A Kiss Sweet Mother

This is a great new zine about summoning the aid of the Black Bloc. Give it to your liberal friends! Details about the Black Bloc Sacrament including ritual components and spell words. One page, beginner-friendly zine for easy printing and distribution!

Check it out at http://zinelibrary.info/kiss-sweet-mother




the directions don't specify what kind of body parts. do they have to be human?
i would assume so, but this is the kind of lack of detail that gets people into real trouble!

This is so stupid.

oh god this is my favorite of all the things

i keep reading this as "the black bloc sacramento"

the 916 chapter of the Federation of United Black Blocs meets every tuesday night at the Shine Cafe on E street to theorize possible rioting strategies and fetishize the latest in window smashing technology.

Im gonna put a brick through their cafe window coz I fetishize the destruction of all organizations.

You individualist fractionist vanguardist adventurist! We'll all be ganging up on you, one day.... one day... when Revolution comes.

You mob sentimentalists will one day find individual autonomy and realize that revolution is an internal evolution.

Hehe, true... only that I'm the commenter you're answering to and that I was just trololololling. Sorry for the gratuitous butthurts!

Naivety knows no butthurt, only ignorant supremacy, cool dude.

this is really sad. all style no substance. romanticization of an institution sorely lacking of critique. pore poetics and unapologetic pretension. whatever your milieu we need to take agitation more seriously than this. it can be beautiful and sly, but keep in mind the gravity of our fight

our fight is not fanfiction about slicing up cops, but creating situations where they are powerless

This is spot on. Cultural productions like this are simply in-jokes for a subcultural clique. Worse still, the joke is self-deprecating. Fan fiction is a great way to describe this spectacular self-congratulation for powerlessness.

Yes, the ever present dogma of ritualized herd devotion.

i think maybe the point is instead of relying on trying to be a politician who manipulates others, maybe try harder to become something weird and evil?

I think the message is that Olympia is a joke. And knows it.

h(a)il sithis!

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