etc from time to time. if y'all are waiting til the day when everyone becomes an anarchist and rises as one to build anarchist utopia, you'll be waiting a long time. we believe in movement-building, not posturing.

I said ANY source, not Anarchistnews but yes, if I were to host a national event I would include this place, Infoshop, Libcom, Reddit and at the very least request other sites to post it out locally.

"we believe in movement-building, not posturing."

What does that mean in practice though? There is a huge difference between working around liberals/joining in movements/initiatives that make sense and tempering your message or pushing politics that works against anarchist ideals. And I have seen people in your organizations do this, specially at a moment in time when literally both political parties are about to split. It's just insanity overload organizing. It seems like a lot of you went from hating the subcultural crap that was anarchy in the United States 2003-2010 straight to liberal get me away from these lifestyle anarchists. Which trust me, I am with you but it pains me to see people organizing with such a crappy critique of status quo politics.

What I am trying to say is, when someone calls you a liberal don't assume it is some crust punk in a fucking library basement who just went vegan 20 minutes ago when he found the right dumpster. It might just be someone who would be much more inclined to be on your side.

when have you seen RR&B pushing politics that work against anarchist ideals? if you're talking about the women's equality agenda, then i don't think that does work against anarchist ideals. if it had passed (and if it passes next session) it will mean that a great number of material conditions for proletarian women across new york state will be improved. i hate governor cuomo and the democrats as much as anybody, but it was a bill that would've helped millions of poor women out in a number of ways. and if you think that's contrary to anarchist ideals, then i really don't know what to tell you. especially when it cost us absolutely nothing to support it (we got some extra emails and a few of us took a free bus trip to go annoy a bunch of legislative aides one time). in exchange for truly minimal efforts on our part we not only help make life easier for working class women across our state, but also build relationships with any number of allies who are also working on the project (many of whom are a lot more radical than you'd think). i don't see the downside except that it's (shiver) impure! oh, no: we'll tarnish our anarky street cred! heavens, whatever will we do?!

"it's true we're not purists, and so we do work together with liberals, progressives, socialists, etc from time to time."

"..from time to time." endorsed a legislative bill by a Democrat Governor. By time to time, you mean "all the time."

Not purism, a basic foundation of Anarchism is anti-State.

And, oh by the way, I've seen your facebook page with a meme questioning why "free energy" is being blocked by the government...nice one, you trying to bring together ron paul/jeff rense conspiracy theorists and platformists together.

Actually by time to time, we literally mean once. Maybe counting isn't your thing?

You do know that "time to time" would be indicative of allowing a situation to happen more than once ? It does not mean that you and your Democratic Party Platformist group are only going to endorse one-time only a Democratic Party agenda. It is subjective to each situation.

Also, I noticed you didn't bring up the face that I commented about the meme on your Rochester Red and Blue (Marxist-Democrats) facebook page that you posted on there about the government suppressing free energy (Conservative Jeff Rense's popular conspiracy.)

I'm going to make it to one of your liberal marxist-democrat events to challenge you face-to-face, since you like to post stupid comments that say nothing to serious questions about your agenda.

I didn't see that facebook post. Most of our group has an ability to post things to our facebook page. There are some non-members that also post there as themselves sometimes and we don't censor them on the page. If you think that that's part of our agenda, you're just silly. Apparently by that standard Emma Goldman's birthday-memes are also a part of our agenda.

Please do come through, I'd love to see your efforts at attacking us in person, since I'm pretty sure our entire organization will have little problem shooting down your anarchy-purity.

I hope your Anarchist Organization TM will kick the shit out of this hardline Anarchist and make his Purist piece of shit ass vote for the Democrats.

Drag his stupid Anarchist ass down to the voting booth and make him vote for Andrew Cuomo or blow his brains out with a Platformist Pistol.

That'll teach him a lesson !!

Also, Colin you should shove Jo Freeman's "The Tyranny of Structurelessness" up this anti-authoritarian's ass.

Yeah, we certainly endorsed Cuomo. And, we always tell our people to go vote, particularly for Democrats. You do realize that the attachment to Cuomo and the Democratic Party of NYS was in fact the one major negative pointed out in the article about the WEA (that I assume you're basing this position on)?

wtf are you talking about? who the hell is jeff rense?

btw, passively supporting a bill that improves people's conditions isn't contrary to anarchism unless you propose to get nothing done. when emma goldman was fighting for birth control, she was fighting against laws banning it. winning would've required at the least a legislative repeal of those laws. when the haymarket martyrs died for the 8-hour work day, they knew that winning looked like a law requiring an 8-hour day. same thing with minimum wage. when anarchists fought conscription during WWI, they would've needed congress to repeal conscription in order to win. short of final revolutionary overthrow, almost all victories require some legislative manifestation. so unless you propose to win nothing at all and just wait for capitalism to overthrow itself, then you best make peace with the idea that you might someday have to get your hands a little dirty.

Anarchists should work with the Green Party to get all the anarchist goals approved by politicians.

This is like when I hear "Anarchists" say that not all hierarchy is bad, there's good and bad hierarchy. I then ask them why they call themselves "anarchists" if they believe something that every non-anarchist and anti-anarchist believes.

oh please. the green party is a fucking joke. even if i believed in their mission of a left-of-democrat electoral alternative (which i don't), they don't take their work at all seriously. if they ever did manage to get their shit together and got some greens elected, i'd regard them as what they are: a vaguely progressive capitalist party. maybe they'd occasionally be of some use, but probably not. our relationship to politicians (of any party) should be pretty straightforward manipulation. we organize grassroots power amongst the working class and if we want something from them, they'll have to comply for fear of losing an election to the popular opinion swayed by grassroots movements. that doesn't mean we like or even work with them. it means that, for the moment they are the gate-keepers of power. so we should bully them as best we can until we're strong enough to take that power away from them.

"also lol @ the idea that the RR&B website is either a "news source" or one that "anyone reads.""

Fixed it for you.

This is my personal vacation and I decided to offer some presentations along the way. I hate AZ. Not planning on going there in my free time. This organization being created was after 4 years of Class Struggle Anarchist Conferences where plenty of organizations were invited prior to even considering going into the process of forming a national org. Don't talk about shit you don't know.

And, why do you think that everyone should have a say in this federation? Should we give ancaps a say too? We worked with people we knew we had fairly close agreement -- how fuckin crazy!?

What the hell is wrong with you people! Are you literally that separated from actual humans to think that nobody could ever understand how your organization was formed and the reasons behind it??? For fuck sakes man, a lot of people saw exactly how your group formed and understand the internal dynamics just fine. You don't have to work at and live in close proximity to ivy league colleges to understand what happens in the world. The point was that it was formed in a very closed off nature with a very specific set of people and politics in mind. Which is fine but personally, I think it was a misreading of the political situation and what was needed in the U.S. atm.

Why do you have Phoenix?


The times I've spent in Phoenix were just annoying in the super-sprawly, way too hot for life, didn't find much that interested me sort of way. I'm not saying that others should hate the city. I just have never had a good experience there, and didn't want to prioritize time to go there. Instead I'm spending some time camping and backpacking in Southern Utah, which is one of my favorite parts of the country. It sounds like folks in Phoenix are more than capable of giving the same presentation though, so I don't see why there is a desire for me to go there...

I'm also not real sure what the under-handed "Ivy League" elitism thing is about. I'm from Buffalo...Not exactly Ivy League town. I get that you might disagree with the way that people have gone about organizing this, and that's fine. Not one person has ever demanded that everyone agree with us. In fact, we've specifically organized among people that already have a high degree of unity specifically to avoid having constant debates about what we should do with people that disagree pretty heavily with our methods. Instead of constant debate, we'd prefer to organize. Everyone does this to one degree or another. If we've done it more than you're ok with, than maybe this kind of effort isn't for you. It's not like there aren't literally hundreds of other great and productive things that you could focus on...

You know, not that you asked, but I'd have helped you set up a speaking engagement in Phoenix. Touring speakers get good turnouts here and although I have my own particular politics, myself and my crew who do these events aren't sectarian and I know we'd have put you up (or, as it turns out, put up with you, more likely). But hearing you talk such shit about Arizona is a real turn off. You hate Arizona? So you hate Az anarchists, too? Whoa, that's about the stupidest shit ever. This is a state on the front lines of pretty much every struggle, where anarchists have fought long and hard -- and often alone -- to build an anarchist movement with very unique characteristics under very difficult circumstances and have achieved some very significant objectives and interesting projects. And it's a place that is very sympathetic to class war anarchism, if not always the organizational format. Wow. Now I'm glad you're not coming.


az is generally under-appreciated i think. lots of interesting, long haul, not very "sexy" work is happening here. az is not hip or trendy or academic/theory heavy like some of the other places. but good meaningful things are happening here. for others planning tours- please don't just drive from texas to LA. for one its a really long drive- and for two- its worth stopping in to tucson or phoenix. good luck with your road trip, its fine you aren't coming through but you don't have to write us off. you could have just said something more honest like- oh i wasn't sure how to make that happen or i needed that week off to see friends. az takes a little but of time to wrap your head around but its well worth it. enforcement here is what other parts of the states are rapidly heading towards.

More honest like... making up a fake excuse?

anyone who 'hates' az hasn't tried very hard to meet the many people doing amazing work here... needing time off or not knowing how to connect are good excuses for not coming through. just "hating" AZ is kind of politically short-sited. its not the easiest political context to work in, but there is a lot to learn here for those willing to ask the right questions, listen to perspectives they aren't used to and generally take off the 'expert' anarcho-theory hat. its not like you go on a speaking tour to simply impart wisdom upon others, its supposed to be a cross pollination. anyway forget it- wrong tour for that i guess.

Idk, I hate Arizona. It has nothing to do with the anarchists there and everything to do with the times I spent there being really awful. Maybe you like the desert, but a lot of people don't. Either way, I personally found Phoenix to be one of the most unpleasant cities that I've ever been in. Either way, why so defensive? lots of people talk shit on where I'm from and that's fine.

you claim to want to build something. there seems to be a political purpose to this glorified vacation? that's all, don't like the desert, don't live here. (though monsoons are really fucking nice this year.) but there are things you can learn here that you can't learn other places in the country. that's all. not so defensive, just letting you know, in case you didn't realize. which it seems like maybe you didn't.

I don't think I've ever met anybody who likes Phoenix. That's cool that you like it, but do you seriously not understand why somebody wouldn't want to spend their vacation time there?

Well, someone who is spending their time in Texas building a revolutionary class war organization is already fucking up their vacation, imho.

Look, living in Phoenix and visiting are just two totally different things. I mean if you are driving from El Paso to LA, Phoenix is literally the perfect in between spot to take a rest and keep moving on. Or as in dudes case, Phoenix is a good spot to sleep for the night and drive north to Utah through the high country and Grand Canyon. What I am saying is, for someone visiting it isn't bad and it is not out of the way. Not to mention as stated prior, there's a ton of anarchists here that make a up really unique groupings of people. There are places a lot shittier than here to visit. Simple as that.

Now, meeting someone who has lived in Phoenix who has bad feelings about it is just different. Phoenix, for certain people can really wear on you and I don't fault anyone who ends up hating it.

Plus it's monsoon season. Fucking awesome afternoon rainshowers every day. Not even breaking a hundred on some days. Way better than coming in May or June.

I don't really remember saying I hate AZ anarchists. But, if you like to make wild logical leaps, I guess you're welcome to. The truth is, there are a lot of cities that have said exactly what you're saying here. There is only so much time that could be accommodated without me burning out something fierce. Because I spent time when I was younger in southern Utah, I'd like to go back there. I'm glad that you think your states struggles are more important than other states. I don't. I hope that you all kick ass in the fights you've got ahead of you. I don't think you need my presence to make that happen. If I thought that, I'd have quit my job and spent my entire time in AZ. If you really don't think this event is all that important, maybe you should chill out on demanding I go anywhere...

i don't understand if this is just a case of ppl reading what they want to read or what, but i don't remember colin saying anything about hating AZ anarchists. he said the city wasn't his cup of tea. is that offensive to you? if so, that's some pretty thin skin. is everyone obligated to love AZ now? should be all genuflect when we see it on a map? should we send tribute in gold and maidens? fuck outta here...

what a charmer!

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this guy? Talk about the worst cross country road trip ever.

but, but, seriously, I love you guys!

I hope he's not the best they got or else they're in real fucking trouble. Maybe the central committee should recall him before it's too late. Find some Trot who can take over and patch things up with the anarchist movement.

Why should anybody have any input other than the people participating? This is a serious question.

More liberals ("anarchists") afraid of anarchy.

The (sur)rational kernel of truth in the mystical Marxist shell is this: the “working class” is the legendary “revolutionary agent”: but only if, by not working, it abolishes class. Perennial “organizers,” leftists don’t understand that the workers have already been definitively “organized” by, and can only be organized for — their bosses.

---not a marxist or an egoist/individualist either.

Question: what's the difference between this and a union?

the working class doesn't abolish class by merely stopping work, it has to smash capitalist class power and build a new world. to do either of these things, the working class and oppressed classes must be organized along lines other than those imposed by the ruling class, hence organizing.

the difference between this and a union is that this is a speaking tour and a union is a union.

And because of uneven development, this will never happen everywhere, simultaneously.

The human strike would be a more relevent praxis than merely dropping tools for a day of token sulkiness and fretting about the rent and taxes as workerists always do! We need more creativitivity and less obedience.

I always love when I see comments written here by people that aren't total idiots. Thank you!

Did you know Chompsky also found Phoenix and its rabble of anarchists too hot for his liking? It may have been the Statist clothing he wore though, yknow the shirt tie suit thing?

Nah, the refusal of work as a subversive practice that was appropriated by theorists came much later in a 'Marxism' that eventually integrated post-structuralism into its analysis. Marx and his epigones, other than their emphasis on the state as primarily an instrument for class rule, fixated upon the workplace as the central point in which the constant process of the reproduction of class relations took place, therefore they had to be taken over with the capitalist class being suppressed through the establishment of a prole dictatorship. Contrary to all protest, past and present, syndicalism and a more 'accurate' reading of Marx, while still having their boundaries, aren't that incompatible with each other.

It should be obvious to pretty much any anarchist that it's not just a matter of collectively refusing to work or proles taking over workplaces for the industrial federation, but self-organizing for a life that escapes the frameworks of hierarchical power relations and their institutional recuperations with the intention of abolishing them, plus communizing means of life that aren't limited to existing points of commodity production (e.g. knowledges and any related practices). Confrontations are a necessary given, but aren't the culmination of an insurrectionary process.

Hell, I'd even agree with 'Vladimir' to the extent that some areas and sectors of proles (I make no distinction between the waged and unwaged dispossessed while still acknowledging stratification) are bound to be more insurrectionary, revolutionary than others, more open to 'our' ethics and any related practices as opposed to some rigid ideology. On the flipside, some subjectivations, even within the glorious working class, are probably entirely irreversible. So yeah, to affirm oneself as a worker is no longer revolutionary, if it ever really was, especially when class conflict can be so easily pacified by various means, even internally. Like when a class struggle had in it no other objective than to forever remain workers accommodated on their own terms, in either the public sector or private sector, both of which need to go.

see Colin, sometimes you can get productive discussion in here.

What kind of speaking tour list is this? There is no Bay Area listed here! No New York City! No New Orleans, Boston, Minneapolis, or Phoenix! If you really want to create a nationwide organization then all of the different major cities need to be represented!

Yeah, how dare you spend your vacation going to places you find pleasant, you motherfucker!

Nobody in their right mind could ever find Chicago pleasant

Mao Tse-tung once said "a revolution is not a dinner party", likewise, building a nationwide revolutionary anarchist organization is not something that one does on one's "summer vacation".

mao tse-tung also once said "see those anarchists over there? the ones disagreeing with me? yeah. shoot them."

the revolutionary organization isn't being built by this tour alone. it's been years in the making. this was just an added bonus that was possible because one of our comrades generously spent a lot of his vacation time to doing it. maybe if we had a nation-wide organization we could've had a national tour of more than just one person that went to more cities... if only we had a national organization to do that...

and please, by all means, tell us your wisdom on how to build a nationwide anarchist organization. since you're obviously so interested in seeing it succeed...

Fuck rochester red and black

We love you too!

Oh and, how bout in the future have the courage to express what you actually stand for so that it can be torn down by everyone on here as well. Hiding behind one liners and anonymity is for fucking cowards.

the one thing i wanna say about this is that we should be doing things that eventually need the solidarity of a national body/network/group/pomo"party" fucking whatever you wanna get down with. not trying to build the skeleton of another organization that beings to just exist to perpetuate itself. people who take on these coordinating efforts should focus on how they can bring together various groups based on necessity and what people are working on in their area, not try to implement some program.

lol wut?

smash the central authority church and bring about the kingdom of heavy on earth irl right now. so sick of these poser catholics playing like they care but they are shitty communists and do it for the lols

baclava or balaclava

def baclava

Sweetened with honey and/or date sugar rather than corn syrup; that's my favorite. But can it be revolutionary if it's not vegan?

is the vegan revolution you seek the ends of the struggle driven by the radical nature of your passionate violent desires, or is it the practical communization of all of our body parts grinding into one beautiful shapeless mass on the floor of the info shop.

I'm not sure what you mean, but since I'm not vegan I can't really answer your question. The vegan comment is an old joke all the way from the 1980s but having repercussions even today. I can't help it if you don't understand my attempts at humor; I am usually grumpy after all. I like your parody even if I don't understand it.

"Sunday, July 21st: Chattanooga, TN 7pm at a private house – comment with your email for details."

Comment with your email for details? Seriously? WTF?

Didn't you know? Platformo-syndicalists have to stay way underground.

Could you really not find anything more stupid to nitpick?? It was at someone's personal house, they didn't necessarily want the address blasted all over the place. And yes, I'm collecting emails. In the future though, I think I'll try to organize through telepathy. It's probably more convenient than having some form of contact information.

Those so-called libertarian communists who believe they can achieve anything revolutionary within the confines of society are like drug addicts who think they can detox themselves by still hanging out with their drug dealer.

Get some insurrection before it's too late...

We're at war, fer anarchy's sake... a social war.

relational battle not social war !

I sure hope that we can count on you to be the vanguard for us in that war! Lead the way (without any community accountability whatsoever!) commandante!

Community.... where? All I see are goddamn suburbs.

...or perhaps you mean the few senesters milieus in the big cities? I thought they were already guilty of their own apathy and collaboration with the techno-industrial system of oppression... I mean why should I feel accountable for people who do little next to nothing, even with all their networks and colllectives?

No no no... YOU first go on the offensive, then I deploy my magic bag of tricks in support of it. The bigger numbers have the advantage of the fist blow.

Do we have a deal?

Don't, I repeat 'DON'T' make a deal with this chameleon platformist!

If all you see is suburbs, you could always, I don't know, leave the suburbs.

Had I known you had a magic bag of tricks, I certainly would have made a deal with you a long time ago though.

Y'all need to start checking your privilege, manarchists. Everyone has some privilege. Trans privilege is having sex reassignment surgery be a real thing, while nowhere offers ‘species reassignment surgery’ for otherkin. I feel like we forget about otherkin and transethnic people and they are ostracized even amongst minority groups. white settlers, Better yet, take your cis white asses on tour back to Europe and stay there.

Oh golden!
So much pathetically bad identity politics in one comment. Please continue. For lols.

Dear Golden,
What you call, "pathetically bad identity politics", is my life. Your comment tries (unsuccessfully) to erase my life from your privileged view. I'm sooo over trying to be nice to you. Nice has left the the room. And it aint coming back! From now on, the gloves are coming off. OK. Here’s why I take transgender issues so personally…Because I or someone I love might get cancer at some point, and a trans person who is capable of discovering the cure is otherwise occupied defending their right to exist. I live in a world that needs writers, and a smart, tireless trans person who should maybe be the great anarchist writer is busy arguing that they deserve basic human respect. We all do not just you, shitlord!

species reassignment surgery?? i'm sorry, but you've taken the express train to a special part of crazytown (and that's saying something for @news).

This is where the script becomes the inverted Cleopatra/Eunuch blank cartridge relationship rant about equality!

not interested in politics that don’t incorporate love
not interested in the anesthetization of politics
not interested in theory sans emotion
let’s use our feels to talk about power
let’s use our feels to fuck up power
what the fuck are you waiting for
learn how to cry again
learn how to scream again
pour yourself into things
bleed onto things
fuck shit up
let’s make this shit visceral
don’t let dead white men with books hold your heart hostage

Nice poetry youngun in the eagle natural intuitive sense ;)

I'm going to try to clarify things for all the ppl who don't seem to understand this pyrsyn's issues with your privilege.

I identify as an anarcha-feminist, in that I believe that patriarchy perpetuates capitalism and vice versa, and that both are horrible systems of oppression that need to be stopped for true equality to be achieved. There is nothing wrong with trans people. Regardless of sex, they are victims of patriarchy as much as any person, and to deny this would be awful and possibly transphobic. Please try to remember that. Apparently even anarchist can be shallow and overly judgmental, which surprises me.

I care about our communities so, I'm going to do my best to explain a few things:

Trans women (males who transitioned to living as women) are able to experience sexism as some of them pass as ‘female’. This may be considered misogyny. However, MTF trans women were born male and thus socialized male before they transitioned, and have therefore benefited from male privilege/the patriarchy. Same story for FTM trans people but in reverse.
Some radical trans activists believe that feminism is evil because it focuses on the oppression of female born people, and that the oppressions faced by trans women are more important than those of female born women. This is a severely delusional and misogynistic way of thinking that is in no way in keeping with feminist theory.

It could be speculated that trans men have internalized misogyny, as do many females, but I’m not well versed enough in trans issues to really have an opinion on the matter.

Personally I am a gender abolitionist; I believe, along with most dedicated feminists that gender is purely an abstract notion constructed by the patriarchy to oppress female kind. For true freedom and equality to exist, gender roles must be abolished. (Note: this would spare ‘gender-confused’ people a lot of torment. Many trans people identify as gender abolitionists, and for good reason)

I really hope that helps @ people to get a better handle on these issues. Please be more careful of the way you use this language in the future as it can cause further trauma , BTW, it's called triggering because your "funny" statements (cis privileged) triggers (brings back) really bad memories. It's like the bad thing is happening all over again (triggers past events). And you're not all that funny.

Hey guys! Remember that one time that me and my (white, disconnected, hipster) friends got together and saw this lame-o liberal rally happening and decided that we couldn't let this shit get in the way of our revolution. So we like, started taking the streets, and then moved some dumpsters into the streets, and then our little militancy turned into a small riot, that then turned into an insurrection, that then turned into a revolution! Remember that!! Oh...wait.

This is a shameful discussion under a real event. I seriously can't believe that revolutionary politics have become this idiotic internetfest. This is an incredibly embarrassing response to a simple event announcement. The vast majority of these people will never do anything that matters but instead will simply spend their evenings criticize real organizing on message boards. What the fuck happened...

keyboard cowboys. But, I do find the banter entertaining when I have some time to wind down :-P

It's all a lot easier to deal with when you realize that these are not the people anyone really organizes with. Well, that and many of the posts are people that are actually fully in agreement with the work going on just trolling each other for fun...

lol, damn this thread is straight RECKLESS. All the university insurrectos bashing red 9 to 5ers is hilarious.

The pejorative use of “fat" and “overweight" is a load of crock. The label depends on an arbitrary division of people into either the acceptable/normal/thin category or the unacceptable/abnormal/fat category. This division ignores the graduated nature of the spectrum—there are an infinite number of different possible masses! (not to mention the obvious fact that the words “fat" and “overweight" are relational). Again, the labels “fat" and “overweight" are idiosyncratic, contextual determinations which lack universal, absolute meanings.Why should medical health practitioners, exclusively, define what counts as overweight? Why is the evaluation of mass automatically medicine’s jurisdiction? Since when did medicine, or science, generally, intentionally make evaluative claims and use evaluative language? Science can’t make evaluative claims in good faith. It can make claims conditional on values or descriptive claims, but not normative claims. Medicine can make the claim, “Being such and such a mass is bad if you want don’t disease X," and the claim, “There is a positive correlation between mass and type-2 diabetes", but not the claim, “So and so is overweight"/"You weigh too much". What’s more, medicine CANNOT legitimately label someone overweight, and we should not accept it when they do.

The medical metric/s for determining whether one is overweight is just that—medical. The judgment is perpsectival. From the perspective of modern, Western medicine, one may or may not be overweight, but from the perspective of some other group of people (a professional community or individual) the judgment that one is overweight ought to be completely divorced from the medical determination.

The issue is more complex, because the fashion industry, the media, and the medical establishment collude to reinforce this totalizing and absolutizing use of the world “overweight."

sorry, this hit me so hard, so hard. this is by far the most terrible thread on Anews I’ve ever seen. and i know some people get effected by certain posts differently but i WAS that girl. even no i was born with a boy's body. that was me. glasses, long hair and all. when she said about the strip club cheating her from her tips. i know how she feels and i know exactly how she looks at herself and hates everything she sees. and it hurts me so bad because girls everywhere feel this way and they’re not even eight. it makes me sick, it makes me want to throw up. i’m honestly crying because this hit me so hard. her face, the way it falls when she sees herself. it’s terrible, it’s terrible, and im close to bawling. this makes me so sad, so so sad…..

this is from my life,you anews asshats and after this i'm going to eat in my room because even my parents laugh at the way i eat my food. i hate them.

Not really, but...Would that really be a big surprise if Colin O'Malley who is organizing this Platformist Party tour around the country (minus Arizona, etc.), if he were to join DGR ? He's got all the right stuff to join them and arrogantly present really bad answers to important questions. He already eats way too much meat, so he would work perfectly for Lierre Keith.

Here's a picture of him emulating Alex Jones (his favorite platformist-conspiracy theorist):

"Supporting the New York Governor's Women Equality Bill was an Inside Job !!! "

are you fuckin kidding? RR&B has brutally denounced DGR. and as i recall, the @news crowd was none too pleased by that either.

(not the person you're responding to) i think the point being made is about preferred style of organization. which isn't to say it's a fair comparison....

Holy shit! I have a fan club! And, I'm actually in the town of Alex Jones right now! I was planning to go visit him and share a brisket.

Also, too much meat? I've never heard of such things.

Colin O. is someone who...

- Despises anonymity on the web... as if he was born just yesterday and ignores the inherently libertarian, decades-old culture of anonymity and privacy that rules over it. I presume he’s also that kind of slave who’s ok with being wiretapped and filmed because, you know... you haven’t got anything to hide, huh?

- Despises insurrectionist theory and tactics. Probably that insurrectionists are too uncontrollable and unpredictable for his Statist brain formatting, or that you can’t get to know these people who make theses attacks... and interrogate them.

- Expects people to hand over their email addresses, in the comment section of a public website massively visited by all kinds of hostile people. At least if he’d be inviting people to send their email addresses to his... but no! (And also the counterinsurgency programs, the NSA and the DHS are just conspiracy theories from “right-wingers”... The State is not interested in surveilling, profiling, mapping and repressing dissenters, and all these jails are really just for Black youngsters, so our Red & WHITE revolution can be protected from all these “drug dealers” and “sex offenders”, right?)

So who else in society shares theses attributes? Cops, other State agents or at best socialist idiots, both only interested in defending their White, middle-class privileges rather than really overthrowing the currect system of oppression.

And btw Colin, in all your blind, naive arrogance, you’ve already exposed yourself as an all-out REFORMIST, right here in this comment section. And no, there’s no such thing as a paradigmatic-historical relation between anarchism and reformism, neither is your perceived necessity of going through State politics to pass laws that defend social justice. Governments pass laws so they can be enforced by cops through State terror and violence upon all kinds of individuals, while the high capitalists hidden behind global corporations enjoy near total immunity, because they are where the big money comes from, and will also dictate their will to any puppet that gets “elected”. That is the system we live in. Taxes and laws are not and will never be the buddies of anarchists, they only are tools of EXPLOITATION for bureaucratic cowards who don’t wanna take accountability for their positions and decisions. Statism and anarchism are in pure contradiction.

Moreover, all past histories of collaboration between anarchists or revolutionaries and statists (like the “holy alliance” in pre-war Russia, the CNT with the Republicans in the Spanish civil war, the Spartakists with the social-democrats in Germany, the Makhnovists with the Soviets) resulted in an epic fail for the anarchists. Why should we reproduce the errors of the past, even see them as a necessary itinerary?

We aren’t as stupid as you and your grand ideal of self-managing the entire US through the Federation, recycled from every defunct organization of platformist do-nothing’ers... not just we the anarchists, but many other lesser political people out there. I’m pretty sure there’s tons of mainstream citizens now acknowlege that the US government is completely FUBAR and bringing this country down to hell, on the fast lane. So yeah good luck making anyone believe in yet more attempts at legal activism and political reforms, while we could just show them the radical way, in the place of the right-wing libertarian superstars that are so useful in pacifying and alienating the people who still have guns in the US.

Liberal leftists like you are worst than cops...or maybe just a worst kind of cops. No matter if you’re an actual cop or there’s a cop in your head making you do these things, there isn’t much difference.

Worse than cops!! That's amazing. And platformists are treated as if we're the dogmatic ones. Also, I think you (and a few others) are making the mistake of believing that some posts by other RR&B members and other people involved in the In Our Hearts network are from me. I've actually posted under my name every single time. But, yeah, I would imagine we do completely disagree on strategy to achieve revolution. Since, you strategy seems to be something to the effect of: 1) where we're at now 2) ????? 3) all out revolution 4) that somehow magically ends up in a better world rather than a fascist take-over.

Although you're right, it is a lot easier to avoid that whole organizing question when you totally skip part 2.

You do realize that the internet allows for the real possibility of creating profile names that are not connected to your real name, but through which we can collectively connect someone to their line of thinking, right? So that you can have both an identity and no connection to your real-life self... Crazy stuff these interwebs.

I attended the presentation in Portland, Oregon:

1. Proles running their own self-managed capitalist enterprises in Argentina is "revolutionary,"

2. Unions have lots of working class members, so that makes them valid institutions.

3. Forward to refried NEFAC! Yet another dumbbell anarchist federation seems to be on its way to inaction and irrelevance.

4. The 80-year-old rump of the IWW still exists -- the past has never looked brighter! This one will win over the Circle-A-Harry Potter fans big time...

You missed the most important point!

5. You sat their quietly incapable of engaging in this sort of criticism with anyone who may disagree with you in the room! Good job keyboard cowboy!

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