Free Radical Radio 53

FRR 53: From Resistance to Impotence with the Peace Police

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Rydra and Bellamy find the world besieged by the peace police, from Oakland to Ferguson. In similar ineptitude, "environmentalists" aim to save species by airlifting them about. Talk of Luke Donovan, people pepper spraying the police, communists with megaphones, and non profits and the peace police doing the cops fucking job for them. Finally, Bellamy finishes the Wingnut Confessional on Agriculture by discussing the oft-overlooked alternative of Horticulture.


this shit is so half baked these people should be embarrassed...dude doesn't think militant to resistance against police murder of young black kids matters because of "global ecocide"?? are you fucking kidding me?

Were you just hearing what you wanted to hear or what? They are right in the way that people aren't revolting much when some wild animals get carelessly crushed on the road, or taken to labs custody for disgusting experients. But even that is just the tio of the iceberg. Not that human's lives are less important, just that we seem to actually threat all non-human life as less important.

In my home city (Mtl), the peace police and non-profits have been controlling the anarchist milieu for a long time. They've been organizing the bookfair and many other events held at rented spaces or nonprofit spaces, maintaining a culture of getting along with society with a smile, while talking about being anarchist and using that to justify really cruel bad-mouthing and identity politics.

So what can we do about it? How can the influence of these people be eroded or broken, so a real movement can form up agaisnt the fascist police State?



This happened in Moncton not long ago.

Anarchistic crusty guy had his buddy shot by RCMPigs. A little later, he grabs a rifle and manages to shoot and kill THREE cops in retaliation, as anarchists of the old days would. Shooting makes the news all over North America.

But strangely, very few anarchist and anti-police outlets talk about it, and there's been ZERO solidarity with that guy's action. In Moncton, no curfew, no army is being deployed as a result. They guy was managed of course, he was caught, put in detention for a long time, but who helped him get away with it? Who's support him now? Guy was apparently on his own... after having stood up for another murdered prole.

Now when a mass movement of people rise up and riot against consumerist slavery (which is all ok in my book), you got tons of reports on Anews and other anarchist media about it. Even though it sent several people in long jail sentences, curfew was imposed on the city, actively supported by the city's reactionary sheeple, National Guard has been deployed and no solution out of this mess is foreseen aside from forced de-escalation from above, through more State terror, perhaps even a bloodshed, since most rioters don't shoot back... they'll at best smash stores and police cars or media trucks. The bullets still are shooting one-way.

So it's very deplorable that individual action is so much thrown in the closet in favor of manageable popular revolts. Both should be covered on Anews, but the POPULIST tendency always seems to get the upper hand in anarchist media. Submedia and Final Straw are even worse to that regard.

This is where our clinging to mass revolt and nonviolence leads; an insurrection that doesn't take off, because of the individual VS collective, and violence VS nonviolence false divides, as well as all the identity politics. Lone wolves should be supported as much as collective uprisings, no matter the level of violence, without any distinction. NO insurgents should be left behind, no matter their skin tone, age, social background or whatever else. You cannot have genuine solidarity if you maintain privileges.

What the State can't handle: defeat in the details. Unpredictable and unorganized attacks against the State that end up destabilizing it to make it dysfunctional, then it breaks apart, as the insurgency keeps getting stronger and bigger. Also this is what the State agents are the most afraid of, the Devil they don't know. Now bring on the Pointcarré, the Deleuze, the Mach, the Zerzan and the Chomsky as much as you want, they won't help developping this kind of dynamic.

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