The Final Straw: Jeremy Hammond

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This week's show features a conversation with the anarchist, Jason Hammonds, about his brother, Jeremy, who's been imprisoned over a year without trial for allegedly leaking information to Wikileaks. The second conversation is an interview with a member of the Belarus Anarchist Black Cross about recent history and repression in Belarus.

First things first: Jeremy Hammond. The first half of this week's show will be a discussion with Jason Hammonds, brother of imprisoned anarchist hacker and freedom of information activist Jeremy Hammond. Jeremy has been imprisoned for a year as the government builds it's case against him. Jeremy Hammond is accused of working with the hacker group, Anonymous, and for leaking information liberated from Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, and giving it to WikiLeaks. Much of the information in the so-called Stratfor Files indicate spying by company for the Federal Government on foreign leaders, Occupy Wall St, activists in Bhopal India and the hidden indictment against wikileaks-founder Julian Assange, among other things. More info on the case can be found at and

The second half of this week's show features content gleaned from a friendly project out of Berlin, Germany. Anarchistisches Radio Berlin is a project that produces content for pirate radio around Germany and has been featuring interviews of recent in English when that is the common language between host and interviewee. The following segments features a conversation with a member of the Belarus Anarchist Black Cross on the subject of repression in their country. For the security of the guest, their voice was replaced by that of a German comrade. In order to translate into American radio a little better, we've overdubbed the interviewers voice as well. To learn more about the situation in Belarus, check out To find out more about this project, check out their website at


This show will stream at afm through March 31, 2013. It's also podcastable via



Bring out Chicago's hardcore!!!!

Love and solidarity to Hammond!!

fag core, coming out NOW!!!!

Was Bill Ayers also interviewed for the show ? You know the Maoist-turned-Capitalist that Jeremy Hammond lists as his biggest influence.

Read Anarchist literature, not Maoism !

most explicitly anarchist literature is shit

If you're not an Anarchist, why are you hanging out on anarchistnews ?

who said i wasn't

"most explicitly anarchist literature is shit"

That's like a Marxist saying "most of Karl Marx's writing was shit"

If you think most explicitly anarchist is shit, then what do you actually read ?

it's not like that at all

I read the International Social Review (favorite magazine) and I really enjoy Zizek, Agamben, Badiou among other similar writers.

I'm probably more of an Anarchist than you.

International Socialist Review...wrote that too fast.

This is pathetic. When you said "most explicit anarchist literature is shit", you basically meant to say "i'm a marxist-leninist trolling on an anarchistnews site"....fuck your international socialist review, zizek, agamben, and badiou.

I wonder how many comments on this website are from non-anarchist, anti-anarchists (like yourself), and other indifferent assholes

Why are you being so hard on Bill Ayers ?

I'm definitely not an Anarchist, more of a Marxist...but I don't understand randomly bashing a radical like Ayers or the ideas of Maoism. If Jeremy Hammond is influenced by Anarchism and Maoism, he probably brings a fresh perspective that is needed in anarchist circles and especially in the website.

marxists pigs go home!

anarchistnews for anarchists!

While I agree that we need to stop having such knee-jerk reactions to historical figures like Ayers, and others, simply because of their former Maoist tendencies. That being said, we can learn the most from their movements if we make sure to be critical of these Maoist ideas. Sorry, Maoism is most definitely NOT a "fresh perspective." The ubiquitous Maoist tendencies that defined almost all of the radical left during the late 1960s-early 1970s was disastrous. I like Bill Ayers. I really enjoy learning about the Black Panther movement. I think there were a lot of really dedicated revolutionaries involved in those movements, and we can learn positive lessons from their actions. But their Maoist tendencies almost always detracted from, and in some ways poisoned their movements. And I haven't even begun to speak of what would have happened to the rest of us if they had succeeded. Needless to say, it wouldn't be pretty. Maoism is a dead end as far as anti-capitalist movements should be concerned...

Jeremy Hammond is a Maoist but he is also influenced by anarchist ideas. It is confusing, but he is nonetheless an awesome guy fighting against corporate capitalism and wants to see a state led by the People, rather than corporate interests.

"Michaud, 10 years older than Hammond, took Jeremy under her wing, inviting some of the world's most well-respected activist trainers to meet with her group in Chicago. Once she even invited HAMMOND'S HERO, BILL AYERS, to a potluck dinner. Jeremy was star-struck. "He called him 'sir,' " she recalls, laughing. "That was funny: This big anarchist who was so anti-hierarchy called Bill Ayers 'sir.'"

Ayers recalls Hammond as one of a group of "terrific and supersmart young people" who engaged in "a lively discussion about activism." But Hammond's politics were far more radical than the activists with whom he now associated, and he could be scathing with those that he felt lacked the sufficient revolutionary cred."

Ayers is a privileged asshole who helped lead an authoritarian, state-capitalist Maoist Vanguardist movement.

Aw come on, Hammond was influenced by Ayers a bit when he was a kid. I've got a few embarrassing stories like that from when my politics were still taking shape. When you read Hammond's own shit, he says lots of great stuff about direct action and frustration with the lack of it. Action-oriented folks often put other militants up on pedestals because they got past the first big hurdle that most of us never do.

Stop trying to exercise an authoritarian tendency over others. Free speech is the ability to say things people don't agree with.

Free speech also is about letting neonazis spread anti-semitic or racist propaganda online, what allows douchebags to post comments like "WHITE POWER!" or "Kill all Jews" or posting images of black people depicted as monkeys on 4chan or other outlets. So yeah fuck you and your free speech.

All of which (including your little hissy fit) still falls under free speech until you actually do something besides angry posturing.

fuck you liberal

SIR (or whatever) though I may not agree with what you say, I'm powerless to do anything about it because a keyboard isn't much of a weapon. Maybe I can bore myself to death?

Even the nuances of reading body language and the physiognamy of Maoists, prior to even knowing their political ideas, but on a basic human level, makes the verdict conclusive, condemn all Maoists to the puppet factory of ideology, where the ventriloquists read scripts composed by totalitarian robots.

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