Final Straw: Clean water solidarity in WV & Sean Swain's bid for election

from AshevilleFM

This episode features three content portions.

The first will be the 2nd in our hopefully ongoing presentation of audio essays by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, currently held in isolation at Ohio State Prison in Youngstown Ohio for alleged involvement in the Army of the 12 Monkeys, a nascent prisoner guerilla sabotage movement in Ohio prisons which is spreading every wider. Sean Swain denies involvement in the group and a self-identified member of that movement denies his involvement yet he's been convicted of it despite any evidence and is now serving 23 hours a day in solitary, without human contact. We'll be featuring mostly weekly segments by Sean from inside prison until the fascist running dogs at OSP shut off our communication. Here Sean gives his bid in hopes of being elected not the next governor of Ohio in 2014, but the last. Check out some of his writings at

Our second segment is a conversation with Nat and D, two anarchists in the
South East of the U.S. doing mutual aid solidarity work with communities
in West Virginia effected by the leaking of chemicals by the sarcastically named Freedom Industries, a company involved in providing chemicals for coal extraction.
For more info, if you have the fakebook account:

The third part of the show, about half of it, will be the first track by Evergreen Refuge from their album As The Fires Burn. Check more of their work out at:

To hear archives of the show, check out and you can contact us there with content suggestions or questions.



How about petitioning some well-known independent electoral activists, like, say, Ralph Nader, to support Sean Swain's candidacy? I can predict there's eve a few Hollywood actors who'd like to support Sean.

That's not a bad idea. If we could get Dennis Kucinich, Noam Chomsky, and Medea Benjamin to put their endorsement behind Swain's election campaign.

Them too... but please no Chomsky! And why not, Jesse Ventura?

I have a question why don't people admire that north korea DOESNT HAVE HOMELESS STREET PEOPLE AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND PRISONS but rather re-education farms WHY DON"T THEY HAVE CONSUMERISM AND MALLS because they enjoy the simple life of working the land and singing and dancing WHY DO THEY HAVE FAMINES because that is nature and prevents overpopulation WHY ARE THEY SO CALM AND UNSTRESSED because they are unified and compassionate WHY IS EVERYONE ATTACKING THEM when they just wish to be left alone I AM NOT A MARXIST but it seems better than capitalism!

Ah, its just a troll

hahaha good one.
i give you a 7 avakian-bot!

this couldn't be more NPR

I imagine bursts as someone who wears pullover sweaters...

*smooth, placid voice* and now for some evergreen refugees, oh you're in for a treat, what an interesting band, one of my favorites, this is Asheville public radio

i'd take a shock jock frothing at the mouth about political correctness while the sidekick presses a button to activate computer generated fart noises any day

Yes NPR is totally covering prison conditions and resistance every week. Oh wait- not really and when they d its with a pannel of "experts" not incarcerated prisoners. Get outta town with your weak sauce troll critique of voice inflection. the program is well done informative and relevent. You know what I would take anyday? A way to exchange information between like minded @s that isn't just haters and nitpicking critical blowhards.

You want to discuss tone? How about the general tone of this site. The ability to critique and tear something down means nothing unless you're working on the project, an alternative or doing something productive besides just having a really snide opinion.

critiquin something means nothing if you arent doing something 'productive'? you get out, liberal

Yeah actually just shooting things down without working on similar issues... doesn't mean much to me. And productive in a general sense. Productive like conflict, resistance, prisoner support. You know doing shit. Internet warriors unite in more than an identity based on teasing out all the negative shit or straight up shit talking.

productive, they say

1. Calling this radio show milquetoast is the trollcop equivalent of saying a banner drop sucked because it wasn't a shooting. That garbage is pernicious for a variety of reasons.

2. As much as we all want to reject the activist framework of productivity, if you literally aren't doing anything but shitting on other people's efforts, you are an enemy. Morale is a decisive factor. Thankfully, you can't have much influence on others' morale from this great distance, but it still speaks to your values, motivations, and goals.

Hear hear... Statist shill just wanna save his beloved NPR and electoral fanfiction system from the anarchist critique destroying it from within. It's like the Red invasion in the '80s.

But true, NPR is the USA's Soviet Pravda, so no they'll never cover the prisoner situation.

"i'd take a shock jock frothing at the mouth about political correctness while the sidekick presses a button to activate computer generated fart noises any day"

Uh need anyone say more?
fuck you troll/cop.

" i'd take a shock jock frothing at the mouth about political correctness while the sidekick presses a button to activate computer generated fart noises" over this milquetoast shit any day


Don't talk about my grandpa like that!

hey bursts how did your asheville mayoral candidacy work out

this isn't the equivalent of a banner drop; this is the equivalent of a banner drop by a non-profit

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