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Alright, everybody, we’re all done here. It’s been a thrill. We’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, and had our minds blown a couple times. But to be honest, we’re largely displeased with the Seattle we live in today. The best of us are stuck in the webs of work, alcohol, madness, and confusion. The worst are bloated with money, loving their new condos and the fancy restaurants that come with them, watching in wonder as Ballard or Capitol Hill are cleansed, homogenized, made perfect for investment, progress, and capital.

We think capitalism is shit, and if you love it, so are you. If you hate what’s happening to your neighborhood but find yourself powerless to stop it, the first step would be to understand who is taking your power away from you. Are you resigned to being stripped of your dignity and agency? Or can you imagine a way out of the institutionalized humiliations and penalties you’re forced to endure? Our bet is that you can figure out exactly what the sources of your problems are, eventually, one day. Hurry up, though, huh?

Anyway, moving on. Seattle sure has shown us its dark and nasty underbelly. But much to our surprise, that underbelly wasn’t hidden at all. It was always there, most people just did a swell job of ignoring it. Ever since SPD cop Ian Birk murdered John T. Williams in the summer of 2010, the public has slowly become a bit more aware of the corruption, psychosis, and brutality that permeates the local police force. Unfortunately for us and everyone else who is poor and sad, all of that was old news to us and things are basically still the same. The cops just have shorter leashes now.

Last summer, the police raided a house where dozens of people from Seattle were having a party. But the dumb cops had no idea they had stormed into a gathering of psycho witches and spirits from hell. Even though they were able to beat and imprison some of them, the cops never escaped the curse that followed their foolish efforts. It fell all over them like lightning, from every direction. Perhaps the SPD will look back on 2011-2012 as the time the first shovels full of dirt began landing on their dead organization. Just before the rest of their gang goes mad with despair, we hope that they remember just what disgusting fuckers they were to the people they policed.

But you know what else happened in the last year and a half? Everything! It was like a hyper-dimensional object passed through the dull hum of the city. We have so many fond memories, but what about the building that was taken over on 10th and Union last December? Do any of you remember that? All those crazies climbing on the roof and building barricades and painting on the walls and blasting music? Yeah, well, that didn’t last; some shitbag yuppie who works at Neumos frantically called the police, and a SWAT team arrived to clear the building. Yeah, that sounds pretty fucking stupid, right? Well, right after you go spit on the bastard at Neumos who has no imagination and no spine, go walk around the corner and you’ll see what’s there now: condos rising into the air.

Sometimes, when we’re desperate and sad, we’ll go crazy at some party or on the sidewalk, we’ll drink too much or get too excited and make a scene that is so abrupt it will make us happy again. But it is best when it happens with hundreds of us, thousands of us, all together, no longer just crazy and sad but also joyous, rebellious, and free. This is best.

And let us assure you, chickens, once enough people are able to muster the courage to act together and get rid of the entities that rule over them, the destructive frenzy will be followed by some panting, some laughter, an intense feeling of love and connection with each other, and the desire to do it all again. And the reason you’ll want to do it again is because there is so much to destroy and it is only when the world is healing that our lives will be whole again. In between these frenzies there will be creation because we all will do what we can to take care of those we love and manifest a world that does not resemble this one, something we are all capable of, every day.

We’ll be honest, we didn’t grow up here. Only a handful of the contributors did. Most of us have lived here off on and on for a while. Some have settled down. All of us are generally tired, angry, and waiting for any cracks to appear in the walls. But let’s be real for a second. These aren’t our neighborhoods. Why aren’t you all defending what you love? Do you love money? Do you love stupid architecture? Do you love the idiots you vote into office? Is your boss really your friend? Are you really going to be passed around all your life to whoever is feeling generous enough to buy your time and body? Maybe it’s love that is the issue, then? Maybe they’ve stolen that from you as well. Maybe you’ve just forgotten.

Well, we’re clearly the people to tell you what is, huh? No, sorry. But we do know that once you feel it again, you’ll know how to fight, to keep what you love free and safe. We know how hard it is, how hollow it can make you, but trust us, it gets better when you realize what you have to do and set about doing it. So long, thanks for everything, keep it real, keep it going, never stop, spread chaos, live freely, love your body, and be there next time.

Forever yours,
The witches and spirits of Tides of Flame


In no particular order, we would like to thank everyone who read Tides of Flame and found something worthwhile inside its pages; Matt, Kteeo, Maddy, Steve, and every other Grand Jury resister and non-cooperating prisoner of the social war; the Seattle Commune for materially and psychologically supporting us in our efforts; Brendan Kiley of The Stranger for being a good man and a fine writer; the CCEJ and Bent for obvious reasons; Left Bank Books; the former residents of Turritopsis Nutricula and all Seattle squatters; the Seattle Solidarity Network for pissing off landlords and bosses; all the various writers who have contributed to the newspaper over the last year and a half—your words have made this possible (and sorry for the edits you got mad about way back when); Ed Mead, Mark Cook, everyone who still fights, still resists, still struggles after all the heartbreak, broken promises, and shattered dreams; the Highline for getting us drunk and holding anarchist events; the Cockpit for allowing anarchist debauchery and madness a couple times; the wage slaves of Bauhaus and Hot Mama’s for not throwing out all of our magazines; The Wildcat for being what it is; UMOJA Peace Center; Omari for keeping us in the loop; Puget Sound Anarchists dot org for keeping everyone up to speed; Christopher Frizzelle of The Stranger for giving us a positive review once; GLITUR; the Grrrl Army, the Oakland Commune for inspiring us; anyone who ever printed and distributed this paper just because they liked it; all of the fantastic nighttime rebels (stay wild & free!), our comrades, our families, and each other.


Everyone who voted for the tyrannical and murderous system we still live under; The Stranger for encouraging its readers to vote yes for a new condo/jail on 12th and for encouraging mindless consumerism and distraction; every single facet of governance in Seattle, especially the corrupt and vile employees of the SPD; every stupid liberal who legitimizes police terror and violence with their inane words and shallow thinking; every right-wing psychopath that cheers when the state kills someone; Mayor Mike McGinn for being a worthless, lying maggot; the city council for sniffing his ass while he shits on everyone; The Seattle Weekly for being a worthless pile of crap; Jonah Spangenthal-Lee and Sean Whitcomb for being disgusting pig lovers; the architects of the Capitol Hill Seattle blog for promoting and encouraging gentrification; Central District News; all of the developers that have destroyed Capitol Hill; all of the rich idiots that allowed them to; loss prevention agents and rent-a-cops in general; all snitches everywhere, especially those who incriminated people now facing charges for May Day; Phoenix Jones and his pathetic stooges; and YOU if you’re an asshole.



A bit whiny and pathetic but hilarious. I suppose a scarface style fuck-you-all speech is better than quietly vanishing down the memory hole like so many others. *cue Dust in the Wind*

the pathetic person writes a "fuck you all" rant because they exploited their friends and have nothing left. they are too scared to say face-to-face what they said below about their "friends". scarface, napoleon complex, etc. also, a slimy two face motherfucker.

you brought it on yourself. fuck tides of flame.

this is actually just exactly how ToF ought to go out.

Sometimes at the end of a project, those who were party to it will make a statement regarding its limits, critique what was lacking, & reveal what was learned. Perhaps this already well known in the distant land of the puget sound, but as a well wishing spectator to the PNW, i'd appreciate knowing more of the decision to dissolve tides of flame.

Well, we weren't going to say anything specific, but since you asked...basically, two members of the collective watched the Crimethinc v Chris Hedges for a laugh but were actually really convinced by Hedges' arguments and are now some kind of liberals. One person had a psychotic episode. Three people hate each other because of polydrama. One person became a communist. And finally, two people became a boring couple who only watch movies together. There goes the collective.


Pretty good summary of the anarchy scene in general.


Why need cops, capitalists, marxists, puritans, and assholes when you have one of the great solutions to getting people to stop being anarchist....polydrama. Everywhere I go, Everywhere I look, Everywhere I hear, polydrama is the end of anarchists.

I wonder if many people who practice polyamory are not actually into Anarchism/Anarchy but identify as Anarchist because of their polyamorous lives.

I think that poly drama is actually what people say when they mean couple drama. jus saying.

just a bit condescending there

I feel like the term "polydrama" is doubly so.

If groups would abstain from sex and substance use they would have more stability. The idea of organizing party crews for political activity is ridiculous.

Some of the greatest insurrectional riots have occurred under the influence of alcohol. Sober groups are boring, like politics. Heavy drinking is synonymous to heavy artillery.

not true!

"one person had a psychotic episode."

Ah, so this is what you say about other people once you leave town.


You STOLE MONEY for the film. You stole from your broke friend, and then that person wanted to kick your ass!!!! That's not a "psychotic episode" that's YOU being a fucking psychopath yourself.

Don't come back to Seattle or that person will break your face. & Have a nice time spreading rumors on the internet.

Every place you go, you use up everyone so they won't be your friend anymore.

You support yourself by exploiting the anarchist scenes for all their resources and convince them they need to work to support you. You build false cred through other peoples' works and actions. You can't do shit yourself. You don't know how. But you talk and talk, brag and brag.

No one will do Tides of Flame anymore because you are a fucking manipulator and have assumed control over it, same thing with the last newspaper A/253, same thing with the last two cities you lived in!!! You exploit these things just like a capitalist.

don't come back.

Because if you didn't write this, it was the FBI, fascists, or worse, an anarchist.

what happens is... the person is a cult leader. they were slowly shut out. they have huge entitlements and they re paternalist. eventually people who know them closely dissolve their involvement in projects the cult leader is a part of... meaning these projects were controlled by them, or, the projects were co-opted by them, and this person exploited a lot of relationships in the process. They assume the credit for anything they can, whereas most other people did not seek this "status". So, does this person have friends now? good question. This person uses everyone around them who sympathizes, and, tries to fit everyone into a role -- a role they play to enhance the status of that person. People don't stay friends with them for long. they continue to promote a spectacular image of Tides of Flame, for example. But in reality they decide unilaterally to dissolve TOF because no one would continue that project. it is because of that person. it is because TOF has become synonymous with the person and their ego. because that person exploits the very friendships they promote as if they are building the commune. all relationships around them slowly dissolve. TOF was becoming a "cult of personality" so it is a very good thing that this person is gone. & they want to make it seem like few exciting things will happen in Seattle since they are gone. this is all part of that persons' ego.


Well, we weren't going to say anything specific, but since you asked...basically, two members of the collective watched the Crimethinc v Chris Hedges for a laugh but were actually really convinced by Hedges' arguments and are now some kind of liberals. One person had a psychotic episode. Three people hate each other because of polydrama. One person became a communist. And finally, >two people became a boring couple who only watch movies together<. There goes the collective.

Good Sex?

Good, Boring Sex?

nice try. if you hadn't actually said that shit it would be believable that someone trolled it.

Good luck, but remember, no matter where you go, there you are! Drop us a line and let us know you're fine/free.


Fuck em all. Stay gold all who matter in the pnw.

We all true anarchists will miss the vicious and deranged assault upon the bourgeois normality that you conducted. A pompous Bravo to you all!

haha. yes.
thank you


One second they were Anarchists who identified with Insurrectionary Anarchism and, now, many of them are no longer Anarchist. This matches my theory about the Insurrectionary tendency. All these bombastic Insurrectionary communiques with vague coherence to what its against or even for or what is even being described....


I think insurrection is necessary to clear out autonomous spaces when control closes in on you but it's unsustainable. It's unrealistic to think you can maintain it constantly or that it would be desirable to do so. Necessity is the mother of invention.

this makes no sense, you have no idea what that word means in apparently any context.

"Revolution and insurrection must not be looked upon as synonymous. The former consists in an overturning of conditions, of the established condition or status, the State or society, and is accordingly a political or social act; the latter has indeed for its unavoidable consequence a transformation of circumstances, yet does not start from it but from men's discontent with themselves, is not an armed rising, but a rising of individuals, a getting up, without regard to the arrangements that spring from it. The Revolution aimed at new arrangements; insurrection leads us no longer to let ourselves be arranged, but to arrange ourselves, and sets no glittering hopes on "institutions." It is not a fight against the established, since, if it prospers, the established collapses of itself; it is only a working forth of me out of the established. If I leave the established, it is dead and passes into decay. Now, as my object is not the overthrow of an established order but my elevation above it, my purpose and deed are not a political or social but (as directed toward myself and my ownness alone) an egoistic purpose and deed." Max Stirner

I think you're wasting your time trying to promote Max Stirner on @news. Many anarchists here are bourgeois rebels mixed in with leftist sympathisizers with a splinking of neo-nazi sexists or gender obsessed lost feminists. These people are not true anarchists in the Stirner interpretation. They still possess judeo-christian values, you just watch the subtle tone of comments approach a crescendo of condescending sentimental niceness against fascist commentators as the xmas day arrives. The christian bourgeois can't help but be weak and sheepishly nauseating over this time of the year. The great contradiction --Why can't you christians be like that the other 364 fucking days of the year. Also an interesting poll now would be a scale of the merchandise and consumer excesses the so called anarchist has indulged in, in observing the gloatingly smug ritual of exchanging worthless and extravagant commodities at this time while millions endure the pangs of starvation and the heal of brutality . No, they would not appreciate Max Stirner at the moment. Sorry.

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We are all products of capitalism and production based reality and our conciousness is the result of the material conditions of our lives. We all have our own idea what anarchy is about. It won't hurt anyone to read a Stirner quote once in a while even if it isn't their cup of tea. Christmas is a joke and so is christendom. Feliz Navidad

Stirner is a thought experiment for teenagers to understand the nature of autonomy. Then you have to GO SOMEWHERE with that analysis or else you sit in a basement agreeing with yourself like all the other nihilists. If you lived more like Abele Ferrari, I might respect you losers, not that you care how little respect you garner with your tirades ...

How you gonna punch a cop if you've 'gone somewhere'other than the autonomous consciousness zone NIEN! NIEN! NIEN! I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR LEFTIST PASSÉ

I told you already we don't have basements where I live.

I'm sure this is the case in many places, and everyone from certain "insurrectionary anarchist" celebrities to Fox News, and the busybodies of left-anarchism have tried to contribute to this status as insubstantial fad. But, where I'm from, the anarchist milieu has operated in reference to the insurrectional proposal for at least a decade. But communiques don't get issued where I'm from, so our subversive project remains invalidated, at least on the spectacular level of internet anarchist "public opinion."

True that, subversion cannot be substituted by imposteurs as easily I suppose.


Finally, the activist heads of the pnw recognize and admit that they aren't from the northwest and have never existed as part of the northwest. Maybe this will cull the 'California activists come in, take over, and organize Tacoma and Seattle all the while pretending like they know two shits about the neighborhoods they are imposing themselves on' machismo shit.

u mad?

I'm sure it makes drama-mongering anarchy-boners swell at the thought that the paper is ending because of drama but really the main people are just leaving town for a while. There will probably be another Seattle-based anarchist publishing project in the future. So cool your jets, y'all.

This personal animosity towards random local politicians and journalists speaks to a very narrow and confused perspective. Was the neighborhood good before some condos got built? Would Seattle be a better place if it was policed differently, had better newspapers, or different politicians?

From what they said I doubt most of them were in Seattle before the condos.

I don't see what is narrow and confused. This paper went on for a year and a half, with plenty of words spent on how the institutions represented by the specific people named should to be destroyed. In every single issue, writers ToF exhorted readers to attack them, sometimes giving local context and specific reasons why this would be a good idea. I see no problem with hating specific people for the shitty roles they play, and to name them specifically. Saying "Fuck the cops!" or "Fuck the state!" is one thing and works well enough on a banner... but becoming familiar enough with a place to know specific names and histories simply makes sense. Why do you think people publish lists of the names and addresses of their enemies?

"Why do you think people publish lists of the names and addresses of their enemies?"

Because they have confused, narrow perspectives about how power works.

the general doesn't exist outside the particular.

If you want to devote your life to fighting against the mayor of your city, go right ahead.

if you want to devote your life to fighting against mayors as an abstract category go right ahead! so there!

so ironic. har har.


you heard me, you dipshit redditor moron.

hey guys, there's this new kind of anarchy, it's called being a white middle class republican. i hear they're into like nudist camps and stuff like that though. wild stuff.

Is that you soccer mom?

No, my mentally retarded son tried to stab me in my sleep, and then lied to children's services and said I never fed him. Now he lives in a foster home in New Jersey with a Born Again Christian famiiy that has nine other foster kids.

I hope he stabs them all to death in their sleep.

^^ Best Xmas comment this year!

Gentrification? I take it you aren't happy about it.

Instead of being typical passive, sheepish, disengaged, adolescent narcissist anarchist subcultural identity wimps, like the people at Station 40 in San Francisco's fast-fading working class Mission District, you should get up off your weak butts and try to do something:

It should be no problem to surpass this guy's efforts.

I was trying to decide if this was Keating or a Keating impostor troll but then I realized there isn't a difference.

Keating's law.


try not to get TOO excited.


Tides of Flame was fucken awesome, mostly for its Forgotten History section and how pretty it was.

Farewell pretty anarchist zine! ;_;

yeah, it should be no problem to surpass that guy's efforts...uhhh, whoops! None of us ever do anything. I don't want the real world, filled with scary grownups, to mess with my time on Facebook. There's nothing left to do -- and i'm not the one to do it...

if you need to relocate and got a trust fund, down with that. solid. for a special anticapaitlist deal i have space in my bank account for microft, and mt rainer in the backyard. but you must be trendy. ch/ill. i guess the trust fund babies now have to find someone else to change their diapers--eg -psychiatrist paid from the trust fund

I have no problem with trust funds, divert the flows of capital to the culture of resistance.

Well said, keep capitalism alive enough to sustain trust funds.

Next up, form mass organization of ecological IRA-style soldiers to fight the system.

"Every morning when I awake I ask myself whether I should write or blow up a dam. I tell myself I should keep writing, though I'm not sure that's right...oh what the heck, I'll influence some young earth first! types to do it for me !!!"

-Derrick Jensen with inspiration from Lierre keith

I will take this as an excercise in raw style.

I am not even vaguely familiar with your work; in fact, I may be completely unqualified to comment, burp.

That is some very firey stuff mixed with seemingly related inuendo. If this post is indicative of the required writing style to become part of your work it is not a surprise that you have failed. You are still living out there with your thoughts; I know they will come back. I have that same fish-like salmon drive myself; must be the super ego.

Please do not start a diatribe involving the relative names related to psychology. I got past that at some inebriated party years ago...

I know you will be back. So why would you want to assault the basic reader? Perhaps you will come back with your sails set to a differnet wind. I would still like to know what happened if we happened to find the time.

ToF was not quite my thing but kudos for terminating a project instead of letting it fade or, worse, passing it off onto gullible friends with administrative tendencies and values. We should be in the practice of conscious collective dissolution whenever the groups we form pass the tipping point of meeting our original objectives vs draining our time. The only real failure is to continue an effort with declining returns, hoping redemption will eventually find us.

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