France – On the revolt at the migrants’ detention centre of Vincennes and the arrest of some comrades

From non-fides. via
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now

Let anger explode like fireworks!

On the night of 13th February, a revolt breaks out in the prison for migrants of Vincennes (in Paris), against the deportation of a prisoner. CCTV cameras, doors, furniture and fire extinguishers are destroyed or thrown at the cops. Two migrants are sentenced to two months in prison. On the following day some comrades express their solidarity outside the detention centre, with fireworks and shouts of freedom. Five people get immediately arrested: three are released on bail and two sent to the prison of Fleury-Mérogis (the trial is due on 24th March); they are all accused of ‘armed seditious assembly carried out with masks’ and of refusing to be identified (DNA, fingerprints, pictures), some are also accused of declaring false identity in order to hamper the job of the cops.

This repression doesn’t come up out of the blue. Since their creation, migrants’ detention centres have been the theatre of revolts inside and responses outside (demonstrations, direct attacks on the managers of the machinery of deportation and on those who make profits on it, etc.) This is just yet another revenge of the State against those who are trying to put an end to these prisons by struggling without mediation.

One thing is certain: we are not interested in knowing if the rebels, inside as well as outside, are innocent or guilty because we don’t think according to the penal code but with anger in our hearts. Indignation is useless, solidarity means to contribute to the destruction of the machinery of deportation and imprisonment.
If repression is meant to paralyze one’s will and instil fear to take actions, it only incites our hatred towards the existent made of money, cops and barbed wire.
Freedom is to make war on this world.

Politicians, judges, cops, capitalists: you will never sleep in peace, you bunch of bastards!

18th February 2014

Per i contatti dei prigionieri scrivere a questa mail (anche in italiano):




Really, who wants to read the Coming Insurrection when the insurrectionary anarchists in France produce such poetry!

Though I hate the gang behind Non-fides for their *apparent* tendency at imposing themselves popes of the movement and for the pedantic imagery on the website (no offense, but mind the elitism... it never does anything good), it's great they're working hard to spread this stuff as this is part of the awesomeness happening these days in France, a major weak link in the chain of NATO.

For those who read a minimum of French, I also recommend info is actually a leftist site, not even extreme-left, just left, like the power.
And the message up is probably written by a member of that is really bad at being undercover.

And a lot of the stuff are posting is intelligent, informed and often support nihilistic struggles that have nothing to do with some Party. Or perhaps they are indeed leftists but it doesn't show much (or I dare you to show me where they are supporting the Socialists or Communist Parties).

They just aren't as sectarian and elitist as Non-Fides, that's all.

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