Free Radical Radio 49

The Ugly Face of Fracking and Burning Man in the East Bay

Part 1:
Bellamy and Rydra lament coffins and the way civilization deals with life and death, touch a little more on Will Potter's drone use, do a long analysis(wingnut confessional) on technology our critique of its existence and use, discuss some awesome resistance in Canada by the ALF and the continued to the MAT and TAZ, and much more!

Part 2:
Doug and Rydra trash burning man and its connection to tech and development in the East Bay, talk about police murders in Stockton and Staten Island, discuss the situation in Gaza and rail on liberals and peace police, get riled up about fracking in the East Bay, and discuss some flame warring about civilization and technology on facebook


Most excellent.

the show sucks. waste of time - don't listen. sub culture garbage.

Yes! Nothing beat Big Brother computer-generated commercial radio! Actually there's nothing else on the air waves, so...

I wonder if on their next episode they could give us some tips on milking cows?

Will do! We'll make a regular section called "Hippy [sic] Rich Kids [sic] Going Back to the Land Bullshit" - week 1: So You Like to Domesticate: On Milking Cows; week 2: The Joys of Weeding; week 3: Watching Grass Grow: Practicum in Overcoming Alienation

good stuff!

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