Free Radical Radio Episode 37- Radicals vs Civilization Reformists: the intersection of police, technology, ecocide, and patriarchy

Episode 37:
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Free Radical Radio is hosted by Rydra and Bellamy and broadcasts live out of West Oakland every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm on 104.1 in the bay and streams at

Free Radical radio discusses radical resistance and projects in Oakland and beyond and takes an anti-civilization perspective to analyze the state of the world and the radical resistance against hierarchy, domination, domestication, and control

In this week's episode Bellamy and Rydra discuss rape culture at large and especially at UC Berkeley, the "exciting" new technology that plans to begin seabed drilling, the FBI working hand in hand with police and oil companies, the oakland political scene and what is actually radical in the context of displacement and gentrification and just general human interaction, and as always we rage on google for their new tattoo and vitamin technology which bring us one step close to the singularity.



The stream doesn't work.

Ya, the stream has been having some issues lately...which is we we put it online, that way you can listen whenever

Yeah, I've been wanting to call in though but since the stream is fucked I don't know the number or when to call. Also rydra, your rage makes me feel validated in mine. <3 Love you guys.

ha thanks! <3
hopefully tuesday the stream is up, ill give the number a couple times throughout the show and post it to our tumblr before the show


There are anarchists that have connected with others to form projects to take unused/vacant land in the midwest. One such project enters its 2nd year, with the intentions of branching into further nodes of vacant land in the heart of a bigger city.

In the midwest and on the east coast this is being done with a goal toward things like earthships, etc...


You talk about the 'singularity' as if it's a bad thing.

Nothing is a "thing," man, because "thing" is just a word and like, words have no inherent meaning. So the singularity IS a bad thing, but like thing means like whatever. So yeah, that leads us to the conclusion that singularity is a bad whatever, so therefore the whatever is a good singularit, and coming is good (I mean what could be better?) so yeah, it's the whatever singularity of the coming community (communism, on display today in Seattle where anarchist demonstrators placed butt shaped poodle dogs with hammer rings on their ears behind riot cops and then pushed them over, figuratively speaking of course.) Thank you for your time.

Nothing's less "radical" than opposing science, defined by its pursuit of root dynamics.

The opposite of radical isn't reformism but shallowness of analysis.

i dont want to have a pissing contest over whats more radical, but descartes said 'i think, therefore i am.' raising the rational capacities over the physical senses is how humans have been able to get to such a shitty place, and its a relatively new phenomenon.

also: scientific analysis is a form of detachment from the world, seeing at always from an outsiders point of view, since its inherently attached to the humanist perspective that we are somehow above everything else.

I'd love to know just what exactly would qualify as pure human senses. Our capacity to experience anything fundamentally involves filtering on the neurological level that's no different from other neurological filtering structures you'd call abstraction. How far in the causal sequence from the brain to the retina do you want to regress? Do you have some arbitrary mid point?

The notion of "pure human senses" is so beyond meaningless and nonsensical.

you cant detach from the world, nigga

lol that fucking decartes quote. scientists dont give a fuck about decartes anymore, why do you? you sound quite ignorant of science, really. scientific analysis is absolutely not "detachment from the world" it's just an organized strategy for looking at the world and answering questions. no one who is biologically literate thinks "we are above everything else", its quite the opposite, they understand the interconnectivity of existence quite a bit more clearly than others. go treat your scabies.

"In this week's episode Bellamy and Rydra discuss rape culture at large and especially at UC Berkeley,"


why are so many women and non-men i know raped throughout their lives then?


and it has nothing to do with a 'culture'. Saying there is a culture of rape is about as dumb as saying there is a 'culture' of robbery.

Fuck ya! Tell that truth to power! Fuck off leftists, you are stupid!

Sir Einzige: Defender of New Age crap and that White Supremacy, Upper Class Privilege, Patriarchy, and Rape Culture do not exist.

The winner of the 2014 Douchebag of the Year award (he (definitely a man) will make many, many, many other David Icke style comments by end of this year.)

I've been waiting for the Icke to come out. Einzige is all about the fringe/contrarian bullshit so I assume it's only a matter of time.

You think I believe in aliens and reptilians anon??? If I reject leftist ghosts why would I take to those things.

Also anarchism is a fringe contrairian worldview.

It is not a big leap of faith for you.

Not much of a jump from Alistair Crowley and AIDS denial...

One more know-it-all dipshit who has spent way too much time on the internet assembling whacked-out bullshit he can spout out to make himself seem "deep" and "sophisticated". Might be charming if every single person on here didn't know another ten douchebags exactly like him...

The only thing I ever said on Crowley was that he is an interesting study on getting in touch with nodes of power. How you derived I am some disciple of his only your retarded brain can comprehend.

As for AIDS "denial", you know I don't deny AIDS if you followed my tit for tat, I don't accept the viral hypothesis. You have to be a believer of the most retarded to still BELIEVE in that hypothesis or any cause/effect germ theory for that matter.

"I don't accept the viral hypothesis. You have to be a believer of the most retarded to still BELIEVE in that hypothesis or any cause/effect germ theory for that matter."

If you were to seroconvert tomorrow perhaps you would change your mind about the "retarded" nature of believing in the viral hypothesis. People with HIV who believe they are host to a virus that has the potential to take out their immune protections aren't "retarded." Why do you think HAART works? Or don't you think HAART works?

You think those folks lucky enough to survive until HAART was developed just had a magical reversal of trends for their low T-helper count? What about cause/effect germ theory is so hard to believe?

You can be critical of western medicine without being a loudmouth denialist you know. Or do you just thrive on saying asinine controversial things just for the hell of it? Your positions on HIV are really hard to stomach, most positive folks globally are dying, quite literally, for lack of access to the antiviral medications that you think its "retarded" to believe in.

"Or do you just thrive on saying asinine controversial things just for the hell of it?"

Nail on the head. Einzige's views on AIDS, like a great many subjects, are laughably uninformed and obnoxiously condescending. He just has a hard-on for feeling like he has some secret knowledge we all lack.

Anon number 1 as I have said many times now, the efficacy of ARVs do not prove the viral hypothesis as fact. All it shows is that the drugs are effective at controlling infections as well as perhaps having some limited anti-oxidant benefits. see the first answer on the page.

Here's a further primer on The Perth Group who are more reflective of my views as opposed to Deusberg.

Also quit with that melodramatic propaganda of people dying, the numbers do not add up and some in the African so-called epicenter of death have actually tried to find the graves‎. How about instead of being a mouthpiece for the AIDS ideologues stumping for ARVs why not make the point that Africa has never had a sanitation revolution on the same level as the Western World and is still dealing with the colonial gun to the head. Africans are dying of the same things that have been killing them for the entire colonial epoch.

If I were to come down with AIDS indicator diseases I would want to get to the bottom of the homeostatic imbalance effecting me. I certainly will do all I can to NOT get a Gallo test which many in the statist world would love to make compulsory.

AIDS is a risk disease not a viral one, germs are partly the reason mammals and other lifeforms exist in the fist place.

Anon number 2 I've looked at this phenomena for a period of years and have come to the obvious conclusions not clouded by emotion and backward thinking. I'm usually on the ball with the latest studies such as this one which shows that HIV ain't so direct a killer. They don't come out and say it, but I read between the lines and come to the proper conclusions.

There are 2 views on people who are sick, treatment and control of infections or attack the virus. The former while not expressly a dissident position is closer to my way of looking at the problem and more in line with reality. The sooner people drop this silly viral hypothesis the better.

But much more non-men are raped then men, and its done systematically. Men don't have to fear for their lives or of being sexually assaulted when walking home at night. Men aren't constantly ignored and dehumanized.

It's rape culture. Deal with it.

There are many problems here...

Also she was nearly raped when walking home and has since gone on with her life. Shook it off like a man would shake off a robbery that did not end in his death.

"Men aren't constantly ignored and dehumanized."

Ohhhh. For a second I thought it might be worth taking you seriously. Thanks for clearing that up.

Truth. I was raped by Sir Einzige. It wasn't the worst experience of my life though.

New Age, open to it because I think the speculative thought and the mythology of some of it is healthy as far as human ideas go. Don't see how anything upper class serves me in anyway. The rest is the language of silly insular Maoist/Marxist derived leftism. I have no interest in propping up or even acknowledging that silly discourse.

That was Sir Einzige's last statement before beinv taken down by the authorities (Reptillians ?).

The People cheered their ever contrarian hero as He was Fighting The Power !!!!!

Rush Limbaugh, high on oxycontin, proclaimed "There goes my hero

Person, usually girl or woman, is making a life for herself.
Someone tries to or succeeds in raping her.
She struggles with authorities and hateful people to get justice
Part of her turns into a nazi.

why should you want justice

Fuck yeah Sir E!
Justice is merely an appeal to the system to restore its proper operation. Police that break the law go to jail. Corrupt politicians are exposed. Dogs that bite children are put to death. Shit like that.

To be against domination might not have shit to do with the person's above dumb ass situation. It might have something to do with the systems of domination in her life? Maybe she should destroy her fucking T.V. and put on some dark clothes and go around at night fucking up politicians, high level bureaucrats, business executives or wealthy family members homes to relieve boredom? Spray paint "Next Time Fire" as your signature. Fuck yeah, that's what's not activism! Hardcore!

I love rpgs! By that I mean roleplaying games ;-) I'm trained in the art of knowing what matters for power and influence because they are who vampires should control with their "contacts" and "influence" backgrounds. When you have a game that says, hey, your dude is going to be powerful, you have to know what real power is and not just having money. Wealthy oligarchs in Russia fear Putin. The government of Egypt fears its military. Power, power, power. We aren't here to save people, but to end domination. Having a knowledge of how power operates matters as far as it moves an anarchist to act. It need not be a complicated nor necessarily correct interpretation. The main thing is the act and linking the act to the actions of anarchists or anarchist groups, unless the act itself is something that needs not be spoken about.

Take down the electrical infrastructure of a town as a tactic in a larger strategy to break the spell of the spectacle on it might produce, at first, hatred of those that did it. But then, with perhaps even the proper spreading of propaganda, it could be pointed out that people need to rely on each other to make it through life and the intermediaries that tie their lives down stand in the way of real relationships and real discourse. I love people!

please don't generalize

The Democratic People's (not)Republic of the (not)Kingdom of Anarchistan faces a grave crises. Renegade Artificial Intelligence of all manner have begun to infiltrate our great and powerful (not)empire. We see here, this pitiful specimen, disguised in the dishonorable garb of our most hated enemies, fruity, pomo, identity politics hacks. But lo, even our most despicable enemies can claim to be human. These filthy AI are nothing more than preprogramed pseudo intellectual garbage trucks, dumping onto our great (not)empire the most toxic and debilitating ideas. This is, for all intents and purposes, ideological colonialism. My dear comrades, these times are difficult and though it pains me to say this, our strategies too must be difficult. We cannot at this time satisfy ourselves with the cool patient hand of the surgeon. The moment of crisis is too deeply embedded in our (not)republic, our not schools, not bureaucracies, our not republic and yes, lamentably, our entire not empire. These times call for a butcher knife instead of a scalpel. This horrible cancer of artificial intelligence must be expunged completely even if it means cutting off an entire hand or arm or leg. These lessons are painful but in the end, it is our survival, the survival of our grand not republic, that we are concerned with, not the pathetic political theater of a handful of conmen and their prostituted ideologues and science men, with their gadgets and slogans, chauvinisms and bigotries, with their hatred of beauty and love of death. Let the streets run red with the empty slogans of empty spectres who have run their course in the unfolding timeline of history! We have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

please don't generalize

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