Jack! Attack!

Some of us were very upset about our comrade Jack being sentenced to jail yesterday.
How many people can be taken from us without a response?
As such, we attacked a police vehicle and a development project in Oakland.
The pig cruiser's tires were slashed and the development site was hit with paint bombs.
Our goal was to demonstrate that control is not total.
Our goal, more importantly, was to bring a smile to our incarcerated friends.
Keep up the solidarity; more attacks!




Much solidarity! Fuck the police. Comrade Jack, stay strong!

Who's Jack? Should people be writing to him and if so, what address?


Thanks, helpful a-news commenter.

right on!

I know there's a hyperlink, but some of are lazy. Who the hell is Jack and why should I care?

Okay, I went to the hyperlink and blog, and there's this part "Jack's Case" -- WHICH SAYS NOTHING ABOUT JACK's CASE!!

What the hell, how in-crowd and uninclusive can you be for fuck's sake?

This is not an isolated incident: in the fifteen years I have been studying anarchism and involved with anarchists, I've seen a slow but steady downward spiral of anarchists' written communication becoming increasingly incomprehensible -- not just to the general public but to other anarchists or people with close philosophies and sympathies.

This is especially important because right now the oppression Northwest and other anarchists are experiencing through the recent Grand Jury abomination and other mounting legal attacks is very significant, and it would be useful to be able to communicate both among ourselves and with others about them and their signficance in clear ways, rather than just using a lot of confusing rhetoric of how we're at the same time warriors and innocent victims.

And the other thing -- I can see how an attack on a police car could relate to your friend going to jail, but why a development? Is there a direct relationship to his case or just to your worldview? Why don't you spend a sentence or 2 explaining that?

My advice to the people who wrote this, and to young anarchists everywhere, is to EXPLAIN YOUR LOGIC RATHER THAN ASSUMING EVERYONE ALREADY UNDERSTANDS IT -- and only that, BUT EXPLAIN THE BACKGROUND OF THINGS.

That way even if people don't agree with you, they'll understand what the hell you're talking about and you'll still be taken at least a little more seriously. That might mean people think you're a real threat rather than just silly kids, but isn't that what you want?

Because this shit is just pitiful...

Hey dipshit, if you had any reading comprehension skills, like looking for context clues, you would have seen that there was an entire mainstream news article posted about Jack's case a few stories down.

Also, why do you need to know everything?

Anarchist Subculture

"why a development??" what is your deal? this place has posted several anti-development and anti-technology related things in the past week ALONE. Doing even the TINIEST bit of research about the bay area would clue you into seen and unseen antagonisms against a growing techno-police state rimmed with posh condos. To be honest I think your criticism has a condescending tone and very little positivity in response to action and solidarity

Not everyone reads every article an A-News. The existence of anti-dev articles, or other articles about Jack does not make it less logical for a communique to do a good job explaining the actions to people outside the anarchist milieu, or even those in the anarchist milieu who don't have the time or patience to read every article on this news site.

and i can agree with that!

Jack is a Progressive activist from Santa Cruz, CA. He was involved in protest drum circles, etc.


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