Evolving Anarchy

I'd like to think that the term anarchy will continue to evolve, grow, and transform to integrate ever more complexity and thus continue to find relevancy in the larger culture. Hopefully, it will create more space for people to engage with it in ever more complex ways that don't dilute it but rather weave ever more channels of access into it, creating ever more opportunities for creative collaboration and interdependence.

Furthermore, anarchy will expand ever further to be a space where people can come exactly as they are and be supported in their unique and individual journey toward the ever deepening experience and understanding of truth, freedom, and love.

At it's core, I see anarchy as a process of inquiry into truth, freedom, and love. At different points in one's life that pursuit and inquiry will look radically different theoretically, pragmatically, emotionally, socially, and lifestyle wise. But anarchy is not nor has it ever been a rigid dogmatic ideological set of beliefs, a specific lifestyle, etc. The simplest definition I can come up with is:

Anarchy: an inquiry and pursuit of freedom, truth, and love.

Below I've explored where I see anarchy and the larger society evolving toward starting with a look at the 60's.
I'd describe the key attributes of the era from the 60's till now as being about 'dropping-out', 'deconstructing', 'rebelling against', and 'attacking' one's relationship with everything - family, religion, country, gender, power, culture, etc. That which was normal, the norms of society, were/are challenged, questioned, deconstructed, rebelled against, attacked, etc. I think this is has been really helpful, healthy, and necessary process for most of us individually and for the larger culture.

In romantic relationships there is a term often used called differentiation. It is the process of disentangling one's identity from the other (be it a person, religion, government, region, culture, community, gender, etc). It is a process of individualization. Society, speaking most directly of the US but mostly true for western civilization in general, has been in a process of breaking down into it's smallest social unit - the individual.

In many ways and areas, anarchists have played a leading edge roll in this process. And I'd say to this day the most visible things with the anarchist label attached to them are engaged in this process as their primary focus. However, I believe there is a significant shift happening that is making a fundamental break with this process of differentiation, which will still continue on. However there seems to be a significant yet new process emerging.

At some point, as one goes further and further down this rabbit hole of tearing apart and deconstructing their external and internal identities, a major perspective shift happens. It is a recognition of our fundamental interconnectedness to all of it - family, culture, nature, etc. Our identity as a separate, unique, individual becomes a much more complex creature. A unique individual for sure...but more like an organ unable to be separated from the complex web of relating within a much larger and more complex organism.

So for example, the idea of dropping out of society now days is becoming more and more absurd. Where does one drop out to? The 60's idea of buying some land to go start a commune on and being free from the governmental, mainstream cultural influences, etc seems almost childish these days...as if the issues facing the world will just politely stop at the boundaries of your intentional community.

More and more people, are also recognizing that they can run away from their biological families but they just just reproduce the same patterns and dysfunctions with their 'chosen' family. So with this many are choosing to go back and reconnect with their biological families, and deal with these issues at the source directly often with the support of their 'chosen' family/friends.

People who've made this shift often have very complex identities that have been impacted by a diverse range of influences. It is their unique constellation of important experiences or tools necessary to help them at each junction of their inquiry and pursuit of truth, freedom, and love. At one point in might of been crime thinc at another moment it might of been buddhism at another some therapy modality. However, though there is great appreciation for each one of these they are not worshiped and mistaken as an end in and of them-self.

Furthermore, the dualities become less meaningful and useful...right/wrong, pro/anti, etc. From this new perspective we get and even appreciate the complexities of life that we once would of condemned as hypocrisies. For example, we can hold and appreciate the complexities of our experiences with technology of both the ways it is a powerful and meaningful aspect of our lives while we also yearn to feel more deeply connected to nature (even this is a gross over-simplification).

From this new perspective of anarchy, we have less and less interest in moralistic judgement. We become more curious about the complex factors and contexts that a given behavior or idea came out of. It is less and less satisfying to cast blanket blame, even toward the conceptual bogymen the state, capitalism, hierarchy, authority, power, white men, police, etc.

But nor do we fall into some kind of spiritual relativism that dismisses critical thought, discernment, etc. We are not satisfied with simplistic platitudes and slogans neither spiritual ones such as "it's all one", "All we need is Love", etc anymore than we are wooed by the political rhetoric of "smash the state", "attack", or what ever catchy slogan the kids are chanting these days

We are not interested in building communities that attempt to sever their ties with the rest of the world by dropping-out or attacking. Instead, we yearn for a sense of community that first and foremost arises from deep within us and yet also co-arises externally through our elaborate and complex network of relationships with our friends, family, culture and sub-cultures, nature, the local/regional/national/global economic and political systems, etc. We see ourselves as node in a complex system, organism...with our function being to strive toward ever more congruent relating with all that intersects with us in the ever evolving and deepening inquiry and pursuit of love, truth, and freedom.




I am a mouse, don't shoot me down comrade becomes I am a nerd don't disconnect me from facebook conciliatory explanations.

its reallly cool time in history because a lot of dumb people just became aware that capitalism is bad and read a couple if tiqqun books and heard of karl marx other things they can mouth and chant and write articles about on the internet.

its like the sixties. but even more cynical.

Let's hope they don't read Baudrillard OMG the chanting would be unintelligible!!

no no no that would be more cocteau twins less chumbawamba = way cooler

that last paragraph made me cringe. people should stop using this whole "we" thing........

Unless they have worms...

why is everyone on this site such a fucking critical asshole?

HAHAHAHA good one.

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