Current prisoner list of Anarchist Black Cross - Moscow

Currently we have addresses of 15 anarchist, anti-authoritarian or anti-fascist political prisoners, or their supporters in Russia and Belarus. Of these, 14 are interested to receive letters of support.

Situation with prisoners is evolving all the time, and we do not have addresses of most recently arrested comrades. Please keep visiting our prisoner list at Category:Prisoners_in_former_Soviet_Union for most up to date information.

In order to learn more about case of the prisoner, click her/his name in the address above.

Maria Alyokhina

Maria Vladimirovna Alyokhina 618400, Persmkiy Kray,
gorod Berezniki, prospekt Lenina, d. 81, IK-27 Russia (Birthday 6th of June)

Ihar Alinevich

Olinevich Igor Vladimirovich Otryad 12, Brigada 120, IU
"IK-10", Tehnicheskaya ul. 8, g. Novopolotsk 211445 Vitebskaya oblast
Belarus (Birthday 24th of September)

Mikalaj Dziadok

Nikolay Dziadok ul. Krupskoy 99A, tyurma 4 212011
Mogilev Belarus (Birthday 23rd of August)

Anton Fatullayev

Anton Abusaidovich Fatulayev 12.10.1990, ul. Semashko
dom 1, FKU IK-5, 243240 Bryanskaya oblast, Russia

Aliaksandar Frantskievich

Frantskevich Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Otryad
2, IK-22 "Volchi nory" st. Domanovo, Ivachevichkiy rayon 225295
Brestskaya oblast Belarus (Birthday 6th of May)

Igor Kharchenko

Kharchenko Igor Olegovich FKU SIZO-2 UFSIN Rossii po g.
Moskve ul. Novoslobodskaya dom 45, 127055 Moskva Russia

Irina Lipskaya

Lipskaya Irina Antonovna, 1988 g.r, ul. Shosseynaya, 92,
SIZO-6 "Pechatniki", k.308, 109383 Moskva Russia

Alexey Olesinov (is not interested in receiving letters from people he
does not know)

Alexey Polikhovich

Alexey Alexeevich Polikhovich, , 1990 g.r. FKU SIZO-2
UFSIN Rossii po g. Moskve ul. Novoslobodskaya d. 45 127055 Moskva Russia
(Birthday 29th of August)

Artsiom Prakapenka

Artsiom Prakapenka, IK-15, Slavgorodskoye shosse 183
g. Mogilev 212013 Belarus (Birthday 27th of July)

Alexey Sutuga

Sutuga Alexey Vladimirovich FKU SIZO-2 UFSIN Rossii po g.
Moskve ul. Novoslobodskaya d. 45 127055 Moskva Russia (Birthday 24th of

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

Nadezhda Andreyevna Tolokonnikova 431150,
respublika Mordoviya, Zubovo-Polyanskiy rayon, poselok Partsa, IK-14
Russia (Birthday 7th of November)

Jauhen Vas'kovich

Yevgeni Sergeevich Vas'kovich Tyurma 4, ul. Krupskoy
99A 212011 Mogilev Belarus

Alyon Volikov

Alyon Mikhaylovich Volikov 1989 g.r., ul. Novoslobodksaya
dom 45, FKU SIZO-2 UFSIN Rossii po g. Moskve, 127055 Moskva Russia

Stepan Zimin

Stepan Yurevich Zimin 1992 g.r., FKU SIZO-5 (Vodnik) UFSIN
Rossii po g. Moskve, Vyborskaya 20, 125130 Moskva Russia (Birthday 18th
of January)

Note that Belarus is a bilingual country, official and preferred names
of most of the arrested are in Belarusian language, thus we list
prisoners by their Belarusian names. But as prisoner registry of prisons
is organised in Russian language, we list addresses with Russian names,
when they differ from Belarusian names.

You may also write to Belarusian prisones through e-mail address
belarus_abc ]a[ riseup ]d[ net - letters will be printed, and passed to

Contact of Moscow group of ABC:

e-mail: abc-msk (at) (GPG key)

postal address: P. O. Box 13 109028 Moscow Russia (please do not write
name of the group to envelope)

e-mail: abc-msk (at)

web site:

You may follow news of ABC Moscow in following social networks:

Twitter: (English) (in Russian)

FaceBook: (English)
(In Russian)






Why does Russia (unlike Greece) get no love & no trolls in the comments? Got some real shit goin' on there.

The list is very strange. ABC-Moscow seems to forget at least two animal rights activists in jail, 1 anarchist under house arrest since 6 may 2012. And I wonder why Tolokonnikova is on the list when she was the one who filmed unmasked anarchists during Khimki riots and it is her film and her photos that later allowed for arrests of suspect anarchists during 2010-2011? She never explained her actions or apologized for them.

People in home arrest are not allowed to receive mail or to otherwise communicate with other people except lawyers etc. As for animal rights activists, people who did their support said it is not good idea to publish their case openly. If the situation has changed, I do not see a reason why you would not tip ABC Moscow for that. As for Tolokonnikova, I always supposed it was her husband with the camera, and they have had their widely published conflicts lately. Which of course does not mean that she was not into much of the shit he initiated. However, they have had some widely published conflicts lately, and it would be a good chance to have a chat with her when she gets out - or you could approach her with a letter if you liked to. It could well be she has changed her positions a bit on some issues. Anyways, I think importance of Pussy Riot case overpasses that back issue, which would be rather hard to argue anyway, as eventually footage was eventually not used to convict anyone.

I am sorry I was confused by the title. I thought "Current prisoner list of Anarchist Black Cross " means "all prisoners we know about and support".
Is there a difference between "two of anarchists were arrested and shown on TV openly claiming to be animal rights activists and we know of them" and "publishing their case openly"?
As for Tolokonnikova you are mistaken, there were numerous occasions when it was she filming and photoing anarchists and antifascists back in 2009 even. I'm not the one to judge her and her husband ideas, strange as they may be. Or talk about his "shit" (all I know it is between them two and VOINA group only). Maybe she even changed her positions on big issues. I would like her to take a really meaningful anarcha-feminist stand for a change (not some orthodox martyrdom bullshit she is sinking into now). And of course Pussy Riot is above any back issues. And its not even a question. I, for one, think, both she and Alyokhina should be set free. Along with all the other prisoners in Russia and in the world.
My question has nothing to do with Pussy Riot as a phenomenon or Tolokonnikova's ideas. It has to do with her actions. She has been photoing and filming anarchist and antifa activists, posting their photos on the net and connecting them to this or that kind of anarchist activity in accompanying texts, including those she suspected to be ABC members and guerrilla group members. Those photos were later used as "additional evidence" by secret police during arrests in September 2011. Some people who she had photoed were still in hiding as of autumn 2011. I am not aware of any arrest warrants issued since I believe you know that arrests in Russia very often happen before any warrants. And of course it has nothing to do with conviction. A snitch is a snitch because she provides information to cops, it doesn't matter if people she had snitched on got in jail or managed to evade police.

Imagine J. Fergusson doing some crazy liberational shit after turning over his former comrades. I sincerely doubt that this would suffice for his re-acceptance into the movement. And Fergusson was forced into cooperation. Whereas Tolokonnikova started this kind of photo and internet activism on her own accord back in 2009. And has been doing this repeatedly even after being confronted and asked to stop filming.

My question has nothing to do with supporting Pussy Riot or Tolokonnikova incarceration. My question is:

Why is there a known snitch in the list of anarchist prisoners? And where are three other anarchist prisoners, who are not snitches? Even if we can't write to them or communicate to them. Cops know they are anarchists. This has been made public via pro-state media long ago. So where are their names?

Look, I do not watch much TV and I do not know what they have been stating there. Nobody ever told me they were in telly. And if mainstream media wants to uncover some people, it does not mean that we have to do the same. It is up for people themselves to decide about their publicity, first of all it is responsability of people who are in contact with them. Last time I asked, those going to their court and writing to these two were against publishing addresses. If you have other information, just write to ABC Moscow or put their addresses to your own website, we'll copypaste them to our own.

As for Alexandra who is in house arrest, I simply saw no point in spending time for that as putting her to list would not result any letters to her. Propably I would copypaste a text about her to site if you made one.

As for Nadya, you do not go around throwing accusations of someone being a snitch like that, as anonymous commentator in whatever place. That is plain ridiculous. There is a huge difference between someone being an arrogant dumbass and being a snitch. I do remember well her being an arrogant dumbass in 2009, perhaps you may even remember one occasion I confronted her for that back then.

For example, who may confirm that footage she took were used for arrests in September (2010, not 2011)? Plus, there were plenty of journalists invited to action in Khimki, it was not exactly a clever clandestine operation. If you want to wage some kind of war against Nadya, you may collect dossier about her to your website. As for Petya, Voyna has already gathered something: However, unless you manage to dig to something very impressive against her, it is unlikely that I will join your campaign. Unlike you, I consider Pussy Riot politics rather solid. And I never heard a bad word about Maria. At this point, I do not see point in spending time to explain people why Nadya sucks but Maria does not.

As for beef between Petya and Nadya, it has even been posted to wikipedia so check that.

And in the end, you have your own site so I see no point in you demanding some kind of service from ABC Moscow. Whatever you would like to see done better, put it to your website and we will plagirize you without a shame, if we like. Propably you could have done that with lesser effort that you spent writing your rant.

On the very day you confronted her she was making photos of some anarchists and antifascists (2009), she was asked to stop (which she did not) and later that day she posted her photos on the net, there were people with faces unmasked and there were texts under the photos linking people to various activity (your approval or disapproval of this activity is another matter entirely).
This fact was widely known by anarchists in Russia back in 2009 already, I'm really surprised you forgot about this.

Others are free to make their own opinion on the matter of course. I think it is more than enough and there is really little need behind any further proof (photos on Facebook and photo sharing with explicit statements and close-up faces? check. people in hiding, investigation pending? check) Its not hard to find proof of this shit if one asks around in Russian community (maybe an occasional copy of those photos still survives, they sure exist on police servers).

I am not here to question the motives of your forgetfulness or ideas behind adding Tolokonnikova to the list or seeing any point in adding repressed anarchist names to the ABC list. I chose to speak out because this is the first time you attempt to make a show of wide anarchist support of Pussy Riot using ABC as cover (the support Pussy Riot obviously doesn't have). You know better than anyone that being on this list is really important for people in prison (especially since two out of three missing are newcomers and are scarcely known to most people in the movement, I can see where this will lead in 2 years of ABC amnesy). And for the way they are perceived in the movement.

Once again, how does "publishing addresses" and "putting a name into list" correlate with each other? Last time I talked to their friends, there were some who would rather see them in the list. Last time I talked to their friends they mentioned that one of them (the one who got longer sentence) was in informational isolation, neglected and receiving no support.

"As for Alexandra ... I simply saw no point in spending time for that as putting her to list..." - I rest my case here. Surely you are careful not to over-tax yourself during keyboard activism, mate. Take care.

You still do not point out anything, that would cross the bridge between being an arrogant dumb-ass to being a snitch. Obviously, it is up to you personally to decide wether you want to defend Nadya or not. There are plenty of other people in the list who are claimed to have been involved in very stupid stuff in the past as well, either by association or by themselves.

My impression is that anarchists in Russia are pretty much up for Pussy Riot, with exception of occasional anarcho-homophobes and anarcho-antifeminists. Few anarchists have worked on the topic a lot, as mainstream media was giving the coverage for us, and people from outside anarchist movement were involved. However, currently support campaign for Pussy Riot is in a rather sorry state in Russia proper, although not abroad. But that is the case with support of all the other prisoners as well. However, adding imprisoned Pussy Riot members to list is not such a big effort.

Although Pussy Riot policies are not the most anarcho PC, still they have managed to raise visibility of anti-authoritarian position to a whole new level. And after all, if Nadya was a snitch, she would not be in jail. As for her husband... I would also count him as arrogant dumbass, but I am much less certain.

I found out, that at least other one of the animal right activists actually do not want her name and address to be published widely. So next time, maybe you may ask from people in private before you start a public flame war. As for the other person, hopefully it will be cleared soon.

I don's see public flame war. I see you admitting to the fact that the list was compiled by one person and somehow it got ABC label on it, I have an impression there was no discussion over the list, some names are included for political reasons only (like your personal idea of supporting PR case by including their names in the list) and some names are excluded because - in your own words - you were too lazy to add them.

"Alexey Olesinov (is not interested in receiving letters from people he
does not know)"

So why is there no entry like "Alexandra Dukhanina (can't receive letters)" ?

Maybe there's some particular reason Russian scene is unaware of (but you are)?

And is there an ABC-Moscow site? Like ABC-Belarus? A site that is separate from

Pussy Riot case has been covered in ABC Moscow news page almost from the beginning, and you have not complained before.

As for Olesinov, people know he is in jail. But of course in certain way having him in prisoner list is information noise, as it is little point to keep int he list people who may not or do not want to receive mail. is a hosting which is hosting a number of independent projects, ABC Moscow page included. Just as for example infoshop, noblogs etc.

I am not against supporting Pussy Riot. I am against supporting Tolokonnikova. Surely an anarchist can see the difference.

Maybe if there were less rush with the list we could talk it over, but I don't see how this can happen now. Oh and I did try to get in touch with you on several occasions, you kept ignoring me, so don't make it look like "I am open to critics, oh why didn't you write!"

... So, why don't we make information noise of Dukhanina's case as well? Surely she deserves to be remembered as much as Olesinov (who is not even anarchist, never been one, btw), don't you think?

Gosh, I believe this is the first open discussion about ABC-Moscow policy and how the decisions are made about support of various anarchists and anti-authoritarians, big thanks man. Although I'm absolutely sure this was not your intent.

I mean I talked things over with another mate from ABC-M collective, who doesn't have constant internet-access and he was pretty much surprised with the list himself, and he never heard about any discussion of the list. And we are both ABC-M members last time I cared to check. There's something wrong with how ABC-Moscow is run nowadays.

In order to explain to public the reasons why Pussy Riot should be supported but Tolokonnikova not, you need more effort that anonymous comment in I hope our movement will never degrade to a state, when anonymous comments in websites define whom to support and whom not to support.

I have no idea how you tried to contact me, but most of the e-mail addresses I have used during the years I still check. As for ABC-Moscow, there are also people checking address of the court, so I do not get your point.

as you can read at abc-website (in russian) alexej olesinov and alexej sutuga are out on bail since june:

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