Eddie Falcon: Vet, Rapper, Organizer & Anarchist

This week's show features a conversation Eddie Falcon. Eddie is a Chicano veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan wars who organizes with Iraq Veterans Against The War (IVAW), performs revolutionary hip hop as Forty Thieves, and is an anarchist.

Over the hour, Eddie lays down his experiences and views of class, race, patriarchy and militarism.

This show will stream at AshevilleFM from 3AM, August 19, 2013 for a week. This show will podcast at radio4all.net. Older archives of the show can be found at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org or by searching archive.org and radio4all.net for the show title.

Criticism, Critique, Concerns?: email us at thefinalstrawradio( at)riseup( dot)net



eddie falcon is one real ass nigga

wow, and here i was going to make fun of the author for feeling the need to point out he's "Chicano" (shouldn't it be Xican@ if you're going full jargon on it?)

Looks like it's taken from the description on https://myspace.com/fortythievessf

IVAW is a nationalist organization.

Could have strong nationalist tendencies among membership, but in their mission/values/vision it recognizes the community created by those who've served in and been affected by the GWOT who have come to disagree with it as defining membership. And their second value recognizes that the military culture has worked to "dehumanize our so-called enemies, as well as ourselves. Everyone deserves dignity and respect; we recognize the humanity of all people."

Saw this Eddie wow always been a great person hope your doing great remember my crazy ass dad and the cops I'm hanging with Paul kirk talking about old times and brought up your name glad I saw you on google

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