The Ex-Worker Podcast, Episode #21: Communism & Socialism, part 2

From CrimethInc.:

#21: Communism and Socialism, pt.2 – We’re back with the second installment of our exploration of anarchism’s complicated relationship with communism. Ex-worker’s Russia correspondents Misha and Anastasia come to us through the fuzzy airwaves of history, reporting live from the Russian revolution and what the anarchists are up to…. we’ll see how that goes. We’ll also hear some more feedback from everyone’s favorite gubernatorial candidate, anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, as well as extensive coverage of eco- and animal-liberation actions and prisoner rebellions from around the world.

You can download this and all of our previous episodes online. You can also subscribe in iTunes here or just add the feed URL to your podcast player of choice. Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to You can also call us 24 hours a day at 202–59-NOWRK, that is, 202–596–6975.



How can I be absolutely certain none of the people involved with this podcast are snitches, social anarchists, or Noam Chomsky?

I have a liberal-ball, which tells me who is liberal. It has never failed me. I can consult it if you want

ps yes crimethinc definitely are social anarchists, so yes I would be wary around anyone who wrote for them, organized for them, liked them, and keep my eyes open in regards to said people being snitches or selling me out in some other fashion, fucking me over in one of myriad ways. same as I don't immediately invite IWWers to prole stroll with me until I do some investigation and probing on them.

does that rustle your jimmies

. . . . you're paranoid, drunk and very very sexy. What are you not wearing right now?

"What are you not wearing right now?"

lol that was actually the first funny thing you've said thus far.

but seriously prove to me that you're not a @bookstore worker or a 35 years member of the moderation team of this site.

because your security culture is so weak that you're either a) one of those things and never take any risks, so never have to worry about security 2) in federal prison after getting ratted out by all the liberals and snitches you let dominate the scene you were in 3) in federal prison after rolling with someone who was denouncing anarchism on a street corner because "you can't be sure if they were sincere or not" or 4) either someone who gets caught over and over again and just rats out their friends ever time or one of many snitches in a dynamic and ever changing community entirely composed of them

You are so smart! I am in fact in federal prison. I am using a prison computer and a prison internet connection to post on an anarchist website. And how clever of you to realize that all of the comments here are coming from one person! See, there's no time constraints here in this federal prison in which I am confined. So I can just sit here and post comments to an anarchist website all day! No one minds.

Dude, you have serious mental health problems, you need to get your shit together before you come back here. You're paranoid delusional, you're getting trolled by a whole bunch of different people, and it's just painful to watch.

Being against communism is racist because some black people like communism. Burning down communist offices is like what the KKK did in the south!


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