Greek anarchist posters - beautiful and terrifying!


the ones i can read make me wish i could read greek...

"our memory is black, our heart is also"


Where the hell do they get the resources to print off full-color posters like this?

Robbing banks 'n' shit.... Nowhere near your anarcho-legalist disneyland full of either hipsters or dogs on leashes.

The way you phrase it makes it sound like we (US anarchists) would be stronger if we just robbed banks. I think that's a totally wrong understanding of the situation. They are able to print so many lovely posters, and for that matter to go through the exhausting process of supporting arrested bank robbers, because (proportionate to the society they live in) there are more of them and they have invested more of themselves in what they are doing.

The majority of those posters weren't financed by bank robbery. Create a broader anarchist space, and the things you want will be possible, be it bank robbery, street confrontation, or color posters. Bank robbery may not be the most effective way to accomplish that.

Your childish shit talking about other anarchists, on the other hand, probably does nothing to make people want to be involved in anarchist activity, which means less support for anarchists who do get busted trying to gather more resources. All I can conclude, then, is that you either haven't thought this out, or you don't actually want what you are describing.

if we all want things more sincerely, and practice being more polite on the internet, everything will change.

Absurd as it may be, that is probably at least a bit more true than its converse.

in most places in europe where free copies arent available, that ive been to anyway, fundraising via squat bars and parties, cheap copy shops and or anarchist run collective copy shops. pretty much all the beer sales in barcelona cafetas (once a week bar parties) went towards propaganda.

(sorry if thats less glamorous than bank robbing!)

Real answer: They have regular printers who give them pretty good discounted rates but they still pay for them. Where do they get the money from? They pool together their money which they work for and consider it a better use of money than xbox's and alcohol.

It's funny how if you just consider something important, you can get money together for it, just like you thought it was important to go to school, buy lots of overpriced books, buy a TV, buy a car, or any number of other things less important than anarchy. That's the main difference there, they take anarchism seriously, not as a hobby or a scene, but as a life or death struggle against the state. That's the difference, all else follows from that.

"they take anarchism seriously, not as a hobby or a scene, but as a life or death struggle against the state."

One of the things about A-News that keeps me from giving up hope for USA anarchy is when I read comments like this. This is the answer. There is no other answer, they take this shit seriously. And what flows from that is creative ways to make shit happen. And fuck, some not so creative. Just normal shit because they consider anarchism its ideals and practice fucking serious. An actual real part of their lives. And this doesn't mean anything in regards to being "hardcore" or super militant. It just means that shit gets done on all sorts of different levels.

On a super practical note, since they take anarchism seriously and not as some silly fucking friend group what ends up happening is broadening of it into culture. So, like in the USA for myself personally I never tell people I am into politics. Reason being is because people who are generally into politics suck balls to hang out with. In Greece and elsewhere you can be into politics, you can be an anarchist and those politics influence not an anarchist scene but the actual crowds you run with.

So, instead of having a benefit show with just your boring friends you can have awesome fucking dark wave and post punk bands come through town, play venues or have dance parties and actually make money. And people end up being down with anarchy because you are providing fun shit to do.

And let me just state, this isn't me talking shit in an armchair, where I am from myself and others actually host events outside the anarchist scene as anarchists. We interact with more people that just anarchists. And to be quite honest it feels pretty fucking lonely sometimes when I see what most other anarchists are doing. Mad props to Seattle though for holding shit down and other spots like Denver who are actually trying to reach out in different ways.

I love anarchy and to see some of the bullshit coming from poor me life is hard college kid "anarchists" in the states these days makes pissed off and depressed.

It's pretty much that. We use a big chunk of our paycheck(if we're lucky to have one) to pay for our movement's needs. And it's not only about the money.
Everyday being an anarchist in Greece, is a struggle. From chasing fascists out of your neighborhood, to protests, to sticking this posters in walls, to talking to your colleagues,neighbours,fellow students about anarchism. And not in the philosophical "anarchist-society" way. About "applying" anarchism ways in your workers union, in your student council etc. Trying to convince people that anarchism is the only viable way of fighting against the state and the capital.

Greek anarchist posters 2011/2012 -

WOW! There are thousands of posters!

Translations anywhere?

Solidarity with anarchist prisoners!

even if they fbi?

Translation can b used on google chrome but it only translates the description unfortunately

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