Extended riots in Exarcheia four years after the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police

Extended riots in Exarcheia four years after the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police
On December 6, 2012, four years on from the cold-blooded murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police, the Athens neighbourhood of Exarcheia saw yet another round of riots and clashes between people and the police.

As of 22.30 GMT+2 (Athens time) intense clashes continued at Exarcheia square, as well as at Mesollogiou and Tzavela streets, which is where Alexis was murdered. Barricades have been set up in many side-streets leading to the square. Riot police have attempted to storm the square a few times, only to be fought back by the people. In one of those occassions an undercover policeman was discovered by the people and severely beaten.

There is at least one heavily injured demonstrator. So far, at last 78 people have been detained of which 9 were arrested (i.e. charged).



Perpetuating the cycle of violence. Nice job manarchists at bringing down even MORE repression on immigrants, LGBTQ, and people of color. If you all are acting up like a bunch of testosterone filled hooligans, then you deserved to get beat and shot by the police.

You can't blame them for the repression committed against minorities and the LGBTQ community. That is the choice of the police and the police alone. Furthermore, keeping the pressure up against the state is a good thing. The last thing Greece needs is a stagnation of resistance from the left.

Get rid of that q homie. We don't wanna seem uninformed in binary standards.

"then you deserved to get beat and shot by police."

You've said it all, you fascist scumbag... I'd be glad to "repress" the hell out of you in a riot, cop!

WTF... you are calling them manarchists and counter-revolutionary?
you obviously have no idea about the situation in greece, and fascism to you is a section of your history books.



Said like a true manarchist.

'said like a true manarchist'

said like a true cointelpro agent.

IGTT 2/10

Yeah because manarchist tactics such as black blocs are never infiltrated by cointelpro agents... Oh wait I forgot, the black bloc organization is entirely orchestrated by cointelpro agents to discredit the peaceful movements of people of color and women. It's always white male bodied anarchists who hijack these movements and turn them violent and turn the mainstream against us. Check yourselves and learn to be an ally of people of color, women, and Native Americans instead of going around and acting out your male power fantasies on police officers and disabled queer women at anarchist bookfairs.

AHHH! I can't tell who's trolling!

Who trolls the trolls?

COINTROLPRO: Counter-insurgent troll program.

Looking at this wrong. black bloc is a tactic not an organization. black blocs aren't always orchestrated by cointelpro, and actually, it works best for blocs to be infiltrated rather than organized by pigs. people of color and women don't have movements compatible with black bloc in the first place, so I don't know where you're getting that. Oh right, you're breeding homophobia, racism and sexism as attempts to discredit anarchists, black blocs, and tactics. That sounds destructive, yo. Should quit that because you're not helping anyone inserting racism where there's not racism. So here's thing, white male manarchists hmmm. I think it is white privilege that the one that can comit crime and get away with it will always be the white male manarchist. It doesn't make sense to say "stop doing good things", but rather, to break down whatever social or racial injustice makes people of color and women not want to smash shit up. Add to the fire, don't put it out. Middle class is a misnomer. The last of the middle class are dying out and slipping into poverty. Everybody's poor, or rich. Anything in between is a lie told by white gatekeepers who are viciously trying to pretend everything is alright like a mother comforting her child. But we're not children, we're not all white, we're not all men, and we're not all middle class. Your argument falls out because you're employing the same generalizations against us that have been long irrelevant. SDS was the last time any movement was headed by white men of middle class. Anything since then is another factor. The Black Panthers still exist, still do good work... anarcho-queers have playfully and yet seriously painted America pink and black (even to the point that seattle police department thinks pink and black are now gang colors, and dressed up ridiculously in them at a recent attempt of infiltration). So where are you standing? Femiminism is alive and well - go to Oakland and try to start that shit among the Feminist Vigilantes. Question remains. Why are few natives and few blacks openly anarchist? Because not everybody can afford to adopt a quo. The indiginous people have been doing anarchy looooooong before the white pricks and the blacks find they agree with many of the principles but are being subject to some of the worst kinds of cultural assimilation, repression, and eugenics since white people did to Turtle Island. Stop being divisive. We need to find ways to work together in solidarity - not convert everybody and then also point fingers and start bullshit conversations just leading to more division. If you want to talk cointelpro, let's talk about how you're hurting more than helping. Get over it. Stop being so white and we'll stop having a demographic. Problem solved. Get on with it. Start up an affinity group, arm, and square away your insurrectionism so we can stop dancing around the burning bush.

I'll take "manarchy" troll over this idiot anyday^^

Gawd, ur so fracking helpful!

One day life with triumph over death

What if the pigs just stayed home for once? Perhaps the "manarchists" would have no enemy to fight. Maybe the state and all of the agents that create it, should let people be their own masters... The last time I checked, the state still has the monopoly on violence. The worst crimes of repression are committed by people obeying orders. So take your cointelpro attitude, and shove it!

What if our tax money went to anarchist rock hurlers and the police had to hold a bake sale to buy an armored personel carrier?

What if they flyered for a riot and nobody showed up?

I remember in the original amazing spiderman game, you could type in a cheat and enter 'what if' mode where basically everything is weird and doctor octopus would throw flowers at you after you put banannas in his exhaust holes.

Yeah, I think it's a bit curious how "manarchists" are the "violent" ones. What about the police? What about all them "peaceful" liberals sippin' their Starbucks "free" trade coffee and shit, no they too peaceful to be anything but helpful, sure...

And, sure, we can suppose that if there were no dangerous manarchists there, we surely could avoid all this violence and get to the nitty gritty of real freedom and justice.

Yeah, that's the most logical argument. Agreed.

Um.... yeah I'm pretty sure y'all are responding to trolls...

thankyou <3

Sweet !!! Some hardcore riot porn, I'm going to send this to Jeremy Hammond !

Two greek anarchists are sitting together making molotov cocktails. One says “so, who are we going to throw these at?” the other replies: “what are you, a fucking intellectual?”

fucking Americans all you lame fucks do is talk shit online. to the streets you scared puppies!

Then why are you typing and trolling and not making total smash? The same reason as us. Many are afraid that to embark on insurrection is suicide if they aren't backed up by comrades, afraid that they will be called crazy, and afraid to lose their families or the things they cherish. Is everyone like that? No. There is talk going on about raising a Black Army as a provisional autonomous force. The problem, more than anything, is security culture post COINTELPRO is so complete that we have no idea how to find other insurrectionists willing to lock'n'load without worrying about who's an infiltrator and who's gonna get who in jail and being all sneaky-sneaky as if there was such thing as an underground. Does it seem silly to the world? Mayhaps. But here, it's a powerful, gut-wrenching fear. I'd say, I think safely, that this fear of initiation is the current American Anarchist struggle. Above all else.

"There is talk going on about raising a Black Army as a provisional autonomous force."

"insurrectionists willing to lock'n'load "

what? what are you talking about?

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Other Hooligans of the Grand Jury, I present to you, A Stupid Question.

not really, that person is definitely just making stuff up.

About the Black Army?


I mean that would be cool but

,,,but a capitalist run helicopter-gunship would unleash mini-gun fire during one of the Black Army's secret barbques and,,,,


Large scale, high intensity warfare is soooo 1860's.

First, guerrilla warfare. Many small pockets of autonomous black army freedom fighters - you can't seem them coming or predict the movements because there's no command structure, and you can't engage them all because the US federal agents and their pawns can only be spread so thin before losing combat effectiveness. Unless the US government decides to start killing indiscriminately like Syria's Assad, gunships, drones, tanks, and bombers have no use in attacking the black army on homeland soil. To do so would produce the very same result as current Syria. Annihilation of the federal government by uprising.

Second, I think you might not be taking into account the difficulty of a US soldier or national guard member to fire upon their own people. Will some do it without question, yes, but will they all? No. Killing the black army will not be an easy task no matter how staunch the fascist.

Assad's regime, which isn't more authoritarian as the so-called US government, is fighting mostly against a bunch of SHIITE mercenaries from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who've been "protesting" with guns from the start and are the same people who took over the dictatorship in Egypt and Libya. This is destabilization towards another form of tyranny (regime change), and not destabilization towards anarchy. The FSA aren't freedom fighters, but tools of NATO/Israel.

Not only your reference is dumb-founded, but it's damn far from the context of anarchist struggle in North America.

True that, way out of context. Destabilize the region, nay, the world, as they have done for the last 100yrs.

You obviously are naive about human nature, sorry, but it's blatant, and this niceness you possess IS noble and precious, almost bordering on sensitive gayness, but nevertheless fallacious.

fancy words, but no.

Human nature... right.

The black army doesn't have to merge with other militias it could remain seperate and still collaborate and make deals. That way we can protect our people from abuse.

Exactly. Don't lose your principles and remember you fight for the people, not a militia. Allies, comrades, separate but equal.

I think that was kind of a realization had around my group, we were kinda like "sure, we'll join" but now it's kind of a "participating allies" sort of thing after we thought about it more. Difficult to explain, but we kinda said the same thing as oberon.

the streets? Guh... You mean the catwalk?

- random north-american hipster

This is very cool! Totally in support.

and to think people here in Washington are celebrating legalized weed today.

"In one of those occassions an undercover policeman was discovered by the people and severely beaten."

More awesomeness from the Greek. Exactly how the fucking undercover pigs should be treated, so to make their job more threatening.

...and cut their genitalia and send them by mail to Golden Dawn offices!

Fuck you Greece for making us look bad. But I will definitely be waiting on that riot porn

NEVER FORGET!!!!! This is the @'s 9/11

Some of the more impressive trolling I've seen! Slow clap! Good show!
You really took the time to build a quality psyche profile.

But I wonder about you troll, such intimate knowledge of adolescent anarchism, you MUST have been on the other side of sincerity once upon a time. What happened? Did the limp-wristed impotence and irrelevance of the milieu slowly poison and finally break your heart?

... aw, I made myself sad. : ' (

Which troll are you talking to? I'm no stranger to heartbreak but I'm still idealistic.

I think, the anonymous one. :D!

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