Fugitive Summons Issued for U.S. Black Anarchist, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

From Memphis Black Autonomy Federation


In an attempt to disrupt the anti-police brutality work in Memphis, Tenn., USA. and the city’s March 30 Anti-Klan protest, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s department in Chattanooga, Tenn. (very likely working with other law enforcement agencies in Tennessee), has issued a “fugitive” summons for U.S. black anarchist, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin. He is the author of Anarchism and the Black Revolution and the co-founder of the Black Autonomy Federation, whose chapter in Memphis has organized several protests against police brutality and made the national call for the upcoming Anti-Klan protest.
The summons stems from court costs the county claims that Lorenzo owes in connection with a 12-year-old misdemeanor conviction. Damon McGee, Mikail Musa Muhammad (Ralph P. Mitchell), and Lorenzo were convicted in January, 2001, for disrupting a Chattanooga (Tenn.) City Council meeting in 1998 where they went to protest against police brutality. At the time, Chattanooga had the highest number of people killed by police in U.S. cities with populations under 200.000..
Damon has also received a “fugitive” summons. Mikail died in 2006. There is no statute of limitations in the U.S. on the collection of court fees and fines, and Damon and Lorenzo could be arrested at any time.
The Chattanooga 3, as they were called, were convicted for violating Tennessee’s “Disrupting Meetings Law,” which makes it illegal for anyone by “physical action or verbal utterance” to interfere with a lawful meeting. The law should be declared unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly.
At the May 19, 1998 city council meeting, the chairman of the council had agreed to allow Lorenzo to speak on behalf of the Coalition Against Police Brutality to present a proposal for community control of the police. More than 100 people packed the meeting to back the proposal. But when the time came, the city council president would not allow Lorenzo to speak. Police arrested him when he attempted to read the proposal from the speaker’s podium. Damon and Mikail, who were at the podium with Lorenzo, were also arrested.
The Chattanooga 3 went on trial in a kangaroo courtroom. For one thing, the jury pool was tainted. One juror was a neighbor of the prosecutor. Worse, a married couple was on the same jury pool! The judge refused to allow defense attorneys to use the First Amendment in arguing their cases.
The conspiracy against the Chattanooga 3 became crystal clear after sheriff’s deputies allowed a black man to bring a gun into the courtroom. The man, who said he was a supporter of Osama Bin Laden, claimed that Lorenzo told him to bring the gun to the courtroom. The defendants had to remove some of the jurors prior to jury deliberations because of this prejudicial orchestrated event.
The Chattanooga 3 had support from activists around the world, who sent hundreds of emails to the Hamilton County district attorney. This international support and the fact that two days prior to sentencing, supporters held a big rally in Chattanooga that was widely publicized in the ruling class media, forced the judge to give the three activists suspended sentences.
The Chattanooga 3 case was Lorenzo’s second conviction for violating the disruption meetings law. In 1994, he and another activist were convicted for protesting against police brutality across the street from a memorial service for police held in Chattanooga in 1993. In this case, the Tennessee Supreme Court refused to hear Lorenzo’s appeal.
What You Can Do To Help:
1. Contact Criminal Court Judge Rebecca Stern, who presided over the Chattanooga 3 trial. Email , call or fax her and demand that she withdraw the “fugitive” summonses issued for Lorenzo and Damon McGee. Send email using the URL below.
If you are in the U,S., call Stern at (423)209-7500 or send a fax to her at (423)209-7501.
2. Make protests to Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond, using the URL below for email)
Call the sheriff at( (423)209-7000, or send a fax to (423)209-7001 (if you are in the U.S.)
3. Circulate this email widely to ABC, autononmist and left groups around the U.S.and internationally.
Peace and love,
JoNina Ervin
Acting Chair
Memphis Black Autonomy Federation
P.O. Box 16382
Memphis, Tennessee USA 38186-0382


" The law should be declared unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly."


it's telling if that's all you have to say about this.

is it also telling that "it's telling if that's all you have to say about this." is all you have to say about it? What does it tell? Maybe that we both have other things to do and go in for easy sniping/trolling on anarchistnews?

I get protocols for meetings..duh! They would have better served if they had held protest outside the meeting. Also, we do have Muslims in this country who've ulterior motives rubbing elbows with unsuspecting Americans. Bad cops. Bad Muslims (terrorists). Truth out! Peace.

"Bad Muslims (terrorists)"

Wow. If you don't understand how racist this statement is you should probably kill yourself.
If you DO understand how racist this statement is... you should definitely kill yourself

You realise that there is nothing racial in referencing a religion right? Islam is a religion not a race, that you called someone racist for making a (admittedly poorly informed) reference to a religion which is not racially exclusive demonstrates that you are perhaps more the racist one. Though you both may get the bigotry award.

duh fuq?

"They would have better served if they had held protest outside the meeting."

You mean read the proposal outside? Yeah, we could jerk-off to the impotent, ineffective symbolism like a good leftist would.

Fellow anarchists, listen to Goldie, he's got a good point, those gosh darn muslims with ulterior motives - they're the real enemy, not authoritarian power structures. We were fools to think otherwise, Goldie, thank you for showing us the light. Hallelujah!

You are making no sense at all. Why take the time to even answer? Nothing to do in your worthless life, or else you are just a cop or fascist provacateur.

" The law should be declared unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly."


Clearly he's doing something right if the law are after him. Pigs being pigs, news at 11.


Well. He isn't listed on the Hamilton Countys Sherriff's most wanted list. Nor is he listed on TBI's most wanted list. So they must not consider him very important. Is this the same LorenzoEerwin who likes to bait White leftys for not being revie enough? And who mooched a laptop computer off Denver Anarchist Black Cross a few years back? Be wary of him. He likes to play White and European anarchists for suckers. He's been doing this for decades.

Don't bring us up in slandering Lorenzo. Seriously. He's our comrade and an amazing anarchist and organizer. He didn't mooch anything off of us. He's done a lot of prison time for the movement, he doesn't owe you any explanation as to why a prisoner support collective would provide him with anything.

What movement? He did prison time for planejacking a passenger jet to Cuba.Why is he "amazing"? Because he is Black? Think about it!

He did a lot of prison organizing and founding the Black Autonomy Federation. Also he high-jacked the plane because he allegedly tried to kill the leader of the KKK. Dudes a comrade. Maybe a new convert, but wait why the hell am I even responding to an a-news comment...dammit.
oh well truth be told the acceptance of all black male radicals by most anarchists is a little disturbing especially the authoritarian patriarchs, but Lorenzo is not some token cause, lorenzo, though a bit workerist for my taste, is a solid motherfucker.

Red Bayonet is a cointelbro.

If he likes to bait anarchists, then he's definitely a comrade. Trollidarity!

"He likes to play White and European anarchists for suckers."
Show your evidence and maybe I'll believe you, but you have none for you are a troll.

'Be wary of him. He likes to play White and European anarchists for suckers.'- My experience has shown me that many so called '@'s' of the background you have listed have participated in more mooching, slandering, petty infighting, falsifying stories about people who fall outside their cliques and carried out actions which could be likened to the shit the state does to them and people like Lorenzo than the majority of people I know who don't self identify as such. Even if he did 'play' peeps I still don't see what's necessarily the problem with this. The former category of people spend copious amounts of time fucking over and using people (at least in the state to the north of the U.S.) and I couldn't blame a brotha for feeling rejected and used by these cracks.

If you wanna criticize DABC, it should be for fucking over Walter Bond and then lying about why/how they lifted support for him based on some baseless accusation of homophobia because of some unsubstantiated video which i'm sure doesn't really exist.

"If you were to stumble upon a rape in progress and stove in the rapist’s head, you would be using force to stop a greater violence. It is no different when a vivisector or abortion doctor gets their retribution. As I have said before evil unpunished and unavenged will be continued without end. The absolute worst thing you can do with evil plans, evil methods, and evil people is ignore them and allow them to continue just as with any cancer. Given breathing room and a blind eye, the host will become overrun and die." -Walter Bond

Source: http://supportwalter.org/Articles/Vegan_Hardline_Articles/Our_Golden_Rul...

Many anarchists dropped their support for Walter Bond after he made comments (like the one above) advocating violence against abortion providers. While initially supporting Walter Bond despite his conservative anti-abortion views, but many anarchists saw advocating for patriarchal violence as crossing a line and decided to no longer support this guy. The original DABC article (which is no longer online) did not accuse Walter Bond of homophobia, they simply had asked him (as Walter's support group) for clarification regarding some rumors of homophobia, and he flipped out and requested that DABC no longer support him. So they dropped their support as an organization on Walter's request. DABC did not accuse Walter Bond of homophobia that is a mis-characterization of the DABC statement.

With that being said, Walter has since changed his views on abortion and has renounced alot of his previous conservative statements. I think anarchists should give this guy their full support. People change and grow and we should be supportive of that.

Clever response! Are you a Maoist-Third Worldist? Or are you the doughnut-eating fat guy at the Thornton PD intelligence desk? By the way, real anarchists don't use racially offensive terms like "cracks" (which, I assume, is short for "cracker"?).

"Malcolm X pointed out in the 1960s that no civil rights statutes will give Black people their freedom, and asked if Africans in America were really citizens why would civil rights be necessary. Malcolm X observed civil rights had been fought for at great sacrifice, and therefore should be enforced, but if the government won't enforce the laws, then the people will have to do so, and the movement will have to pressure the government authorities to protect democratic rights. To unite the masses of people behind a working class anti-racist movement, the following practical demands, which are a combination revolutionary and radical reformism, to ensure democratic rights, are necessary:

1. Black and white workers' solidarity. Fight racism on the job and in society.
2. Full democratic and human rights for all non-white peoples. Make unions fight racism and discrimination.
3. Armed self-defence against racist attacks. Build mass movement against racism and fascism.
4. Community control of the police, replacement of cops by community self- defence force elected by residents. End police brutality. Prosecution of all killer cops.
5. Money for rebuilding the cities. Creation of public works brigades to rebuild inner city areas, made up of community residents.
6. Full socially useful employment at union wages for all workers. End racial discrimination in jobs, training and promotions. Establish affirmative: action programs to reverse past racist employment practices.
7. Ban the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis and other fascist organisations. Prosecution of all racists for attacks on people of colour.
8. Free open admissions to all institutions of learning for all those qualified to attend. No racial exclusion in higher education.
9. End taxes of workers and poor. Tax the rich and major corporations.
10. Full health and medical care for all persons and communities, regardless of race and class.
11. Free all political prisoners and innocent victims of racial injustice. Abolish prisons. Fight economic disparity.
12. Rank and file democratic control of the unions by building an Anarcho-Syndicalist labour movement. Make unions active in social issues.
13. Stop racist harassment and discrimination of undocumented workers.

Smash the right wing!
"Fascism is not to be debated. It is to be smashed... "
--Buenaventura Durrutti, Spanish Anarchist revolutionary, 1936"

- From Lorenzo Komboa Ervin's Anarchism and the Black Revolution

How many decades ago was this written??? Some parts of it sound like they come from the Democratic Party platform!!! A 12 yr old could have written this!

This man in one Wikipedia sentence, "In February 1969, Ervin hijacked a plane to Cuba to evade prosecution for allegedly trying to kill a Ku Klux Klan leader. While in Cuba and Czechoslovakia, Ervin became disillusioned with state socialism."

This man in one translation of that Wikipedia sentence: "Extremely pissed off Progressive"

The Puke-ipedia??? LOL!

"Black Autonomy Federation?" ...Snicker
If it's okay to create a federation based on peoples race, why not create a "White Autonomy Federation"?
Why be half-way fraudulent & hypocritical. Go all the way stupid since you're off to a good start. ZING!

Because we live a white supremacist society and all peoples are entitled to cultural autonomy and white isn't really a culture and white people wouldn't really benefit from forming one. If you want to make a nordic/celtic/mediterranean autonomy federation be my guest. Even a white cis male autonomy federation, but I don't really see what good it'd to.
PS fuck off cointrollpro

It's more about MONEY and POLITICS than RACE. You now have a black President killing brown people with drones and now planning to kill Americans. What a big social improvement. -sarcasm.

So you see. Race is not longer the top ranking issue we ought to be worrying about now. The president doesn't give a damn what race you are when he sends in the military against his own civilians be it black brown or white. You get in the way of his army and they'll mow everyone down indiscriminately just to show you how irrelevant the race factor really is when it boils down to things. The continuity of government is more important to the new Rome than preserving the white race. We live in a melting pot where interracial marriage has become the norm. The capitalist crisis that we are now in is nothing. Wait till you see what's in store for everybody in the next chapter of global depression levels. Things are going to get really ugly and no one is prepared for it but a few backwoods wingnuters. The biggest threat to everyone's safety right now that everyone should be worrying about that is practically IN YOUR FACE is the military and police working together for a build-up of conflict on our streets where you the civilian white black, urban suburban are the enemy of the state. The crisis of capitalism again is only in the beginning stages. Once things break down, the responsibility of the President will be to restore law and order or in other words "A BUSINESS FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT" because that's the 2nd top priority with the survival of government being the first priority. Military and police are the violent arm of criminal bankers and all other elites who run the country and the world. They need a subservient populace to work in order to fund all their wars and private projects and just the industry of war in general. White and black people be it urban or suburban in America are in serious danger. They should be allies against the coming coup that is already set to take place with the NDAA. Oh and did you know the DHS just ordered 1.4 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition? When collapse happens that DHS is preparing for right now, class and all that shit isn't going to matter anymore because once the system breaks down there is no more middle class and everyone is LITERALLY FLAT BROKE, so people from all across the spectrum better wake up and start forming some sort of alliance. This isn't a game no more.

"Tax the rich and major corporations."...This guy is not a fucking Anarchist. What part of anti-authoritarianism and class abolition does this person not understand.

This guy read some Marcus Garvey and Bernie Sanders and thinks he's an Anarchist...ha ha.

"Bernie Sanders rules !"

- Noam Chomsky

Fuck ya'll petulant adolescent trolls. I like this guy.

^ Progressive Democrat ^



Funny how he hijacked a plane to Cuba. Only the Cubans didn't want him, and passed him onto the Czechs, who didn't want him either. Was he really "kidnapped" from Eastern Europe? Or was he swapped? The penalty for skyjacking is severe. And there is no parole from Club Fed. The real scope of US military intelligence operations against the anti-war movement of that era is yet to be revealed.

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