Chaos in Oakland Court

From SFGate (blog)

The scene has played out dozens of times in Oakland courtrooms in the past 14 months. An Occupy activist, arrested during a demonstration, makes a court appearance as supporters look on from the gallery. Sometimes the supporters sit quietly, obeying the strict rules set out by the court, and other times they shout disapproval, or chant slogans, and get the boot.

On Tuesday, three of them got arrested, authorities said.

It happened in Department 11 of the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse, during the 8:30 a.m. sentencing of 24-year-old activist Jack Rusk of Oakland. Earlier, he had pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault in a deal with prosecutors that called for a year in jail. Prosecutors dropped a slate of charges — including assault on a peace officer and possessing explosives — that stemmed from an Occupy anti-police rally Jan. 7, 2012.

Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick, an office spokeswoman, said Rusk was indeed sentenced in a brief hearing and remanded into custody by Alameda County sheriff’s deputies.

Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, said some audience members then shouted at Judge Carrie Panetta, who ordered one woman to be arrested for contempt. He said that as deputies arrested the woman, two other people interfered and were also taken into custody on suspicion of obstruction. The arrestees, who were jailed, were not identified.

One of Rusk’s attorneys, Jeff Wozniak, said there were about 30 supporters in the courtroom, and that after the sentencing they began to chant, “Jack, Jack, Jack.” When Panetta ordered sheriff’s deputies to clear the court, Wozniak said, the supporters started chanting, “F— the police” and “F— the courts.” As people filed out, he said, Panetta ordered the arrest of the woman, who was within a thick crowd, and chaos followed.

“By the time I got out into the hallway, they had Tased someone, taken out their batons and arrested four people,” Wozniak said. “It was a very unfortunate series of events.”

Nelson said he did not know whether deputies had deployed a Taser.

“Whenever there’s any courtroom disruption, our deputies are going to be there to handle it,” he said. “If a judge orders a person to be arrested, they’re going to be arrested.”



“Whenever there’s any courtroom disruption, our deputies are going to be there to handle it,” he said. “If a judge orders a person to be arrested, they’re going to be arrested.”

...for now

For the rest of our lives. deal.

for the rest of my life, for sure- i'm 62
for the young, not much longer...

Protecting targetted people

Is probably best done by keeping them in the center of the crowd and locking arms around them. This may lead to other arrests, but denies snatch squads to ability to strike at someone selected as a target. After clearing the area of battle, the next priority is to get to cover from which the endangered persons can change appearance or be taken out of the area in vehicles.

Other than that, it's damned good to hear that solidarity is going beyond previous levels to include disrupting courtrooms.

I was once in a courtroom where the pigs so feared that the massive crowd of us would rescue the defendant by force that a second screening checkpoint was set up outside the courthouse door. Didn't work-the whole courtroom was full of anarchists in all black. When the prosecution suceeded in excluding a video proving the defendant innocent, one of the suporters yelled to the jury about the tape. She was arrested, but only for a misdemeanor which she later beat. The defendant was looking at 7-10 years. The prosecution did not move for a mistrial, as a prepared defense could have easily countered the tactic used to exclude the video with about a week's notice.Persecutors stayed with that jury, got an acquittal on all incarcerable counts.

This is most definitely not an accurate account of what went down.
Oh by the way, fuck you Jeff Wozniak you fucking fame seeking wannabe criminal defense lawyer.

and you hate the lawyer because...? ive seen him do alot of good work for a lot of folks in jail.

because he gave an interview to the press detailing what went down in court

totally inappropriate. in face, i think he could potentially be sued for that. he knows better.

Fuck the police. Solidarity to Jack and the new arrestees. Thanks, friends, for getting unruly.

Just because we have a confrontation with cops or something "anarchist" happens, doesn't make it a success. 4 people went to jail yesterday for basically nothing, and others were injured. Get unruly, make it hard to take our friends to jail, but be strategic for fuck's sake. And Jack, who kept his case so quiet that for months he essentially sacrificed support for privacy ended up with his full name in the paper. How is that solidarity?

I continue to be unimpressed with the decisions of some of my comrades.

youre a fucking asshole. the people in jail have been heard from and are hyped.
whoever you are, go away or talk to people in person. Anews comments arent going to have your concerns answered. Sometimes people get fucking emotional and have outbursts. Thats called being human or animal. Sorry that other people's emotional shields aren't as strong as yours. Sorry no one cleared their outburst with you before they spoke out.
I continue to be unimpressed with people who make anonymous a-news comments rather than talk to real live people.

"I continue to be unimpressed with people who make anonymous a-news comments rather than talk to real live people.
An anonymous a-news commenter."

Every time folks do dumb shit and there is any criticism of it, the response is that people got caught up in the moment and geez, people are angry about capitalism/the courts/the cops/etc. Seriously, grow the fuck up. If you are trying to actually get shit done, you need to have some discipline. It is getting really fucking old to watch a handful of people in the Bay make dumbass, unstrategic decisions that endanger other people and then respond like petulant children when people don't like it. This is why we can't have anything nice.

Instead of jerking in to Greek riot porn and wishing we could have similar uprisings, smashing shit that doesn't matter and no one knows about except the people willing to read poetic communiques on A-news, people could use their passion to fuel work that actually leads us closer to real uprisings. Or, you know, we could just keep posting stuff on our blogs that looks cool in Kentucky or where the fuck ever, but is just a dramatic reinterpretation of dumb, irrelevant shit that got our friends arrested on some stupid misdemeanors.

your boring.

I agree. There not write.

Way to miss the point.

Without a clear plan objective to overthrow the United States government you will not win your fight against the prison industrial complex system or the whole system in general but will continue to get arrested until everyone of you has a case against you. The more you get arrested the less free you are and the less protesting and direct action you will be in. The point of course is to not get caught but you can only be so luck for so long right? Eventually they are gona nab you in the middle of the night if not snatch you off the street or grap you in the middle of a protest gone riot.

I understand its hard for Americans to stick to one task unless they are getting paid unless there is no goal other than to vent steam/throw temper tantrums. That seems very selfish.

by, someone whose been locked up.


Go fuck yourself! We are not pawn to be better utilized in the fashion you best see fit.
Solidarity for Jack and the unruly crew!

-someone else who has been locked up

I know the last sentence can sound a little confusing if you're not used to hearing it. So let me rephrase it differently. Even activists are not free of the setbacks that anarchists fault every American asshole for having. Setbacks such as having total arrogance and blindsightedness when it comes to certain things and mostly the bigger picture which both anarchists and the mass public fail at miserably.

The mass public among many activists including most anarchists DON'T believe in a revolution for a classless stateless society but nevertheless are quick to break windows and throw shit at the cops when things go wrong or when they get upset or have inner built up tensions that need be released. The mass public of course vents their frustrations out on things in different ways of course.

I wish building resistance to tear shit down for a social libertarian/non-hierarchical world was every anarchists motivation but this is simply not the case and in fact is not the case at all for most self proclaimed anarchists 95% of them. But we pretend this is the case while even denying it at times.

A lot of people don't even know what to do but are fast to react and get thrown in jail which I find very troubling. There is no higher purpose or common interest that people are striving for and everyone's concept of freedom is so different around here that to say "WE ARE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM" really doesn't mean fucking shit anymore! There for WE ARE ALL LOST AND THEY HAVE ALREADY WON!

In essence every protest we ever went to, people were either there for the spectacle or to stroke their own fucking egos standing up their give great fucking speeches just to give great fucking speeches or reckingshop just to reckshop with no meaning or end or goal or motive.

No broken window, or rock or bomb thrown was an honest act of revolution it seems. Even if it meant risking you life or possibly meant serving long time in prison which could mean DEATH later. If you're going to risk going to jail, you may as well be doing it for revolution because you're risking your fucking life and everything in it. Don't just do it because you're angry. Do it with a passion and genuine desire to live in a better free world, free of prisons, cops and all this fucked up bullshit.

While I enjoy stories of civil disobedience. An "all or nothing" approach is far more impressive.

So .. you're disenchanted with a symbolic protest movement based on teen angst and spectacle, huh?

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