Help Milwaukee get a new social center

On November 1st, 2012, the Cream City Collectives was evicted by yuppies who were hating on our swag. Their windows are no longer with us. Former CCC volunteers and their friends are trying to raise money for a new social center for the purposes of crushing the yuppie insects and all the other fun stuff the CCC used to do. We have developed one of those internet things so you can get schweet prizes for donating.

ATTACK (TM) WITH YO DOLLARZ!!!!1!!!!11!!!!
414ort 414ever

Donate here:

For more information:



This is perhaps the least inspiring appeal for funds for an anarchist project that I have ever seen.

you are obviously not a rockarolla

It inspired me to donate more than I ever have to any other online fundraiser, but then again radicals with my sentiments are def in the minority. Fuck it though: they're awesome for being so frank and not going for mass appeal.

Ok but where can I get smashy smashy booty shorts without paying $75?

If there's one thing that will bring full communism, it's a new social center in Milwauke.

"full communism"?
get off this anarchist site, you commie fuck

Hey don't you know that many Anarchists are secretly pushing for Communization or Communism-to-the-Max...not Anarchy/anti-authoritarianism. If you want that Anarchy/anti-authoritarian stuff you can read Anarchy (AJODA) or Green Anarchy magazine.


individualist communists of the world unite!

Communism doesn't mean everybody lives together it means no private ownership of factories and farms and everything is rationed equally you don't have to pay for it. It's your right as a citizen to free food, housing, transportation and health care, comrade!

Culture in Decline | Episode #3 "C.V.D." by Peter Joseph

oh good, the lord of communism is here to come set us strait.

holy crap, why would you post anything by the Zeitgeist "Movement" dude ? Conspiracy theories push people in a right-wing Ron Paul direction. Why are conspiracy theories like 9//11 Truth so popular among racists like Stormfront, Nation of Islam, etc ?

get off this internet and stop using language.oh yeah, and stop eating cheese. I thought you were against domestication....


don't tell us what to do! I though you were against Authority!

No full communism for, I only want Partial Communism.

u fuckin' yuppies. or should i say future yuppies, little goddamn piglets of society. gonna be a new boys club in town eh? we'll see about that.

--obvious threat

sounds like someone misses the astro-turf that used to be the carpeting there. also, probably right about those people taking it over and making it a legitimate book store instead of a war room for that crazy nihilist cult it once was. meh.

Milwaukee had a crazy nihilist cult with it's own war room and I wasn't informed?!
...the FUCK anarchy?! the fuck ...

Apparently you live under a rock, so no.

I like how you implied that anyone gives a fuck about wisconsin.

cough* *cough

totes cults (not even the sex coven type)

This looks like every insurrectionary wordpress site ever... But you have a point. Sex covens might help bolster the numbers somewhat so your constructive criticism is valued and appreciated! ;)

We value your feedback. Please fill out the survey and help us bring fresh and affordable fiery insurrection to your community today.

ok, but is there a plan in place to make a social center sustainable? is there any reason to believe that, if you get a new space, somehow the yuppies will just let this one slide?

autonomous social centers are something that the US is sorely lacking. however, if you go through economic (legal) means to get a social center, then there is no way it can be anything approaching autonomous. i'm not familiar with how things are in milwaukee, or how things were with the CCC, but, for this new space, let's say people donate enough money to get the space, maybe enough to pay for bills and whatnot for the first couple months, then what? constant fundraising will be needed to continuously pay for rent and utilities and upkeep. at any point the state can decide that it doesn't like what is happening there and evict it. the rent could go up, the taxes could go up, the fire code could be strictly enforced (which would spell doom for most public buildings). not trying to be a hater, but just trying to think about this in a practical way. is there any reason to believe that *this* social center will be different than the last?

comrades. i sleep in the shadows between blades of grass and await the warm embrace of a new social center. the most radical of screen printing is needed urgently. the black plastic bag shivers, trembles, shakes the foundations of sloppy bob's castle. a new war brews. making out with young hipster stalin is our one demand. kiss me.

That is a pretty sexy post :P in a homeless kinda way, lol.

typo: ccc got crushed BY yuppies

i am the yuppy leader of milwaukee. i live in the condos by the river, on ogden, in the 3rd ward, and maybe in a refurbished house in riverwest. i work downtown, have an office on buffalo, and i'm an ambitious careerist. I possibly even might work for non profits and have an obama bumper sticker on my prius I also shop at THE RIVERWEST CO OP because I like things local and organic. I do not feed myself through going to pick n save. i don't work at alterra, but i drink my coffee there. i don't work at stonefly or centro, but i eat there. i make a good deal more than 30k a year but enjoy milwaukee's urban renewal projects. stop tagging on my property. what is kcsw?

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