Confrontations during a two day conference on the Plan Nord northern development mega-project

Somewhat like last year a public relations exercise at the Palais des Congrès de Montreal, the Salon des ressources naturelles, was organized by bastards who profit from the destruction of our communities and our lives; Enbridge, Snc-Lavalin, RioTinto, Osisko, etc.. Since last spring there has been much talk from the establishment about distribution of wealth, thus the Plan Mort [Death Plan] became Mort Pour Tous [Death To All]**. During the two days of this Funeral, gatherings tried to disrupt the proceedings.

The first day, February 8, a crowd of several hundred (despite a snowstorm) made their way to a Palais des Congrès sealed with cops. Chants where Anti-capitalist, anti-cop and especially in solidarity with the indigenous facing intensification of the devastation of their land, their way of life. Once there, people banged on the windows outside the Palais, the riotsquad charged on the crowd... The day ended with several squadrons of riotcops chasing the crowd in the city centre and according to the cops, three of their patrol cars were vandalized; graffiti and smashed windows.

The next morning, February 9, hundreds of people converged on a Palais sealed yet again, but part of the crowd was more determined this time. Around 9:30 am a door was attacked with sticks, a windows shattered and a flare was shot inside. The riotsquad then charged and plastic bullets were shot at the crowd. For a while some groups continued to prowl in a financial district flooded by riotcops.
36 people were arrested according to the police, including three accused of assaulting a police officer.
Also there's an unconfirmed rumor about a person being hospitalized .

Solidarity with those who struggle for the total liberation of the Earth.
Solidarity with all the arrested

**"Plan Mort" refers to the first official name of the northern development mega-project Plan Nord (mining, dams, forestry and various infrastructures) and, "Mort Pour Tous" to its new name; Nord Pour Tous [North For All]

Here's a callout that circulated for the February 8 demo:

Demonstrate against the Plan Nord

Coinciding with the: Forum on Natural Resources at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal
gathering: 12pm at the Peoples' Square (formerly Square Victoria) at metro Square Victoria

Last April, the capitalists of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce organized a grand exhibition of the destruction of northern territories, the Forum on the Plan Nord. Rather untastefully, they are re-doing it this year, under the slogan "rediscover the Forum on Natural Resources". The pillagers are gathering. Sponsored largely by mining (Osisko) and tar sands (Enbridge), the profiteers are preparing the assimilation of indigenous communities into their industrial framework, and into their large-scale destruction of the wild.

A number of Innu women rose up last year and marched more than 1000 kilometres from the Côte-Nord to Montréal, to say no! to this exploitation. The Innu have not been at rest since then: highway blockades, hunger strikes, obstructions of construction sites were frequent in 2012. Many other indigenous groups are supporting the Innu, and are themselves in resistance against this monstrous plan of territorial devastation!

Whether the money goes into the coffers of the Quebecois or Canadian state or to transnational corporations, the development of the north threatens us all as living beings. While environmentalists repeat that we must offer constructive alternatives – a greener future, for co-optation by 'sustainable' capital – we refuse any limits on our desire to sabotage what exists, without delay. We want to interrupt the colonizing and civilizing mission that has existed since the arrival of the first European colonizers, and which has accelerated ever since.

We act in solidarity with all communities resisting this development model that is imposed on them, in the North as in the South, and with the indigenous defenders in opposition, from the Innu of Nitassinan, to Cree dissidents, and those from all other nations. Alongside them, and in defense of the earth, we will be in the street to disrupt their forum on February 8th!


From sabotagemedia (w/ pics & vid)



Canada's international?

I know right, talk about one hell of a fucking demotion.

There are so many places in N. America where the anarchist milieu wouldn't have done a shit about this such a parasitic colonization plan, or at best the usual polite nonviolent demo. So THANK YOU to all the people who got into battle mode for fucking things up there, once more, in the most capitalistic, bourgeois, asceptized, secured area of downtown Montreal! I just regret that I didn't get the info soon enough about this demo so I could go.

Smash the system, for fuck's sake!

In DC, Chesapeake Earth First!, the Anarchist Alliance-DC Network, Occupy DC activists, and others have engaged in a string of office invasions and even barged into the Klanadian Embassy on multiple occasions to protest a similar outrage: the ongoing poisoning of 15+ First Nations by the Alberta Tar Sands mines. We've been focussing on TransCanada, their lobbyists, and their law firms in an effort to deny the mines the main outlet for their stolen product. Our biggest action so far was invading McKenna, Long, and Ostridge, a law firm representing TransCanada, followed by a hour long blockade of their office doors inside their building. There was also an incident in DC where unknown fighters, striking from a late-night pre-inaugural march, smashed up a branch of TD Bank, which invests in tar sands mining. They also smashed a Hooters for unrelated reasons.

Looks like Plan Nord could turn into another tar sands-especially if oil, shale oil, shale gas, or tar sands are found there. A gold mine and all that fucking cyanide, or a copper mine and all the arsenic from the smelters, would be a similar disaster. Kudos to those who fight in the streets against any of these efforts to steal land and resources from Native people! Good work in Montreal, this shit needs to spread to everywhere the resource extraction thugs have an office, a meeting, a summit-or just a summer home of a corporate executive.

Summer houses or resorts for corporate execs have the advantage of being easy targets (once uncovered, of course). But smashing and storming corporate meeting is equally disturbing for their bubble world and a lot of random proles can join in as they like!

this is a really good summary of why dc is the absolute worst major city

fuckin' quebec, they're like the postmen & women of anarchy, rain, shine or snow they're fuckin' shit up either way...right on

Actually, winter provides a lot of advantages for rioting. You can come unnoticed with all of your hoodies, scarves and ski goggles, as well as te hockey pads under that winter jacket... Under favorable conditions, snow and ice provide an virtually unlimited quantity of projectiles... Water and paint freezes quickly in the visors of cops... AND some gases may freeze instead of spreading in the air, especially under heavy snowfall...

Uhh... Ontario is 'action,' Quebec is 'international'? Really??

Klanada has become possibly the worst offender in continuing 520+ years of forcibly removing Native people from Native land for purposes of resource extraction. So many desperate wars were fought in the past to stop things like gold and silver mining. Now it's tar sands, shale oil, uranium, dams, logs, you name it! Plan Nord focusses on "energy, mining, and forestry." In other words, kill the trees, dig up the land, poison and dam the rivers. To do this they must forcibly remove the PEOPLE who live there. This is what most nonpolitical people would expect from the Mafia, but it is the foundation of white settler occupation.

Any attempt to push anyone off their land so the resources underneath can be stolen ought to be treated as a mass armed robbery, and resisted the same way. ALL OF US can help in this fight, because these resources are useless if they cannot be fenced. The stolen goods go to gas stations, banks, electric power companies, Wal-Marts etc. Strike at customers and investors in armed resource theft the way you would strike at customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences, wherever you are. Scum like those involved in Plan Nord (and/or TransCanada and tar sands) have offices, their lobbyists have offices, the companies they sell to have offices, at least one of these can be found in every city.The outfits trying to dam up all of Turtle Island's northern rivers have investors, insurance companies, etc right now, even if they have no customers yet. You can live 2,000 miles from Quebec and take money out of Plan Nord's pockets by attacking their multinational financial partners. Hell, you can probably hit them from China the way capitalism works these days.

Native people are rising up against this armed robbery-it's about time the rest of us started to "cover their six" and back them up! When non-Native youth join the fight alongside Native youth and elders, it becomes a lot more expensive for the pigs to use unlimited force-and the number of fighters opposing that force is increased. Meanwhile we need to drag Klanada's reputation through some well-deserved mud, making it harder for all Canadian businesses to find export customers.

Hell-don't just do it for the rightful owners of the whole continent-do it for yourself too. If those who destroy the environment for profit win, the rest of us won't long outlive our Native brothers and sisters.

True, let's turn this boring, over-pacified hell into an anti-colonial war zone!

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