Did You Secretly Enjoy the Fireworks on July 4th?

Don't worry, we understand. Sparkly lights in the sky are hard to beat. But one thing definitely beats that any day—liberating our political prisoners! Don't feel bad about secretly enjoying a celebration of this oppressive imperialist state...instead, help support efforts to defend and free political prisoners trapped in their imperialist prisons!

The 2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference desperately needs funds to pay for the space, food for participants, and travel funds for comrades (particularly former prisoners) who wouldn't be able to attend without assistance. Please donate by midnight on Friday, July 11 to help us raise $2000 of the $7500 we need for this year's conference. Your donations help bring prisoner support activists from across North America together for this important annual strategizing session!

You can donate online at https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/ek5vc/ab/f3E260. If you would like to send a check or money order, rather than using the link below, contact us at naabcconference[at]riseup[dot]net to find out where to send it.

Want to make donating to freeing prisoners from imperialist prisons even sweeter? Donate by midnight on July 11th and enjoy one of these gifts donated by generous supporters of the NA ABC conference and its mission:

A donation of $15: 2 stickers*

A donation of $30: 1 political prisoner support t-shirt** and 2 stickers

A donation of $45: 1 t-shirt***, 2 stickers and a book**** or video*****

A donation of $65: 2 t-shirts, 2 stickers, and a book, video or 2015 Certain Days calendar

AND the first 3 donations of $75 will get you everything that $65 gets you PLUS a one year subscription to 4Struggle Magazine!

Remember, donate by midnight on Friday, July 11th to help us meet our $2000 goal for this month. We will contact you after you donate online or email us to find out where to send your check or money order. If you would like to donate but not receive a gift, let us know that as well.

Thanks for contributing to our efforts to support, defend, and free our prisoners. This annual conference has become one of the most important events in prisoner support efforts across North America, and we can't do it without your support!

Until all are free!

The NA ABC Organizing Crew

(for pictures of the gifts offered, visit: http://sacprisonersupport.wordpress.com/)

*Eric McDavid and Marie (Marius) Mason

**Eric McDavid or Tinley Park 5

***For $45, choose between Eric t-shirt, Tinley Park 5 t-shirt, or a "Prisons Are for Burning" t-shirt. (There are a limited number of the latter—the sooner you donate, the better! If you donate after we have run out, we will send you one after they are reprinted.)

****Book options are: Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective (1st ed) by scott crow; Government Repression, Prisoner Support by Sacramento Prisoner Support; or Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism by the RNC 8

*****Video is 'The Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation'



"Not that you should feel guilty for enjoying an imperialist celebration, but we do have a great deal on indulgences this week!"

Personally I would like to see anarchists re-appropriate the 4th of July. I think discarding it unnecessarily alienates the very people we are trying to reach. I think anarchists should put on fireworks shows and pass out flyers about how we need another american revolution as a lead-up to an international revolution. I don't think we should be using fireworks other than sparklers or those ash-snakes, because the People might try and associate us with bombs.

Not only are you stupid and dishonest you're also boring. Go troll somewhere else, or at least stop pretending to be me.

I meant what I said. Fire works are dangerous and should not be joked about. They are no laughing matter!! Hundreds, possibly thousands of would be socialists are turned off by the violent and thunderous cacophony that are fireworks.

My name is Anarchisteve and I approve this message.

Paid for by friends from the left Steve for prez 2014

Well done, you finally managed to spell my username correctly.

given my schizophrenia, when you're at the polling stations you can rest assured that Steve isn't ableist...isn't that right Steve? Oh, it certainly is Steve and now let's check in with Steve for the weather!

Thanks, Steve. You should expect primitivist tears on your evening commute! Tomorrow, a high of 87 with a 68% percent chance of populist revolt. Heres hoping our primitivist friends believe in meteorology!

Back to you, Steve.

It has just occurred to me what an idiot and a hypocrite I am. I claim to despise technology yet I use it all the time, purely for my own personal benefit. I relentlessly lie about anything science-related to make my hunter-gatherer fetish seem a bit less ridiculous. I call myself an anarchist but I have absolutely no idea what it means, I just heard some young people mention it and thought it would be a way to appeal to young people (in much the same way neo-nazis abuse punk).

After coming to this realization (and after noticing that I've managed to attract the most pathetic hipster losers America has ever produced. And America isn't slack in that department) I have decided to kill myself by the most appropriate means: I'm going to live out my hunter-gatherer fantasy. I'm not sure whether I'll be dead by tomorrow or the day after but it'll definitely be before the weekend. Could somebody come by and collect my body?

igtt: -6/10

Not even funny caricatures used here.

You had your pick of the litter and you fell way short.

Leftist Steve, stick to being a laughing stock. You're not that good at being a troll.


No please don't go troll somewhere else and please don't stop pretending to be smug leftist Steve!

People that arrogant about their leftism deserve to be trolled.

Steve is boring, therefore his arguements are invalid.

Leftisteve here. I feel that I am being unfairly characterized as being directly affiliated with Anarchisteve. Although we do share a die hard affinity on the question of technological progress and tend to have malinformed opinions on john zerzan, which cause us to spout off self righteously as though we are the messiah's of the world, I am more honest than he. For I admit that parliamentarianism is the most righteous path, whereas he dishonestly mascarades himself as being an arbiter of social revolt!

I am Leftisteve and I support this message.

Hi, i don't know about any steves, but gosh it sure is discouraging when the gimmicky tag line about fireworks to pique interest gets so many more comments than the content of the post.

Anyone give a shit about prisoners or support or y'know doing anything these days? Or is Anarchy relegated exclusively to the realm of internet joke?

Presumably anyone who is interested in showing peeps in prison any love are busy doing just that and not concerned with wasting time formulating opinions on it on this forum.

Treat the comments section on this site as you would any major news publication and don't retain high hopes about idea sharing.

Or just abandon this site to the post-leftist wankers and go start an anarchist one. Death to the post-leftists, the only scum worse than fascists.

Post-leftists: the bastard children of the ultra-left and the alternative right.

The future of anarchy


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