Free Radical Radio

Listen to Free Radical Radio ( every night from 6-8PM California Time!

Free Radical radio discusses radical resistance and projects in Oakland and beyond and takes an anti-civilization perspective to analyze the state of the world and the radical resistance against hierarchy, domination, domestication, and control

Free Radical Radio is hosted by Rydra and Bellamy and is broadcast live in West Oakland every Tuesday from 6-8 PM on

Tonight FRR speaks to a local agitator and activist in west oakland discussing the west oakland specific plan, a city developmental plan looking to speed up gentrification. We also discuss police corruption in SF and King City, we redefine what direct action means, and take a critical eye to symbolic protest!

Find our episodes archived at



free radical is a great name since anti-civ is cancer.

maybe should be anti-occident?

I can't wait to work in the collectively-run factory farms of the anarcho-future.

The foreman will give you plenty to do starting at the lowest rank, and during council meetings you will sit in the back row and be spoken over and ignored.

sounds liberal as hell

this is exactly what i'm saying!!! everything and everyone is so liberal!! except me!! are you like me!?!?

It's cool that this is nightly.

EM waves can truly fuck up prison walls, you know? How about you @s broadcast your programs at 2.2 Khz?

We are weekly and go on tonight

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